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#rockbox log for 2014-02-01

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03:34:14eahmjust got a clip zip
03:34:27eahm*just saw the clip sport -.-
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03:36:54eahmthey keep making the phisical buttons disappear
03:36:59eahmdon't know if i like that
03:37:45eahmi had a clip+ and it was i think better than the clip zip
03:37:52eahmonly the buttons, i like the screen of the zip
03:41:26[Saint]Look at mobiles, physical buttons started fading out years ago.
03:41:48[Saint]...and mobiles are steadily absorbing the DAP market.
03:42:30eahmyeah actually looking at the profile pic it seems ok
03:43:05eahmi was bitching about lenovo keyboards more than anything else
03:43:13[Saint]If you want Rockbox support *right now*, its probably not a wise choice.
03:43:21[Saint]re: Clip Sport
03:43:28eahmgot a zip today
03:43:34eahmi had + years ago
03:43:37eahmand fuze
03:44:31eahmis the dev build much newer than the stable? battery life improvements? i wanted to do some tests
03:45:09[Saint]In reality, its almost certainly exactly the same device with a slightly different screen, but no developer has one yet and I wouldn't want to steer anyone towards that purchase on the offchance of support.
03:45:46[Saint]Theres always a chance theres something that may make a port to it impossible or improbable.
03:46:02[Saint]...but its probably just the same as the others.
03:46:30eahmye i imagine
03:46:47[Saint]re: dev build. Yes. Very much so.
03:47:03[Saint]Dev build is built sometimes several times daily.
03:47:15[Saint]Release is currently over 4 months old.
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03:56:22eahmare you using the dev? you probably are one of the devs right?
04:02:03kuldeepdhaka_anyone has source code of rk2608A firmware or nearby in family?
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04:03:18kuldeepdhaka_or account that can download on so they he/she can help me :)
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04:43:58*kuldeepdhaka_ tried about 20 fake account using tor , no success :/
04:49:16[Saint]Its a firmware binary, not top secret government files.
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05:03:23kuldeepdhaka_[Saint], it has some sdk's , gdk, assemlber and a demo example of the os (can only confirm everything after downloading only)
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05:04:07kuldeepdhaka_thats why i was trying to get it, atleast can learn some fun out of it :)
05:04:32kuldeepdhaka_heres the link, if someone is kind enough, please share it.
05:05:23kuldeepdhaka_only these 5 :)
05:08:20kuldeepdhaka_i have another mp4 that has OTG.
05:09:01kuldeepdhaka_but unfortunately nothing about it available.
05:09:27kuldeepdhaka_and has 2 processor of 133Mhz. cool.
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05:19:09kuldeepdhaka_msilicon yago ms6000
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07:30:00nlogexis there any way to set rockbox to delete files after play in a specified directory?
07:30:30nlogexfor example i would like all files under /podcasts/ deleted after being played
07:31:10[Saint]You could probably do this /fairly/ trivially with an LUA plugin.
07:31:47nlogexok cool, didn't know rockbox supported lua plugins
07:35:24[Saint]I'm not sure how wide the coverage is, and its probably not up to date the current state of LUA. But it should be possible to make a plugin that simply deleted a file after it was played and allowed seeking.
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07:37:39[Saint]I'm not completely aware of the potential pros and cons involved in this approach, but short of compiling your own Rockbox binary I believe this is the only way it coukd be done.
07:39:54nlogexwhat about requesting this feature, is there some reason the devs wouldn't support it?
07:41:32nlogexit seems like it was discussed briefly on the mailing list in 2010 but nothing ever came of it
07:43:21nlogexI could do it through a script that reads the scrobbler log to see what's been listened to, but that doesn't exclude other directories that I wouldn't want affected and the scrobbler code registers files as played after 50% playback
07:44:28nlogexalso the log lists them by mp3 metadata not filename so that's going to be a pain
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08:18:13[Saint]If it was well implemented, for example with a nice directory picker menu similar to that of the Database "directories to scan" thing, Im sure it would he considered.
08:19:13[Saint]But as far as feature /requests/ go, there's no such system in the Rockbox ecosystem.
08:21:03[Saint]There's a feature ideas section in the forums, and there's a chance that someone interested may pick up the idea, but a lot of the time new features in Rockbox are implemented directly by the individual(s) who saw the need.
08:25:16[Saint]You'll have access to virtually unlimited support via IRC, forums, mailing lists, and gerrrit code review should you choose to pick it up yourself.
08:33:34nlogexok well I'll try to look into it, in the meantime I submitted a new post in the forum
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11:59:41*coffeeking yawns, hi all
12:00:56coffeekingI just purchased a sansa clip plus audio player, but haven't gotten it yet. I'm in the middle of the manual, and was just curious if it is possible to have different profiles for different users? My fiance likes a different voice than me, so is it possible to have one profile use one voice but have the other one use a different one? i've looked at the faq and the manual but haven't seen anything.
12:04:30pamauryyou can load/save settings but for voice I'm unsure
12:05:23coffeekingyeah, I'm not sure it's available. SHe can't stand espeak, and that's my primary voice, so I'm looking for a way to have different sets of talk clips and/or voice files so I can simply load the profile I want. Probably a little complicated but it would definitely come in handy
12:07:18coffeekingI also use gnu/linux as my operating system. Does the rockbox utility support speech-dispatcher? If so then I can simply select a different synthesizer and generate voice clips
12:10:05pamauryunfortunately no, voices are generated on the computer and clips put on the device, Rockbox doesn't have a voice synthetizer by itself
12:14:22coffeekingah, ok. But I can generate voice clips on my computer if rockbox supports speech-dispatcher. I do know it supports espeak.
12:15:58pamauryyeah you can generate them on the computer, we support many engines, espeak is one of them
12:17:20coffeekingah, ok. THat helps. I was wondering how I'd get my rockbox enabled player to talk. THis looks simple, I just plug in the player, rockbox opens and I seletc generate talk clips.
12:17:31coffeekingselect, sigh. I can't spell today
12:18:00pamauryyou have to use RockboxUtility to generate them, it should automatically put them on the device and then rockbox will voice them, easy ;)
12:18:44coffeekingwow, that is simple
12:19:28pamauryof course the downside is that for things like file names, you don't have clips so voicing is terrible but for menys and so on it works well
12:19:56coffeekingI've always wondered why espeak itelf isn't included in ropbox. I was told it's a licensing issue, but when I emailed the developer he said it was fine if it was put into rockbox
12:20:32pamaurylicence is not the only issue, the other one is memory
12:21:53pamauryvoicing takes a lot of memory, requires to allocate many small objects, and the one guy who had a try failed. I think with the improvements in Rockbox it would be more likely to suceed now but it's still a lot of work
12:23:03coffeekingtrue, and I'm not sure if audio players even use the x86 architecture? aren't they arm, or something? Also, does the talk feature work from within the database? I used to have a rockbox player a couple of years back and it didn't but it was on the feature list to be fixed
12:24:26pamaurymost of them are ARM based; no idea, I think it should but since I never use the DB and hardly use voice I can't tell if it was fixed or not :-/
12:25:06coffeekinglol, yeah, I usually just browse by folders, but would be nice to have shortcuts for some of my favorite tv eppisodes in the main menu itself, maybe as a symlink
12:26:29*coffeeking wonders if it's possible to have rockbox specific configs on an sd card, so she can just pop in her card and her settings and shortcuts will be used, and when I pop mine in mine will show up. I doubt it, since rockbox itself is stored on the flash memory of the player but again, it would be handy
12:27:13pamauryhum, good question, you load/save settings but I don't recall if you can do that from arbitrary locations or just from a specific directory
12:27:48 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
12:28:03pamauryjust checked, apparently they must be in a particular directory
12:28:30pamauryto be fair I should say I'm not the best person to talk to, I know everything about the low level stuff in Rockbox but when it comes to UI and so on, not quite
12:28:41gevaertsthey don't
12:29:11gevaertsyoy can load config files from anywhere
12:29:39*coffeeking is trying to make the fifty dollar audio player I bought be useful to both of us, which would be a lot easier if she weren't so picky about voices, player layout and music choices, lol. Having separate settings possibly on different cards or in loadable profiles would be nice
12:31:52coffeekingonly one last question and then I sould be good. Can you set a keybinding for the sleep functionality? I haven't gotten that far in the manual so this may already be covered, I'm on chapter 8
12:44:41*coffeeking waves, night all
12:44:43pamaurywhat do you mean ?
12:45:16pamauryif you want to sleep the screen, you can ask to sleep screen on hold
12:45:17coffeekingI mean, is it possible to set a keyboard shortcut to activate teh sleep fucthion? I'm not seeing anything about keyboar shortcuts, so maybe it's not possible?
12:45:44pamauryah you mean stop the player after some time ?
12:45:48coffeekingoh, now that's handy. sleep screen on hold sounds perfect
12:46:21 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
12:46:26 Join fyre^OS [0] (
12:46:36pamauryit works for targets with real hold button though, I don't know which player you have
12:47:11coffeekingI just bought a sansa clip plus, which has a software hold function, I think it's select+home
12:49:14 Quit fyrestorm (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:50:02pamauryah yeah, I'm not so sure there is such a functionality for software hold
12:50:18pamaurybut you can select the delay after which the lcd screen on inactivity
12:51:12coffeekingthat sounds even better, because I don't even have to think about it, it's set and forget. IT's very late, so I'm off to be. Thanks all for your help. And it was helpful
12:51:13coffeekingnight all
12:51:17 Part coffeeking
13:28:52[Saint]pamaury: you can generate talk clips for file names too...
13:29:10pamauryah ok
13:29:24[Saint]I'm sure he'll find it.
13:29:37[Saint]its in the same place.
13:31:06[Saint]devices without a dedicated hold button get soft-hold as a hotkey function too, iirc.
13:31:27*[Saint] hates coming in late to the party
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13:40:02chrisjjpamaury: about the ZEN BSoD, have you tried breakpointing/tracing the code to see whether the fail is at a consistent point?
13:41:18pamauryI know why it fails, the problem is that if it fails at this point, you cannot recover. So what I must do is find the right spot to do stuff to avoid reaching this critical point
13:41:43pamauryI have a clue, I need to test it
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13:42:01pamauryby the way: my X-Fi Style OF is slow but it doesn't take half a second to switch in menus I think
13:50:26chrisjjRe Stlye, thanks.
13:51:02chrisjjRe BSoD, is this actually a CPU fails or just e.g. a code infinite loop waiting for peripheral?
14:09:41 Join einhirn [0] (
14:09:51pamauryinfinite loop waiting for DMA to finish reset
14:13:43chrisjjAha. No power problems suspected now?
14:14:02 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
14:18:18pamauryno, it's really a dma+lcdif problem, I got the errata for the stmp3700 and there is a hardware bug about dotclk mode (the mode used for this lcd), so I guess it's related
14:24:36chrisjjHave you tried pausing instead of waiting?
14:24:58pamauryit won't work, the dma never actually reset, it's broken
14:25:38pamaurythat's why I need to do something *before*, because at this point it is too late, the dma already went crazy
14:28:32 Join einhirn [0] (
14:28:59chrisjjOK, so the status register is telling the truth :)
14:29:26chrisjjI guess you've peeked in the OF?
14:31:10pamauryyes, I tried, I even cleared the reset bit but then the dma is stalled, so nothing can be done here. The OF doesn't break because the LCD is initialised in the bootloader, then the bootloader pause it, and the OF resume it, so it's does not reinitialise it completely apparently
14:33:45pamauryI could do the same but that would be a bit ugly, or I could add some code to properly go from pause state to clean shutdown and then reinit
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14:33:52Szczepanciopamaury: pong
14:33:57pamaurySzczepancio: ping
14:34:09Szczepanciopamaury: Sorry that i don't had time to enter before.
14:34:27SzczepancioOk, I am at state that boot but after boot it shutdown.
14:34:31SzczepancioI mean of e380.
14:34:55pamaurycan you recall me what was the problem and what we did ? I already forgot :-/
14:35:19Szczepanciopamaury: E380 boot into, but after this it shutdown.
14:35:43SzczepancioWe did recovery/.
14:35:43chrisjjpamaury: "I could do the same but that would be a bit ugly" I think it would be great to do just to prove solvability.
14:36:30pamaurySzczepancio: is rockbox bootloader installed ?
14:36:34Szczepancioafter library loading it shutdown
14:36:36Szczepancioi think yes
14:36:42Szczepanciowe did recovery
14:36:51Szczepancioi too dont remember ^^
14:38:44Szczepanciopamaury we did recovery from a
14:40:31Szczepanciowe downloaded and flashed it using tool
14:40:48Szczepanciobut after this e380 shutdown after booting into OF
14:40:55Szczepancioit shutdown after loading libraries
14:41:01Szczepancioare you here, pamaury?
14:41:17pamaurycan you recall me what you did which triggered the problem in the first place ?
14:41:49Szczepanciopamaury: i think the mp4 don't boot
14:42:01Szczepanciopamaury: black screen and nothing, so we did recovery
14:42:11Szczepancioactually after recovery we can boot into of but nothing more
14:43:55pamauryok, first I need to better understand the situation, it's not very clear. Is the rockbox bootloader installed or does it boot straight to OF all the time ?
14:44:24Szczepanciowe did recovery option
14:44:33Szczepanciowe got into rockbox bootloader screen
14:44:49Szczepanciobut it boots into of
14:45:08Szczepancioand after putting it in usb mode it has black screen
14:46:24pamauryok so you don't have the rockbox bootloader installed, the OF plain doesn't work
14:46:29pamaurythat's not very good
14:46:43pamaurydid you do anything special with your device ? reformat it for example ?
14:46:59Szczepanciowe did everything what we did that day
14:47:01Szczepancionothing special
14:47:46pamaurysomething must have triggered the issue in the first place, or it's a hardware problem
14:47:46Szczepancioi wanna to bring device to of and never get it back
14:48:10Szczepancionever get this complicated situation back
14:48:15Szczepancioi dont know
14:49:15pamauryand if you plug the device, do you get working USB or black screen too ?
14:49:24Szczepancioblack screen
14:50:01Szczepancioactually i have it plugged into usb
14:50:06pamaurywhen you loading the recovery file, you goot RB bootloader and then you told me you had a panic screen, do you remember the message ?
14:50:17Szczepanciono, i dont
14:50:32Szczepancioi am not savant or memnostic to remember everything, u know
14:51:45pamaurycould you retry the procedure ? because if the bootloader panics, it means something wrong and that could help us understand what is wrong
14:53:22 Join |akaWolf| [0] (~akaWolf@
14:56:30 Quit preglow (Remote host closed the connection)
14:57:13Szczepanciopamaury: no partition found
14:57:35Szczepanciopamaury: disable windows, some other info's from bootloader screen
14:58:04Szczepancioafter putting off usb i got panic screen
14:58:10Szczepanciomount: 0
14:58:20Szczepanciopc: 60101860 sp: 601193
14:58:22Szczepanciobt end
14:58:59Szczepanciook i got it running under usb
14:59:01Szczepancioof loaded
14:59:39 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
15:00:10pamauryweird, it seems that it did no detect USB, otherwise it would have go to bootloader USB mode, maybe there is a problem with the USB cable or hardware
15:01:30Szczepanciousb cable is correct
15:01:42Szczepancioit detect usb
15:02:03Szczepancioi got running original firmware running under usb charge screen
15:02:22pamaurywhat did you do ?
15:02:45Szczepancioconnected into usb, nothing more
15:03:16Szczepancioi unzipped a original of into it and i have "dont put usb down" screen
15:03:39pamauryI thought you said it didn't work previously
15:04:24Szczepancioi did it
15:04:25Szczepancioit works
15:04:32Szczepanciothank's pamaury!
15:05:00pamauryI didn't do anything
15:05:11Szczepancioso it's my reanson
15:05:15Szczepanciothanks to myself :D
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16:40:52 Join phelix [0] (
16:41:33phelixI'm a newbie with messing with MP3 players. If my player will not completly load up anymore. What is the best option I have in trying to fix this?
16:42:22pamauryphelix: depends on the player, depends on what is the exact problem
16:42:54phelixits a AMP'd MAXX mp3 player. It turns on and has a bar for it to load and it just sits there and spins forever.
16:43:32pamaurycould be an error in the file system, or broken storage
16:43:58phelixYeah, I have a feeling its pretty messed up. How would someone go about trying to fix something like this? There any rooting software or anything I could use to get into this thing?
16:45:32pamauryI've never heard of this player, if you can still plug it to your computer and get working storage, try to reformat or ask windows/linux to search for errors
16:46:04phelixI can plug it in. But my computer doesn't even act like it sees anything at all.
16:46:16phelixI get a somewhat result when i plug it in and its off but if its on nothing happens
16:47:19pamaurythat doesn't sound too good
16:47:41phelixyea, but I would think there should be someway I can get on and reload the software or something like that
16:48:05pamaurydid you try to reset it ?
16:48:16phelixnot sure how
16:48:46pamauryusually there are reset buttons (use a paperclip) or hold the power button for 10 or 20 seconds, you should have a look at the manual of your mp3 player
16:49:16phelixk, can this rockbox software work on most mp3 players? Even if it doesn't show the device as supported?
16:49:55ZincAlloyno, it can only be installed on supported players
16:49:57pamauryno, each device needs to be specifically supported, see
16:50:25phelixDo you know if there are any open source programs that could be hacked or work on almost any device?
16:50:36chrisjjWhere's the daily Rockbox Utility build?
16:51:25pamaurychrisjj: we don't have one, I seem to recall someone buils it regularly, maybe rasher
16:52:20pamauryphelix: that's unlikely, it is highly dependent on the processor used
16:52:40phelixhmm. there anyway to find out what processor this thing is using?
16:53:02chrisjjOK thanks. None found at"> .
16:54:29pamaurychrisjj: why do you need it ?
16:54:40chrisjjTo verify a fix.
16:57:38pamaurychrisjj: you are using Windows right ?
16:57:49pamaurywhich fix ?
16:57:53chrisjjYup. So I know better than to try to attempt builds :)
16:59:06chrisjjThis fix:
16:59:33chrisjjEr, scratch that.
16:59:35pamauryhum, how is this related to rockbox utility ?
17:01:00AlexPbluebrother sometimes provides test builds for new features
17:01:09AlexPThere are no builds outside of releases
17:03:37pamaurychrisjj: maybe I can provide you with a cross compiled binary later
17:04:34chrisjjWell, A please I would not want your valuable time to be spent on such a trivial matter.
17:04:44AlexPpamaury: I wouldn't bother too much, it's onlu fixing a link to a manual
17:04:52AlexPIf bluebrother has fixed it, it is fixed
17:05:09chrisjjI'll put this on my list of verifies for the next pre-release testing period.
17:05:28AlexPThat doesn't happen in the same way for RBUtil
17:05:39AlexPBluebrother releases a new one when he feels it is needed
17:05:56pamauryAlexP: I'm saying this because I'm in the process of try MXE to cross compile, so compiling RBUtil is a good test, but if it doesn't plain work, I won't bother
17:06:02AlexPAnd I'm pretty sure he is capable of checking he fixed the link
17:06:18AlexPpamaury: It's up to you of course, just pointing out this doesn't need testing :)
17:06:47pamauryit's because I will need to test things with RBUtil on Windows for SCSI, and I don't want to compile under Windows
17:07:14AlexPI think everyone understands that :)
17:12:06 Join tertu [0] (~tertu@
17:16:39chrisjj"Bluebrother releases a new one when he feels it is needed" Without community testing?
17:17:03AlexPThe "community" does arse all testing anyway
17:17:09AlexPSame as the rest of us
17:17:30chrisjjWell no surprise - if they are given no chance before release.
17:17:39AlexP'and you really need to use highlighting if you want a specific person to see what you are saying
17:17:41AlexPYes, they are
17:17:47AlexPAnd have been lots of times
17:17:59phelixAnyone have any advice and where I might look into on figuring out how to get some type of root or access to this mp3 player?
17:18:20chrisjjOK, so I'll watch for the next Rockbox Utility pre-release test call. Thanks.
17:18:22AlexPphelix: Do you know what components, and what it runs?
17:18:39phelixnot sure. Any idea how I could even go about figuring this out?
17:18:55AlexPchrisjj: Do you work hard to craft each sentence to be the most passive agressive annoying thing you can, or is it just natural?
17:19:07pamauryphelix: open the player
17:19:13AlexPphelix: Maybe someone else has done it, otherwise it is open the player
17:19:26AlexPMaybe try and disect update files if there are any
17:19:43phelixwill I find any specific numbers or something on the circuit board?
17:19:53AlexPHopefully :)
17:20:13phelixWell I found some numbers but googling them I wasn't able to find anything
17:20:22phelix09mp07 v1.1
17:20:49 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
17:25:20phelixDo you know of any linux software that might be able to get me access into my player? or do i have to have special software that is device specific?
17:26:54 Quit tertu (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
17:26:58pamauryphelix: if you open the player, the interesting stuff are photos of the PCB and the chips, so they can be identified
17:30:40 Join tertu [0] (~tertu@
17:32:00 Quit tertu (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:33:54chrisjjRe tagnavi.config, is it safe to use the undocumented field 'basename'?
17:36:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:37:16 Quit Airwave (Quit: leaving)
17:42:36 Quit zoktar (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
17:43:53 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
17:55:24 Quit phelix (Read error: No route to host)
18:09:03chrisjjOn , I've added missing fields basename and ensemble
18:09:21chrisjjPerhaps someone who knowns about basename could add its missing info.
18:15:13chrisjjkugel: you might be interested in;a=blob_plain;f=apps/tagtree.c;hb=84c7d6133bf8a43688f1ac56d774fb94b1d3eed5 line 334 " {"commitid", tag_commitid}," . Junk, perhaps?
18:15:23chrisjjkugel: Perhaps someone who knowns about basename could add its missing info.
18:17:11 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
18:21:41 Join nlogex [0] (
18:23:45 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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18:38:49 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
18:41:21 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:42:01bluebrotherchrisjj: I've asked for testers before releasing Rockbox Utility in the past. Since those usually got no responses I don't do that any more.
18:42:21bluebrotherplus, the issue you want to test has been marked as fixed has been marked as fixed before 1.4.0 has been released
18:42:27bluebrotherso 1.4.0 includes the fix
18:42:48bluebrotherchecking the dates can sometimes be really useful.
18:43:12bluebrotherI wouldn't mind people testing more, but obviously almost nobody is interested.
18:44:14bluebrotherbesides, the same interest is around when it comes to translations for Rockbox Utility. Most of them are pretty much out of date.
18:44:33lebelliumwe updated the main ones :P
18:47:41 Join krabador_ [0] (
18:48:09bluebrotherchrisjj: oh, and if you want a test binary of Rockbox Utility you can ask. I haven't had such a request in years, usually I update test binaries to direct users to that were affected by a specific bug that has been fixed.
18:49:26 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:49:56 Join Raptors_ [0] (
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23:05:53chrisjjbluebrother: Thanks. I hereby ask :)
23:19:40 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
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