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#rockbox log for 2014-02-04

00:01:50[Saint]kugel: all I'm talking about is adding an ident field for %Cl (and %C) so that you can "preload" 2 or more sizes of the same albumart image in different viewports on the same screen.
00:03:18[Saint]ZincAlloy said he had issues with using multiple %Cl lines as the last would override the first.
00:03:40JdGordon[Saint]: yeah, kugel is saying the %Cl tag interacts with playback/buffring and it isnt trivial to add what you want
00:04:37JdGordonwe could *maybe* move AA buffering into the skin engine's memory management to solve that
00:05:32[Saint]It sure would make for some nice effects.
00:06:08[Saint]But I say this with little understanding of the underlying structure of course.
00:06:12ZincAlloyit would be a nice addition for every theme that isn't using the pause mode for anything else..
00:06:56kugelJdGordon: I don't think we want that, no :)
00:07:03[Saint]I was thinking it would be touchscreen that could make the most use of it.
00:07:21[Saint]album art as a button :)
00:07:53ZincAlloyit's only a thumbnail ^^
00:08:03[Saint]and a massive fullscreen albumart mode.
00:08:10[Saint]that'd be cool.
00:09:29JdGordonkugel: where is your sense of adventure?!
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02:20:56ls___I think my SanDisk Sansa is toast. It boots to garbled text, any ideas?
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02:34:56JdGordonls___: what sort of garbled text?
02:35:07JdGordoncan you take a photo?
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02:48:15sraraYo guys. I'm in recording mode on a clip+ that has a broken pwr and volume up button. How do I LEAVE the recording menu? Even connecting by USB doesn't work. It also doesn't show up as a device when I do that, and MSC doesn't work either.
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02:57:51JdGordonsrara: does it have a reset pin hole?
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02:58:06sraraI'm not sure.
02:58:12sraraSansa Clip+?
02:58:27JdGordonwhichever DAP is the problem
02:58:34JdGordonI cant remember how to hard reset that one
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03:07:54johnathannni wanna flash my clip zip and i was wondering which bootloader to install from rockbox official v4 or from anythingbutipod @dfkt patched?
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04:21:02WaterHey guys. I just tried to update my Sansa e200 v1, and after disconnect and when it tries to load the updated RB it's says: ROLO error: Bad checksum. I tried downgrading to the previous (working) version, but get the same error. I'm afraid to turn it off, wondering if it will start again at all...???
04:28:22WaterOops it idle powered-off.
04:29:41WaterIt sill boots, and system info says it's the current version (the last one i copied onto it). But still I get Bad Checksum every time i try to do the reboot after changing RB builds.
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04:43:36Wateri have to go, i'll come back later.
04:43:41Watersee ya
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07:18:10AZDougIs anyone here besides bots
07:21:28AZDouggotta question. I have a sem-bricked sansa zip.
07:22:15AZDougI can restore it to it's original sansa boot, but the wife wants rockbox back again. (though more complicated, it's more functional)
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07:23:38AZDougAnd after removing Rockbox, if you put it back in, you see the rockbox start up logo and after a while nothing but noise on the screen, and if you touch any keys, that noisy screen flashes off and on.
07:24:49AZDougWondering if I need to reinstall the sansa firmware from a windows machine (using linux mine here) so that the latest software correctly installs.
07:28:17AZDougHmmm Linux Mint instead of "linux mine
07:30:31ParkerRNot sure
07:30:59AZDougBit of a puzzle isn't it?
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13:09:25SraraIs there a way to remap the power button to say, holding down the home button for 5 seconds?
13:09:39SraraIt's broken and I'm sorely missing it's functionality.
13:10:22 Join fragilematter [0] (~fragilema@unaffiliated/fragilematter)
13:13:05pamaurySrara: by recompiling yes
13:20:46SraraWell I gotta go to work now, but I'll be back by 2-6pm and figure that out. Thanks. :)
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17:40:43Ooga_Boogai wanna flash my clip zip and i was wondering which bootloader to install from rockbox official v4 or from anythingbutipod @dfkt patched?
17:42:48pamauryOoga_Booga: we only support the official bootloaders, I don't know in which way dfkt's one is patched, you should ask him
17:44:47Ooga_Boogaaa i see
17:44:50Ooga_Boogaok thanks
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18:26:54dfktOoga_Booga, mine's the 'official' bootloader, just pre-patched into the sansa firmware
18:27:45dfkti made it before it was included in the rockbox util
18:34:40pixelmais someone banning in the forums again?
18:36:16scorche|1hbans should be use sparingly now - no nick banning is necessary, as you should just move the user into the Banned membergroup
18:37:52scorche|1hi will get to cleaning up the ban list, but at least for now, it seems like the hole is plugged up
18:39:15pixelmaI read that but wondered why they are so slow for me currently
18:39:27scorche|1hworks fine for me now
18:39:35pixelmathought that someone missed the announcement
18:39:38scorche|1hthere was a moment that they were a bit ago
18:39:52scorche|1hhrm - i dont see any recent ban activity...
18:40:07scorche|1hyet, mysqld definitely spiked
18:40:11 Nick scorche|1h is now known as scorche|sh (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
18:40:18pixelmaindeed it's a bit better right now
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18:49:03pixelmabtw. I wondered about the defaults for the different login forms on the page - if you're logged out there are some fields in the top right for nick, password and a dropdown for session length defaulting to "forever". Then there are some fields at the bottom for username, password, minutes to stay logged in (pre-filled with "60") and a checkbox for "always stay logged in" ticked by default, if you click on a nick you'll get a login screen (only
18:49:03pixelmacertain membergroups blabla...) with the "Minutes to stay logged in" again pre-filled with "60" but the checkbox for always not ticked by default. Couldn't this be simplified?
18:49:21pixelmaoops, sorry for lengthy post
18:49:33 Join ranmachan [0] (
18:50:07scorche|shpixelma: probably - it comes from SMF like that, but there might be some options around it
18:50:22scorche|sheither way though, it isnt that high on the priority list
18:51:18pixelmayeah, I can imagine
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19:23:43pamauryyeah internal storage working on ZEN X-Fi2 SD version
19:36:20 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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19:41:31AZDougI seem to have bricked my sansa zip clip. Get a Kernel panic when starting rockbox and if I try to start up the sansa software even with no memory stick it stays in refreshing mode if not forever for about 8 hours, (still there)
19:43:09AZDougHave another zip clip that is working OK. Wonder if I brute forced a total copy of the files from the good to the broken one if that would work to fix things.
19:53:45bertrikI guess there is something wrong with the structure of the file system then, not sure how to fix that
19:54:46kugelAZDoug: if you boot into the OF with the cable inserted it should skip the database refresh and connect immediately
19:55:16kugelthen you can check the file system for errors
19:55:30kugelwhat kind of panic do you see?
19:58:12 Join kugel_ [0] (
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20:45:26kugel_bluebrother^: ping
20:49:21 Nick kugel_ is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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20:52:36AZDougI've got to run right now, but will try to see what is broke in the file system later.
20:54:31 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
20:55:53 Join wodz [0] (
21:00:19bluebrother^kugel: pong
21:00:41kugelbluebrother^: I thought a bit about rbutil for ypr[01]
21:01:04kugelthe issue is that we need to patch the root file system contained in the OF upgrade file (after decrypting and unpacking)
21:01:43kugelthe rootfs image is a cramfs one, and you can practically only modify it (at a filesystem level) on linux, and with root privileges
21:01:48bluebrother^that was the cramfs thing, right?
21:01:58kugel(in fact even extracting requires root)
21:02:11bluebrother^I did get cramfs a short look some time back.
21:02:31bluebrother^it shouldn't be too problematic to write our own cramfs patching tool, but of course it's work :)
21:02:43bluebrother^and I haven't gotten around looking into that further
21:02:44 Quit AZDoug (Quit: Leaving)
21:02:51kugelit's going to be a problem on windows I think
21:02:59bluebrother^one of the things that ended up on my todo list :)
21:03:02kugelanyway, I thought of another approach
21:03:06 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
21:03:44kugelfor rbutil that is; apply a binary diff after decrypting; i.e. don't mess with the file system and just patch the blob as is
21:04:26kugelcould maintain a list of known OF files (and a patch file for each), although it very unlikely that samsung is going to release any more upgrades
21:04:53wodzthats an option certainly
21:04:55bluebrother^so some kind of xdelta approach
21:06:32kugeldo you know of suitable libraries for that? I read about libxdiff
21:07:29bluebrother^no. Haven't looked in such a thing yet.
21:07:38bluebrother^there's, maybe we can use that
21:08:30 Quit y4n (Quit: PÆNTS ØLF!)
21:09:19kugellibxdiff looked suitable: lgpl and known to work on windows
21:17:18bluebrother^hmm, there's a newer version on github ...
21:19:07bluebrother^thinking about it: do we want DevCon this year?
21:19:17bluebrother^if so we should try to find a date earlier this year :)
21:19:36bluebrother^and hacking on that would be a nice thing for DevCon ;-)
21:20:23 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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21:34:39kugela devcon would be awesome
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22:47:52 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:58:14pamauryyeah a DevCon would be great :)
23:19:11 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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