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#rockbox log for 2014-02-05

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01:52:03SraraSo you guys have any links or w/e to show me how to remap the holding down of the home button or a combo of home + middle to pwr button?
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02:55:06[Saint]Srara: /rockbox/apps/keymaps/keymap-<your_device_here>.c
02:55:49[Saint]Before you bother doing anything there, though, you'll need to know that you can successfully compile Rockbox on your system without modification.
02:56:14[Saint]First step, if you're on Windows - don't be.
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02:56:59[Saint]That might sound kinda corny, but its completely serious.
02:57:09SraraWell than no go for me then.
02:57:15[Saint]If you're on Windows, you'll need a unix virtual machine to get this running.
02:57:27SraraI don't have time to dual-boot linux and I can't run two VM's at once
02:57:56SraraUnless I want my processor to explode. That's always an option.
02:58:08SraraWhat language is all of this in?
02:58:35[Saint]Mostly C, with tiny bits of Assembly sprinkled around.
02:58:54SraraSo what's the problem with windows?
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02:59:58[Saint]We'd need to use CygWin (a terribly, terribly, nasty-ass unix transition layer) that has been unsupported by anyone here for years.
03:00:10SraraI'm willing to install stuff and meow meow, It's just I'm not going to close down the VM or the PC just so I can do some rockbox modding.
03:00:37SraraI'd use it if it would work.
03:00:46[Saint]The problem is that even if you did install CygWin, it almost certainly wouldn;t compile. :)
03:01:23[Saint]Then you'd spend more time chasing up bugs there than you would applying the fix for your issue in the first place.
03:02:31SraraDamn, is there anyone who I can get to do it for me? I can't even get my old PC out of the garage cause' it's frozen shut.
03:02:40SraraAnd my backyard is an ice rink.
03:04:10[Saint]What exactly is it you're wanting done? Keymapping is problematic, as when you start moving keymaps around, you also need to take into consideration the function(s) you'll be wiping out.
03:04:22[Saint]The keymaps on most of these targets are extremely crowded.
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03:54:15toehser1Why not 2 VMs? Just give both less memory.
03:54:38[Saint]It would be 3 VMs, I assume.
03:54:59[Saint]And if you're talking about having to dig a machine out of the garage, I'm /guessing/ its not terribly performant.
03:55:49[Saint]I'm still waiting for the keymapping requirements.
03:56:06toehser1Another clip+ user with broken buttons... another vote for the zip with its improved buttons...
03:56:37[Saint]Yeah, that's all very well and nice, but not terribly relevant to the current situation.
03:58:00toehser1My first comment was relevant. If he's already running a VM setup, it is probably way easier to get a Linux build environment, than to get Cygwin working.
03:58:34toehser1The "processor explode" thing isn't really the way it goes, it is usually memory that must be juggled when you get up to too many VMs.
03:59:10[Saint]OP had stated that they are already running 2 VMs, and didn;t want to run another.
03:59:14[Saint]That is the end of it.
03:59:24[Saint]The why isn;t important.
04:01:28toehser1OP said he "can't" run 2 VMs unless he "want's his processor to explode". It is useful to offer experience on the possibility or how, not on the why.
04:02:06[Saint]Ok, so, s/2/1/, and its still totally irrelevant.
04:02:20[Saint]"OP doesn't want to".
04:02:24[Saint]DOne. Finished. End.
04:03:36toehser1Re-read log, OP didn't say he didn't want to.
04:04:33[Saint]No. They said they can't. Which is even more final.
04:04:49[Saint]Whether that is technically correct or not is not our place to discuss.
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04:25:00SraraThe bit about it being "cant" is because It's already so laggy that WoW runs at 20fps.
04:25:07SraraThink about that.
04:25:43SraraOh, and I've pretty much ignored the problem for now. I'll work on it w/e, but it was that I want to remap the power button to something, pref a combination of buttons that isn't used.
04:26:14[Saint]Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, whatever reason you can't/don't want to/whatever is good enough.
04:26:22[Saint]I don't need a reason.
04:26:41[Saint]Apparently someone else wants you to justify it, but I couldn;t care less. :)
04:27:00SraraYeah I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause an argument.
04:28:27[Saint]I don't think it would be possible to get a button combo that isn't used *everywhere*, unless you go for something really obscure like |<< + >>|
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04:28:47[Saint]Some plugins use some fairly odd combinations.
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04:30:10[Saint]But, this could be fixed rather trivially by allowing shutdown in the main menu on all targets.
04:30:49toehser1The problem I think is that the shutdown button is also the stop button on the clip+, it isn't actually shutting down that is the issue, is it?
04:31:09[Saint]Button combinations aren't really relevant if we do this cleanly.
04:31:31[Saint]All that needs is a "shutdown" option added to the main menu config line.
04:32:11[Saint]I wanted to add shutdown as an (off by default) menu option for all targets, but I was told that wasn't a particularly nice way of doing it.
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04:32:51[Saint]Another possibility is adding shutdown as a Hotkey option.
04:33:14[Saint]Once you start remapping keys, things get really messy.
04:33:38[Saint]Its incredibly hard to remap a function without wiping out other functions elsewhere.
04:34:12toehser1OP originally mentioned it as an issue as that key (stop/pwr) is needed to leave the recording menu - adding a shutdown option to the menu won't help with that.
04:34:12[Saint]On some targets, it wouldn't even be possible I don't think. You'd need to give up *something*, *somewhere*.
04:35:10[Saint]The cleanest option here is adding shutdown to hotkey.
04:35:26[Saint]But I don't have a patch for that and its exceedingly unlikely I'll provide one.
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04:35:59[Saint]...but even then I don;t think hotkey is available in the recording menu.
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04:36:29[Saint]This is bound to screw *something* up, somewhere.
04:36:46[Saint]Its hard enough to get a working keymap when all the buttons are functional.
04:37:48toehser1I have a way, that I've used- but not a nice way... (1) Remove plastic button and broken power switch (2) poke metal object (paper clip) down into player such as to close circuit.
04:39:05toehser1I used to have to turn one on that way when I couldn't plug it into USB to turn it on.
04:43:49JdGordondidnt I add the hidden option to put shutdown in the main menu?
04:46:05JdGordon g#156
04:52:12[Saint]You did. I fixed it up. And made some noise about it, and it got shut down.
04:52:21[Saint]No pun intended.
04:52:45[Saint](that was the patch I linked above)
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04:53:14[Saint]I would like to see it go in, personally.
04:53:44[Saint]Without grepping my logs, I believe it was something along the lines of "That's a particularly ugly way of doing it"
04:54:19[Saint]gevaerts took some specific objection to it, maybe he'll remember when he reads the logs.
04:54:26JdGordonDoes that even build on other non PLAYER_PAD targets?
04:54:43JdGordonSHUTDOWN_PREFIX looks undefined
04:55:12JdGordonoh misread diff
04:55:16[Saint]I have this in my builds now.
04:55:22[Saint]She's all well and good.
04:55:38[Saint]Apparently its just...hideous.
04:55:42*[Saint] shrugs
04:56:24JdGordonok, no, it wont build on PLAYER_PAD builds
04:56:36JdGordonput it on gerrit... i'll push it :)
04:56:39JdGordonlooks fine
04:56:56JdGordonah, the lang change is probably the problem
04:57:04JdGordoni think that will break things
04:57:12JdGordonagain, only player builds though, so meh
04:57:27SraraYeah shutdown isn't actually the problem, it's the leaving menu and plugins. Like doom and recording.
04:57:49SraraAlso, I can't just short the circuit because my son thought it would be a great idea to try and superglue the buttons down.
04:58:03[Saint]JdGordon: I seem to recall the objection was in the (admittedly, slightly odd) prefixing system.
04:58:11[Saint]But I may be misremembering.
04:59:05[Saint]Tack it on to the original task if you want. ~80% of it is your work. :)
04:59:08JdGordonwell the other option is makeing it default to on
04:59:47[Saint]YEah. And that's not gona happen.
04:59:56JdGordonthen this is what we have
05:00:02JdGordonuntill someone makes a plugin :p
05:00:08JdGordonwhich i have always meant to :/
05:10:23[Saint]JdGordon: regarding PLAYER_PAD, if memory serves, that's unhandled by this becase they already have a shutdown option.
05:10:54JdGordonit will give a compile error
05:11:14[Saint]Oh, ah. Hmmm.
05:11:40JdGordonyou need to do #define SHUTDOWN_PREFIX ""
05:12:07[Saint]specifically for PLAYER_PAD?
05:12:30JdGordonin line ~56
05:12:31[Saint]Oh, ah. Right. I see.
05:12:33JdGordonas a #else
05:14:23*JdGordon back in 15
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05:31:13[Saint]JdGordon: Can't reach my build machine at home to test it, but, this should be what you're looking for - rebased to current git head -
05:32:04JdGordonlooks good
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09:39:38kugelI'm not sure we depend on it anywhere but it is present in gcc 4.4.6 and lower
09:54:24kugel4.6.x has the fix
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10:35:34gevaerts[Saint]: I don't remember that...
10:39:12kugel[Saint]: why s/LANG_SHUTDOWN/LANG_SHUTDOWN_MENU_ITEM/ ?
10:39:51kugelthat complicates things unecessarily
10:40:22kugelalso the IDs should not be named after where it's used but just after the string they represent
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10:52:18[Saint]gevaerts: I may be misremembering the specific objection of yours, but there indeed was one.
10:52:39gevaertsMaybe, but then it's your job to find it :)
10:53:16[Saint]No, no, it's fine. :)
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18:57:52ikeboyDoes anyone know why textviewer won't open in the sansa fuze+ sim for me?
18:57:59ikeboyAnd yes, I'm using HEAD
19:00:57ikeboyThe exact error I get is "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"
19:03:09pamaurylooks like a bug
19:03:11pamaurylet me try
19:04:20pamauryikeboy: if you have the source code, you can use gdb to backtrace
19:04:27pamaurythat would help probably
19:04:38ikeboyhow, exactly?
19:07:26 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:bce1:8c20:b454:3764:883a:1bb)
19:08:27pamauryrun "gdb ./rockboxui", then "r" (enter), it will run, when it crashes you can use "bt" (enter) to backtrace. If you don't get anything useful, you migth have to recompile in debug mode
19:09:42pamaurybut maybe it just comes from outdates plugins, I would advise you run "make reconf", "make clean", "make" and "make install" and retry before going further
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19:46:28fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e876f4d, 249 builds, 34 clients.
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19:53:50kugellebellium: i merged the ypr1 work
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20:00:48gevaertskugel: I've "fixed" the player red now
20:02:02gevaertsI imagine we may want to "fix" the recorder one more time for the next release, although maybe even that is one step too far
20:06:07kugelhwcodec to death if you ask me
20:06:45kugelwe can put a last release but I'm not sure it's any better than 3.13
20:07:06gevaertsYes, I'm not sure
20:07:15gevaertsEither kill it now or kill it in a month
20:07:26gevaertsI'll try to start a mailing list discussion soon
20:07:41kugelI've waited so long for it I can wait a month more :)
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20:30:01lebelliumkugel: cool! thank you
20:46:45bluebrotherspeaking of discussions, we should start one about a DevCon date if we want to have it this year :)
20:47:17 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:50:27 Join lorenzo92 [0] (4f0a6ea3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:51:12lorenzo92kugel: thanks for pushing the patch :)
20:51:40lorenzo92I'm sorry i couldn't help but had to prepare exams...
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21:58:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f005d84, 249 builds, 34 clients.
22:02:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 247 seconds.
22:13:20lebelliumkugel gevaerts is it possible to get working now that the patch has been merged?
22:13:50kugelyes I think so
22:14:00kugelgevaerts knows whats needed
22:15:09gevaertsDoes it use the same toolchain as the r0?
22:16:22kugelIm looking into microsd support for the ypr0
22:16:37gevaertsOK, should be done
22:16:42kugelI'm not sure what's the better (less bad) approach:
22:16:46gevaertsWe'll see after the next build
22:16:51lebelliumkugel: about automount?
22:17:02lebelliumthanks ge
22:17:39kugel1) install a hotplug executable (via /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug) and have this script send a signal to the running rockbox
22:17:58kugel2) poll periodically using the appropriate ioctl
22:18:57kugel1) seems better but I don't like the idea that we create a separate script outside the rockbox binary
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22:49:45wodzkugel: I don't understand your objection to #1. ypr0 port is special anyway.
22:53:14kugellebellium: can you check whether the latest ypr1 build produces sound on your r1?
22:55:13lebelliumkugel: arf, I'm not really willing to launch virtualbox to compile a build right now
22:55:47lebelliumonce is working, I'll do it for sure
22:57:05 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:57:46wodzpamaury: Any progress with yp-cp3?
22:59:16lebelliumkugel: it still doesn't work on yours and you just want double check?
22:59:23kugellebellium: a build should be ready in a few
22:59:53pamaurywodz: no, I have been super busy these days, I just came back at home, let me eat first then I'll try with the backlight hack
23:00:22pamaurynice to see some progress on the YP-R{0,1} ports :)
23:06:59 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
23:08:19kugellebellium: build is ready
23:08:38 Join Rower [0] (
23:09:02 Quit Rower (Client Quit)
23:12:23kugelhm, I can't make sound work, even with patch #16 of g#395 which worked yesterday
23:12:40kugelOF still plays fine so not a hardware damage
23:13:15lebelliumlet me try
23:13:42lebelliumI think I'll keep my current and not use the one shipped in the build
23:14:47 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:15:25kugelbtw, I changed the safe-mode button to volume-down (you need to reflash the bootloader) and the OF button to volume-up (new is enough) so that it's more similar to the r0
23:15:32lebelliumkugel: because I use the ROM from ABI, I'm not sure it is really the same as the one you compiled yourself
23:16:19kugelchanged respective to the previous gerrit patches, I don't know what other ROMs on ABI do
23:18:32 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:20:11lebelliumI have sound here
23:22:01kugelwell, thats strange
23:23:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:24:00lebelliumthe only difference with you is that I use a different ROM and a different
23:24:06lebelliumthe build should be the same
23:25:53lebelliumin your you removed things like amixer cset numid=1,iface=MIXER,name='PCM PlayBack Switch' 2
23:26:02lebelliumI don't know if they were important
23:28:37*kugel checks
23:29:29kugellebellium: can you paste that?
23:31:25kugellebellium: fwiw, I didnt remove those. the lines simply were not there in lorenzo's patches
23:32:16lebelliumso he *should* know :D
23:32:33 Join Scromple [0] (~Simon@
23:33:36kugellebellium: works again now
23:33:54kugelthis stuff shouldnt be in
23:34:59lebelliumthat looks rather dirty to my non-dev eyes indeed
23:35:25kugeli wonder which of these lines are significant. our pcm-alsa code should take care of that
23:35:46 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:38:24lebelliumwe'll see that wih Lorenzo after his exams
23:44:33 Join Epicanis [0] (
23:44:57 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
23:45:32lebelliumDB Error: database is locked (5)
23:45:33lebelliumSQL: UPDATE themes SET approved=:approved, reason=:reason WHERE themeid=:id Array ( [:approved] => 0 [:reason] => Theme was replaced by newer version. [:id] => 1683 )
23:46:41scorche|shis that from the themes site?
23:46:49lebelliumI wanted to update my theme
23:47:03scorche|shi'll try to check on that when i get home
23:49:30gevaertsProbably "expected"
23:50:59gevaertsThere are some issues with the way the themesite code uses sqlite (or maybe they're just inherent to using sqlite?) that can lead to this sort of thing
23:51:24gevaertsI'd recommend just trying again
23:52:08scorche|shwhat he said =)
23:52:54 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
23:53:57bluebrother^ok, I've just made a major update of the bot. This should hopefully fix it falling off every now and then it had recently.
23:54:12bluebrother^if it acts up just kick it, it should then leave the channel
23:54:58lebelliumgevaerts: scorche|sh okay it worked now :)
23:55:48lebelliumkugel: I fixed and updated 2 of my themes which no longer worked due to your new restrictions. Unfortunately there are dozens of others also not working but from other authors which are not necessarily active :S

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