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#rockbox log for 2014-02-06

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00:23:34SraraYo, for some reason I was unplugging my Sansa Clip+ from the PC (it's how I turn it on / off since PWR button is broken along with Volume up) and it said "Panic" and I can't open it anymore.
00:23:57SraraLike I plug it into USB and back and nothing happens.
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00:26:19[Saint]Ohhhhhhhh, that's some high quality bad news for a man without a power button.
00:26:30SraraOh no.
00:26:32*[Saint] shrugs
00:26:36[Saint]Anyway. Bad news.
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00:26:51[Saint]The only option here is waiting for the battery to run down.
00:27:02[Saint]But, that shouldn;t take /too/ long if the screen is on.
00:27:05SraraThere's no screen..
00:27:15SraraIt's black. It doesn't even show the USB charging icon.
00:27:37[Saint]Oh, I see. Then, it could take a while.
00:27:56[Saint]Up to 40 hours or so on a full charge I think.
00:28:21[Saint]You can verify there is still charge in the battery by plugging in sensitive monitors.
00:28:39[Saint]You should hear a small "pop" on connection. As long as you do, there's still a charge.
00:29:01[Saint]When it eventually runs out, plugging USB again _should_ magically make it burst into life again.
00:29:18[Saint](Normally, you'd hold the power button for ~30s)
00:29:26SraraTime to wait.
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01:38:13[Saint]JdGordon: thinking about again, I'm not convinced that else you got me to add is required at all.
01:41:00[Saint]Should've questioned it at the time, but I was in "get it done" mode.
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01:45:56JdGordon[Saint]: do a player build if you don't beleive me
01:46:22JdGordonyou will get an error "SHUTDOWN_PREFIX undefined" or something like that
01:58:24JdGordon[Saint]: also, I'd prefer if you switched the logic around so it is #ifdef HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MENU, instead of #if*n*def
01:59:18[Saint]I was kinda thinking that, but, surely its basically irrelevant.
01:59:29JdGordonit makes it easier to read :)
01:59:35JdGordonpretty pelase!
01:59:56[Saint]It was a lot easier to do "If not PLAYER_PAD" than "If EVERYTHING_ELSE".
02:00:23JdGordonyes, but thats old code
02:00:59JdGordonifdef HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MENU is the same as the old logic actually :)
02:01:37[Saint]I was /fairly/ sure I did it for a reason.
02:01:54[Saint]But...that was like, months ago, and stuff. Ain't nobody gots time for rememberin.
02:02:48JdGordonswitch it and put it on gerrit
02:03:23[Saint]I also need to de-deprecate LANG_SHUTDOWN to keep kugel happy I think.
02:03:35[Saint]But I really have NFI why I did that.
02:04:30[Saint]If I'm just adding a voice string to a previously unvoiced option, I don't have to deprecate and append, do I?
02:05:10JdGordonI'm not sure how voice files work
02:05:17[Saint]Nor I.
02:05:42JdGordonyes, you probably should deprecate it then
02:06:15JdGordonand do s/LANG_SHUTDOWN/LANG_SHUTDOWN_OLD/g in the lang folder so you can reuse the identifier
02:06:47[Saint]and then a second commit to remove LANG_SHUTDOWN_OLD later, one assumes?
02:08:24JdGordonno, it will stay deprecated untill some time later when it is removed
02:08:31JdGordoni think we have quite a few deprecated strings
02:09:00[Saint]Oh, right. Yes. Unused strings are removed automagically, usually around a release or something iirc.
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11:15:46lorenzo92kugel, lebellium: thanks for the help in pushing my patches :)
11:16:54lorenzo92kugel: for the microSD, it actually does not make much difference in polling the event from rockbox, actually we do so for every button ^^
11:17:33lorenzo92I understand (and I also would like to) that we should do things elegantly (interrupts...) but here i don't see any real need
11:18:29lorenzo92moreover, my newest charging code removes a device opening and consequent ioctl, so we have a free one to use :D
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11:28:18lorenzo92kugel: refer to this patch g#332
11:28:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #332 at : Add microSD automatic mount and unmount to Samsung YP-R0. by Lorenzo Miori <>
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12:38:42[Saint]scorche|sh: is an "Expert" supposed to suddenly be allowed to modify membergroups on the forums?
12:41:29[Saint]I'm not even going to try it, but it certainly seems like it would allow me to modify the global moderators group, which doesn't seem right. I'm not sure I'm that blind, I believe its popped up since I last logged in to the forums and checked the moderation center.
12:43:09[Saint]...hmmm, maybe I *am* that blind, and I've never noticed it sitting there before. But I don't /think/ so.
12:46:29gevaerts[Saint]: can you check again?
12:46:58[Saint]DOne. Thankyou.
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16:25:42copper → Latest Ipod Classic 7th Gens have different firmware and hardware? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
16:26:28coppernot sure about the different hardware part, but the firmware shenanigans are interesting
16:27:17copperand, I'd love to see measurements of this "new hardware"
16:29:49 Quit kugel (Quit: Lost terminal)
16:32:02copperLink to the 2.0.5 firmware:
16:33:00copperthat site lists the Classic "3g" with the 2.0.4 firmware, and the Classic "4g" with the 2.0.5 firmware, which seems to confirm that there is a new hardware revision
16:33:43coppersame here
16:37:51[Saint]the HW won't have changed, i don't think.
16:39:03[Saint]and they can't patch out the exploit emcore uses without new hw as far as I'm aware.
16:39:59[Saint][7] could go into that in more detail
16:41:35copperthe silent update, this late, is rather strange, though
16:41:48copperand 2.0.4 devices can't be upgraded
16:42:18copperwell, to be more precise, iTunes refuses to
16:42:26copper(from what I've read)
16:45:25[Saint]Crazy to think it would be different, incompatible hw under the same badge.
16:48:32copperwoah wtf
16:48:33 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
16:48:53[Saint]after all these years.
16:48:59[Saint]hilarious eh.
16:49:16scorche[Saint]: ah - i changed that so that experts could move members into the Banned membergroup since i made that change - i was also planning on getting an expert to test to see if the option was implemented stupidly and allowed them to reach out and touch things higher than their class, but i guess that fell by the wayside when i was getting pissed off at other things
16:50:10scorcheanyway, we can try it when i get to work
16:50:30[Saint]scorche: right, well, prod me when you can. No rush.
16:50:44[Saint]I thought it was worth asking about.
16:51:11 Quit dfkt (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
16:51:39[Saint]I know theres a certain amount of trust, but I wouldn't want to balls up something like that accidentally, and that gave a fairky wide reach.
16:52:24[Saint]si I'd rather just not be able to ness up too badly, accidentally or no. :)
16:52:39[Saint]argh. letters.
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17:17:09scorche|sh[Saint]: in fact, i dont think it is needed much anymore
17:17:28scorche|shgevaerts: the spam seems to be all but gone for now, right? - i havent seen any lately
17:17:37*[Saint] nods
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17:27:44gevaertsscorche|sh: looks like it, yes
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20:31:35LittleAnonHi, what advantages does Rockbox give over SanDisk's propietary firmware on the Sansa Clip?
20:34:34ZincAlloyrockbox is incredibly powerful, yet rather simple to use. What is the SanDisk's firmware lacking in your opinion?
20:35:40toehser1That is a rather large question, I recommend you read the manual to get an idea of the features, for the Clip Zip (you didn't say which Clip),
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20:36:58ZincAlloyI figured LittleAnon was talking about the Clip:
20:36:59 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:37:30LittleAnonim choosing between either the clip+ or the zip yet
20:38:07LittleAnonthe most important reason to install rockbox for me is its license
20:38:57toehser1Zip vs + synopsis: Zip fixed problems with the power switch failing, has micro USB not mini, color screen, FM text, front mic position, couple other things I think.
20:39:28ZincAlloythe color screen is rather shitty, though. nice to have, but shitty.
20:39:45toehser1I _strongly_ recommend Zip over + because of the power switch issue. I have 2 failed clip+ players sitting on the shelf...
20:39:48LittleAnonso the zip is overall better?
20:40:07toehser1No, they are overall very close...
20:40:38ZincAlloyIt's a great little player at an incredibly cheap price
20:40:44toehser1I don't care about the color screen, mini USB vs micro USB you _may_ care about, the mic position is _slightly_ better...
20:41:30toehser1If you can get a Clip+ for a better price than a Clip Zip, I _would_ say go for it... except for the power switch hardware failure issue on the Clip+.
20:42:03LittleAnonI can get it for 10 bucks less
20:42:05ZincAlloyI'm using a clip zip myself. other than the color screen issues and the short battery life it's an amazing player
20:43:49LittleAnoncan the zip use microSDHC?
20:43:55toehser1Again... I _would have_ said that makes it the best choice, based on _features_ I like both about equally... but... between my kids and myself, *3* of the Clip+ players have failed the same way, the power button micro switch breaks its connection from the PCB... so I'm strongly in favor of the Zip.
20:44:12toehser1Both support 64GB fine, formatted as FAT32.
20:44:39LittleAnonI was concerned because I read somewhere it only support 32gb
20:45:06toehser1The issue is that the 64GB cards come with exfat formatting and have to be reformatted to FAT32, but they work fine then.
20:45:31LittleAnonahh alright
20:45:32ZincAlloyeven the original firmware is ok with 64gb cards, but I believe the number of files it can handle is limited and it takes forever to update the database
20:45:37 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:46:03ZincAlloyha, that was one of the advantages that rockbox has :D
20:46:16LittleAnonit doesnt take long to update the database?
20:46:21LittleAnonwith rockbox I mean
20:50:11 Join onder` [0] (
20:51:00ZincAlloyrockbox can do it in the background while you're listening to music
20:51:16ZincAlloyand you don't need to have a database
20:51:23dfktor you simply don't use the database at all ;)
20:51:33ZincAlloyI myself simply browse the file tree
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20:53:41LittleAnonI think I made my choice
20:53:47LittleAnonthanks for the help
20:53:57LittleAnonClip Zip + 64gb sd card + rockbox it is
20:54:45ZincAlloyreading the manual is highly recommended, btw
20:55:07LittleAnonI will, thanks and have a good day
20:55:14 Quit LittleAnon (Remote host closed the connection)
20:55:15ZincAlloyand you can try the user interface using the simulator:">
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23:36:05[Saint]Who can I poke about voice strings?
23:38:31[Saint]Can I add a voice string to a previously unvoiced lang id, or do I need to deprecate that whole entry and append it to the bottom of the lang file anew?
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