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#rockbox log for 2014-02-07

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00:24:22kugel[Saint]: yes you can do that
00:25:22kugelthe ID of unvoiced strings is present in the voice file, but without corresponding clip
00:25:46kugelif you add a voice the clip will be added to the existing id
00:25:55kugelthe loader handles this fine
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00:33:41[Saint]Thank you kugel.
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01:42:06JdGordon[Saint]: I think you still cant add the text string if it usd to be None though
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05:21:22JdGordonask a question
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07:55:07[Saint]Argh. Contradictory.
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08:13:52wodz\o/ Got timer interrupt working on e150 but here are still things I don't quite understand about mips exceptions/interrupts
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08:26:36wodzha, another thing sorted out
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09:32:31pamaurywodz: I tried hwstub on YP-C3 with backlight and it's very weird: the code is ran but for some reason the EP0 control interrupt is never fired
09:32:35pamauryalthough the reset one is
09:32:52pamauryI need to hook up the USB analyser because the wireshark trace was garbage
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09:54:03HerrMy iPod Classic (6G) seems to be stuck in a permanent boot loop as EMCore tries to start up, constantly shutting down and restarting. I have considered waiting until the battery died to see if that would change anything, so I figured that I would pose my dilemma.
10:03:01copperHerr: when did you buy your iPod?
10:03:20HerrA long while ago, used.
10:03:26HerrProbably 3-4 years ago.
10:03:50HerrAs far as I know it's an iPod Classic 6G.
10:03:54copperdid you ever get Rockbox running on it?
10:04:12HerrIt ran fine for a while. I installed it about a month ago.
10:04:22coppermaybe try re-installing emCORE, I don't know
10:04:22HerrIt gave me no problems.
10:04:31HerrThat's what I'm going to try doing.
10:04:34HerrI think.
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10:04:45HerrI have a 30GB 5G so I'm going to be using that in the mean time.
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10:05:11HerrIt's just irritating that I will have to download iTunes to get to UMS/DFU/whatever.
10:05:26copperno you don't
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10:06:21HerrWell shit thanks.
10:06:22coppergotta run
10:06:28HerrThank you.
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10:36:56TylupHi! I use Rockbox for my Sansa Fuze+ as of October of last year and love it. When I updated my player today (for the first time since the initial installation), I noticed that the WPS (and only the WPS) of the theme I use, SpartanBlack (and personal derivatives thereof), has ceased functioning completely, with Rockbox reverting to rockbox_failsafe.wps. Should I file a bug report for this, and is it a common issue? Searching the foru
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10:46:23TylupI feel I should also mention that icon customization for the aforementioned theme is broken as well, but for all aspects; icons for battery, volume, shuffle, et cetera are positioned in the same spots as they would be in As my Fuze+ is my only device able to run Rockbox, I am unable to determine if my problems are specific to my device, or are an overarching problem with current Rockbox development versions as
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10:55:20Tylup... Or perhaps merely an update to theme coding conventions that made obsolete portions of the theme code in SpartanBlack? While this issue doesn't render my device unusable, it is an unexpected disappointment.
11:00:05TylupI need rest, as I've been searching for a cure for multiple hours now, and it's late. I'll check this chat tomorrow morning and hope my questions have been answered, or at least acknowledged. :)
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11:35:12wodzpamaury: weird indeed
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13:09:54copperTylup: some theme bugs got fixed, and some themes might need to be updated - I don't know if that the case here
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17:38:04ikeboyI've uploaded a commit to gerrit that fixes a bug in textviewer : g#754
17:38:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #754 at : Fixed bug where exiting textviewer after using up all the bookmarks caused that file... by Avi Eisenberg <>
17:38:29ikeboyCan someone review it?
17:40:05ikeboyThe bug basically was that if you make the maximum bookmarks, then go to somewhere there's no bookmark and exit, the bookmarks get corrupted.
17:42:57kugelikeboy: looks ok except for the tab characters
17:46:00 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:46:32kugelikeboy: no
17:51:56kugelikeboy: better. can you please move the comment above the if so that the line isnt so long?
17:52:02kugelthen I'll push it right away
17:57:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f723ca5, 250 builds, 32 clients.
17:58:15kugelikeboy: done, thanks
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18:03:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 336 seconds.
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18:27:22gevaertskugel: I don't think asking people to use gerrit for translation is very reasonable
18:27:34kugelwhy not?
18:27:52gevaertsYou're suddenly requiring them to have a local git tree, for starters
18:28:26gevaertsIf they have that, sure...
18:34:21kugelgevaerts: can you have a quick look at g#755?
18:34:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #755 at : storage: Add STORAGE_HOSTED by Thomas Martitz <>
18:40:32gevaertskugel: no changes to storage.c?
18:40:51kugelgevaerts: storage.c isn't compiled
18:41:33*gevaerts is a bit confused
18:41:43kugeli guess it would be needed when there are more bits besides STORAGE_HOSTED but I don't think that's easily possible
18:42:04kugeli.e. CONFIG_STORAGE_MULTI is not a thing (yet, anyway)
18:42:50gevaertsOK, I think I see what you want to achieve
18:43:55gevaertsYou basically need the various removable-related things out of storage_*, but you're not really using block devices?
18:45:50kugelthis is for microsd card support on the ypr0
18:47:19gevaertsI'm not sure I like the name STORAGE_HOSTED for this. I'd prefer something that more strongly indicates the fact that we're bypassing layers here
18:47:32kugelI'm open for better names
18:48:18gevaertsApart from that, I don't really see how you can do it differently without redesigning a *lot* of code
18:50:35kugelI'm trying to make it work with little effort :)
18:51:16*gevaerts says the same thing on gerrit
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19:24:49kugelgevaerts: are things properly unmounted on shutdown?
19:25:07gevaertsI hope so
19:25:50kugelI see no evidence that this is true
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20:09:50ChadI just installed rockbox on my classic
20:10:05ChadShould i use itunes to sync my music?
20:10:08Chador a manual sync?
20:10:18Chadlike, does it work with iTunes?
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21:51:16Calum__Hi all. I have a Sansa Clip Zip 8GB. Fell while running this morning and broke the screen, however apart from that it's working fine. If anyone has a use for it, please drop me an email - This is the specific model:
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