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#rockbox log for 2014-02-08

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15:35:07copperthe iPod Classic on the french Apple Store is $50 more expensive than in the US, to begin with
15:35:26copperthen there's $43 of piracy tax
15:35:31copperand finally there's the 20% VAT
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15:36:12copperbringing it to a grand total of $408 instead of $250
15:36:33copperfeels like "lone island in the pacific" pricing
15:37:08copperand, I checked, the price increased by €40 since I bought mine a couple years ago
15:37:10ZincAlloyhow about ordering it from another european country?
15:37:42copperdepends on the shop I guess
15:37:50copperAmazon would probably refuse to ship to France
15:38:20copperthe Classic is making less and less business sense o_O
15:38:21ZincAlloyamazon would probably charge you the french taxes
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15:38:57copperoh wait
15:39:24copperthe real funny part is, the 20% VAT is calculated on the price of the iPod INCLUDING the piracy tax
15:39:40copperso we're paying VAT on another tax? what the living hell?
15:39:41*gevaerts casually looks at the topic
15:39:52ZincAlloythat can't be right, can it?
15:46:26copperok, slightly more on topic, re: new iPod Classic hardware
15:47:52copperhmm nevermind
15:48:02copperlooks like product numbers change from country to country
15:48:14copper"part number"
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18:58:22*kugel hacked our <microSD1> shortcut onto hosted filesystem
18:59:18 Part toehser1
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19:12:55pamaurykugel: what kind of hack is it ?
19:13:53kugelpamaury: showing a virtual <microsdX> folder in the main folder
19:14:54kugeli.e. on the ypr0 you'd normally set the main folder to /mnt/media0 (the internal memory is mounted there)
19:15:14kugelbut that makes accessing the sdcard inconvinient (mounted at /mnt/mmc)
19:16:10kugeltherefore I would like a /mnt/media0/<microSD1> folder pointing to the microsd
19:18:32kugelit's kind of a hack because it requires to intercept the opendir/readdir library functions but we do that already due to a different problem
19:19:04ZincAlloyspeaking of <microSD1>: wouldn't it be nicer to have Rockbox read the actual name of the media?
19:20:15kugeli dont think so
19:20:46ZincAlloyI named my SD card "Music" and was hoping it would show up like that in rockbox
19:20:49kugelthe name affects the order in the file listing (< makes it appear at the top) which is convinient
19:21:29ZincAlloyyou could still name it <customname>
19:21:36kugelalso it needs a special name to make playlists and other stuff work properly
19:21:57ZincAlloyI see
19:22:28kugeli guess <name> could work but it's not worth the effort IMO
19:23:04ZincAlloyit would probably make things less confusing for users with multiple SD cards
19:23:19kugel(providing a patch would help)
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20:01:20diatomHey Guyz
20:02:22diatomMy Samsung R0 doesnt start
20:03:01diatomIt hangs in the Samsung loading screen
20:04:53diatomCan anyone help me?
20:06:18diatomIt happened after i deleted some files on the player
20:08:34diatomas always, nobody even answers
20:08:45diatomthank you guys, i broke my player
20:15:12AlexPdiatom: You wait 7 minutes before complaining people don't answer?
20:15:18AlexPIt is saturday night
20:15:22AlexPPeople have lives
20:15:32AlexPAnd not many people know about that player
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22:31:46TheSevencopper: fyi, the phenomenon that Herr described is typical for an empty battery.
22:32:21TheSevenin that case it typically helps to turn on the hold switch (to prevent it from powering up), connect it to USB, and let it charge for a few minutes before attempting to turn it on again
22:32:36TheSevenit's the HDD spinup current that's dropping the battery voltage below the cutoff threshold
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