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#rockbox log for 2014-02-09

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00:39:19[Saint]Hi. Don't run away, just ask your question.
00:39:28[Saint](Rockbox related, of course)
00:39:56Guest58854i need help whith the middi player
00:41:13[Saint]That's rather non-specific, you may need to continue.
00:42:06Guest58854well it wont play mutch middis
00:44:02Guest58854it woant play mutch middis
00:45:58[Saint]I'm sorry. But I can't really get any usable information from that.
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00:47:32Guest58854well when i try to play middi files some play purfictly but some dont play at all
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05:21:42core12lol is a new version of Rockbox going to be released ever?
05:21:56core12and are there any new features in the works?
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07:47:07copper[7]: I see, thanks!
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08:49:30*coffeeking yawns, hi all
08:50:37coffeekingI'm having a very strange issue with the rockbox utility. It doesn't seem able to be focused on or read by orca, even though it's built against qt5. The funny thing is, the first time I launch it, rockbox reads just fine, but on subsequent launches it's completely silent. I've tried un-installing and re-installing a dozen times, deleting config files, all didn't help. I'm stumped.
09:05:31*coffeeking reboots, brb
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11:23:11*coffeeking has finally gotten rockbox utility to work with orca. I have no idea what fixed it, but installing xfce apparently set some sort of envionment variable or path that rockbox needed.
11:23:52coffeekingare their any plans to make the language dialog accessible? or the database menu? it's completely inaccessible.
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11:46:30bluebrothercoffeeking: as in the menus in Rockbox?
11:47:32coffeekingI had to do a couple of hacks to get the rockbox speaking in the us english voice, because I couldn't change the language in rockbox itself, the language menu wouldn't speak. If espeak were added to rockbox itself this would be easier. It's pretty light weight, the only thing I'm not sure of is how it would be able to run on all supported players.
11:48:23bluebrotherthere have been multiple attempts to get a TTS on Rockbox running.
11:48:35bluebrotherthe general consensus is that this is wanted. However, all previous attempts failed.
11:48:48bluebrotherthe biggest problem (afaik) is the RAM consumption of those engines
11:48:53coffeekingyeah, I know. But it would be so much less work, just a checkbox say enabling speech, and end of story, instead of messing around with talk files, directory talk clips, etc
11:49:43coffeekingI'm not sure how much memory espeak itself requires. How much memory do these players usually come with? my clip plus has 8gb of flash storage, but not all sure about ram
11:50:07bluebrotheras for the language dialog you mentioned: that's actually a file browser showing the language files. With talk files present for those it could use them for talking. Though I guess in that special case it isn't supported.
11:50:35bluebrotherthe database is a completely different beast, since we cannot create talk clips the same way we can for normal files
11:50:50coffeekingI did try this before I re-generated all talk files, so maybe the talk files weren't present? I had an issue earlier today rockbox generating 0 byte length talk files.
11:51:05gevaertscoffeeking: the clip plus has 8MB
11:51:40bluebrotherthat sounds like a problem with the talk file generation then.
11:51:52bluebrotherone of the TTS attempts:
11:52:27bluebrotherand then there's FS #7660
11:52:28fs-bluebot Plugin espeak TTS engine for rockbox (patches, unconfirmed)
11:59:04bertrikso, with the clip zip sport having a 128x128 screen, I wonder if we can keep it as "clip zip variant", or as a seperate target, assuming the rest of the hardware is identical
11:59:16bertrik(not sure it *is* identical)
12:00:58bertriklooking forward to porting rockbox to it
12:02:09*coffeeking is really, really impressed with rockbox. Especially the resume from playback feature. I can just skip around in my playlists and the player will pick up where I last was in that song or eppisode. Only thing I'm missing is a keybinding to activate a sleep timer so I can relax with a book, without having to go into the settings or to the start screen. Does rockbox have keybinding support?
12:03:41bluebrotherbut you can create a shortcut
12:03:44coffeekinghmmm. Are their any plans to add them?
12:03:57[Saint]You could replace the quickscreen with shortcuts, though.
12:04:13[Saint]That would make <shortcut_to_whatever> assessible from anywhere.
12:04:21coffeekingI suppose it would get confusing if you managed to create keybindings that overlapped system commands, and there aren't too many key combinations on an audio player but it might be neat
12:05:00[Saint]Allowing users to map keys would work out nightmarish for the user.
12:05:02coffeekingoh, ok. I'll try that. I already have my player starting up at a list of bookmarks, having a shortcuts screen would be nice
12:05:20[Saint]On most targets it would be virtually impossible to create a working keymap again after a change.
12:06:08[Saint]Odd key combinations get used in unexpected places. Keymaps are quite cramped.
12:06:10*coffeeking shutters. Yeah, I can see that being an issue
12:07:13[Saint]I can't speak for where it as at the moment, but there's a "replace quickscreen with shortcuts" option, or something worded to that effect.
12:07:35[Saint]and you can add shortcuts via the context menu.
12:07:39coffeekingI have nothing against the quick screen, just not sure if rockbox will speak it
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12:08:41[Saint]I think I've used voice exactly twice.
12:09:00gevaertsThe quickscreen should be voiced
12:09:45coffeekingI'm blind, so it's kind of a necessity. I'm really impressed with rockbox. It's the most accessible audio player os I"ve ever used. All others are completely inaccessible, no one else bothers to make them talk
12:10:26[Saint]There's a small market in really horrible DAPs specifically for the blind.
12:10:31[Saint]AFAIK they all suck.
12:10:54coffeekingyes, and horribly expensive, and made b companies who will gouge you at the slightest opportunity.
12:11:39coffeekingI will say this though, has anyone thought about making a daisy player plugin for rockbox? it would be nice to be able to play daisy formatted audio books, which are basically mp3 files with xml and smil markup.
12:12:35bluebrotherI remember someone mentioning this before, but afaik nobody gave it a look
12:13:35coffeekingI'd also like support for the nls formatted audio books, but that requires supporf from the nls itself, because their audiobooks are encrypted with a proprietary algorithm. What I wouldn't give to have my entire library in my pocket instead of carrying around a bulky player
12:14:22[Saint]There's several readers for Android if you can handle that rather nasty TalkBack UI.
12:14:47coffeekingtalkback? it's ... meh, it's ok, but afaik none of them handle nls books.
12:15:50coffeekingI don't use windows, so I don't have access to many, if any daisy software. I have to open the daisy books xml files up in forefox to read them
12:17:05gevaertsAnything that involves DRM is very likely never to happen in rockbox
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12:17:27coffeekingyeah, I know. But a poor blind guy can dream.
12:19:21coffeekingI even know why they used all that drm crap in their books. SOmething about a law they have to follow to make srue only blind people can access the books. WHich puts us in isolation, as most things do. Special players, special software and hardware ... except I use linux so I'm not dependant on jfw
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12:22:01coffeekingyeah. I've often wondered whether linux supported audible format at all. I know windows does but I don't use windows by choice. I don't use audible myself, but a lot of people do apparently.
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12:24:45coffeekingdoes rockbox use linux as a kernel or an os? I ask because I've never understood how rockbox is cross platform, unless all palyers share the same architecture.
12:24:59bluebrotherno, it uses its own kernel
12:25:02gevaertsNo, rockbox uses its own kernel
12:25:19gevaertsA simple one, compared to linux :)
12:25:31bluebrothersome information on it, in case you're interested:
12:25:38coffeekingwow. That's even more impressive. To write a kernel from scratch
12:25:59coffeekingreading now, actually. it's late and I've got nothing to do
12:29:00*coffeeking was surprised my sansa clip plus can handle doom. Lol I'm not very good but it was entertaining
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14:20:12lorenzo92kugel: hi! lebellium told me that you had an issue with the starting script, well yeah I did not include a new one for R1
14:20:39lorenzo92kugel: so we have to do a run-time detection, as it is done with the safe mode
14:21:04AlexPgevaerts: Who were you trying to make cry?
14:22:01gevaertsAlexP: I wasn't! Honest!
14:22:19AlexPI was unmoved. Archos should have been retired a good while ago :)
14:23:40gevaertsI think I agree that it should have been retired a while ago, yes
14:23:53gevaertsBut then it should have been *retired*, not killed!
14:24:35gevaertsSame thing in the end, maybe, but still different
14:25:51gevaertsThe way I see it, the Archos port should spend its days from now on sitting in a rocking chair watching the world go by
14:26:44gevaertsAlexP: you're refusing to get the right spirit!
14:27:06AlexPSorry :)
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14:45:14jn__coffeeking: how did you play doom? i mean, how did you see what was was going on in the game when you're blind?
14:46:45[Saint]Not very well, I imagine.
14:49:29[Saint]I imagine the seeing eye dog was relaying instruction.
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14:50:43bertrikWe can't really start a clip zip sport port until there is a original firmware image available to create a bootloader from
14:51:29pamauryon imx we can
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14:56:07michaelacan rockbox work on a iPod Classic 7G 160GB?
14:56:52michaelareally ;)
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15:24:47kugellorenzo92: or better yet, we get rid of the script :)
15:25:15kugelthere's nothing in the script that cannot be done from within the binary
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15:25:50lorenzo92kugel: absolutely, but this would imply some changes in the firmware, or you still think to leave it as starter script?
15:26:21kugelwe can possibly keep the script
15:26:39kugelbut it shouldn't be doing any more than just set MAINFILE* variables
15:26:51lorenzo92kugel: yes indeed, just to start the main binary
15:26:58kugelbut I also wouldnt be opposed to changing the firmware
15:27:18kugelthere's still rc.user for script support
15:28:32lorenzo92that's tru
15:31:22kugelthe problems I had were some missing alsamixer commands
15:32:19lorenzo92i see, actually the init sequence is different between the 2 models iirc, and yes I really don't understand why rockbox is not able to fully initialize the driver
15:32:54lorenzo92i don't know if the problems is related to the wolfsson chip itself, or something that happens in the alsa layer
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15:36:02lorenzo92kugel: furthermore, I still have to test recording on R1, it should not have any bugs regarding it, since recording is part of OF
15:36:10lorenzo92thus it wouldn't make any sense ^^
15:36:21kugelbertrik: wasnt there a way to dump the firmware on samsa?
15:37:22bertrikno, was there? It's easy if you're already running rockbox :)
15:37:57kugelyou get access to the firmware storage when shorting the nand pins right?
15:38:23[Saint]That's incredibly unreliable, and only worked for the few variants listed in the wiki.
15:38:30[Saint]its not a glabal sansa thing.
15:40:05[Saint]Its SanDisk, they'll mess something up requiring a timely FW update, guaranteed.
15:41:51ZincAlloyso we have to find bugs and complain about them to speed things up? :D
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15:58:26kugellorenzo92: I'm working on the microsd support so I work in this direction in the short term
15:59:34lorenzo92kugel: nice, how do you plan to solve the thing then? dirty-poll or neat-interrupt?
15:59:48kugelpoll for now
15:59:50 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
16:00:36kugelfor interrupt we'd need either a helper binary for /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug or change the GPIO kernel module
16:00:58lorenzo92kugel: are you also following my old patch?
16:01:23kugeli took it as a base but it's vastly different now
16:01:39lebelliumgevaerts: I already reported that long time ago but there are still some old links on the website. For example clicking on "patches" from
16:02:54lorenzo92kugel: nice ;)
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16:13:18gevaertslebellium: should be fixed now
16:16:44lebelliumgevaerts: confirmed. Thanks
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19:18:14[Saint]Old chestnut time.
19:18:50coppersounds edible
19:19:02[Saint]So, who would mind if I was to propose making embedded art the very *last* option for AA selection, once all file-based checks have been exhausted?
19:19:23[Saint]It seems to me that this better suits the user's intentions.
19:19:41[Saint]If one added file based art, it was /almost/ certainly deliberate.
19:19:51copperwe talked about this
19:19:54 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:19:59[Saint]Whereas the same /probably/ isn;t true of embedded art.
19:20:02copperfile art = album art
19:20:08copperembedded art = song specific art
19:20:29copperthe reverse cannot be true
19:20:35[Saint]Right. We've talked about it, sure, but the current oder stands nonetheless.
19:20:51copperwhat's the current order?
19:21:02[Saint]Prefer embedded over every other option.
19:21:12copperwhat's wrong with it?
19:21:26copperI see what you mean
19:21:30[Saint]then cover.jpg/bmp, then the filename based options, iirc.
19:21:51copperuser downloaded files with embedded art that they don't care about, didn't remove it, and added a cover.jpg in the directory?
19:21:54[Saint]accidentally embedded image? Bam, screwy art.
19:22:06[Saint]Yep. That.
19:22:12copperbut then you're enabling careless users and disabling power users
19:22:33copperjust make it a parameter in the settings
19:22:37coppercan't go wrong with that
19:23:27copperwhen two cases are legitimate, if you force one over the other, you'll inevitably piss people off
19:24:04copperexcept power users, here, did things right, and it's the careless users who didn't bother to fix their setup
19:24:29[Saint]or let tagging software run away with their files.
19:24:33[Saint]A very common mistake.
19:24:47copperI'm not against a sensible default for the masses
19:25:18copperbut at least let power users choose what they want
19:25:35[Saint]Well, they can, by selecting the art present.
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19:26:16[Saint]"let power users choose", don't like embedded art displayed? Remove it. Like it? Add it.
19:26:16copperis there an "album art" parameter somewhere?
19:26:32copperwell no
19:26:34[Saint]Its average joe that doesn't really understand those things and wants things to work I worry about.
19:26:49[Saint]ANd no, there's not.
19:26:54copperyour way doesn't let power users use both
19:27:04[Saint]No way does.
19:27:09coppermine does
19:27:21[Saint]No way that *exists* does, then. :)
19:27:42copperI thought you said it does
19:27:48copper18:20:52 UTC <copper> what's the current order?
19:27:48copper18:21:03 UTC <[Saint]> Prefer embedded over every other option.
19:28:01copperso when there's no embedded artwork, Rockbox displays cover.jpg?
19:28:07[Saint]How does that let users use both?
19:28:22copperthat's what I said
19:28:38copperso my way is actually the current way, from what you're saying
19:29:10[Saint]Sorry, I got confused thinking you were talking about having a selectable option.
19:29:46copperI don't get it
19:29:55copperfirst I'm told Rockbox isn't for users
19:30:04copperso I would think, it's _at least_ for power users
19:30:12copperand now you're worrying about careless users?
19:30:42[Saint]Just because its built for and by developers doesn't mean we shy away from preventing Joe Normal with seamless operation.
19:30:45[Saint]Never has.
19:30:54 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
19:31:21copperthe current way enables everyone to do things right, if they care enough
19:31:33[Saint]I don;t know about everyone else, but I often wonder about how "obvious" things are to me, as somewhat of a veteran, compared to Joe Average.
19:31:40copperyour proposed way forces a single way and disallows the power user way
19:32:18coppersounds like something Apple would do :P
19:33:12[Saint]We'd actually lose no functionality whatsoever by dropping embedded art completely.
19:33:23[Saint]You can do it all with file based art, its just not as obvious.
19:33:40copperone jpg file per song, using the same filename?
19:33:45[Saint]I'm just not terribly happy with embedded art trumping file based.
19:34:24[Saint]Also, yes.
19:34:38copperthat's kinda sucky though
19:35:05copperhave people actually complained about embedded art taking precedence?
19:35:16[Saint]With the file based art, you can pretty much guarantee that a conscious effort was made.
19:35:27[Saint]So selecting embedded art when its there seems odd.
19:36:09[Saint]copper: only in the sense that it was non-obvious, and surprising.
19:36:23copperlet me rephrase: have people asked about it?
19:36:35[Saint]If the art is complete, either way, embedded or not, the user shouldn't see an issue.
19:37:22[Saint]Also, yes. Though not terribly frequently.
19:37:38[Saint]It pops up on IRC every few months and just surfaced again on the forum.
19:37:38coppercover.jpg might be worse than embedded art
19:37:54copperApple embedded artwork is usually pristine
19:38:13copperso much so that they had to block apps and website sucking up their art
19:38:14[Saint]and very high res, making is wasteful as fuck.
19:38:24copperhmm, fair point
19:38:38[Saint]trying to decode huge AA has beeen problematic on lowmem.
19:38:58copperagain, can't you make it a parameter in the settings?
19:39:07copperdoes it cost anything in any way?
19:39:39[Saint]A few bytes in binsize that _someone_ will argue as unnecessary.
19:39:50[Saint](likely valid, too)
19:40:11copperarguing over a few bytes again?
19:40:20copperI'll just stop there.
19:40:38gevaertsThe argument against settings usually isn't binsize
19:41:27gevaertsIt's the usual old thing that while extra setting might help some people, it will make life more difficult (Which setting do I need? Help!) for everyone else
19:42:09gevaertsIt's a tricky balance to get right :)
19:42:15[Saint]Right. Indeed. That too is another "cost".
19:42:20[Saint]I was thinking too literally.
19:43:22copper"Hi, I just updated Rockbox, and before I was able to use both file-based and embedded art at the same time. Is there a new setting that I should use somewhere?"
19:43:37*gevaerts doesn't have a real opinion on this one
19:43:57copper"Why can't I use both anymore? It used to work just fine!"
19:44:02gevaertsWell, *obviously* different sorts of AA should have different WPS tags :)
19:44:32copper"How can I fix it? plz help kthxbaibbq"
19:44:47[Saint]I don't have /particularly/ strong opinions on this, I'm just of the opinion that we should be preferring our Rockbox-specific (and non-Rockbox-specific) file based art over embedded.
19:45:00[Saint]If its present, its almost certainly a conscious descision.
19:45:08copper"why aren't my iTunes files working right anymore?"
19:45:22[Saint]"Because iTunes, fuck you" :P
19:45:24gevaertscopper: wrong question to ask here :)
19:46:18gevaertsI'm thinking that if we don't go with a setting, we *may* want to go cover.jpg -> embedded -> /.rockbox/albumart/
19:46:28*[Saint] is pretty sure iTunes likes to embed progressive jpeg images we do nothing with
19:46:35gevaertsOr something like that
19:46:39[Saint]gevaerts: that echoes my thoughts.
19:47:01gevaertsSuch a way allows you to have both without a setting, but at a higher explanation cost
19:47:25copperyou mean file.jpg -> cover.jpg -> etc
19:47:33gevaertsWell yes. I was summarising :)
19:47:34[Saint]And this, this is why you're on the FSB, my friend.
19:47:48gevaertsI didn't want to list all eight possibilities
19:47:50[Saint]damn autocorrect.
19:47:59copperrussian intelligence??
19:48:22[Saint]s/F/R/ :)
19:48:31[Saint] /slightly/ less dictatory.
19:48:36gevaertsTo be fair, if we're at the point we're trying to explain that, we might as well just have a setting
19:48:55copperwhat's the RSB?
19:49:04[Saint]Rockbox Steering Board
19:49:11[Saint]Our overloards.
19:49:27coppergot a nice emblem for it? :D
19:49:28gevaerts[Saint]: not really accurate in any sense :)
19:49:54[Saint]Its the "guys who make descisions when the community absolutely fails to do so" guys. Basically.
19:50:11gevaertsWell, only if someone asks
19:50:13[Saint]To our credit, as yet unneeded to my knowledge.
19:50:28gevaertsWe absolutely fail to make decisions quite often :)
19:53:24gevaerts[Saint]: from what I can see, the actual binsize impact of a preferred AA setting would mainly depend on the chosen string
19:53:33gevaertsin other words, not a lot
19:54:14[Saint]Right. I wasn't particularly clear.
19:54:35[Saint]My point wasn't so much the increase, but rather, the need to justify *any* increase at all by some.
19:54:48[Saint]Though, this has decreased dramatically so in the past while.
19:55:24gevaertsI think the main point of contention would be where this setting should appear in the tree
19:55:30[Saint]More like "*I* don't need a setting for this, why is this 2 byte change bloating my binary?!?"
19:55:51[Saint]Though that has all but vanished now, I admit.
19:55:58 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
19:56:03gevaertsI don't remember that ever really being there
19:56:14gevaertsSettings have always been more about complexity
19:58:20gevaertsRight. I can't think of a decent place to put this setting, so we can't have it :)
20:00:36[Saint] /Settings/General/System/ if anything, surely?
20:01:17[Saint]Though a lone AA related setting there may seem weird.
20:05:01 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:07:21 Join wodz [0] (
20:09:15wodzI know it is a bit short time since Frank's mail but how do we 'know' archos retirement is settled?
20:10:41wodzAnother thing is who is potentially able to host DevCon this year? It would be really pity to miss one again this year.
20:10:41[Saint]How many people have you seen diving in the way of the bullet?
20:11:36[Saint]Its become the stereotyped black guy in a horror film, you know its going to get killed off, just not when.
20:11:51[Saint]Now we discuss the when.
20:13:11[Saint]Though, I think "retired" is a much nicer way of looking at it. Not dead, but placed on a nice veranda somewhere in the sun, with a comy chair to sit in.
20:13:43wodzAfter 3.14. So the question is when we do the relase :P
20:14:14[Saint]"In a few months" :P
20:14:55wodzOk, I should as the other way around - do we have something important waiting for merging?
20:15:00[Saint]Alternatively, ask AlexP who's still got the (mis)fortune of being release manager, if only for the reason that a new manager was never appointed.
20:15:46[Saint]I /think/ kugel wanted to get his scrolling/lists stuff in for the release?
20:16:55[Saint]errr, line selector stuff, I mean. I think the scrolling stuff is mainly done.
20:18:16wodzI see some buflib patches and general refactor patches nice-to-have
20:18:37AlexPWell, I never officially stopped doing it
20:18:43AlexPI just haven't done anything :)
20:19:09AlexPIf we want a release, it'd be announce that we are going to, have a couple of weekes, then have the couple of weeks release period
20:19:09wodzah, and infamous string descriptor for index 0xee workaround
20:19:24AlexP[Saint]: Also, the RSB has been called upon once :)
20:19:43AlexPFour years ago or so? Maybe more?
20:19:51AlexPI wasn't on it at the time anyway
20:20:39 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:20:47pamaurywodz: for release there are a few things I would like to finish like stfm1000 driver on imx233 and also speaker support
20:21:02pamauryand for rbutil I would like to add support for SCSI install on imx233
20:21:10wodzgevaerts: What is blocking g#680 ?
20:21:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #680 at : Return a valid USB string descriptor for index 0xEE. by Frank Gevaerts <>
20:21:34gevaertswodz: nothing much. Mainly that everyone who knows about USB should agree :)
20:21:51wodzpamaury: When you are around - what about g#725
20:21:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #725 at : imx233: fix to properly support INIT_ATTR by Marcin Bukat <>
20:22:03pamaurywodz: ah yeah sure I need to check that too ^^
20:22:03 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 267 seconds)
20:22:18wodzgevaerts: Thats mainly you and pamaury so the consensus should be easy :P
20:22:36 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
20:24:00pamaurywodz: for devcon, if no one can host, I might be able to host in my house, I have an empty room in my basement which is ok if we are not too many
20:24:25wodzbluebrother: This isn't particularly sane to respond with full email address on logged channel IMO
20:24:26pamaurymaybe I can take a picture and you guys decide if it's okay or not
20:24:34AlexPpamaury: Do you have a beer fridge?
20:24:55pamauryAlexP: I have a small empty fridge, it can be used for beer :p
20:25:04AlexPSounds fine then :)
20:25:13pamaurylet me take a picture
20:25:22*bertrik won't fit in a beer fridge!
20:25:24AlexPAlthough if small we shall have to set up a roation system
20:25:34[Saint]Hide the shovels, lime, and trash bags first.
20:25:57wodzIn theory I could host too
20:26:41AlexPHow big is your beer fridge?
20:27:15wodzbigger then pamaury's :P
20:27:19AlexPgreat :)
20:28:08[Saint]Hell. I could host.
20:28:22[Saint]But I expect flights would be restrictive.
20:28:24AlexPProbably a bit far for me :)
20:28:27pamaurymy basement room is approx 3m x 6m and we can also use my dinning room + salon, that's a lot of place all in all ^^
20:28:33gevaertsI could *probably* host
20:28:37AlexP24hr flights for a weekend :)
20:29:05[Saint]Right, but its the future here, remember.
20:29:27gevaertsNo, the past!
20:29:29AlexPThat has to make sense in some way :)
20:30:19 Join einhirn [0] (
20:30:22gevaertscopper, [Saint]:
20:30:28gevaertsEnjoy, and discuss :)
20:30:34gevaerts(not tested!)
20:30:52pamaurywe should probably setup a poll for dates
20:33:35 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
20:34:25coppergevaerts: your commit says "Add a setting to allow preferring file-based album art." but your setting reads "prefer_embedded_aa"
20:34:38copper(just nitpicking)
20:34:41gevaertscopper: yes, but default is "true" :)
20:34:54gevaertsOr "on", I guess
20:37:15 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
20:37:50gevaertspamaury: do you have more thoughts on the 0xEE issue? Should we just go with g#680, or try something more fancy?
20:37:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #680 at : Return a valid USB string descriptor for index 0xEE. by Frank Gevaerts <>
20:37:59bluebrother[Saint]: preferring files instead of tag AA breaks one use case: a folder containing a couple of files without AA tags, a cover.jpg in the folder that is assumed to be used for all files that don't have AA tags, and some files with AA tags
20:38:09bluebrotherin this case the user will expect AA to take preference ...
20:38:14pamaurygevaerts: I'd say go for it, it cannot do any harm at this point
20:38:44copperthe comment on line 1608 in playback.c is confusing
20:38:47copper"/* No embedded AA or it couldn't be loaded - try other sources */"
20:39:06copperyet further down you test for track_id3->has_embedded_albumart
20:39:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision bde5394, 250 builds, 35 clients.
20:41:42bluebrotherwodz: I don't see much problem with the announcements containing mail addresses (I get them from gitweb that way ...) but if it bothers people I can change that
20:43:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 254 seconds.
20:44:21bluebrother g#680
20:44:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #680 at : Return a valid USB string descriptor for index 0xEE. by Frank Gevaerts
20:44:38bluebrotherok, gone :)
20:48:32wodzbluebrother: I don't see anything wrong with addresses per se its just the fact that spam crawlers easily catch such string in random html pages (our logs in this case)
20:48:37bluebrothergevaerts: does the forum limit the size of posts?
20:48:57bluebrotheror rather, does it automagically truncate posts if they are too long?
20:49:18[Saint]the rbutil logs seems to suggest not.
20:49:36*[Saint] really hates those, or rather, the lack of pastebin
20:49:46bluebrotherwell, it's definitely truncated. Could be a copy / paste error as well though
20:50:05gevaertsbluebrother: not that I'm aware of
20:50:07bluebrotherwell, using [code] tags would help a lot ...
20:50:21bluebrotherok. Let's hope we'll get the log in a pastebin :)
20:51:15[Saint]"Hey, now that you gave me what I asked for (several times) wanna, uhhh, do it again, better?" :)
20:52:01bluebrotherwodz: actually the bot is doing that. It just uses gitweb as source, not the IRC logs :) F.e.;a=rss;h=ae060275252595b625a57c57009d7b42f4cef296
20:52:13*[Saint] decides the only rational response to this is to have a button on Rbutil that craps all that out into bluebrother's inbox
20:52:21bluebrotheranyway, I've just made the bot remove them so this shouldn't be an issue anymore
20:52:53bluebrotherwell, some kind of automatic upload to some pastebin-like service would definitely help
20:53:15bluebrotherlike, having, make Rockbox Utility automatically post it there and then give the user a URL to post :)
20:53:36bluebrotherbut I'm pretty sure users will still mess that up :P
20:53:41bluebrotherat least some of them
20:53:43wodzbluebrother: I mean bot returning email to the channel which is logged and such log could be searched by robot
20:54:26[Saint]Wouldn;t that only happen if the email was in the commit id?
20:54:41[Saint]In which case likely to be picked up elsewhere anyway?
20:56:20bertrikhm, build client doesn't support armv7l apparently
20:57:39bluebrother[Saint]: if a (rather stupid) bot simply takes the source of the website and looks for anything that looks like a mail address it will find it. The RSS even has a field <author> ...
21:00:42bluebrotheranyway. If we want DevCon to happen we should try to find a date asap imo :)
21:00:48 Quit y4n (Quit: Do you like hurting other people?)
21:01:33wodzbertrik: we restrict toolchain to 'supported' targets so this means arm11 max
21:08:52pamaurywodz: someone reported to me that he tried to build rockbox with arm-none-eabi-4.7.4 and USB crashes with it, so apparently miscompilation because on the same computer it works with our toolchain
21:10:27 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:11:48wodzpamaury: Gcc is known to introduce random problems when upgraded.
21:13:06wodzpamaury: Talking about usb - would be great if you could narrow down the problem with hwstub on yp-cp3
21:13:31pamauryyes I will try
21:13:56 Quit Bluefoxicy (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
21:17:23 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
21:18:59 Join Bluefoxicy [0] (
21:25:33 Quit ruskie (Excess Flood)
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21:27:10 Quit Horscht (Quit: quit)
21:37:08 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
21:38:16 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
21:45:56bertrikwodz: I'm not talking about upgrading gcc, just running the build-client on an armv7l host
21:47:48wodzbertrik: So whats the problem actually? It should be a matter of compiling appropriate toolchain
21:48:07gevaertsThe build client has a fixed list of CPUs
21:48:22wodzbuild-client runs on r-pi (thats arm11 though)
21:48:24bertrikyes, the toolchain is compiled and it works, just refuses to work on this host
21:48:56gevaertsThe easiest way is to fix that manually, and commit a fixed version to rockbox-www (don't forget to increment revision!)
21:49:03wodzthats minor annoyance
21:50:07 Join ruskie [0] (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
22:23:10 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
22:30:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7552542, 250 builds, 33 clients.
22:33:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 200 seconds.
22:42:32 Join lebellium [0] (
22:44:24 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:46:56 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:47:01 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:47:09 Quit Cultist (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
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22:57:39 Join lebellium [0] (
23:14:57 Quit cmhobbs (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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23:26:44 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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23:41:54 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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