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#rockbox log for 2014-02-10

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17:34:47LittleAnonHi again
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18:03:57pamaurygaga, first official news about the clip sport in France
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18:13:51LittleAnonmy sandisk sansa clip zip is freaking out
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18:14:09LittleAnon"Undefined instru-
18:14:09LittleAnonpc:300BFC98 sp:3-
18:14:12LittleAnonbt end"
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18:18:59pamauryLittleAnon: reset it by holding power for 20 seconds
18:19:53LittleAnonYeah its all fixed now. Im guessing I need to change the usb mode
18:20:00LittleAnonbut I cant find the option in the rockbox menu
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18:42:37LittleAnonman this thing is really really tiny
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18:52:17AlexPLittleAnon: Rockbox only does one USB mode
18:53:15LittleAnon"Note: The following steps require you to change the setting in Settings → System Settings → USB Mode to MSC from within the original firmware. Further note that all original firmware settings will be lost immediately after patching the bootloader, so you may need to correct this setting again after installing rockbox."
18:53:18LittleAnonrockbox wiki
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19:00:35AlexPLittleAnon: Read what you quoted
19:00:47AlexP"from within the original firmware"
19:02:13LittleAnonRight, but then it tells me I may need to correct this settings again after installing rockbox
19:02:20AlexPyes, the same setting
19:02:28AlexPstill from within the original firmware
19:02:42AlexPFor when you use the original firmware
19:02:48AlexPRockbox only does MSC
19:02:59AlexPAnd the OF setting has no effect on it, they are separate
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19:05:21LittleAnonIt would make more sense if it said after reinstalling the original firmware
19:05:33AlexPThat wouldn't be true
19:05:37AlexPWell, it would
19:05:40AlexPBut also this
19:05:44 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
19:05:52AlexPInstalling Rockbox patched the OF, then installs it
19:06:16AlexPSo installing Rockbox also leads to a OF reninstall, sort of
19:06:25AlexPI think that wording is pretty clear myself
19:07:03LittleAnonI guess it's just because English isn't my first language
19:07:16AlexPMaybe :)
19:08:08AlexPIf we can make it better then of course we can, but it does mean what it says (i.e. it is not talking about reinstalling the OF), and there is only so far you can go while keeping things readable
19:08:18AlexP*of course we should
19:09:54LittleAnonAnyway, everything works now and that's great. Thank you so much to everyone involved with this project.
19:11:20AlexPno worries, have fun :)
19:13:34LittleAnonthanks and good evening
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20:17:01 Nick tyllmoritz is now known as rbert (~robin@
20:35:17rbertdoes anyone here have experience with opus files and replaygain?
20:35:38scorche|shin the context of Rockbox?
20:35:44rbertand else
20:35:53rbertbut mostly rockbox, yes
20:36:06rbertbecause i tested some files
20:37:15rbertopus does have replaygain features in the decoder, and this is independent from the rockbox replaygain feature
20:37:47rbertif I have it in the file header and in vorbis tags, it even gets applied twice
20:38:25rbertso my solution is to not use the replaygain feature in the opus file format but use vorbis tags for all my files
20:39:12rbertI thought, perhaps someone here has tested this before me
20:40:23gevaertsThat vaguely rings a bell
20:42:09rbertit's not a problem, because now I know how to encode and tag my files
20:43:11copperopus doesn't use replaygain, it uses ITU-something
20:43:23copperand yeah, the data is in the headers
20:43:29rbertopus uses the EBU R128 loudness recommendation as far as I know
20:43:35copperthat's the one
20:43:59copperthe way the data is interpreted is different, too
20:44:06gevaertscopper: that's the point I think. But what if you *also* have vorbis comments for replaygain?
20:44:12copperIIRC the track gain is relative to the album gain
20:44:31coppergevaerts: then the player does whatever it wants, I guess
20:44:45gevaertsRight, and that's exactly what happens :)
20:45:04copperunfortunately there is still no command line / stock replaygain scanner for Opus
20:45:13copperthe only one I know of is foobar2000
20:45:57AlexPWe should have an option to select which to use
20:46:25copperI don't think that's needeed
20:46:33rbertusually there is no vorbis comment
20:46:40copperthere's no "default" replaygain value, it has to be added by the user on purpose
20:46:45gevaertsAlexP: Only if we also get an option per option to hide it!
20:46:56AlexPcopper: I wasn't being serious
20:47:14AlexPgevaerts: That sounds ideal
20:50:24rbertI'd love to have the EBU R128 info in 'track info', and different pre-amp settings for both R128 and replaygain
20:51:30rbertbut please don't see this as a feature request
20:53:00copperOpus is just weird
20:53:45rbertI think I'll keep using vorbis for a while
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23:16:18pamauryhum gerrit is dead
23:17:24[Saint]Ooooh, goodie.
23:17:38[Saint]Errr, I mean, crap. But, yay. Yay its not just me, I mean.
23:21:51 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:22:03pamaurywoops, now is dead too ?
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23:42:01pamauryhum the domains seem quite perturbed
23:55:46 Join SteWieH [0] (
23:56:59SteWieHis the rockbox installer universal or do I need to gra the specific model from off the downloads. rockbox page?
23:58:12pamaurythe installer is universal, you might have to download firmware upgrades specific to your player during the install
23:58:53SteWieHalso whats with the download link :P

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