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#rockbox log for 2014-02-11

00:00:41pamauryapparently is undergoing some problems, I had troubles reaching it tonight and similarly for the forums and repository
00:01:44SteWieHwell i found that i could just go to instead of /downloads.
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03:39:06myndziso... i've been using rockbox on an h340 since the device came out
03:39:16myndzibeen with me through many upgrades, holds 160gb now :P
03:39:32myndzibut i am replacing it because the audio jacks are getting messed up among other things
03:39:52myndzii got an ipod video because it seems like few of the decent targets have any hard drive space
03:40:50myndzii'm going to install but what is with these themes? i know there used to be better themes than this, is it because they have to work on the ipod? is there maybe a forum somewhere dedicated to this stuff and the site is behind the times?
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03:52:32myndziahh, looks like there's hope, i can at least fix up the ajant port, which'll at least be no worse than what i've already got :P
03:52:47myndziexcept whoever ported it to the 5g made the colors pretty bad
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04:22:06Ooga_Boogaanyone knows how many maximum mwatts sansa clip zip can generate?
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04:57:59[Saint]Looks like playback is broken on RaaA
04:59:29[Saint]Stkov audio
04:59:29JdGordonblame kugel :)
04:59:29JdGordonits probably buflib
05:02:18*[Saint] adds an "oA" to his "RaaA", just so we're clear
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06:46:35cmonexanyone here?
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07:07:28[Saint]cmonex: Yes, lots.
07:07:55[Saint]Just ask your question. People usually don't respond to such "anyone here?" type questions.
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08:53:11myndzi (reference .. thoughts?
08:54:00myndzii never really liked the play controls in the original, they looked sort of just stuck there... but i think it looks good this way. not sure what to do with the empty space in the volume bar position though. also i'm not sure how to mock the rockbox fonts
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09:24:16Eberthey guys, small hardware question: is it ok to plug in, say, an mp3 player into the wall WITHOUT its battery installed, to see if it still operates?
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09:25:09wodzit is safe
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09:25:32Ebertit wont mess up the charging circuit or anything?
09:25:43wodz;topicseen#msg226981 looks like a bug indeed.
09:25:57wodzEbert: not in any sane engineered hardware
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09:26:50Ebertcool thanks! dont want to mess up my pristine iHP120
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09:39:32fragilematterEbert: do you have the original charger?
09:39:50fragilematterif you don't, make sure you have the correct polarity, otherwise you _will_ mess it up
09:45:10Ebertyes, original charger, it still works and I noted the polarity of the battery
09:45:19Ebertbefore i replace it
09:45:39fragilematterthe battery connector should only connect in one orientation, I meant the charger :)
09:46:07Ebertyep, all good thanks for the warning :)
09:50:57 Part Ebert
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12:24:39copperpamaury: I'm still getting this random bug on the Fuze+ where the song starts playing, I lock the DAP, put it in my pocket, and playback stops
12:24:55copperand after that, the files are no longer readable, I have to reboot the Fuze+
12:25:38copperI'm suspecting some problem with my microsdxc card crapping out, or the card reader?
12:25:58copperI can't reproduce it at will
12:27:10copperI have to say, I'm getting tired of SD card issues, it's not nearly the first time my cards crap out
12:27:40copperthe one I'm currently using in the Fuze+ is a replacement sent to me by SanDisk because my previous one became completely unwritable
12:28:22copperI'm starting to strongly distrust the media
12:32:13copperto be precise, I turn on the Fuze+, select a song to play, etc…
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13:09:36pamaurycopper: do you get a crash or a lock up ?
13:12:33pamauryand is the card unreadable until reboot or the internal storage too ?
13:13:40 Quit fragilematter (Quit: Leaving.)
13:13:57copperhmmm, haven't tried internal storage
13:14:01copperI will, next time
13:14:33copperit happens when I'm off to the gym, so I don't really have the opportunity to do more extensive testing
13:15:32pamauryis your card 64GB ?
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13:32:57copperpamaury: yup
13:33:59pamauryseveral people had problems with these cards, either my code is doing something wrong wrt to these cards which I'm not aware of, or these cards have some bugs
13:39:44gevaertsZagor: flyspray is showing php errors and warnings again
13:40:25Zagorah, right. chrisjj sent me a mail about it.
13:41:37Zagorbetter now?
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14:14:42copperfsck.vfat says my sd card filesystem is ok
14:16:02pamauryI think if there is an issue it probably has to do with the lower levels, the SD protocol itself. The question is whether the issue is on the card or on Rockbox
14:17:57copperI'm gonna try to run into the bug
14:18:55 Quit preglow (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
14:19:27copperfirst try
14:20:07coppervery strange
14:21:17coppernow that the bug has occured, if I select the song again for playback, it goes into the WPS, shows the correct metadata for a split second, then displays no metadata for a split second (unknown artist, etc), and immediately goes back to the list of files
14:22:01copperevery time I do that, the storage activity indicator of my theme lights up
14:24:07copperok, that happens with any file I try that's on the card
14:24:27coppermy files on the internal storage are fine, but then again they're also a different codec (FLAC versus MPC)
14:25:13copperpamaury: I'm gonna put some MPC files on the internal storage, is there something you would like me to do before I turn off the Fuze+, in this state?
14:25:52 Join Bluefoxicy [0] (
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14:26:54 Join preglow [0] (~thomj@2001:840:4243:3::100)
14:27:33coppernow I went into System → Rockbox Info → MSD and pressed select
14:27:56copperit "scanned" the card and now it's showing an incorrect amount of free space (much smaller)
14:28:07copper475 MB instead of 13 GB
14:29:55pamauryI think the MSD debug screen might be wrong on the fuze+, it confuses eMMC and mSD
14:30:26copperwhat do you mean?
14:30:28pamauryI will prepare a special build for you with debug log, so when the problem arises you can dump the log to a file and send it to me
14:30:38copperok cool
14:30:40pamauryI think the debug screen only shows internal storage
14:30:48copperno it shows both
14:31:26copper[MMC 0]
14:31:33copperSU64G Rev 8.0
14:31:35pamauryor maybe only mSD actually
14:31:43copperProd: 12/2012
14:31:58pamaurycan you pastebin the whole screen ?
14:32:18 Quit Bluefoxicy (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
14:32:23copperhold on
14:34:52 Join Bluefoxicy [0] (
14:36:40pamauryok nothing fancy, I'll prepare the build and send it to you in the afternoon
14:36:57copperif I'm afk I'll read the logs when I get back
14:51:09copperbug occurs on sd card with FLAC too
14:53:18 Quit Bluefoxicy (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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15:09:18copperI think it only happens when accessing tracks via the database
15:09:52copperthat is, the bug occurs after selecting and playing a track via the database
15:10:33copperafter the bug has occurred, no file on the card can be accessed, via the database or the file explorer
15:10:39copperfile browser*
15:14:51pamauryhum, maybe it's a memory corruption from the database then, but that's a wild guess
15:16:19coppereven with a clean database?
15:19:21pamauryI don't know, maybe there are concurrent access to the file system which causes the problem, I'm not sure, that's why we need a build with debug log
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15:40:29chrisjjpamaury: In case you didn't see my answer to your question,13462.msg226986.html#msg226986 before it was deleted by a mod, here it is again:
15:42:55pamaurychrisjj: so is the new version working or not ?
15:44:01chrisjjWould the mod who just banned me from the forums care to identify himself?
15:45:26 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
15:46:06pamauryYou can't keep playing this game, you are infuriating people by doing so. Your answer is the perfect example of annoying behaviour
15:46:37chrisjjpamaury: I've tested two units. On one the BSoD frequency is much reduced and on the other it is much increased.
15:47:02pamauryat boot time you mean ?
15:47:52chrisjjDid you add debug display of hardware version?
15:48:28pamauryThe bootloader only changes the problem at boot time obviously, if you didn't upgrade the main firmware you still get the old BSoD bugs
15:48:52chrisjjI still get BSoD at boot.
15:48:52pamauryand since the last build round seem to have failed I'm not the sure the latest build is actually up to date
15:48:53chrisjjDid you add debug display of hardware version?
15:49:17chrisjjWell, I know better than to report any further bugs with the build system.
15:49:45chrisjjIt is really sad to see the increasing dereliction of this project, esp. when a few people around here are still doing civil work and not insulting users at every chance.
15:50:01chrisjjThanks tough to whoever just fixed the FlySpray errors.
15:50:15pamaurychrisjj: I'm not sure if you realise it but you are triggerring all these reaction by yourself
15:50:34pamauryMost people here just don't want to talk to you anymore
15:50:38chrisjjpamaury: let me know when you've got the build system fixed, and then I'll do more testing. Thanks for your work so far.
15:50:45chrisjjBye for now.
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17:31:37pamaurycopper: run it normally and if you get this bug, go to debug menu > Dump logf, and then pastebin the content of the logf file (it should be in .rockbox/logf.txt iirc)
17:32:10 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
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18:37:13wodzpamaury: nice bunch of patches :-)
18:40:04pamauryyeah I was accumulating them
18:40:17pamauryby the way, qeditor now supports read/write using hwstub
18:40:29pamauryso you can read and poke at registers directly
18:42:02 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
18:42:06wodzyes I saw
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19:10:21Ooga_Boogawhere i can find custom EQ presets ?
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19:13:58Ooga_Boogaah my mistake i rockboxed my zip with daily and there is no presets
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19:14:45copper[Saint] did some, but I think they were later removed
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23:32:49*[Saint] loves it when the forums die when posting a reply.
23:33:13[Saint]*especially* when it won't let me c/p my reply in the process of it falling over.
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