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#rockbox log for 2014-02-18

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00:17:39Water255pamaury: Hey pamaury. You told me to come back later and maybe you could help with the Fuze+ button assignments (while in 'Hold' mode).
00:18:17pamauryWater255: ah yes, I was about to got to bed actually... which timezone are you in ?
00:18:32Water255eastern usa
00:18:48pamauryFrance (gmt+1)
00:19:22Water255Okay, maybe another time. I'm gmt-5
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00:19:47pamauryOk, I'll pretty something tomorrow and post the patch on the channel, you can use the logs to search for it
00:19:55pamaury*I'll post
00:20:06Water255wow, thanks!
00:20:20pamauryOr i'll say if I encountered some difficulty, which is possible
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01:06:00Mir[Saint]: i am gonna try that file with rockbox development 8927df4
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02:56:03ikeboypamuary (logs) the cpu_boost() also causes a slowdown, I still don't know why though, so the commit's not ready
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03:29:58[Saint]Mir: How'd it go?
03:30:36[Saint]Do we have a reproducible error? Or did it magically fix itself?
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06:44:06Mir[Saint]: it paniced
06:44:15Mirand thats not with music
06:46:35Mir,00*PANIC* Stkov_main (0) pc:00053110 sp: 400097f0 A: 00053B8 bt end
06:49:02Mir[Saint]: now it wont turn off :|
06:50:26Mirok fixed that
06:50:43Mirand [Saint] yes i get the same error with the latest git
06:50:49Mirsame number and everything
06:52:25Miron another note does anyone here need a protective skin for a Sansa E200 series player and is in the US or willing to pay international postage?
06:52:38Miri have a spare i dont need
06:52:58Mirwell its not that i dont need it (i have 5 E200's) but i just dont like red
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07:09:54cramlerI feel a bit stupid, but:
07:09:56cramlerWhere can one enable the plugins for compilation (after keymaps are done)?
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07:34:57funmancramler: configure
07:37:56cramlerfunman: Thank you!
07:38:20cramlerI already tracked it down. Just a little slow sometimes...
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08:42:45kugelpixelma: voice files are now always loaded in chunks
08:43:38kugelbut it preloads as many chunks as possible (except on lowmem and ondio)
08:44:36kugelso you don't need to squeeze hte voice file down anymore if you're accepting a spin up once in a while
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08:48:08lebellium_gs2kugel: when you have some time, could you have a look at FS #12951
08:48:09fs-bluebot Menu icons one pixel too down now (bugs, unconfirmed)
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08:56:27copperlebellium_gs2: your icons are too small
08:56:32copper1px too small
08:56:53copperseems like they're aligned against the bottom rather than the top now
08:57:17lebellium_gs2For no reason
08:57:20copperbut I'm not sure if there is a "correct" alignment, when the icons don't match the font size
08:57:34lebellium_gs2It had not changed for 2 years
08:58:05lebellium_gs2Now the top rockbox line looks aweful
08:58:16lebellium_gs2It should be aligned down
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09:00:47copperlooks like icons are properly centered when possible
09:01:02copperi.e. when the size difference is a multiple of 2
09:03:45copperI guess top align would be more "correct" since menu entries start with an uppercase character
09:05:23lebellium_gs2Look at the top rockbox icon now
09:05:29lebellium_gs2It can't be correct
09:07:00lebellium_gs2And we can't change things like this without notification
09:07:16copperI bet it's just a rounding issue
09:07:24ParkerRIs the generic linux sdl build broken? It doesnt seem to want to play any files
09:07:25lebellium_gs2Thats why I consider it as a bug
09:07:30ParkerRDoesnt even show them
09:07:34copper1 px of margin, divided by 2 = 1 / 2 = 0.5 ~= 1
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09:13:30kugelsee line.c:194
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09:14:15wodz_work1/2 = 0 in integer math
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09:14:32kugelat some point I changed to calculation to round up instead of down to mitigate some other issue
09:14:41kugelbut I can't remember the details
09:18:22kugelfont and icon centering use the same formula but ronuding and font-icon-size mismatch can make things odd
09:19:09copperodd sizing will be odd!
09:20:44kugelfrom the screenshots it looks like the font (upper case) and icon are the same height
09:21:06copperthe font is actually one pixel higher than his iconset
09:21:09copper8px vs 7px
09:21:38copperbut yeah, since menu entries start with an upper case letter, a top alignment is aethetically more pleasing
09:21:55kugelthen the font appears to have an empty row
09:22:16kugeli can't spot a height difference in the screenshots
09:22:16copperit's to accomodate low letters like "g"
09:22:35kugelah right
09:22:38copperthe lowercase letter "g" goes lower than other lowercase letters like "a"
09:23:25coppersome symbols also go higher than uppercase letters, like accentuated letters (ê)
09:24:08kugelnot in the displayed font in the screenshot
09:24:20copperI mean in general
09:24:34copperthe fonts don't have "empty rows"
09:24:49copperif you see an empty row, it's there to accomodate the tallest symbols
09:24:53kugelhm, how to solve this properly?
09:25:06copperround down, if you can
09:25:40copperwhen it comes to fonts, I think the standard "baseline" is lower case letters like "a" (unlike "g"
09:25:44kugelthere was some other issue with rounding down
09:28:23copperanother fix is to modify the icon set to be 8x8
09:28:34copperi.e. to match the chosen font, which is 8x
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09:34:59copperthe thick red line is the baseline
09:36:51kugelhm, perhaps use the baseline height for centering and then round down?
09:37:23ParkerRCan anybody else test ../tools/configure; 200; N?
09:37:39copperand you'll notice there that some symbols go lower than the baseline, and some go higher than uppercase letters
09:37:40copperas fonts get smaller, the upper boundaries tend to blur together because there's less than 1 pixel of margin
09:37:40copperkugel: I don't think you can know the position of the baseline in any given font
09:37:46kugelParkerR: did you "make install"?
09:38:05ParkerRkugel, I was just trying from the build directory
09:38:08kugelcopper: the baseline information is encoded into the font
09:38:17ParkerRUI loads and I can move around
09:38:24ParkerRBut it doesnt seemt o show media files
09:38:25kugelParkerR: right, you need to make install
09:38:41pixelmakugel: I'm not sure though if chunked loading is wanted thinking about disp spinups...
09:38:49pixelmadisk too
09:39:13kugelpixelma: you're still free to squeeze the font so that it fits in its entirety
09:39:28kugels/font/voice files/
09:39:49ParkerRkugel, Oh well look at that it works :O
09:39:53kugelbut previously too large voice was simply ignored, while now the ram is filled with as many chunks as possible
09:40:06ParkerRHeh thanks
09:40:41ParkerRkugel, is there no way to just run it from the build dir? I dont mind it being installed but was just wanting to throw i in my users bin ~/bin
09:41:36kugelno, but you can do −−prefix=$PWD (or −−prefix=$PWD/subdir)
09:41:46kugelthen installing is not a problem
09:42:37kugelyou can also do −−prefix=$HOME, of course
09:42:38ParkerRAhh ok thanks
09:43:04kugelyou can execute the rockbox binary from the build dir, but codecs etc must be installed
09:43:44kugel(the binary is of course also installed, into $prefix/bin)
09:44:09kugelpixelma: i think that's an improvement isnt it?
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09:58:05ParkerRkugel, Neat just figured something out. As long as the prefix is accessable the rockbox binary can be thrown anywhere. So I can have ~/bin/rockbox-data as the prefix and the rockbox binary in ~/bin
09:58:40ParkerRAnd it loads all the assets and libraries from the prefix dir
09:59:11 Join Rohin [0] (7aacd16b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
09:59:52RohinHi, I would like to know how i can copy songs with the playlist from my itunes to my rockboxed ipod classic?
10:00:45 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:01:25ParkerRkugel, I know thats basically what you had just said but it was nice when it clicked in my mind :D
10:01:28wodz_workpamaury: qeditor seems happy with my desc file
10:01:35RohinCan someone help me with this?
10:03:46kugelParkerR: the rockbox binary can be run from anywhere, however the paths to assts are hardcoded into the binary (as absolute paths)
10:04:15ParkerRkugel, Yeah thats what I find amazing
10:04:17ParkerRI love it
10:04:37wodz_workkugel: Isn't it possible to pass some arg to the rockbox bit where it should look for resources?
10:04:40ParkerRA lot of stuff I have dealt with looks for it relative to the binary
10:05:11kugelwodz_work: sure, patches welcome :)
10:05:31ParkerRRohin, google + the forum
10:06:02ParkerROr even the wiki
10:06:08RohinOkay, cool just checking it oout.
10:06:17Rohinill check out the wiki too,
10:06:28Rohinwait, which wiki do i look at?
10:06:40ParkerRThe rockbox wiki...
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10:07:48ParkerRkugel, again thanks for the help
10:07:58kugelyou're welcome
10:08:19ParkerRKinda fun just messing with rockbox on the computer
10:10:15ParkerRThis may sound stupid but if Im playing a song how do I back up int he UI? Tried ESC, mashing the F keys
10:11:17ParkerRRight click backs up in menus but does nothing at the now playing screen
10:11:17kugelI think the keyboard key for this is numpad7
10:11:35*ParkerR stares blankly at his laptop keyboard
10:11:38kugelbut there is also an icon on the wps you can click, in the lists you can click the list title
10:12:15kugelyes, the UI is less than ideal
10:12:17ParkerRAha thanks
10:12:45RohinIs there any recommended app for syncing my ipod with iTunes? With playlist support and such.
10:14:02pamaurywodz_work: not qeditor, headergen
10:14:14pamaurymaybe it's a bug in headergen, quite possible
10:15:23wodz_workpamaury: I mean I didn't checked headergen as I do not intend to generate header out of desc. I was only interested in qeditor and hwstub_shell
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10:19:24ParkerRkugel, :D
10:20:20kugelbe aware that the default theme (cabbiev2) only works for a few resolutions
10:20:38kugel240x320, 320x540, 480x800, 800x480
10:20:46ParkerRYeah I switched to Rockboxed just because its what I use everywhere
10:20:46kugelthat's about it
10:20:55ParkerRI set 800x600
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10:21:33ParkerR:D boomshine works
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10:34:31pamaurywodz_work: ok
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11:21:48whiskers75wb pamaury
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14:07:42vakariscan somebody help me
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14:09:49[Saint]68 seconds...
14:10:38ZincAlloyyou're just too slow ^^
14:11:16[Saint]To be perfectly honest, I wait a few minutes, deliberately.
14:11:54[Saint]If you can't wait a few minutes I'm not really interested in helping.
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14:21:17copperI blame Freenode's IRC web interface
14:21:49copperplaces the entry bar way too low
14:22:17ZincAlloywe need a bouncer ^^
14:22:20coppernearly all those guys who barely wait a minute use it
14:27:44ZincAlloymaybe we need a welcome message that says "everyone might be idling, please have a little patience."
14:32:01[Saint]copper: I've noticed that too
14:32:32[Saint]Its wishful thinking, but maybe I should add a "Don't run away, we are actually here" type thing (similar to freemyipod) to the topic
14:32:39[Saint]...though, no one will read it.
14:32:47[Saint]Well, not those its intended for.
14:32:54gevaertsThe topic won't help for this
14:33:01*[Saint] nods
14:33:15[Saint]that's why I said wishful thinking.
14:33:15gevaertsYou need one of those spammy welcome messages that annoy all the regulars
14:33:19ZincAlloycould a bot tell this to every web irc user?
14:33:19[Saint]I can dream... ;)
14:33:51coppergevaerts: regulars could simply /ignore the bot
14:33:52[Saint]gevaerts: someone else needs to do that. I don't have access to "set".
14:34:08gevaertscopper: the usual ways to do this don't involve a bot
14:34:29[Saint]Its ChanServ.
14:34:29copperah yes, set entrymsg
14:34:30*gevaerts tries to remember a channel that does this
14:35:02copperwe could still /ignore ChanServ :P
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17:50:40cramlerpamaury: I know, this is faaaaaar from your priority list, but I am done with the keymaps for the x-fi3 and all plugins are ready.
17:50:42cramlerI made a patch with the current source, in case you are interested.
17:51:57pamauryoh this is super great :)
17:52:32pamaurycan you post it on gerrit ? (,n,z)
17:53:06pamaurycramler: ^
17:53:41cramlerpamaury: Will do! I'll just have to setup an account first...
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18:37:13pamauryWaters255 (logs): here is a try at what you want: it is unfinished and probably doesn't work yet but it's a good start, maybe someone can help finish it
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19:25:54cramlerpamaury: So, if I did not make an error, it should be there now:
19:27:55cramlerpamaury: Sorry it took so long. Those auxiliary programs are still something of a wonderland to me...
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19:48:30cramlerAnd right into the first problem... is there a way to merge two consecutive commits?
19:49:22[Saint]typically, you would add to the former commit with −−append.
19:49:47[Saint]alternatively, you can abandone one commit and hijack the other by using the same commit id.
19:50:12cramler[Saint]: Thank you.
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20:01:17bertrikIf the commits are one a branch, I'd rebase -i it and mark the second commit as fixup, but everyone has their own way of working
20:02:29[Saint]I assumed it was sitting in gerrit, in which case it would be a whole lot easier to just append.
20:02:52[Saint]But, you're right. Git workflow allows for a lot of variation.
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21:47:55 Join vakaris [0] (4e381cda@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:48:58vakariscan somebody help me with my sansa clip + ?
21:49:22ZincAlloywhat's the problem?
21:50:03vakarissoo i think its bricked . it doesnt turn on in any way but some times showes up as
21:50:16vakaris32 mb drive after i do fdisk -l
21:53:03vakarisanyone ?
21:53:17bertrikyeah, sounds like it's bricked, sorry
21:53:35vakarisbut can i unbrick it ?
21:53:56bertrikpossibly some people have succeeded in unbricking somehow, but we don't know for sure
21:55:33bertrikone last-ditch thing to try is dd'ing the original firmware .bin file to it, but no guarantees
21:56:31vakarisbut the interesting thing is how the clip got into this "state" , one it just started freazing while just lisening to music and i always just did the reset and everything were ok , but later i dicided to update rockbox and i thought it will help
21:56:44vakarisone day*
21:56:53 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:57:06vakarisill try
21:58:50bertrikI think the 32 MB drive mode is some kind of panic mode of the device, if it detects that the internal NAND is corrupted somehow
21:59:16saratogathe 32MB version is usually the less bad one, i think the 4MB one means the NAND is basically dead
21:59:26saratogacopying a new firmware over might help
22:00:24vakarisye i read something like that somewere. but today i was just presing the power button and the rockbox icon showed up for like 3 secs and disapeaared
22:00:27[7]I guess the 4MB one is some kind of emergency CPU boot mode
22:00:40[7]on my 4MB clip+ the eMMC controller doesn't respond at all
22:00:52bertrikso, something like "dd if=clppa.bin of=/dev/sdX" where sdX is your clip+
22:01:39vakarisohh ty i was searching for that command , cuz im not linux man
22:02:05[7]I guess you've read that sansa unbricking page?
22:02:58vakarisive been researhing for hours now
22:03:06vakarisyea ive read that one
22:03:33[7]vakaris: so I'd try copying the firmware to the 32MB drive, and if that doesn't help, try to regain access to the full capacity by shorting those two pins
22:03:42bertrikopening up the player and shorting pins is really the very last thing to try
22:04:20vakarisgod dam im so slow. u did it faster .
22:04:56bertrikas long as it still shows up as a 32 MB volume, don't open it up yet
22:05:21vakariswell its open already
22:05:34bertrikNO, STOP!
22:05:38bertrikdo the dd thing first
22:06:32vakarisim doing it right now . i opened my sansa like 2 weeks ago
22:06:43[7]actually I *think* (but that's been ages ago), that the unbricking pins sometimes helped with getting devices back from 32MB mode. so it might be worth a try before tossing it into the trash can. but sure, try every other option first, unless you've quite a bit of electronics repair experience
22:07:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:07:47vakariswell i copied the bin file
22:07:48vakariswhat now
22:07:56[7]run "sync"
22:08:03[7]then power it off and back on
22:08:05vakariswats that ?
22:08:23[7]flushes disk caches etc.
22:08:34vakarisand how do i do that ?
22:08:43[7]just run "sync" like you ran the dd command
22:08:51bertrikis dd even needed when you don't have a file system mounted?
22:08:51vakarison ma way
22:09:07[7]bertrik: cp to the device node should have the same effect
22:09:10bertrikI mean if "sync" is needed after dd
22:09:26[7]better be safe
22:09:41[7]I think dd does a sync on the device itself, but who knows
22:10:06vakarisits says sync ignoring all arguments
22:10:21[7]yes, just type "sync"
22:10:38vakarisohh i did sync /dev/sdd
22:10:41[7]but you can just unplug it now and power it off and back on
22:11:14[7](press the power button for 10+ seconds, release it for a few seconds, then press it for 1-2 seconds again)
22:12:48vakarisno luck...
22:13:31bertrikcan you try it again, just to be sure?
22:14:05bertrikthe whole procedure I mean, dd, sync and reboot
22:14:16vakarisim doing it
22:15:06vakarisfdisk still reports the same
22:19:15vakarishow do i short those pins ? i mean with what ?
22:21:45bertrikwith something conductive, like a screwdriver with a very small head
22:22:10bertrikI give it a very very small chance that the shorting method will work somehow
22:24:15 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:36:47vakarisohh well nothing works.
22:37:08vakaristhanks everyone who helped me
22:39:02vakarissomeone say thanks to bertrik when he comes back .
22:39:13vakarisim going now bye
22:39:33 Quit vakaris (Quit: Page closed)
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23:47:02pamauryWaters255 (logs): for reference, my patch is missing 1) something like g#524 2) messing with the introduce keymap to replace volume up/down by seek/rewind
23:47:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #524 at : Do not lock hard keys on touchpad device by Jean-Louis Biasini
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