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#rockbox log for 2014-02-19

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01:51:20saratoga_is the clip+ fm thing limited to certain radio chips ?
01:51:25saratoga_the clicking problem
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17:46:24covvieHi all , just popped on to see if someone has latest fuze+ rockbox firmware , link on webby is dead
17:47:53copper works fine for me
17:48:13covvieyea not the rockbox sorrry my bad , i mean bootloader
17:48:54covvieyanno the rockbox bootloader for fuze+
17:49:28covviei had to go back to sanza firmware and now cant use rockbox util coz my mp3 player isnt assinged drive letters
17:50:40covvie <−−- tis dead :-(
17:51:18pamaurycovvie: use Rockbox Utility to install the bootloader
17:52:00pamaurywhere did you find this link ?
17:52:26covvieno drive letters for my fuze + get error no valid drive with util
17:53:09covviebeen through all 51 pages no valid links to bootlader
17:53:17pamaurythis is very old, you should absolutely use Rockbox Utility
17:54:09pamauryI assume you are using Windows. if you don't get a driver letter under Windows then it's a problem with your windows install, have a firmware won't solve it. If this is just a problem with Rockbox Utility then it's another problem.
17:54:14covviei can't im using stock sansa firmware and it doesn't assign my mp4 player with drive letters so the rockbox util cant touch it
17:54:35pamaurycovvie: use the device manager to uninstall it and let windows discover the device again
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18:00:57covvie2grr couldnt see what i typed had to rejoin
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18:03:19grrcovvieping timeouts grr, tried reinstall but it simply doesnt use drive letters without rockbox bootloader , standard sansa ones put it into a sansa fuze+ catagory and my drive and sd card are available through that
18:03:54grrcovviehence no drive letters , therefore rockbox util cant find my drive :/
18:04:46grrcovvieas if sansa fuze + is a hd and the sd and fuze+ are components of that
18:05:32grrcovviei can access it to copy stuff on and off it's just the rockbox util cant find it without a drive letter
18:06:03grrcovviei wont get one until i get the rockbox firmware back on , catch 22
18:06:51pamauryWaters255 (logs): see patch g#760, it works in the simulator
18:06:51grrcovvieby firmware i mean bootloader fm
18:06:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #760 at : fuzeplus: allow the use of physical keys when WPS is locked by Amaury Pouly
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18:07:53pamaurygrrcovvie: is your player using MTP mode ? (ie shown as a "Portable Media device" ?
18:08:05grrcovvieyes exacty
18:09:09grrcovvieit's in devices and printers lol
18:09:21pamaurygrrcovvie: boot using Mass Storage Mode (MSC):
18:14:29 Join covvie [0] (5e0ee7e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:14:45pamaurycopper: see my last message
18:14:54pamaurysorry covvie
18:15:14pamaurycopper: wrong name :p
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18:16:06covvieyea lol 16mb connex and ping tim eout
18:16:32pamaurycovvie: boot using Mass Storage Mode (MSC):
18:16:41covvieanyway just popped on to say thnx player updating now gunna try latest build
18:17:13covvieyea i got it up in msc mode and rockbox util updated it then
18:18:25covvieprolly gunna timeout again soon so my sincere thnx for bareing with me :)
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18:19:27copperok, bai :P
18:20:38 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
18:22:09covviebtw new rockbox rox thnx all
18:22:38covviespecial thnx to pamaury
18:23:31 Quit covvie (Quit: Page closed)
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21:06:15pamaurygevaerts: do you know why the call to backlight_hold_changed() is handled by target specific code ?
21:06:45gevaertsThat would assume I know about that area :)
21:06:51gevaertsNo, no idea at all
21:07:38pamaurybecause we basically have a copy of the same code in all button drivers to call it
21:08:08pamauryand since it's called only when it's changed, that's like 5 lines * button drivers
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21:37:16skyburnerhi there
21:38:02skyburnerjust installed rockbox on my brand newe sandisk clipzip. outstanding!
21:38:27the-kyleGotta agree with that. Clip Zip works better than Clip+ here.
21:39:17skyburneri only have one problem. the voice files generated with espeak are _very_ silent. and i do not find any hint how to volume them up compared to the normal volume of music
21:41:09skyburneri generated them with rockbox utility 1.4.0 using my ubuntu box. version of rockbox on the player is the latest stable 3.13 ithink
21:42:20skyburnerthe-kyle: whats wrong with clip+?
21:43:18the-kyleJust makes a little hardware the radio and during recording that is fixed in the Clip Zip hardware.
21:43:26the-kylehardware noise/
21:44:26gevaertsskyburner: I'm not sure about this, but if you go to the "TTS & Encoder" tab in the rockbox utility settings, there's a "Configure TTS" button, which allows you to add commandline options. espeak seems to have the -a <number> option for amplitude. Also, behind the "Configure Enc" button, there's the speex volume setting
21:44:40gevaertsPlaying with those might work
21:45:14skyburnergevaerts: the speex volume setting dindt work for me but i will read about the -a thank you
21:45:15the-kylegevaerts: Yeah, I was just about to help skyburner with that. That's exactly where I found it.
21:45:57the-kyleSpeex volume I think is already at maximum I think, but I could be wrong. The -a should definitely work.
21:46:38gevaertsOh, there's another (hackish) thing you can do: voice doesn't go through the rockbox DSP system, so if you enable the EQ, you can use the EQ precut setting to control voice vs regular audio balance
21:47:39the-kyleWoe that's cool. I didn't know it could do that.
21:48:29gevaertsWell, it's a side effect, really :)
21:48:47gevaertsIt's also why you can't use the EQ precut as a volume limiter
21:49:14the-kyleEverything has a trade-off, I guess.
21:49:31gevaertsWe now have a volume limiter, so all is well :)
21:50:39the-kyleIt's all good. The first time I started using Rockbox a bit over 2 years ago, voice couldn't be played when the player was paused. I'm real glad that was fixed :-).
21:50:52skyburneruups ok. now i have a new .voice file with 2mb but actually it doesnt speak anything *G*
21:51:05the-kyleTry -a 200
21:51:28skyburnermanpage says 20 is maximum bu ill give it a try
21:52:02the-kyleOh maybe. I did hear a difference, but something weard was happening to the sound, so it could have been me.
21:52:17the-kyleI'm just using the command line Espeak.
21:52:37the-kylePlay with your settings using the espeak command line
21:52:44the-kyleespeak -a 15 hello
21:52:54the-kylefor example before you make voice files.
21:53:00skyburnerhihi yes i like the pitch
21:57:33the-kyleOh, it's definitely not my computer. I can hear a difference between espeak -a all the way up through 500. I didn't want to go any louder than that.
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22:32:39skyburneryes, now it works. thank you very much
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23:55:07celaTried out patch for Fuze+ to make volume keys work while in Hold mode, it is working ok for me.

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