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#rockbox log for 2014-02-21

00:00:24pamauryno that's fine :)
00:03:37Water255pamaury: how long did it take?
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02:09:55SuicidalZergWhat precisely does the Karaoke sound do to both sound channels in the sound setting?
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03:24:24unbanhola! any forum admin here?
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05:46:42JdGordonunban: what you need?
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05:55:58quilirohi....i checked the devices supported and unsupported and i cannot find ipod model a1320 (i think it is nano 5th generation)
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06:23:53Mirsaratoga: oh? hmm must be a glitch on thew sansa then. same issue on my clip, fuze v1 E200 and C200 and Iriver H10
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11:56:25PurlingNayukiHasn't volume limit feature been added to Rockbox?
11:56:45PurlingNayukiWhy there're users requiring this as a new feature?
11:57:08gevaertsProbably people who only looked at the stable release
11:59:09PurlingNayukiWell.. I think I forgot them.
12:00:23gevaertsOnly boring people run the stable builds :)
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12:27:46PurlingNayukiSo we're often bored by them :)
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13:10:09[Saint](logs) <lebellium> to simplify my code: %t(3)%it;%t(3)%ia;%t(3)%id <−−- This is possible, in fact, that should be valid syntax.
13:10:24[Saint]That is exactly how the %t timeout tag is supposed to work.
13:11:38[Saint]Maybe I parsed what you're wanting to do incorrectly...
13:13:32[Saint]Oh. I think I may have. IIUC, you want it to skip to the next tag after the current one has displayed for N seconds or scrolled in full exactly once (which may be N+)?
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16:02:25lebellium_gs2[Saint] ping
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16:05:46lorenzo92kugel: hey how's the sd card patch state?
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16:38:05treakihi folks, i am planing to have a closer look at the rockbox software...
16:38:59lebellium_gs2[Saint]: I know that both my simplified and full ugly codes are calid syntax and work. That was not the question :) Indeed I'd like the theme engine to skip to the next tag once the current one scrolled exactly once. I think that's not possible to do that currently and that's why I made this ugly code making the scrolling/display time depending on the characters number.
16:39:20treakithe problem is that i am not a very good programmer, just managed to get a little bit more then hello world running with C, and i dont want to brick/damage/destroy my player...
16:40:41treakii have the sansa clip+, and would like to find some information about how vulnerable the hardware wold from software side...
16:40:46treakii hope you can help me out...
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16:45:33toehser1@treaki: Not sure what your question is, really? Just installing/using Rockbox does not require programming skills. Me, I've installed Rockbox on 6 or 7 Sansas without ever bricking/damaging/destroying any, including an E200, 3-4 Clip-Plusses, 2-3 Clip-Zips. What is your question? I don't know what "vulnerable the hardware from software side" actually means. It is _extremely_ rare for software to be able to damage hardware (though there are excepti
16:47:26treakithanks for your reply toehser1, i have been using rockbox on my sansaclip+ for quite a while and i am very happy about it...
16:48:25treakithe installation was very simple thanks to the gui;) everyone else who is able to use a computer the right way would be able to do it to...
16:49:12treakii am sorry for the fact that understanding myself isnt very easy, its because of my lack of english knowledge...
16:49:29treakii will try to say it in a differend way...
16:51:07treakii would like to now how likely/probable it is that a "lowbrow programmer" like me would destroy his device...
16:52:00gevaertsIf you don't touch the bootloader, destroying your device isn't easy
16:52:02treakiand if you would say that it is a good idea to start programming with rockbox
16:52:33 Quit lebellium_gs2 (Quit: Bye)
16:52:50treakiok, i am not intending to get even near the bootloader..., thanks for your advice...
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17:08:02toehser1True - if you don't mess with the bootloader, you can still get easily into USB mode, and put back normal Rockbox.
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19:06:07eahmanyone got a Sport yet?
19:08:59bertriknot as far as I know, it's not really rockbox friendly
19:12:12eahmoh wow why? are they stupid?
19:12:23eahmthe only reason they are still selling is rockbox
19:13:01ZincAlloyyeah, they should port rockbox instead of writing their own firmware :D
19:17:43eahmbunch of cunts
19:17:55eahmi got a Zip, don't really like it much, don't know why
19:18:17eahmI liked the C200 and the Fuze
19:18:27ZincAlloyI love mine. But I'd like a bigger, better screen and better battery life..
19:19:12eahmI think I'll give this one away and get a Fuze
19:19:27eahmjust FYI
19:19:55eahmoh no that's one thing i didnt like about the fuze
19:19:58eahmthe stupid cable
19:20:05eahmnot getting a fuze.
19:23:48eahmiPod 6G, hows the battery life?
19:26:17copperabout 32 hours
19:27:51copperwell, that was before an unknown regression was introduced
19:28:08copperI don't know the current state, but it's at least 25 hours
19:28:20copper(at worst)
19:29:34eahmits good, neve had/used one before. always touch and iphone
19:31:59copperit's still one of my favorite DAPs
19:32:49eahmdid you install 250GB?
19:33:52 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
19:35:13eahmi like this one
19:35:14coppermy entire music collection fits in 88 GiB in lossyFLAC
19:36:00Mirmine is 190GiB now
19:36:06copperabout 420 kbps average
19:36:23Mirmix of FLAC wav mp3 M4a and acc and wma
19:36:52eahmeverything I have is ALAC actually...I wouldn't even need rockbox
19:39:03copperthe back of that iPod reads © 2005
19:39:38eahmisnt the u2 edition 2005?
19:40:05copperwell the Classic certainly wasn't released in 2005
19:40:15copperit was released in 2007
19:40:17copperdoes not compute
19:40:47copperand the apple logo looks wrong
19:41:10copperthe back case looks fake
19:42:19 Quit flappy_bird (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:42:20copperit could be one of those custom back cases they make in China, to accomodate for the larger HDD and battery
19:42:44copperthe OF photograph does look like a Classic
19:43:29eahmthe classic was released in 2001...iphone in 2007
19:43:36eahmdid you mean the 7th in 2007?
19:43:54gevaertsThe ipod classic was *not* released in 2001
19:44:15eahmyes it was
19:44:19eahmoct 23 2001
19:44:21gevaertsNo it wasn't
19:44:28gevaertsThat was the iPod
19:44:34gevaerts*not* the iPod Classic
19:44:57copperonly the 2007-2009 models are the iPod Classic
19:45:13copperthe iPod before that was the iPod Video, and before that, the iPod Photo
19:45:16eahmthey added the "classic" name
19:45:40gevaertsYou can call it the "classic ipod" if you insist, but "ipod classic" is about as wrong as you can get without stating that it was bright orange
19:46:11copperanyway, looking at the guy's offerings, it's probably a genuine iPod Classic, just with a custom case (along with the custom HDD and battery)
19:48:09copperbitching import taxes though (103,51 USD)
19:49:25eahm$249 160GB isnt that much
19:49:26eahmfrom apple
19:50:42copperapparently there's a slightly updated model with a new firmware
19:51:01copperbut there's no information about it
19:51:23copperpossibly only sold in the EU
19:52:17eahmall eu?
19:55:54copper dunno
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