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#rockbox log for 2014-02-25

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01:09:39*coffeeking sips coffee, hi all
01:10:38coffeekingI have what I think might be a couple of bugs I've found in rockbox itself on the audio player and the rockbox utility. Is the right place to discuss them? I'm not complaining at all, Rockbox is great, I just want to make sure I'm not posting them to the wrong channel
01:14:06coffeekingthese bugs all relate to speech, A couple of them are areas where rockbox doesn't speak at all, possibly due to missing voice strings or that the functionality hasn't been implemented yet, and the other one involves the rockbox utility's generation of talk files. There doesn't seem to be a way to specify the drive to generate talk files for if you have a player with an available sd card. I can work around this by hiding the internal drive in rockbox's s
01:15:47coffeekingIs it relatively simple to add voice strings? If so I can check out the source for rockbox and add them myself. MInd you I'm not a very good programmer, I barely know bash, so if it's c or c++ it would have to be very simple indeed
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01:22:08JdGordoncoffeeking: if you have bugs, the bug tracker is the best place for them
01:22:30coffeekingI"m not actually sure they are bugs, rather than features that haven't been implemented yet
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01:29:21JdGordoncoffeeking: got specifics?
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01:29:38coffeekingyup. I just didn't flood the channel with them in case this was the wrong place
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01:30:22coffeekingrockbox itself does not speak the following: theme list, font list, language selections, anything in the database option in the main menu, and the debug menu in system>rockbox info, although this one is understandable.
01:31:24JdGordonthe first 3 are filebrowsers and will speak if you have the file voice files
01:31:40coffeekingit also doesn't speak the item in the file browser that represents the sd card, but it will speak folders and files inside the sd card if there are talk files for them, it just won't speak the menu item to go into the card. This one has been around for a while, I'm not srue when rockbox's speech infrastructure was last worked on.
01:32:09coffeekingthese are not complaints whatsoever. As a blind person I'm delighted to have free software available fro my audio player that won't mysteriously loss features and as an added bonus it talks
01:32:38the-kylecoffeeking: Did you set the option in your voice menu to spell filenames?
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01:32:49coffeekingyup, and speak numbers as well
01:32:51the-kyleand direcroty names?
01:33:07JdGordonthe <microsd> dir might be a bit tricky to voice
01:33:49the-kyleIf there's a file in the top level of the SD card, Rockbox will speak that talk file for the SD card.
01:34:35the-kyleI'm not sure how easy that is to do in the Rockbox utility, but I have been able to pipe speech out to a wav file and encode it with rbspeexenc from the source tree.
01:34:35coffeekinghmm, so it's not an issue with rockbox? In rockbox utility in order to generate the talk files, I go into accessibility>install talk files, and in the selection tree, press control a to highlight everything. I assume items in the .rockbox folder are hidden, meaning the gui may not be able to find that folder
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01:35:33the-kylePossible, although using tools/ generally puts talk files in my .rockbox directory as well, so I would think the utility should as well.
01:36:17*coffeeking isn't sure. These are all minor issues, rockbox is rock solid stable, even when using the development versions
01:36:43JdGordonwe wont murder you for pointing out bugs... chill out :)
01:36:54the-kyleYes, and the Rockbox Utility built with qt5 works wonderfully with Orca.
01:37:25coffeekingrofl, sorry. It's kind of an automatic reaction at this point. a lof of software channels on freenode aren't that receptive to bugs, let along blind specific ones
01:37:42coffeekingmeh, speech? me no need speech, so sorry
01:39:10*coffeeking wonders if temporarily taking away the dot in front of the .rockbox folder, generating the talk files, then putting the dot back would screw up rockbox
01:39:33*the-kyle doesn't think it would hurt.
01:40:00the-kyleAs long as you put the dot back before unplugging the player and trying to use it, you should be fine.
01:40:04JdGordonit likely wont boot :)
01:41:23JdGordoncoffeeking: we do pride ourselves on our talk support :)
01:41:27JdGordonso yeah, bugs welcome
01:41:53coffeekingit is the *only* firmware that talks as far as I know, exxluding blind specific IE pricy devices
01:42:15the-kyleWell, there's the non-blind-specific pricy devices lol.
01:42:44coffeekingI'd like to see espeak rolled into rockbox itself, but don't know how easy that would be, as some players have extremely limited hardware. I don't think espeak requires much, but some players have only killabytes of ram, I think
01:43:16the-kyleNow that would be very nice indeed.
01:43:26coffeekingthere's iPod, if I have that right, what kind of a name for a player is that? it's not shaped like a pod ... ah well
01:44:17coffeekingI was blown away that the equalizer spoke. Turning the base up made my headphoens sound a lot better.
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09:43:53Rahim_NI bought a Sansa Clip+ 4GB. I installed Rockbox, and was happily playing music from a MicroSD card for a few days. One day, the device would not turn on. I tried holding down the power button for 30 seconds (many times), tried leaving it for 3 days, tried charging it using an AC USB adapter for a few hours. Nothing has revived it. The screen is blank. When i plug it into my computer, it shows up as a USB drive (UNDEF 32MB).
09:44:50Rahim_NIs there anything I can do to make it work again? I tried to follow the instructions to restore the original firmware, but that assumes that I can see the 4GB drive. I can only see a 32MB device when I plug it into my computer.
09:45:06Rahim_NHas anyone had this issue and found a resolution?
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10:35:17copperpamaury: ready to serve
10:35:56pamaurycopper: wait a second
10:36:44copperYes, my Lord.
10:38:09copperI'm actually finishing a badblocks sweep on my card (97% done)
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10:39:40copperPass completed, 0 bad blocks found. (0/0/0 errors)
10:41:56pamaurysame procedure as before: dump the logf and paste it
10:42:10pamauryafter that I have a second one for you to try
10:42:47copperin related news, that 128 GB microsdxc card goes for €130 on, actually cheaper than the USD MSRP
10:50:09pamaurysecond one to try:
10:51:13pamauryah wait, wrong one, let me reupload the second one
10:51:42pamauryhere it is:
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11:08:59copperpamaury: of course now my Fuze+ refuses to crap out
11:09:05copperstill trying
11:10:35pamaurycopper: with first or second ?
11:12:11pamaurysince the problem might be related to timing, it is *possible* that the simple fact of logging prevents the bug from popping up
11:12:23pamaury(because logging is slow)
11:12:45copperI managed to run into the bug before, with your previous logging build
11:12:55copperspeaking of the devil
11:12:58copperjust ran into the bug
11:14:51coppertrying the second one now
11:20:47copperpamaury: ^^
11:21:40pamaurycopper: you managed to trigger the bug in the second one ? same effect as usually ?
11:22:00copperfirst log is your first build, second log is your second build
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11:24:25pamauryhum, the log is useless, it was cut, I will send you another build which only keeps relevent logs
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11:29:28coppergot it
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13:22:31copperpamaury: could the EQ have any effect on the bug at all?
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13:45:27pamaurycopper: unlikely
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18:43:12pamaurycopper: can you try this one please:
18:46:31copperpamaury: give me 20 minutes
18:46:45pamauryok, I might be away but just post it, I read the logs
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19:13:09coppersome article about the 128 GB microsdxc card from SanDisk says that only sdxc compatible readers will be able to recognize it
19:13:12copperis that true?
19:13:40copperis there some limit on the amount of storage that sdhc readers can recognise?
19:13:55copperer, I'm sure there is one
19:14:04coppermy question is, is 128 GB too much for sdhc readers?
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19:21:28mudlordhey, 128gb, is that supported on the sansaclipzip?
19:22:13mudlordalso, I might have some news regarding updated module decoders
19:22:52 Quit preglow (Remote host closed the connection)
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19:23:04mudlord - replayers for S3M/MOD/XM which are based on the original replayer source code of each of those formats
19:23:11mudlordso they are super accurate
19:23:35mudlordfor example
19:23:49mudlord is based off the original C and Pascal FastTracker 2 source code
19:23:55mudlordbut rewrote in modern C
19:24:18mudlordsome parts might have to be converted to fixedpoint tho
19:26:51 Join preglow [0] (~thomj@2001:840:4243:3::100)
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19:34:12toehserHeh, they haven't released the 128 yet - but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
19:35:17toehserAt least, when I searched Amazon for it a few hours ago, no hits.
19:35:36toehserI'll be testing that combination for you ASAP.
19:36:49copper → SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter (SDSDQUA-128G-G46A): Computers & Accessories
19:38:03toehser"out of stock" on a brand new product I think means it isn't quite "really" released...
19:38:15 Join Ward [0] (
19:38:38 Nick Ward is now known as Guest32461 (
19:38:41copperyeah but you can order it with a guaranteed price
19:38:53toehserMaybe I will do the "pre-order" thing though. 119 seems like a great price, to me.
19:41:29toehserIt doesn't show up in their search engine, that is how newly it is added - how did you find it without search working?
19:41:50 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
19:45:30coppertoehser: someone found it and posted the URL on ABI
19:45:50 Quit tertu (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
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20:49:55copperpamaury: what pains me is that I have no idea when my sd card problem started
20:50:15copperI have no idea if it's a Rockbox regression, my Fuze+ getting old, or some dust in the sd card slot
20:50:33copperI hope your logs are semi helpful
20:51:07copperI did blow inside the sd card slot, for good measure
20:51:10copperdidn't seem to help
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23:29:20lebelliumkugel you here?
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23:56:40lebelliumkugel: there is a problem with the sd automounting patch:
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