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#rockbox log for 2014-03-02

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01:29:59uberlaggydarwinWhat's the best way that I could contribute to the Rockbox project?
01:30:38uberlaggydarwinI have been using Rockbox for a few years but thought I should help out?
01:30:55uberlaggydarwinMy question is what's the best way to jump in?
01:32:23uberlaggydarwinI have experience with Android (and the Linux kernel) and several embedded systems but I'd like to help out
01:35:10uberlaggydarwinAwesome. you guys seem to use gerrit :)
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02:13:58uberlaggydarwinAny developers online?
02:15:41[Saint]In a nutshell: checkout our source; familiarize; find something that annoys you; then fix it - colaborating with the project via gerrit
02:16:00uberlaggydarwinhmm. similar to CM :)
02:16:10jhMikeSEverything annoys me and that's why I'm still around
02:16:17[Saint]s/CM/most FOSS projects/.
02:16:40uberlaggydarwinI just compare it so CM as I am generally involved with that the most.
02:17:35uberlaggydarwinhmm. time to clone
02:18:25[Saint](has the gerrit/sandbox info)
02:19:00uberlaggydarwinyep. I found that link. thanks for all the help guys.
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07:27:28alexbobpI want to give a big hug to whoever decided that recording should be one of the options for "wake-up" alarm :D
07:27:36alexbobpsneaky sneaky
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07:59:06phinxyHello ive been using rockbox for years on my 6G without problems. started playing gameboy color games recently, lots of fun
07:59:36phinxyits there a way to have external input (like a controller)?
08:00:29phinxyExternal docks usually have keys on them so it shouldnt be impossible, right?
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08:16:12[Saint]phinxy_: not impossible no, but seeing as IAP is disabled on this target, highly improbable.
08:19:10[Saint]you can read that as "your dock may not/probably wont work at all"
08:20:23phinxy_okay. guess i gotta wait for 6G support ;)
08:23:44[Saint]At present, the best person to do that work is you.
08:24:17[Saint]No one active has been remotely interested in this port for an age.
08:25:17[Saint]Well...lets put it this way. If anyone active is interested, they're not acting on it.
08:26:18[Saint]The port has been in the same mostly-functional state for ages now. The lack of any officially supported installation method likely contributes to this.
08:38:56phinxy_thats a little sad. ive been seing updates regularly but it might just be the main rockbox image updates
08:40:08[Saint]A lot of Rockbox is target agnostic.
08:42:40[Saint]In defense of the installation automation, as you know, the install is rather convoluted. Its difficult to automate this in a "just works" fashion.
08:42:56[Saint](and impossible to automate completely)
08:44:11[Saint]It needs a manual and an (at least semi-automated) install method before it could be promoted.
08:44:37[Saint]it doesn't have the former yet due to lack of the latter.
08:45:42[Saint](though the manual is literally just a case of adding some exceptions to the existing iPod Video manual as the two are largely functionally identical)
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17:44:19bluebrotherhmm. Has there been any discussion about DevCon lately? If we want to have one it might be a good idea to look for a date soonish.
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18:49:55LotmomIm having issues uploading my theme
18:50:08gevaertsWhat sort of issues?
18:50:17Lotmomits failing the wps check
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18:52:04gevaertsWhat does it say? Normally that means there's something wrong with the wps...
18:52:31LotmomCouldn't open .rockbox/wps/Lotheme/bar.bmp over and over with different files each time
18:52:50Lotmomi think i know the issue
18:52:51gevaertsAre those files present in your zip file?
18:53:18Lotmomthey are
18:54:05Lotmomany ideas?
18:54:28gevaertsCan you upload the zip file somewhere else so we can have a look?
18:58:45gevaertsAh, I think I see the issue
18:59:51gevaertsAlthough rockbox itself (usually) uses a FAT filesystem which is case insensitive, the theme site runs on linux which is case sensitive
19:00:18gevaertsAnd e.g. bar.bmp is called Bar.bmp in the zip file
19:01:39gevaertsSo either change the wps to say Bar, or rename the file (although I have *no* idea how easy that is for you)
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19:13:20Lotmomthank you~
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21:21:36blahgreat there are people here
21:23:01blahanybody here able to help rockbox a 7g 160gb ipod?? i've gotten so far with installation but it doesn't boot no matter how many times i try
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21:29:23blahyo any chance of some advice on here?
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22:08:10wodzAny news about clip sport (or how it is officially called)? The weird memory banks organization is workable since I think this is at least 4kec core which has full fledge MMU.
22:12:12pamaurywodz: I think we still need to know the exact amount of RAM in it, some think there might be more memory than we think
22:12:42pamaurybecause just a few 100kB is not enough
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22:13:17wodzagreed, thats
22:13:29wodzthat was hidden part of my question
22:14:37wodzpamaury: Any progress with yp-cp3?
22:15:22pamauryno, I had zero time recently, this week-end I was away, maybe this week but I'm not even sure I'll have time for anything
22:15:59pamauryrecently I only had time to finish some patches and commit them before they rot completely
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22:17:53wodzyeah, I understand that. The last week I had to devote my (almost) whole time to family. The only rb positive part is that I had time to read carefully 'See mips run 2nd' completely. This is truly brilliant book.
22:18:25wodzI need to check but I think jz init code has quite a few bugs :-)
22:18:46pamaurywhat is this book ?
22:19:07wodzits about MIPS but in many ways it has much more general context
22:19:45wodzI'd say the risc way with mips as an pioneering example
22:20:55pamaurysounds interesting, i'll try to have a look
22:21:25pamauryI think bertrik told me he saw jtag pins on the sport, would that help figuring out what is inside ?
22:22:12bertriklet's start a clip sport wiki page and document all this stuff
22:22:51wodz<speculation mode on>
22:23:44wodzmips uses fairly standarized EJTAG debug port. It is well documented. 4kec core can have ejtag so it is possible to explore quite a few things
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22:24:28[Saint]I figure there must be more memorythan we can see.
22:24:59[Saint]Perhaps I'd believe it if there wasn't an LCD.
22:25:13[Saint]...but the color images suggest there's more there than we think there is.
22:25:28wodz*maybe* lcd can buffer whole frame in internal mem
22:25:38[Saint]Hmmmm. Good point.
22:25:59[Saint]EVen then it would be a stretch to decode vorbis with what it has.
22:26:27pamaurymost modern lcds can buffer but still decoding such few ram seems hard
22:26:28wodzlook, there are s1mp3 color players which are z80 + 21xx dsp and very tiny awkward banked memory
22:27:16wodzatj is famous for producing such z80+dsp hybrids for years
22:28:08[Saint]Its hard to understand the thought processes behind this device.
22:28:12[Saint]Very hard.
22:28:52[Saint]The "why", specifically.
22:29:11wodzYou mean atj or sansa?
22:29:24[Saint]Sansa, and the Sport.
22:30:27wodzThat is easy - atj offered the best performance/price ratio for specs sansa outlined.
22:30:50pamauryand they offered the code too
22:31:14pamaurysansa just had to customise the menus most probably
22:32:02ZincAlloyI guess better power consumption is what drove them to atj
22:32:17[Saint]Is it _that_ much better?
22:32:35wodzZincAlloy: I bet you can do much better with newer arm cores
22:32:46[Saint]Compared to theoretical devices we could invent with hardware we know they've used before.
22:32:52ZincAlloyLOL, I can't do anything
22:32:57[Saint]right - yeah, exactly.
22:33:06[Saint]opp, timing. :)
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22:33:15ZincAlloyI guess it would be better, as battery life has increased considerably, no?
22:33:42[Saint]There's lots of power sipping ARM cores out there.
22:33:58[Saint]Vastly more powerful ones, too.
22:35:01ZincAlloyI guess they didn't feel the need for power :)
22:36:52[Saint]Not only that, they chose dramatically less...
22:37:46[Saint]I guess ATJ showed up with a big box of SoCs destined for the crap pile or something. ;)
22:38:06ZincAlloythey didn't ever do anything that needed the power, did they?
22:42:58[Saint]Not particularly.
22:43:21[Saint]The i.MX venture seemed a bit like overkill.
22:43:23ZincAlloyso it makes economic sense
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23:00:28pamaurymany players were sold with the imx233 chip, I don't know why they drop it and it had great battery life
23:01:20ZincAlloyhow much cheaper is the atj?
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