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#rockbox log for 2014-03-03

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00:01:41wodzbtw. I found my notes about atj2127 with link to some sdk sources: Maybe someone is interested
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01:35:06[Saint]Just ask your question(s). If someone can help, they will.
01:36:49ClassicI just installed Rockbox on my Ipod Classic (6th Gen?) 1060GB using emCORE and everything seems to be working fine but when I connect it to my PC using USB it doesn't register. Is there anyway I can sync my Foobar2000 library or make it regester?
01:38:07[Saint]The freemyipod instructions actually mention this specifically, iirc. If you cannot mount with a current Rockbox binary, you will need to mount using the fallback image via the emCORE tools menu.
01:44:04ClassicThanks! Its mounted now but when I try and sync using Foobar I get this message: "Failed to query device properties. Write operations are disabled."
01:44:53[Saint]foobar may be being "smart" and trying to treat it like an iPod. Which for all intents and purposes it no longer is.
01:45:15[Saint]One assumes you can write to the device using regular means?
01:46:44ClassicI may seem like a idiot but I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "regular means"
01:47:34[Saint](what I mean is that foobar may be attempting to talk to the iPod using IAP (which is unsupported on this target), or expecting to find specific firmware information (which no longer exists), or the iPod database (which also no longer exists)
01:47:45[Saint]Oh, via "Drag & Drop".
01:48:36[Saint]or cp from a terminal...or, File Explorer or whatever its called in Windows land, or, just something else that isn;t foobar.
01:48:51ClassicI believe I can
01:49:59[Saint]Then it does indeed seem like foobar is trying to be "smart" by recognizing the device V/PID and trying to treat it as an iPod.
01:50:35[Saint]Its a sensible move to make, Rockboxed iPods would be a very small fraction of the market.
01:50:54[Saint]Macs also have no idea how to deal with a Rockboxed iPod Classic, fwiw.
01:51:08[Saint](for a very similar reason)
01:51:09ClassicHmm, It makes sense
01:51:13ClassicSo what other method would you say will be easiest to get my whole media library onto my ipod?
01:51:34[Saint]right click; copy to <path>.
01:52:06[Saint]from the head of the collection.
01:55:27ClassicSo just copy the file into .rockbox then?
01:56:21[Saint]No. ANywhere but /.rockbox
01:56:36[Saint]Most people will make /Music or whatever
01:56:55[Saint]If you put anything in /.rockbox the Database won't pick it up.
01:57:50[Saint]You can quite literally just pick up your whole "My Music" directory and dump it into the root if you like.
01:58:03ClassicI'll make a "Music" Folder in .rockbox then
01:58:14[Saint]No. Not in /rockbox.
01:58:17[Saint]ANywhere but.
01:58:56[Saint]Users don't place media in /.rockbox, and Rockbox won't place core files anywhere other than /.rockbox
01:59:00ClassicSo just in IPodClassic (E:)?
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02:49:48wokyHello. Today I installed Rockbox on my Sansa Clip Zip. I was stupid enough to use mkamsboot from git, latest Sansa firmware (01.01.21) and .rockbox from git. Everything worked fine. I then booted to stock 01.01.21 firmware and decided that maybe it's just enough for me.
02:50:40wokyThen I plugged it back into my PC to copy some music on it which started Rockbox firmware. During copy however, the device suddenly disconnected and this was in dmesg:
02:52:19wokyDevice is now down (well, only screen is black) but I feel I hear clicks when I plug in headpones. The standard reset procedure didn't work (hold power for 20 seconds, same + menu key).
02:52:49[Saint]You may need to hold power for up to a minute in some extreme cases.
02:52:58wokyWhenever I connect it to USB now this appears in dmesg (sever plugs in log):
02:53:11woky[Saint], oh, ok, I'll try that.
02:53:17[Saint](also, fwiw, using git head mkamsboot and Rockbox doesn't qualify one as stupid)
02:53:38[Saint]Clip Zip has been known to be flakey wrt: USB for a number of people.
02:54:04[Saint]Though it _should_ be solid in git head.
02:58:56wokyBad luck -_-. Tried power and power+menu for approx 1.5 minute but the screen is still black. However, I'm sure I hear clicks when I plug in headphones.
02:59:15wokyCould this possibly help me?
02:59:39wokyHmm, probably not, because the device isn't recognized as MSC...
02:59:39[Saint]Not at this stage. I strongly advise against it.
02:59:55[Saint]MAny an impatient fellow has actually bricked a locked up player following that needlessly.
03:00:15[Saint]Just put it in a drawer for a couple of days.
03:00:22cramlerThis probably won't really help, but I once had a similar experience with my Sansa Fuze a few years ago.
03:00:24cramlerAfter disconnecting from my PC (safely unmounting like a good boy) it showed a white screen with an error message, but too short for me to read it before it went black.
03:00:26cramlerIt then didn't react to anything (including me to try resetting it for five minutes).
03:00:30cramlerI thought it was dead, but it came to life after two days (when the battery was empty and it thus finally shut down...).
03:00:49[Saint]Yeah, its likely its just hung up and needs to run flat.
03:01:01[Saint]Well...better to assume that at this stage, at least.
03:01:40[Saint]About 1/2 the people that open these devices never get them back together in a functional state.
03:01:43wokyI see =). I could survive a week or two without it (though it'll be tough).
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03:02:13[Saint](there's a tiny clickwheel ZIF ribbon cable that requires precision tools to seat properly.
03:02:43wokyThanks for help [Saint], cramler
03:02:47[Saint]2~3 days should be the maximum it would take to run down.
03:02:55[Saint]Assuming the battery is full.
03:03:26[Saint]Sensitive headphones or a powered amp are handy to check if it still has power or not.
03:04:06[Saint]When you're reasonably satisfied it has run flat, it should magically spring to life when you plug USB - at which point you'll want to attempt to boot the original firmware to recover.
03:04:32[Saint]If that /doesn't/ happen, after say, 3 days, come back and talk to us.
03:05:05wokyDoes rockbox store some logs so I or someone on ML could look?
03:05:43[Saint]Not the release builds, no.
03:06:20[Saint]One needs to specifically compile a build with logging enabled.
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03:34:45cramlerI am just curious: Is there a way to rotate a specific screen (like WPS) or single elements (like fonts) on specific targets?
03:34:47cramlerI know, that the mpegplayer can do this (by swapping width/height according to resolution), but it seems to be part of the plugin.
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05:12:27us`0gbI'm deciding on my first RockBox music player. Does anyone have any advice about which device from the supported list to get?
05:14:16cmhobbsi got the sansa clip zip and i love it
05:14:29cmhobbsmy father has just the clip and it works well, too
05:14:29the-kyle+1 for the Clip Zip.
05:14:33cmhobbsthough the interface is a little more limited
05:15:36us`0gbAlright, I'll get one of those then. Thanks!
05:33:54dexpidSo how hard is the Clip Sport looking in terms of a port? I heard about the whole mips thing being bad news. Was wanting to get a device to accompany my Zip (battery life isn't cutting it and the fuze is too hard to find nowadays).
05:44:36[Saint]Even if a port wasn't going to be extremely difficult, the amount of memory makes it an extremely uninviting target.
05:45:22[Saint]TL;DR: Don't get a Clip Sport for Rockbox - if it ever does happen, it won't be soon.
05:45:33dexpidThey used less ram than the previous models? That's surprising if so.
05:45:52[Saint]Remarkably less.
05:46:23[Saint]Less than a fullscreen color bitmap's worth.
05:46:36dexpidGuess I'll have to forget about that nice pink one for now.
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09:30:02wodzso, as I was expecting jz crt0.S has off by 4 bug in clearing bss and stack deadbeefing
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10:49:33wodzkugel: what is current status of your rockbox as lib?
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11:09:40kugelwodz: I didnt work further on it
11:10:02kugeli wanted to finish off some of my other local work before getting serious
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11:53:03Guest22870Is there a mp3 player out there with nice hardware buttons and rockbox of course.
11:53:16Guest22870For easier GBC playing
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12:31:53wodzkugel: What is holding g#691? It is good move imo
12:31:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #691 at : kernel: Break out kernel primitives into separate files and move to separate dir. by Thomas Martitz
12:32:16kugelnothing in particular
12:32:25kugellack of time i guess
12:47:04Guest22870is there a rockbox forum?
12:47:56Guest22870lol nvm
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13:29:00Guest22870My ipod6G usb is detected with my fallout image but not the latest version. it just shows its plugged in and nothing happens in Win7
13:29:08Guest22870fallback iamge*
13:31:28wodzGuest22870: known issue unfortunately
13:31:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5900bf7, 253 builds, 31 clients.
13:36:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 286 seconds.
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15:06:58kugelwodz: I rebased the changes on gerrit
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16:08:00MrFritzleHello to the Developers out here, i have short questions: is it welcome to report bugs or problems with the daily builds (Ipod Classic 7G/3G) and where ?
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16:17:32ikeboyMrFritzle: I'm not really a developer, but bugs are accepted at
16:22:11MrFritzle...also for the daily builds ?
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16:43:53kugelpamaury: ping
16:46:23kugelthe ZEN X-Fi Style Bootloader label is wrong on the build table
16:46:27kugelit's not a bootloader build
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16:57:55pamaurykugel: I know, but I don't know how to fix it
16:58:02pamauryit is correct in the buildservers file
16:58:14kugeli guess only Zagor can do it?
16:58:21pamauryin happened because I mislabeled it once and since then it was reset
16:58:31pamauryI asked Zagor but he didn't respond yet
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16:59:05Zagorpamaury: sorry about that. it's because the labels are images which are only made once for new targets. I'll remove the pic and it should be fine in next build.
16:59:53pamauryok thanks
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17:50:10the-kyleSetting up a build client, do I need to somehow let the system know I have multiple usable CPU's on my machine, or does it calculate this automatically? I didn't see anything about this particular feature in the wiki.
17:51:13gevaertsThat should be automatic
17:53:33the-kyleThanks. Also, I run my network traffic through a VPN on my own server. Is this going to cause any issues? Do I need to bypass the VPN for the client?
17:54:58gevaertsI can't imagine issues. The client opens a tcp connection to the server on port 19999, and uses http for uploading files
17:55:56the-kylegevaerts: Thanks much. I should be online shortly, if I'm doing this right :P.
17:56:02gevaertsThere's no connection going the other way
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18:21:15lotmomits me again
18:21:21lotmomhow do you draw a bar t
18:21:28lotmoma bar tag vertically*
18:21:41lotmomi tried the vertical option but it didnt work
18:22:08pamaurykugel: why does the ZEN X-Fi Style needs DPI ? is that a general platform requirement now ? I thought it was for touchscreen only
18:22:23kugelnot anymore
18:22:44lotmomany ideas on my problem?
18:26:02lotmomKugel: for some reason my volume linked bar tag wont draw vertically
18:26:07lotmomany ideas
18:26:23lotmomnever mind, i have to go
18:26:29pamaurykugel: you broke quite a bit of targets ;)
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18:38:04pamaurykugel: do you need help to fix yellow and red or are you on it ?
18:38:14kugelpamaury: I'm on it
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18:38:46kugelit's mostly checkwps
18:39:05the-kyleI'm having strange problems building crosstool-ng. I keep getting the message
18:39:08the-kyleMakefile:105: *** Recursion detected, bailing out.... Stop.
18:39:29the-kyleWhat did I do wrong?
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20:09:42kugeljhMikeS: ping
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20:41:45ikeboyI've updated g#758 can someone test it? It should work now
20:41:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #758 at : Boost CPU before loading operations in textviewer by Avi Eisenberg
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21:00:10ikeboyCan someone review my patch please?
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21:38:20ikeboyAnyone want to review g#758?
21:38:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #758 at : Boost CPU before loading operations in textviewer by Avi Eisenberg
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21:56:08Lotmomfor some reason my volume linked bar tag wont draw vertically
21:56:17Lotmomany ideas?
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23:56:49lotmomis anyone here?
23:57:10lotmomi am having some wps issues, for some reason my volume linked bar tag wont draw vertically

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