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#rockbox log for 2014-03-04

00:00:14gevaertsHowever, I'd recommend putting the wps on a pastebin site ( springs to mind) and linking to it, so people can have a look
00:01:17gevaertsIf you really can't wait for an answer here, I'd recommend using the forums instead
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03:20:55fordcarsAfter a while of searching, I just found the full datasheet for RK2706 and RK2706 generic devices
03:21:17fordcars*Well, not a datasheet, just the schematics
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03:34:50Cloakerhello, my sandisk clip zip has hang up and i can't reset or reboot it. It's still playing radio in background but the display is blinking with the message "Undefined instruction"
03:36:00Cloakerokay, solved it by keeping pressing the power button very long
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03:40:23cramlerIt is probably just me being dumb again, but what exactly is the deal with the "HAVE_CAR_ADAPTER_MODE" option in the .tex files?
03:40:23cramlerEvery target manual seems to have it, but it does not seem to actually be defined anywhere...?
04:05:13[Saint]cramler: what do you mean by "not defined anywhere"?
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04:06:53[Saint]Errr, sorry. "does not seem to actually be defined anywhere", rather.
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04:44:43cramler[Saint]:Sorry about that...
04:44:43cramlerI meant "Is this something you just put into any targets base .tex file, or are there targets that don't suppurt this?"
04:45:42[Saint]I believe there are a few targets that don't support this.
04:45:53[Saint]I can't name them off the top of my head though.
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04:50:30cramler[Saint]: Thank you.
04:50:31cramlerDo you know whether this may be architecture dependent (e.g. it is safe to assume that all imx233 processors support it?)?
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04:52:42cramler* imx233 targets
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07:41:12alexbobpdid the sansa view never get support?
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10:09:31alexbobpI found a crash that seems likely to be pretty hardware-agnostic (though I wouldn't know), if anybody would like to try to reproduce
10:09:49alexbobpchanging crossfeed from the quickscreen gives me a data abort when I try to go from custom back to none
10:10:45alexbobphappens if I use left, but not if I use right
10:10:54alexbobpI am using a clip zip
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12:54:47PurlingNayukiI was reading a lot of implement get_lcd_dpi() in the changelog
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13:13:16wodzPurlingNayuki: Would it be possible that you test something on onda?
13:13:40wodzPurlingNayuki: You are the only one I know of which has one
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14:31:49PurlingNayukiwodz: Sorry I didn't notice IRC just now
14:33:30PurlingNayukiwodz: I'm not owning Onda for a time
14:34:08PurlingNayukiIt was left in another house, not my living place
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14:45:11wodzso, no onda left :P
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15:04:55PurlingNayukiAhh, maybe I'll be able to test it months later
15:13:18wodzping me when you will have the device handy
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15:28:15PurlingNayukiEven when months later?
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16:42:01Gear_does anyone know details about the i2c driver for the iriver h340
16:44:56Gear_or could you explain a bit about the i2c driver for any device?
16:51:55pamauryGear_: what do you want to know exactly ?
16:52:13pamauryI cannot say the particulars of the iriver but general i2c yes
16:52:19Gear_what it is for and what it does
16:52:39Gear_I know about i2c but I'm wondering what the driver for the h300 series of players gives
16:53:46Gear_I saw an i2c driver in the list of rockbox things, and I'm wondering if this is just internal stuff or whether it's for some kind of expansion or what
16:54:34pamauryGear_: it is used by the tuner at least
16:57:07pamauryand the code suggest it is used by the pcf50606 which the PMU I guess
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16:59:16ikeboypamaury: I've finally fixed g#758 , can you review it?
16:59:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #758 at : Boost CPU before loading operations in textviewer by Avi Eisenberg
16:59:19pamauryit is very common to communicate with those using an external (or internal) i2c bus, sometimes the audio codec is also on the i2c bus bus for the iriver I think it's builtin
16:59:40pamauryGear_: power management unit, it is controller power and battery charging most likely
16:59:45pamauryikeboy: I will try
17:00:02pamaury*it is the controller for
17:00:13Gear_ok thanks, so it's just functions inside the device
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17:01:04Gear_I hoped maybe it could be some kind of hack for expansions or something.
17:01:18 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:01:38ikeboyThanks. I figured out the slowing down was because I hadn't realized textviewer called the tv_move_screen function for every scroll, so I moved the boosting to other places
17:01:42pamauryI don't know, I mean if you can solder most probably you can interface something on the i2c bus but I don't think there is an expansion port on the device no
17:02:16gevaertsGear_: some devices to that. I believe the gigabeat F has i2c pins on the dock connector
17:03:18*pamaury doesn't have a iriver h300 to check whether it has a custom connector or standard usb port
17:03:48Gear_every connector on it is standard
17:04:05Gear_except the remote, I'm not sure whether that's i2c or just mechanical switches
17:04:19Gear_or just something else
17:04:59pamaurythe code suggests it's not i2c, just a wire sending yes/no or analog value
17:06:20Gear_ok, thanks for the help :)
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17:46:03wodzpamaury: codec is external chip on coldfires interconnected with i2s for pcm stream and i2c control channel
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18:52:16phinxyWould it be possible in theory to send data trough the audio jack on a ipod 6g?
18:52:37phinxyor is it one-way output?
18:53:05 Quit preglow (*.net *.split)
18:53:17phinxyive seen some iphone products use this workaround
18:56:09pamauryphinxy: usually jack are output-output, except maybe if you have a mic and use the video line as input, assuming the device is capable of sampling it
18:56:28pamaurybut I don't know anything about the ipod6g so don't trust me ^^
18:56:54phinxyokay so thats how it works :P
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20:58:33celaHas the lcd fix been applied to the x-fi bootloder?
21:01:59pamaurycela: no
21:02:32pamaurycela: if the fix proves reliable in the main binary, it will ne added to the BL
21:03:26celaOk so I will test the main binary out. thanks pamaury.
21:04:05 Join wodz [0] (
21:07:41alexbobpdid anyone try reproducing my crash last night?
21:08:06alexbobpsomeone try binding the main crossfeed setting to the left button on the quickscreen, and using it
21:08:24alexbobp(clip + here)
21:08:30alexbobp(clip zip, sorry)
21:09:47 Quit cela (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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21:26:00lebelliumkugel: about
21:26:03lebelliumthe guy replied to me
21:26:12lebellium"My clip+ has been dead for a while, so I'm afraid I don't have much interest in updating my theme for the newer builds. I guess I'll just leave it only working with older releases."
21:27:33alexbobpspeaking of themes, I miss boxamp...
21:27:56lebelliumdo you have a link?
21:29:45lebelliumI can have a look if you want
21:30:13alexbobpgreatest theme *ever*
21:30:23lebelliumso far I only fixed the themes made by people I can reach (on the forum or by email)
21:30:30gevaertsalexbobp: that's medieval!
21:30:32lebelliumunfortunately there is no way to reach most authors
21:30:46alexbobplebellium: if you're looking at things, want to see if you can reproduce my crash above?
21:30:53alexbobpon whatever players you have
21:31:04alexbobpI'm still curious how hardware specific it is :P
21:31:47alexbobpgevaerts: yeah well nostalgia :P
21:32:02gevaertsalexbobp: no, I mean, medieval is the best theme ever :)
21:32:07alexbobpI loved that theme because it cracked me up every time
21:32:10alexbobpoh I see
21:32:44lebelliumVery original and beautiful
21:32:48lebelliumbut not usable at all
21:33:02lebelliumit's like Alien
21:33:16lebelliumgood to see all what can be done with the theme engine
21:33:22lebelliumbut in the end, we need usable themes :P
21:33:29alexbobphahaha wat
21:33:40alexbobpgevaerts: ok that's funny but boxamp is way better!
21:33:41gevaertslebellium: there's if you want usable :)
21:33:56alexbobpboxamp is jawdroppingly tacky and still perfectly usable
21:34:00alexbobpthe perfect combo
21:34:06lebelliumgevaerts: I know all your themes :) and the low rating is not from me, I promise
21:34:15gevaertsalexbobp: boxamp has a plain left to right progress bar, which means it's *exactly* the same as any other theme :)
21:34:34alexbobpgevaerts: other themes don't make me think of winamp and giggle
21:35:01gevaertsActually, are there any themes other than Wavy that draw transparent stuff over the album art?
21:35:43gevaertsI think that's the only fairly unique thing it does that doesn't require doing horrible things behind the scenes :)
21:35:48alexbobpwhy is it so hard to get you guys to try to reproduce the most straightforward crash ever? :P
21:36:12alexbobpis irc the wrong place for this?
21:36:20 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:37:14lebelliumalexbobp: you can open a bug tracker
21:37:45lebelliumbut it's also the right place here to bump
21:37:56lebelliumjust that people are not motivated or have no time
21:37:58alexbobpI just figured it makes sense to try to get a couple people with other devices to try it
21:38:06alexbobpso when I make a tracker I can say things like what hardware it might affect :P
21:38:23alexbobpif you have a player within reach it'll take like 20 seconds to check! do you guys not keep rockboxes around? :P
21:38:37*gevaerts has a go
21:38:46gevaertsHow do you set quickscreen stuff? :)
21:39:11 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
21:39:20alexbobpjust long hold center on the menu item for crossfade
21:39:31alexbobpor at least it's center on my device :P
21:39:51alexbobpI'm even gonna try to test it on the android build, just because why not
21:40:44gevaertsalexbobp: current build?
21:40:58alexbobppretty sure, I installed using the installer about a week ago :P
21:41:13alexbobpoh damn, haha, thsi release is yesterday?
21:41:23alexbobpthat's 2013
21:41:24alexbobpnever mind
21:41:31alexbobpand it'd be tomorrow
21:41:40alexbobpso yeah latest version :P
21:41:52gevaertsSo not 3.13
21:42:12alexbobpaccording to the website 3.13 was released march 2013
21:42:13alexbobpso it should be that
21:42:23gevaertsYes, but that's not the current build...
21:42:31gevaertsWhich is why I asked
21:42:31alexbobpohhh ok I see
21:42:56alexbobpcrap, I'm afraid I left my player at home or I'd check
21:43:06alexbobpit's whatever the installer tool installs by default
21:43:20alexbobpI can tell you in 3 hours :P
21:43:40gevaertsIf it's 3.13, please also try a current build
21:44:10alexbobpwell I'll make sure I try that before filing a bug online
21:44:22alexbobpdid you manage to try it? what device are you on?
21:45:01gevaertsI can't reproduce it on ipod video with c64b59f-140304
21:45:57alexbobpfor what it's worth the bug doesn't trigger on rasher's latest build on android :P
21:46:00wodzgevaerts: do you know why in apps/codecs.c the beginning of ci struct is populated with NULLs?
21:46:24alexbobpgevaerts: ok I'll do that then. if it's not a version issue then I guess it's hardware dependent. and if it *is* a version issue that's even better since it means teh bug is gone
21:46:28gevaertswodz: no. I've never really looked at codec related code
21:46:40gevaertsalexbobp: I'm now trying 3.13
21:46:46alexbobpah ok, cool
21:46:51lebelliumalexbobp: boxamp fixed. You'll get it in a few minutes
21:46:57alexbobpoh sweet
21:47:11alexbobplebellium: sadly I won't have a fuze in a few minutes :P I keep poking on ebay
21:47:19alexbobpdo you think you can make that theme fit in 96x96? XD
21:47:22lebelliumthe best would be to contact the original author so that he uploads my fix
21:47:35alexbobpprobably a longshot
21:47:38lebelliumbut once again, no way to reach him
21:48:36lebelliumalexbobp: I'm not interested at all, sorry. That would take much time to adapt that 220x176 theme to 96x96. My work so far is here :) > lebellium%20Samsung-like&searchtype=name">
21:48:55alexbobplebellium: I didn't expect magic, was jut asking a silly question because it couldn't hurt ;)
21:49:31alexbobpwow, you've got a theme for samsung's design :D
21:49:59gevaertsalexbobp: ok, so with 3.13 I can switch crossfeed modes until I reach Meyer, and then I can't change it any further from the quickscreen. With a current build, it nicely rotates through all three options
21:50:24alexbobpgevaerts: ok then chances are the bug itself is fixed
21:50:36alexbobpwhat I saw on my clip was that if I use the *right* quickkey it does what you described, stopping at meyer
21:50:44alexbobpif I used the *left* quickkey it would crash at that point
21:50:59alexbobpand I have to imagine the crashing is related to the stopping
21:51:01gevaertsYes, I put it on left
21:51:15alexbobpcool, just making sure
21:51:24gevaertsMaybe related to b1209d47 ?
21:51:29alexbobpeither way it sounds probably fixed. I'll go ahead and check when I get home... mostly because I want it to work anyways
21:51:47alexbobpI like quick access to crossfeed for going between headphones and speakers
21:53:45gevaertsalexbobp: I have a suspicion that this is actually another symptom of FS #12889
21:53:47fs-bluebot Audible pop right after setting Repeat/Shuffle (bugs, closed)
21:56:55lebelliumalexbobp: here you are
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22:13:06lebelliumJdGordon_: bump for FS #12953
22:13:07fs-bluebot FMS display issue with my "lebellium Samsung-like" theme (bugs, unconfirmed)
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22:23:13 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
22:24:10alexbobpthanks lebellium! now I'm going to blame you when I go splurge on a redundant mp3 player
22:24:50alexbobpI have a question about rockbox installation on sansa devices, since rockbox attaches the bootloader to the firmware image, does the rockbox install process also upgrade the OF to whatever version I provided at install?
22:27:34 Join Bice [0] (ae3bc24a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:28:07BiceHello? Anyone around who could help me with a technical problem?
22:28:40alexbobpprobably! you better tell us what the problem is :P
22:28:58BiceOK, just checking to see if anyone was here before I started typing. :-)
22:29:32BiceI've got an iPod video (5th gen) that I put a 240 GB hard drive in. I've had RockBox on it for around three years now, and it's been working fine...up until today.
22:29:58BiceNow, for reasons unknown, it'll play the first song in a playlist, but when it gets to the end of that song the iPod "freezes".
22:30:21alexbobpok my first question is, is that 3 years without upgrading rockbox? :P
22:30:22BiceIt won't play the next song, it won't even show the title of the next song on the "now playing" screen, and none of the controls will work.
22:30:34gevaertsI'd recommend checking the filesystem
22:30:38 Quit kugel (Quit: leaving)
22:30:44BiceThe only way to "unfreeze" it is to hold down menu+select for 10 seconds to reboot the iPod.
22:31:24BiceI know I upgraded at some point (because it messed up some custom-made themes that I had put together), but that was a while back. At least a year, probably two.
22:31:53BiceWhat does checking the filesystem mean?
22:32:18BiceI should mention a couple things I did over the weekend that might have messed it up...
22:33:08BiceI finally finished converting my entire music collection over to MP3 and loading into the iPod, so I tried initializing the database. While that was running, it drained the battery and the iPod shut off in mid-update.
22:33:51BiceThe other potential problem is that I created a playlist of everything on the iPod, then when I tried to load it and play it, I overloaded the playlist buffer because it's more than 32,000 songs.
22:34:33alexbobpBice: what operating system do you use on your computer?
22:34:43alexbobpchecking the filesystem is something you'd do plugged into your computer
22:34:47BiceWindows Vista
22:35:02BiceI've got the iPod plugged into the computer right now.
22:35:04alexbobpok, I believe if you just right click on the drive when it shows up in my computer, there is a check option or something
22:35:36alexbobpand yeah actually the thing you said happened makes me think gevaerts is right.
22:35:43alexbobphaving the device lose power while writing can definitely cause filesystem corruption
22:36:33BiceOK, I right-clicked on the iPod drive, picked Properties, picked the Tools tab and there's an option to Check the volume for Errors. Is that what you're talking about?
22:37:56BiceI think I have to reboot - it came up with "Windows can't check the drive while its in use. Do you want to check for errors next time you start the computer?"
22:38:31alexbobpoh, hmm
22:38:42alexbobpdo you have that player open in any file browsers? or any of the files on it open?
22:39:03BiceHmmm, I seem to remember going through this with my old hard drive (the one I took out of the iPod to put the 240 GB one in) - I'll have to do some research. I think I can run chkdsk from a cmd window. Let me try that...
22:39:07alexbobpletting it check for errors at boot should work too, but it might be inconvenient to not use your comptuer during the check
22:39:33alexbobppersonally I'd say if you have a linux system, using that is safer :P
22:42:11BiceUnfortunately I don't do linux.
22:42:27gevaertsWindows should be just fine for checking FAT filesystems
22:42:41alexbobpyeah it should be fine
22:42:48alexbobpI was just saying *if*
22:43:53BiceWell, the chkdsk is running. It's gonna take a while, so I'm gonna go do some other stuff. I'll check back in a bit. Thanks for the help thus far.
22:44:05alexbobpok, hopefully that solves it
22:44:27alexbobpeither way you should still upgrade rockbox if you haven't upgraded since march 2013
22:58:40 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:58:45 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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23:04:03BiceThis chkdsk is going to take a while - it's been running for around 15 minutes now and is only 4 percent done.
23:05:51BiceHow do you do an upgrade? Do I just download the latest installer and run it against my iPod? Will it just overlay the current version of RockBox that's on there?
23:11:11 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:11:40pamaurydamn, this LCDIF errata on the STMP37xx really has annoying consequences, couldn't they just get it right ?!
23:23:15 Join Scromple [0] (~Simon@
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23:34:25 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 28.0/20140227174348])
23:38:19 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:42:03pamauryI really wonder how the OF manages it, I can get it work but it flickers on frequency change
23:49:11 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
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