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#rockbox log for 2014-03-05

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01:07:45ripuliHello, anyone here can help me get my Clip+ back to life?
01:09:52ripuliwell, the situation is that I had some error message, while playing music through my Clip+ considering something about bootloader etc? Well, it obviously tried to reload a bootloader and wanted me to connect my Clip+ to my pc. After plugging my Clip+ in my pc and kept it there for 15minutes it didnt turn on after that. And still not yet any light coming up on display. Win7 not even recognizing it. What to do?
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01:46:36ripulianyone here?
01:47:56[Saint]Just ask your question.
01:48:58ripuliwell, the situation is that I had some error message, while playing music through my Clip+ considering something about bootloader etc? Well, it obviously tried to reload a bootloader and wanted me to connect my Clip+ to my pc. After plugging my Clip+ in my pc and kept it there for 15minutes it didnt turn on after that. And still not yet any light coming up on display. Win7 not even recognizing it. What to do?
01:49:07[Saint]Oh. Whoops. Heh. I'm on autopilot, apparently.
01:49:26[Saint]What I should have said was "someone will answer your question if/when they can".
01:49:44ripuliOh okay..
01:50:03ripuliI hope some1 can do that, since something is wrong with this little creature :D
01:50:05[Saint]One obvious thing to try that I don;t see you mentioning is a hard reboot.
01:50:18ripuliholding power button for 1minute...done
01:50:25ripulino solution tho..
01:50:58[Saint]At this stage the only thing you can do is put it aside and wait for the battery to run down.
01:51:23ripulihow do I make sure it is consuming the battery?
01:51:57[Saint]Hope. If its not restarting, it is either locked up, or dead. Hope for the former.
01:52:11[Saint]If it is locked up, it needs to consume battery.
01:52:15ripuliwell...yesterday I had a little hope with it.
01:52:47ripuliWhen I plugged it into my pc several times, pressing different buttons each time, somehow it got connected to my pc, was charging etc. BUT pc didnt recognize it.
01:52:48[Saint]It can take 2~3 days to run through the battery.
01:52:53[Saint]A single day won;t do it.
01:53:26ripulibut now there is nothing coming up when I plug it, not single color on display.
01:53:28[Saint]If you have some sensitive headphones, you will more than likely hear a small click or a pop when inserting them.
01:54:18ripuliI do. There is no sound tho. Only when its plugged into my pc.
01:54:26ripuliThere's a small humming
01:55:00[Saint]This doesn't sound very encouraging.
01:55:13[Saint]Thankfully these things are basically disposable.
01:55:55ripulihaha yeah
01:56:21ripuliIts really not a big deal, I just like the player and I know its not the hardware, its software which is broken atm.
01:56:22ripulior locket.
01:57:21[Saint]If you can't boot to the OF, then unfortunately, it more then likely is the hardware.
01:57:35[Saint]I know its easy to blame Rockbox...but, yeah.
01:57:49ripuliWhen I plug it in my PC, popup comes with formatting the device.
01:58:22[Saint]How large is the reported volume?
01:58:30ripuliNot really blaming anyone, I know I took my own risk installing it year ago and been very very pleased with it. And still gonna do it for my next mp3.
01:58:49ripuliits 32mb around
01:59:01ripuli30,6 to be specified
01:59:06[Saint]This is a hardware fault.
01:59:33[Saint]Smells very much like your internal storage is dead.
02:00:00ripuliOkay, well yea makes sense I guess.
02:00:34[Saint]With that new piece of info, your only hope is the AMS unbrick page.
02:00:43[Saint]And that comes with zero guarantees.
02:00:44ripulionly thing that it really loaded up the system yesterday when I plugged it in...Showed me Sandisk logo and "connected" status.
02:01:14ripulihaha yeah Ive taken look at that and it really sounds major stuff.
02:01:33[Saint]I should've asked a few more questions. Still sleepy. :)
02:01:41[Saint]Yeah, that's rather bad news, sadly.
02:02:12ripuliyeah alright, what would you do with it? Just throw it to the ocean or open it up?
02:03:17[Saint]I would open it up myself, personally. But I have the tools on hand to do so.
02:04:02ripuliokay, I got small tools for myself, since ive been buildin pc's for some time. maybe I just go for it.
02:04:05ripulinothing to lose i guess.
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02:04:51ripuliwhen u get it open and there are those 2 "pins" how long u need to keep them connected with some metallic thing?
02:05:02[Saint]The crap thing is is that the various partitions these device(s) can expose when they fall over seems to suggest that there is some form of on-chip recovery system.
02:05:11[Saint]We've just no idea how to make any use of it.
02:05:25[Saint](Or, it could be all a massive fluke)
02:05:54[Saint]When these things fall over in this fashion, they seem to expose wither a 4MB partition, or a 32MB partition.
02:06:01[Saint]And we don;t know what either is for.
02:06:33ripuliI see.
02:06:41[Saint]The partition we /want/ to expose, is ~900MB iirc.
02:07:42ripuliwhere to find instructions about opening clip?
02:09:19ripulithx mate, I hope u have a nice day and I can actually get this thing working again ;)
02:09:52[Saint]If you have a guitar pick, they're great for getting between the case halves and prying open the clips.
02:10:27ripuliIll get one in my hands! Cheers again, should get u a beer!
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03:02:21ripuliHey guys! Got my Clip+ disassembled, and now wondering what to do with those 2 "pins" ? Press them with screwdriver or what?
03:36:01[Saint]Anything conductive that you can maintain a connection with one-handed.
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05:19:50[Saint]Oh...Christ. Really?
05:20:51*[Saint] grrrrrs about the lack of documentation the theme engine has.
05:21:24[Saint]We don't even have a complete list of the *old* syntax.
05:23:39[Saint]"Hey. You're using ancient syntax." says I. "Oh, really?" says the user "because i cant find a reference to this anywhere".
05:24:47*[Saint] needs a "Round Toit"
05:25:30[Saint]...fixing up the manual wrt: the theme engine has been on my list since before the massive rework.
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07:29:34alexbobpgevaerts: so I tried c64b59f-140304, and I can cycle through all the options but I can still get the data abort:
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07:31:34alexbobpgevaerts: the weird thing is now I *can* scroll through all the options, and it makes the bug a lot harder to trigger
07:31:50alexbobpit seems to be some matter of timing or how fast I'm cycling through the options
07:32:01alexbobpif I click through really fast then it's fine
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10:11:38gevaertsalexbobp: time for a proper bug report then, I'd say
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11:21:15alexbobpgevaerts: aight
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13:40:51ikeboyCan someone please review g#758 ?
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14:02:01PurlingNayukiI see there's 1 inline comment in G#758. Read that and correct the problem.
14:03:53kugel_PurlingNayuki: I put that after his message here
14:05:31PurlingNayukikugel_: Happened to need you
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14:06:09PurlingNayuki05a67d0 <- this commit says that the bolded first-line seperator can be disabled in the settings. But where?
14:06:19PurlingNayukiI really can't manage to find
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14:07:33kugel_PurlingNayuki: oh, the wording is ambigious. no, the bolder line cannot be configured, only the entire thing
14:08:35PurlingNayuki:( I thought of the possibility of misunderstanding but am sad to confirm it
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14:16:41PurlingNayukiShould I just write one and push it to review?
14:16:57kugel_write what?
14:17:20PurlingNayukiA setting item to unbold that
14:18:08kugel_well, go ahead, but I won't promise that I accept it because I see no need for it. but perhaps you can find someone else
14:18:40 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
14:18:44kugel_(obviously I like it the way I implemented it=
14:18:51PurlingNayukiThen I'll just write for myself
14:20:57PurlingNayuki(Or just doing a dirty modify seems OK if only I use it)
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15:28:20ikeboyFixed the last comment in g#758
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15:46:47ikeboykugel: can you look at the patch again?
15:47:00 Nick motley_ is now known as motley (~motley@unaffiliated/motley)
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17:42:44ikeboyAnyone want to test g#758 for me? (Fix to speed up textviewer loading)
17:43:03ikeboyWhere's the bot?
17:43:32ikeboyI'll just copy from earlier
17:43:32ikeboyGerrit review #758 at : Boost CPU before loading operations in textviewer by Avi Eisenberg
17:43:39 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
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22:33:03BiceIf the folks who were in here yesterday around this time are still here, I wanted to say thanks for helping me revive my iPod.
22:33:30BiceI did what you said - ran a chkdsc on the hard drive (it found and fixed 7 bad files), then re-installed the lastest version of RockBox.
22:33:35BiceThat seems to have fixed the problem.
22:34:00BiceI spent today listening to a 3,180 song playlist of about 98% of my music collection. It was glorious.
22:34:06BiceSo, thanks again.
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22:55:42wodzwho should I ask about codec ci interface and test_codec details?
23:01:51[Saint],48060.msg227288.html#msg227288 guy has a point
23:02:19[Saint]though there's not /that/ much overlap, as I understand it.
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