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#rockbox log for 2014-03-06

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00:14:56JdGordon[Saint]: which targets have that problem?
00:15:53[Saint]From memory, very few. I'd need to check properly when I get home.
00:16:29JdGordonadding a %cc for it would be simple
00:20:42JdGordonlooks like the 160*128 size screens
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00:25:59BiceHi. I was in here yesterday with the problem that my iPod video running Rockbox had started only playing the first track of a playlist and then it froze up. A couple guys walked me through how to run chkdsk on the iPod's hard drive and then reinstall Rockbox, and that fixed it.
00:26:06BiceBut now I'm having another problem...
00:26:43BiceThe iPod will play sound through the headphone jack, but it doesn't put out any sound through the other connection (I'm not sure what it's called - its the one on the bottom that the USB cable hooks up to).
00:27:08BiceI've got an adapter in my car that hooks into that connection, and now when I hook it up, no sound comes out.
00:27:12BiceAny ideas?
00:27:55BiceIs there a setting that might have changed that would cause it not to put audio out to that "USB" output? I looked through the settings and didn't see anything obvious.
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00:32:29saratogawodz: probably jhMikeS, although i might be able to help if the question is very simple
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00:37:07Kevin578is there a way to get rockbox to auto-shutdown after a period of inactivity?
00:37:35alexbobpyes, it's a default feature actually
00:37:36Kevin578the closest thing I found is idle power-off but that doesn't work if the player is playing something
00:37:43alexbobpahh you want the sleep timer then
00:37:45BiceFunny you should ask that - I just read the documentation on that while trying to figure out my problem...
00:37:47alexbobpplaying something isn't inactivity :P
00:38:12Kevin578well, sorta. I'm looking for a feature that would power off rockbox if I don't push a button for like 15 min
00:38:16BiceOh, I was about to paste the URL, but yeah, it doesn't count playing a track as inactdivity.
00:38:21saratogasleep timer
00:38:28saratogaFS #12957 is interesting
00:38:30alexbobpthe sleep timer is in the same menu with idle poweroff
00:38:43Kevin578but the sleep timer would shut rockbox down regardless if I was using it
00:38:46saratoganever ceases to amaze me how many valid mp4 streams one can find
00:38:59alexbobpKevin578: I see... sadly what you want doesn't exist in rockbox
00:39:36Kevin578I sometimes take take my rockbox off without turning it off, and its still playing music. so the idle-timer doesnt work. And I dont want to use the sleep timer since it would shut down ieven if i was using it
00:39:41Kevin578alexbobp: oh ok
00:39:50saratogaRestart Sleep Timer On Keypress
00:39:55saratogaisn't that what you are asking for
00:40:01Kevin578yeah, thats it
00:40:22Kevin578is that a feature?
00:41:24BiceCan anyone take a stab at my problem? If you didn't see it - I connect my iPod Video up to my car stereo via an adapter that connects to the wide, thin port at the bottom (I'm not sure what it's called - the one the USB cable connects to). Since I re-installed RockBox yesterday, it no longer puts out sound through that connection (I get no sound in the car). Headphone jack works fine though.
00:41:43BiceIs there a setting that got changed or something? I've been searching, but I'm not coming up with anything.
00:42:16alexbobpohh ok, don't listen to me
00:42:19alexbobpthanks saratoga!
00:44:01saratogaBice: did it ever work in rockbox?
00:44:34BiceYeah, it has worked fine for around four years, up until yesterday when I re-loaded Rockbox.
00:44:36alexbobpwhoah I just tried to register on flyspray and apparently I have an account
00:44:40alexbobpit must be half a decade old XD
00:45:17saratogai guess one of IAP updates over the years broke it for your player
00:45:41BiceThink I should try loading an older version?
00:46:07saratogawhich are you running now? 3.13 or current build?
00:46:17Bice3.13, I think.
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00:46:26saratogai would try updating first and see if its fixed
00:46:39BiceYeah, 3.13, I just checked.
00:47:09BiceUpdating to what? Isn't 3.13 the most recent version?
00:47:29saratogaits a year old stable build
00:47:38saratogaIAP has been changed quite a bit since then
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00:48:07BiceI have to go take my daughter to a flute lesson - I'll be back in about half an hour or so...
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01:18:00*[Saint] needs to finish this touchscreen cabbie template stuff
01:18:44[Saint]...and the tabbed UI template.
01:19:33[Saint]And whatever else is in all these vaguely named branches I'm keeping.
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01:29:26alexbobpis it just me or is flyspray search garbage? (aka how do I search for *all* the words in my query instead of just any one?)
01:29:48*alexbobp is trying to make sure he doesn't duplicate bug reports but it's not easy apparently :P
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01:42:41alexbobpoh wow, search for all words is a checkbox in advanced
01:42:44alexbobpnever mind :)
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02:29:13alexbobpgevaerts: should I file this as playback, ui, or operating system?
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08:37:19wodzsaratoga: (log) Why the beginning of ci codec interface struct is dynamically filled on codec load? Is it because of test_codec or is there other reason?
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08:47:04jhMikeSwodz: to keep the functions themselves static, really.
08:48:08jhMikeSit's all discarded in INIT_ATTR anyway
08:50:08wodzjhMikeS: you mean the functions exported from core or what?
08:52:18jhMikeSyeah, the implmentations inside codec_thread.c and pcmrec.c
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08:53:12wodzvoid *codec_get_buffer_callback(size_t *size) doesn't seem particularly static or INIT_ATTR
08:54:21wodzjhMikeS: ^
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08:55:02jhMikeSmistake? oversight?
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08:58:27wodzjhMikeS: So if I simply resolve those to functions from core by other means then current interface it should not have any hidden side effects, right?
08:58:53wodzI mean evolution of elfloader
08:59:31jhMikeSoh, that one's not in codec.c
09:00:10jhMikeSas long as they're the right ones I don't see a problem
09:01:42jhMikeSother codec-calling programs implement their own ci
09:07:34wodzjhMikeS: That was my question actually. Is this by design to costomize ci or is this because we don't want to bloat plugin rb api
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09:09:31jhMikeSIt's never customized. It's just implemented by other codec users.
09:10:19jhMikeSit has no great significance, really
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09:11:43wodzso if test_codec could resolve thouse functions to the core implementation everything will work I assume, test_codec needs it's own versions
09:16:09jhMikeSsame with warble
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13:39:01lebelliumhum about and
13:39:15lebelliumlooks like the guy didn't know he can update his theme
13:39:26lebelliummaybe an admin could remove his 1st version?
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20:18:28alexbobpcan someone give me advice on bug severities? my bug is a crash that reboots the player, but you have to do something slightly uncommon to trigger it
20:18:31alexbobpI'm thinking medium
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20:28:13alexbobpok bug report made:
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20:43:15copperpamaury: I've been busy, then I've been away, then I've had server problems, sorry about that
20:43:33copperI'm available now though (now and later)
20:44:44copperfor bug hunting and testing and whatnot
20:55:14wokyHello. I let my Sansa Clip Zip run out of battery and I managed to boot stock firmware. Phew! Thanks for support!
20:56:10wokyThe reason was probably damaged FS. >FAT-fs (sde): error, fat_free_clusters: deleting FAT entry beyond EO
20:56:27wokyI reformatted it through played and I'll try Rockbox git again. :>
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22:03:24MrFritzleGood Evening everybody. I read "" carefully and my questions is now:
22:03:40MrFritzleHow To Report Bugs or Problems in Daily Builds or in other words, will it be usefull for project ?
22:04:13MrFritzle...sorry how to be usefull :)
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22:04:34pamauryMrFritzle: sure it can, just apply the usual checks: make sure it doesn't already exists
22:04:45pamauryand be sure to precise which daily build you are using
22:04:59alexbobphere's a flyspray tip, expand advanced search and check "include all words" :P
22:05:06alexbobpotherwise it can be very hard to even find out if the bug is already reported
22:05:25 Join user890104 [0] (Venci@unaffiliated/user890104)
22:06:57MrFritzleok thx a lot. If i found one i wil do my best, to help. Thanks for your work. I really enjoy the product !! ;) !!
22:07:52alexbobpyes rockbox is glorious :D I want to give so many hugs to whoever wrote the goban
22:08:48gevaertsalexbobp: FS #7369
22:08:49fs-bluebot Go/Igo/Weiqi/Baduk game recorder and viewer (sgfbox) (patches, closed)
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22:10:53alexbobpah sweet thanks gevaerts XD
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22:11:14alexbobpgevaerts: so is that mudlord?
22:11:22 Quit Jinx (Quit: reboot)
22:11:32*gevaerts has no idea :)
22:11:35mudlordcompletely different people
22:11:38alexbobpoh ok
22:11:43alexbobpI didn't know so many people identify as mud!
22:11:52alexbobpso does Joshua Simmons come around irc?
22:12:00mudlordIts funny, I was planning of some rockbox updates, but I wish I knew lua for one
22:12:14mudlordfor instance, boomshine is missing its own menu
22:12:27mudlordbut i am not sure if Lua plugins allow for rockbox drawn menus
22:12:52mudlordI know in the C api there is a entry for plugin menus
22:13:00mudlordnot sure about lua tho
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22:19:39 Nick bmiller is now known as mudlord (
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22:53:11 Part MrFritzle
22:59:03fordcarsDoes anybody know where I can get the latest bootloader?
23:02:24[Saint]That's a very vague statement.
23:03:38 Quit ZincAlloy1 (Quit: Leaving.)
23:03:55[Saint]Latest bootloader for...? And importantly...why? Generally speaking you shouldn't ever have to update the bootloader unless you're specifically asked to.
23:04:22fordcarsSorry, trying to get something out of my rk2706
23:05:33fordcarsBut I need Unix to build, and I have been planning to dual-boot this baby, so I'll do that, later!
23:05:42 Quit fordcars (Quit: Page closed)
23:10:33[Saint]Checking out the repo is agonizingly slow.
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23:23:41BiceIs it possible to install an older version of RockBox on an iPod Video, and if so, how?
23:24:26BiceEver since I upgraded to the latest version, it's giving me all sorts of problems with my car adapter. Ver 3.13 didn't work at all, and the latest development build kind of works sometimes but always dies after two or three songs.
23:24:34alexbobphow much older? you mean older than the latest stable release?
23:24:43alexbobpoh wow I see
23:24:48BiceYes, older than latest stable release.
23:25:07BiceIt was working fine for like three or four years, until I upgraded.
23:26:02alexbobpif I were you I'd try to find the newest version that does work
23:26:10alexbobpand then you can file a bug report saying exactly which release broke it
23:27:09BiceSo from that download site, I see the various .zip and .voice files for the various versions and players - what do I do with them?
23:27:40BiceI've always just used the utility program to install, so I don't know how to do a manual install.
23:28:11gevaertsGet the "" file, and unzip it to the root of the player
23:28:31BiceThat's it? Simple enough.
23:28:32gevaertsSomeone else will have to help with the unzipping. I have no clue on how to do that on windows
23:28:46BiceI'm hoping 7-zip can do it.
23:29:19gevaertsMake sure it extracts the .rockbox directory properly, and that it doesn't put the lot in a new different directory
23:30:16gevaertsOf course, if it does the latter, you can easily move the .rockbox directory yourself
23:34:18BiceWhile I'm in here, does anyone know if sweating on a SanDisk Clip Zip could possibly kill it? Mine died at the gym today, and when I checked it out I found moisture on the external memory card.
23:35:43 Quit ender` (Quit: cd /pub && get beer)
23:36:18BiceIt won't even power up, and when I plug it into the USB port, Windows tells me the drive has to be formatted. Is it possible to save this thing, or is it completely dead?
23:37:21 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:37:49marazsuggest using an electronics cleaner to get rid of any possibly conductive... residue
23:38:28BiceWhat's an electronics cleaner? Like a spray?
23:38:45marazisopropanol, usually.
23:39:04marazi.e. isopropyl alcohol
23:39:21BiceTheres a mom-and-pop computer repair place down the road from me, I'll see if they have that. Thanks for the suggestion.
23:39:35marazmight not do you any good though.
23:39:57marazelectronics generally dislike being shorted
23:41:11BiceOK, I've got verson 3.11 loaded - I'm gonna go try it in the car and see what happens. Once Rockbox stops saying "Scanning disk...". Why does it do that?
23:41:55 Nick Bice is now known as Bice-afk (ae3bc24a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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