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#rockbox log for 2014-03-08

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02:29:29eraserhead77just picked up a sansa clip zip, mainly for the gf's use, but i'll be using it sometimes also...i've played very briefly before with rockbox alone on an older device and just used that, but i think she would prefer just to use the original firmware and i'd use the rockbox when using it...where's the best place to put files to show up on both...i see under the files directory a ##MUSIC## folder
02:29:29eraserhead77and then regulars MUSIC, PODCASTS, ALBUM,etc folders
02:31:48the-kyleShe'll love Rockbox.
02:32:45the-kyleEither way, the Clip Zip came with some songs preloaded. If you put any new music in the directory where you see those songs, your music should be visible on both.
02:33:45the-kyleI don't use the OF myself, but it would appear to work that way.
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02:34:23eraserhead77already got rid of those pre-loaded songs...i'll experiment, and yes getting her to use rockbox would be ideal :P
02:34:57eraserhead77it's not complicated but just more options than she would need, but she can just avoid that
02:35:06eraserhead77the OF is pretty shitty
02:36:03the-kyleLol I got rid of all those directories. I think your songs can just go in the Music directory, but I could be wrong. I took off everything and added directories the way I wanted them. I doubt they'd play in the OF though.
02:37:20the-kyleHonestly, I don't see why the OF wouldn't play them. I would check, but I'm visually impaired, and need the firmware to talk, which is why Rockbox is better for me.
02:38:03the-kyleWell, it's the most important reason I guess. There's a whole lot of other reasons why I like it.
02:38:30the-kyleOpus support is a pretty big deal here :)
02:38:44eraserhead77ah, i'll test it out...and yeah, the rockbox voice feature is excellent for that, my vision up close is good (i can't see anything starting like 15 feet away :P)
02:39:09eraserhead77but on this tiny screen even good vision close up is rough
02:39:46eraserhead77need to experience with the themes
02:39:55the-kyleYeah, the Clip Zip has a bigger screen than the earlier models, but filenames and menu options can be really rough.
02:42:01the-kyleYou can set up shortcuts and such that will make her Rockbox experience even easier.
02:43:26eraserhead77yeah just glancing around the manual right now...i had it once before for about a week before the mp3 player i had it on got left on the subway
02:44:10eraserhead77yeah :/
02:44:34the-kyleThe devs do a good job with the manual.
02:44:54eraserhead77then someone gave me a newer generation ipod classic which i used for awhile...capacity was nice but thats about it
02:45:13eraserhead77lack of FLAC support (not counting their ALAC crap) was highly annoying
02:45:34the-kyleRockbox works on those up to generation 7 I think. It's a rather non-trivial process to make it work though.
02:46:17eraserhead77ah, should have checked into that...i thought it only worked up to the fifth generation
02:46:34the-kyleSame here, but apparently 7 also works.
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09:56:57lebelliumwhich targets do have sw volume?
10:07:52bertrikI don't know of any
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10:13:59lebelliumso what for is the latest commit?
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10:40:27lebelliumv3.13 is 1 year old and 3 days :(
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10:42:41bertriklebellium: I think you can find out by looking for targets which have PCM_SW_VOLUME_UNBUFFERED in their config file
10:44:46bertriksorry, that's wrong, should have been HAVE_SW_VOLUME_CONTROL
10:45:52lebelliumthanks for the information, but I'm not going to check every single target's config to find one with software volume. I was just curious about the latest commit :)
10:46:03bertrikhifiman hm60x, ihifi760, onda vx747, hifiman hm801, onda vx777, ihifi960
10:47:13coppergrep ftw
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17:23:43lebelliumarf adding %V(0,0,-,-,-) to my FMS fixed FS #12953 Oo
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17:55:39copperhow did you come up with that?
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18:02:17lebelliumI know that %V(0,0,-,-,-) is necessary when using the %VB tag as described here but I wouldn't have imagined needing it also for FMS where I don't use the %VB tag. And I still don't understand what's the link with the 1st bad commit when bisecting
18:03:09lebelliumNow I have a working solution but I'm unsure if the problem is JdGordon's commit or my theme code
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19:34:47saratogais there an issue with album art looking bad on the clip zip?
19:35:08ZincAlloyeverything looks bad on the clip zip :D
19:35:28saratogais it just a crappy display, or is it a bug?
19:37:28ZincAlloysome people were mentioning a bug a couple of months ago iirc. not sure what it was. but the display is really crappy and will bring out the worst of some graphics. especially if they use dark shades of grey.
19:38:13ZincAlloyI used to think it was calibrated badly, but it turned out it is just as bad with the original firmware..
19:42:38saratogayeah i found a thread where someone said JPEG looked different than BMP of the same image
19:43:01saratogathats odd, although I can't think of why this problem would be specific to the Zip, we have lots of 16 bit displays
19:43:21ZincAlloyright. the zip display might make it more visible, though
19:43:24saratogaunless the zip's weird color space just makes a subtle bug apparent
19:43:57saratogaUnhelpful_: is there anything in the JPEG code that would be specific to the Clip Zip's 128x128 16 bit display?
19:45:47lebellium96x96 *
19:45:52lebellium128x128 is Clip Sport
20:09:54bertrikclip zip can have two variants of the display
20:10:22bertrikfor one of them (the one I don't have myself), the calibration tables might be swapped
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20:19:36lebelliumwhat I said since october 2011
20:19:41lebelliumthe colors are wrong! :P
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20:55:45funkyone quick question: the best way to put a playlist on my ipod Rockbox ?
20:56:58funkyWow soooo many ppl and no body home
21:01:09peturfunky: I think the manual mentions some ways? IIRC you can create some with a PC program
21:01:18petur(m3u etc...)
21:06:18funkyis there a program Like media player that makes it simple? (funky is simple minded) but hates iTunes
21:09:01funkyI messed with my first install of rockbox last night for hours, couldn't get the thing to change playlists i had by accicent created a playlist. Now I can't change it or play anything on it but the created playlist GRRR
21:12:12copperfunky: not everyone is right there, ready to answer every single question immediately
21:12:54funkyI have both ubuntu or win7 I can change op systems very quickly if someone has some other suggestions cause I have no Idea what IIRC is I do know about m3u is though
21:13:25ZincAlloyit's short for If I Recall Correctly :)
21:14:23*funky is ready to through a hunk of it at his rockbox ipod
21:18:55*funky is going to chuck this thing out.
21:19:19peturso, if you know m3u, what's the problem?
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21:23:21funky2just missed that last message anyone care to repeat it?
21:25:19funky2Please :)
21:25:42funky2guess I'm check out again then TTFN all
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