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#rockbox log for 2014-03-09

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02:46:45[Saint]saratoga: its not just the CLip.
02:47:07[Saint]Album art looks terrible and washed out on color targets too.
02:47:19[Saint]I haven't noticed a pattern myself.
02:47:45[Saint]But the affected art looks pale, as if it has been bleached by the sun.
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06:54:13saratogastrange, i've never seen anything odd with jpeg cover art
06:55:39[Saint]There's various reports of it on the forums.
06:55:56[Saint]Its rather particular.
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14:40:23lebelliumkugel: could you have a look at the R1 issue?
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18:19:59kugelgevaerts, rasher: you probably need to update your android toolchains
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19:49:21funkyCan anyone tell me how to activate or play a song on rockbox? I have read and searched for info but seem to only be able to find things on how to load edit etc. No one seems to be able to tell me how to acutally play a song or begin a playlist. In my old mac soft ware it is very easy just click on the song and it works. but when I do it with rockbox I get nothing pressing the center button on my ipod vidoe5th gen
19:50:56[Saint]funky: ...we have a manual.
19:51:02funkycould someone point me to a web page utube site or what ever?
19:51:32[Saint] enjoy.
19:54:32[Saint]funky: If you actually are using select on an audio file, and its not playing, something is rather drastically wrong.
19:54:41funky118 subjects 3.7 meg where to start?
19:54:52[Saint]But, please do gloss over the manual first to make sure you're not doing something insane.
19:55:18[Saint]Geee...I dunno...maybe "Borwsing and Playing" is a good start.
19:56:35funkylooked at it all night last night lots of stuff on editing movine files saving etc. but not on how to actually start playing a song
19:56:58[Saint]The information is there.
19:57:02[Saint]Its not exactly hidden.
19:57:07[Saint]And the manual is serachable.
19:57:19[Saint]gah. can't type this morning.
19:57:39funkyI did get it to start a play list song but it only did one playlist start and couldn't change it
19:59:37[Saint]I highly advise reading our manual.
19:59:38funkyIt shows all the files on the unit. when showing the files can't i just click on one and start playing or do I have to create a playlist ever time ? Sokay I'll just keep reading Thanks for the help :)
20:00:27[Saint]No, you do not need to create a playlist (I won't confuse you with the fact that Rockbox actually does create a playlist itself).
20:00:53[Saint]Select an audio file, it shall play.
20:01:01funkyI hate crapple that's why I want to use Rockbox. I do have to admit crapple is simple LOL
20:01:41[Saint]While a huge body of people find Rockbox intuitive, it is definitely anything but simple.
20:01:50[Saint]If you seek simplicity, Rockbox isn't it.
20:02:36[Saint]If you've been buggering around in the settings, it might pay to reset to a known, clean state.
20:02:41funkyso I can open a file and just click on it and it should start playing? I guess I'm not being very patient
20:03:37gevaertsHow do you click on a file without a mouse?
20:03:50funkyI run ubuntu and took a bit to figure things out. I'm being impatient and should take some more time to figure this out I guess
20:04:00funkycenter button
20:04:11funkyi thought
20:04:17[Saint]I'm leaning towards you messing up the device config playing with setings.
20:04:31[Saint]Playback should be dead obvious.
20:04:38funkyhehe probably
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20:04:45funkyI'll do a reset
20:05:16funkyquick question fastest way to do a reset?
20:05:31saratogareboot? hold power
20:05:39saratogaon most devices
20:05:40[Saint]boot with hold engaged.
20:05:59[Saint]holding power won't do squat.
20:06:09saratogaanyway, if you're having some problem its a good idea to describe what it is, beyond that something isn't working
20:06:25funkyok pause and center button hold for how long?
20:06:42[Saint]Never hard reset unless you need to.
20:06:51[Saint]Hold play/pause to shut down.
20:07:07[Saint] - more fun facts from the manual. ;)
20:07:33funkyI'm going to do a complete reset. start from ground zero
20:08:49funkyThanks gevaerts looks like what i have been looking for.
20:11:30funkyhow do I type this in if I don't have a keyboard? root menu order:files,wps
20:11:40 Join froggymana [0] (~frogs@unaffiliated/froggyman)
20:11:55[Saint]You do have a keyboard, and, lets stick to the task at hand, shall we?
20:13:04funkyI didn't mean that exacty thing I just meant anything?
20:13:28[Saint]Lets focus on one thing for now, please.
20:13:41funkyok sorry
20:13:48gevaertsSo whenever you say something, it means something, but not necessarily what you said?
20:14:05 Quit froggymana (Client Quit)
20:14:40saratogai still don't understand what you mean when you say you can't play stuff? what happens when you try?
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20:15:25funkygevaerts I mean I didn't mean the thing I typed it to I meant to type anything in without a keyboard sorry for the missunderstand
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20:16:05funkyreset time :)
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20:26:17copperwhat the hell is this
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20:26:25copperfunky: what kind of files are you trying to play?
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20:26:57copperjust go in the Files menu, navigate your directory structure, press select on a file, it should play
20:27:09copperif it doesn't, either your file isn't supported, or it's corrupted
20:27:24copperbut I really don't understand what you're talking about
20:27:34coppertyping things in? what?
20:28:24 Join dialex [0] (~dialex@
20:28:42saratogayeah i still have no idea what the hell hes even asking
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20:29:20copperI see a facepalm moment coming up
20:29:28copperreal soon now™
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20:31:29copper2014/03/08 20:09:02 UTC <funky> I messed with my first install of rockbox last night for hours, couldn't get the thing to change playlists i had by accicent created a playlist. Now I can't change it or play anything on it but the created playlist GRRR
20:42:30[Saint]I'm /guessing/ the silence is a synonym for "Oops, yeah, I derped and caused it by playing with things I know not"
20:42:41[Saint]Just a guess.
20:46:53funkySaint I went to the Rockbox site and opened up the manual if PDF just what I needed. just downloading the folder (which I had done) is useless. Lot's of small pictures no connection. from what I could see, but in PDF WAHOOO
20:47:46copperwhat are you talking about??
20:48:10funkysokay was talking to saint
20:48:50copperwhat "folder" are you talking about
20:49:46funkyThe manual for rockbox
20:50:30copperyou can read the manual online:
20:50:44copperI still don't know what "folder" you're talking about
20:51:49funkyit came in PDF and in a folder I dl the folder opened it and seen only a lot of files no connection Now I opened the pdf on the site right next to the folder I had downloaded the PDF has it all the folder not
20:52:43 Quit dialex (Remote host closed the connection)
20:54:49funkyThanks folks ( suggestion) tell people to open the pdf not download the manual and open the folder. :0)
20:55:16copperfunky: no-one here has any idea what you're talking about
20:55:23funkyI don't know if you do that
20:55:44ZincAlloymaybe he downloaded the zipped html version?
20:56:48copperand he didn't know to open an HTML file?
20:57:09 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
20:57:42funky was sent here
20:58:35ZincAlloyright. what's the problem with that? works for me..
20:58:38 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
20:59:13funkywent here found folder and pdf
21:01:14funkyWell thanks What every I said it made sence to me LOL have a great day
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21:03:23copperO Canada…
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21:51:18wodzkugel: ping
21:51:32 Part meflin ("Konversation terminated!")
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22:13:37kugelwodz: pong
22:14:56 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:15:00wodzkugel: why open(), close(), create(), read(), write(), lseek() and friends are such weird? Some are macros mangled several times and so on
22:16:19kugelthey're wrapped on hosted targets
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22:16:53wodzkugel: that is something I can understand but why they are mangled on native builds as well
22:17:54kugelonly open() and creat(), because the native functions do not have the mode param
22:19:19wodzfile.h defines this differently for codecs and plugins it is a mess
22:21:53kugelplugins want to call rb->open() not rb->file_open()
22:26:03kugeldon't know why creat() doesnt get the same treatment for plugins/codecs
22:28:30wodzkugel: why do we have file_open() rather then open()?
22:28:53kugelbecause, as I said, we don't have the mode param
22:30:12wodzcan't we just call it open() and discard excessive param and be a bit more posix compilant?
22:31:29kugeli think so
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22:34:42wodzripping rb-> from plugins and make it all work with symbol resolve on load is pain :/
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22:55:44[Saint]I guess silence was funky's way of confirming the config was screwed up.
22:56:23[Saint]I can't think of a way to disable playback off the top of my head, though.
22:56:47[Saint]...but Im sure its possible withbsome combination of settings.
22:58:49 Join the-kyle [0] (
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23:26:31kugellebellium: there you go
23:27:37lebelliumhum the bot is dead?
23:28:00lebelliumanyways, thanks kugel, I try out tomorrow
23:29:49[Saint] No longer is the apkbuilder trickery needed?
23:30:06[Saint]kugel: ^
23:30:46[Saint]Guess I'll find out shortly.
23:31:56 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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23:38:46[Saint]Aha. I see. Excellent.
23:46:19 Join ls_ [0] (1893b049@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:46:50ls_What should I do if Windows/Arch linux does to see my Sansa sanDisk+>
23:47:25saratogadoes it work at all?
23:47:55[Saint]saratoga: holy parsed that?
23:48:00[Saint]Well done.
23:54:10ls_No because something happened when turning the device. Which cause it to boot to scrambled text now.
23:55:45saratogaso really you're asking how to fix a broken player?
23:55:48saratogawhich one is it?
23:56:54 Quit Wardo (Quit: Blarglarg)
23:57:38ls_Sansa Clip+

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