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#rockbox log for 2014-03-18

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04:49:08[Saint]Does anyone happen to have an iPod Video LCD that they're willing to sell to me.
04:49:15[Saint]Or, perhaps, and entire unit?
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06:01:47[Saint]Fi. Na. Fuckin'. Ly.
06:02:07[Saint]I finally managed to get the YPR* toolchain to compile.
06:02:40[Saint](on a 64bit Arch box)
06:03:05[Saint]'d think I would've remembered to document my steps, huh? Well...funny story.
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07:47:09copper[Saint]: :P
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08:08:32zkyzHey guys, i cant seem to build a database or browse any files on my rockbox =/
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09:55:58zkyzHey guys, so i currently have an Ipod Classic 7G (loaded with 100gb of music). I'm very interested in rockbox but the whole file management seems a little tricky.
09:56:23zkyzMy music library on my computer is very messy and would take me a few days to delete/ rearrange all the files to one location.
09:56:53zkyzHow can i take the files already on my ipod and prepare them for rockbox, and hence removing all of apples encoding etc.
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10:09:22[Saint]The files that already exist on your iPod are "prepared for Rockbox"
10:09:41[Saint]Rockbox is perfectly capable of playing anything the Apple OF can.
10:10:48[Saint]When using the Database, Rockbox doesn't care about Apple's crazy file name/location obfuscation and can stitch it all together assuming its properly tagged.
10:14:35[Saint]But, even if its tagged like crap, worst case scenario is that the tags were as bad as they were when using the Apple OF (which you can still use, in tandem with Rockbox, and even continue using iTunes to manage media if you'd like).
10:15:24[Saint]Oh, crap. 7G, no. Sorry. No dual-boot.
10:16:13[Saint]And no iTunes without it crying about an iPod in distress either - bah. Sorry, I misread initially.
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10:56:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1cf1743, 253 builds, 32 clients.
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10:59:13kugeljhMikeS: hey, how're things going?
10:59:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 212 seconds.
10:59:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a987871, 253 builds, 31 clients.
11:02:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 183 seconds.
11:08:50jhMikeSkugel: I have been able to focus too closely on this, so a bit slowly.
11:10:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 331bf69, 253 builds, 32 clients.
11:13:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 197 seconds.
11:18:53[Saint]any idea what's going on here?
11:19:18[Saint]I /do/ have to declare "android19" in the archlist, I assume?
11:19:59[Saint]Its definitely there, so I'm not sure what is crying about, and I can indeed build for Android.
11:22:34gevaerts[Saint]: easy. Grab your perl debugging skills, and go for it :)
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11:23:33[Saint]Perl and I don't exactly get along. Most of it looks simple enough, but for the life of me I can't understand why its messing this up.
11:25:05gevaertsZagor will fix it, then :)
11:25:38[Saint]Oh. Ok. this not me. Is this "a thing"?
11:26:28Zagor[Saint]: looks like you don't have android in the path
11:26:32kugel[Saint]: I think for the build client android needs to be in PATH
11:26:50[Saint]Ohhhh, aha. Thanks.
11:37:22zkyzSo saint, should i just not bother until rockbox has a bit of progress?
11:37:41[Saint]zkyz: WHat do you mean?
11:37:48[Saint]Rockbox is perfectly usable on this device.
11:38:27zkyzYes, but you said no dual boot
11:38:47zkyzWould i have to put all the music back on my ipod w/o the crazy apple jumbling
11:39:40[Saint]Rockbox allows you to organise your media however you please, as long as you don't put it in /.rockbox/
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11:45:02zkyzSo what you're saying is, to leave my ipod how it is, install rockbox through emcore (which keeps all my music files on the device)
11:45:13zkyzAnd then to simply run the database application once rockbox is booted?
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11:54:09[Saint]No, emCORE defintely does /not/ keep all your media.
11:54:30[Saint]It will most certainly format the storage volume, this is an absolute.
11:55:14[Saint]If there is any media on there that you value, back it up. Else it will be lost.
11:56:19[Saint](the iPod Classic is a special case in this regard as it removes the Apple firmware *completely* leaving a tiny amount of low level magic to get it booting.)
11:57:34[Saint]kugel: Zagor: Thanks for the tip re: android in $PATH - up and running.
11:58:17[Saint](now, someone commit something so it can {maybe} do something useful. :) )
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12:29:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 180 seconds.
12:30:36kugelyay for careless coding :/
12:31:02kugel(it's too convinient to be able to rely on the build system)
12:31:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ea9621c, 253 builds, 31 clients.
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13:04:22copperI just realized that I forgot to update my themes on
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13:40:08pamaurydamn, white screen on my NWZ-E360 and buttons not working, apparently the guy was right, there is something fishy
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17:40:18oakleyguy89Hey guys, can anybody help me with MP3 Tags? My rockboxed clip zip isnt loading a couple albums and I figured it was because of the Tags but I cant see whats wrong with them.
17:42:45pamauryoakleyguy89: maybe you have very long tags ?
17:42:46copperoakleyguy89: large embedded artwork maybe?
17:44:31oakleyguy89Hmm, the tags arent that long. Maybe it is the album artwork. What it does is when I go into the directory of the sd card and load it, it shows (root) in the middle of the screen then it just goes through all the songs then boot me back to main menu.
17:45:55saratogathat usually means the files are corrupt
17:46:22saratogaif its the tags, usually they'll just not get parsed and you won't see album information but the file will still play
17:46:25 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
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17:46:49saratogaMP3 is setup in such a way that you don't actually need to read anything to start decoding
17:49:25oakleyguy89Weird, because I can still play them on my phone and zune a computer.
17:51:00saratogai'd check that the copy of your player is actually good and that it didn't get corrupted
17:52:21oakleyguy89You mean if it may have been corrupted while transfering onto the sd card? I had the sd card in the player when transferring the files. Should I just throw the card into the adapter and into my computer?
17:55:39[Saint]probably best, when convenient to do so.
17:56:03[Saint]and, always safely eject the media.
17:56:13[Saint]that's a biggie.
17:58:13oakleyguy89okay well i just did that and it showed all the album info and the song playing and it just counted through all the tracks and then kicked me back to the home scree :(
18:00:15saratogawhat do you mean?
18:02:41oakleyguy89When I go into the sd card root to play that folder. I click to play it and it shows all the album info and song info but doesn't play anything. It then goes through each track from 1-14 and then takes me back to the root menu of that album artist
18:02:54 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:03:46saratogaisn't that what you said before?
18:04:37oakleyguy89yes but it didnt show (root) like last time
18:06:23saratogahas anyone ever looked at those special sansa clip players that are approved for use in jails? I wonder how they are able to convert them back to a normal player afterwards
18:09:01oakleyguy89not sure.
18:09:54oakleyguy89Okay so i notice its doing this with 2 other folders as well
18:10:57oakleyguy89Its doing it with my anjunabeats vol. 2 and vol. 8 and vol. 9.
18:11:57saratogathat oversampling setting was an interesting mistake
18:12:08saratogai'm surprised it was wrong for almost a decade before someone noticed
18:13:11saratogaperhaps we should give Dmitry Gamza commit access
18:13:18saratogathat was a very nice catch on his part
18:16:22oakleyguy89I opened up the files that were giving me trouble with MP3Tag and opened up a folder that worked and when I scrolled to the right, It doesnt show the bitrate, frequency or the length of the ones that don't work.
18:18:59wodzsaratoga: Isn't it that some audio fans consider oversampling as BadThing (tm) ?
18:22:48 Quit oakleyguy89 (Quit: Page closed)
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18:42:44pamaurywodz: audio fans do not understand anything about oversampling ^^
18:43:57copperwhat's that about oversampling?
18:46:36wodzpamaury: You don't have to explain this to me :-)
18:48:05pamauryif they complain, just tell them the bit is reversed and it actually disable it :D
18:50:29copperjust read the git log
18:50:38copperoversampling was simply turned off?
18:50:47copperor rather, never enabled
18:51:18copperI thought DACs did that on their own, automatically
18:52:16pamauryapparently not, maybe the DAC doesn't have a PLL and needs a high input freq to oversample, so it's not enabled by default ?
18:52:36pamaurythat would be weird, admitted ^^
18:55:14pamauryor more likely they decided that the since the implementer has the spec, he is smart enough to enable it, disable being some kind of debug setting
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19:10:44saratogawodz: its already oversampled 128x i think, this just enables more oversampling IIUC
19:11:54 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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19:16:35copperthat number sounds insane
19:16:44copperwhy would you need to oversample more than that?
19:18:22saratogacheap CMOS transistors run at MHz, audio is KHz
19:18:34saratogaso typical oversampling rate is on the order of 1000
19:20:19copperI wonder if it makes an audible difference
19:21:22copperis it possible that oversampling is disabled on other targets?
19:21:35saratogaits not disabled, it was just running at less than maximum
19:21:53saratogathe RMAA results showed a couple dB difference into line in
19:22:33saratogathere devices can't actually operate at less than something like 128x oversampling
19:23:11saratogausually they give you the ability to adjust the ratios so you can change the clock, e.g. 1024x = 48khz, 512x == 96khz and so on
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19:50:36oakleyguy89Hey saratoga, sorry about the misunderstanding
19:51:49oakleyguy89how would you like me to send files to you
19:57:08 Join ikeboy [0] (
19:57:44 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
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20:05:57oakleyguy89Im currently uploading that album for you on dropbox
20:08:52 Quit dexpid (Quit: Leaving.)
20:10:22oakleyguy89Here lets see if this works:
20:17:08 Nick myndzi is now known as scope (myndzi@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedf:3d4e)
20:17:29oakleyguy89Any ideas whats wrong with those files?
20:17:39 Nick scope is now known as myndzi (myndzi@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fedf:3d4e)
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20:43:26dfktoakleyguy89 - WARNING: "D:\Downloads\02 Endre - I Kill For You (Probspot Remix).mp3" (offset 0x1100): MPEG stream error, resynchronized successfully
20:44:45oakleyguy89What does that mean dfkt?
20:45:20dfktthe files were encoded with some iffy app, it seems (despite being LAME mp3)
20:45:49oakleyguy89Anything I can do about it?
20:46:06dfkti used mp3val to fix it
20:46:42dfktyou got both id3v1 and v2.3 tags in the file, although the metadata is truncated, as if it were only id3v1
20:46:55dfktnothing out of the ordinary
20:47:22oakleyguy89Thanks, I noticed something was fishy as MP3Tag was showing it had no lenght and no bitrate, etc yet when I went onto properties it showed the lenght and everything else
20:47:43oakleyguy89so mp3val should fix it?
20:48:04dfkti'd hope so... haven't tried the files on rockbox though
20:48:36dfktbesides mp3val you could use fb2k to rebuild the mp3 stream, and/or fix vbr headers (no matter if cbr or vbr)
20:49:02oakleyguy89So i could just use foobar2k to fix it then?
20:49:42dfktmaybe... but if you rebuild the files with fb2k first, and they still don't work, mp3val won't find errors anymore
20:49:50dfktso i always run mp3val first, then fb2k
20:50:21oakleyguy89okay ill download that and see if it works
20:52:45oakleyguy89Well, my other albums that work show up as the same as well
20:53:07oakleyguy89ID3v1 and ID3v2
20:53:48dfktid3v1 is quite useless, but it shouldn't hurt, methinks
20:54:07dfktpersonally, i never keep id3v1 in my files, only v2.3
20:54:20dfkt(since v2.4 is less compatible)
20:54:43oakleyguy89when i'm on the files within the album and look at properties of the song it shows the correct filesize as windows shows in the properties. Well when I click it and long hold select while its skipping through each track and I click on show track info it shows 0 length 0kbps bitrate Ohz Frequency response and 0B for filesize for the tracks. MP3Tag shows the same thing. So I'm stumped.
20:56:10dfktwell, then i can assure you - after running mp3val over the file, mp3tag shows the correct data
20:56:22dfktconfirmed, it was all zeroes before
20:57:54dfkthmm, after fixing the file, it is ~200kb smaller
20:58:09dfktmaybe some imcompatible album art in there - since no app actually showed embedded aa
20:58:43dfktneither mp3tag, tag&rename, nor fb2k showed aa
20:59:05dfktand the file isn't truncated after fixing, still same length
20:59:46dfktmaybe it's a tiff ;)
21:00:16oakleyguy89Whats a tiff?
21:00:28dfktjust kidding - a very bad graphic format for album art
21:00:37oakleyguy89ahh ok
21:00:48dfkti have no idea what's those 200kb that no app recognizes, but are of no use to the audio
21:00:51oakleyguy89so i just downloaded the mp3val and brought up the folder and did the scan
21:01:06oakleyguy89it shows what you posted
21:01:14oakleyguy89now how do i fix it
21:01:28dfkti don't use the GUI of mp3val, no idea
21:01:37dfktisn't there a "fix" button or something?
21:02:07oakleyguy89oh ok its repair
21:02:43oakleyguy89so what exactly was the problem i wonder
21:03:28 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
21:04:12oakleyguy89I did the other albums and I got the same thing: WARNING: "C:\Users\Jj\Music\Above & Beyond\Anjunabeats Volume 8 (mixed by Above & Beyond)\CD 2\12 Alt+f4 - Alt+f4 (Dan Stone Remix).mp3" (offset 0x1100): MPEG stream error, resynchronized successfully
21:04:40dfktchecked the file in a hex editor... in the header it has some crap about facebook, which is missing in the fixed file
21:05:00dfktappears to be related to an image
21:05:27dfktthat'S the beginning of the part mp3val removed:
21:05:58oakleyguy89ahh ok
21:06:18oakleyguy89time to make a test :)
21:07:41oakleyguy89where does mp3val put the removed crap at?
21:08:15dfktnowherer, it just removes erroneous content
21:08:33dfktjsut embed the aa with a proper app like mp3tag, and you should be good
21:10:34oakleyguy89I just took those files and ran repair on them with mp3val then put them back on the clip zip and they worked :)
21:11:58oakleyguy89how do i embed the album art with mp3tag or mp3eval?
21:15:11dfktmp3val just fixes things, it can't change metadata
21:15:44dfktno idea about mp3tag, i use tag&rename for that
21:16:09oakleyguy89ahh ok
21:16:35oakleyguy89Ive never messed around with album art. I used zune software to add the album art haha
21:16:36dfktbut shouldn't it just be: select image > save?
21:18:23oakleyguy89Not sure, ill mess around with it once Im done fixin the files :)
21:18:50oakleyguy89Zune automatically did it for me when I used it
21:23:57dfktyou don't really have to embed it, rockbox reads a cover.jpg in the folder just fine
21:24:08oakleyguy89oh ok
21:24:15oakleyguy89easie enough
21:25:55 Quit amiconn (Remote host closed the connection)
21:25:55 Quit pixelma (Remote host closed the connection)
21:26:13 Join pixelma [0] (quassel@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
21:26:14 Join amiconn [0] (quassel@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
21:28:24 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:31:13copperit would be kind of cool to make a theme resembling the OF of the original iPod
21:31:54oakleyguy89hey dfkt, everything works perfect! One little thing though. They arent showing up in the database like the otherones are
21:34:13wodzcopper: I believe [Saint] did something like this long time ago
21:34:14dfktanother "no idea" from me - i don't use the database
21:34:28copperwith the right greyish color and all?
21:34:30dfktprobably needs a refresh
21:34:58 Join Rower [0] (
21:35:47oakleyguy89ahh yes, I just held select on database and refreshed it. We'll see if it works. Funny thing is after I ran mp3val with the files that originally worked, it showed the same error.
21:36:29wodzcopper: oh, you mean grayscale version. I think Saint's work is for color version
21:37:42coppergetting the color right is probably going to be difficult without the actual device for reference
21:38:04copperit kinda looks more beige / brownish than grey on the pictures
21:39:47wodzits grey I assure you
21:40:03copperdo you own one?
21:40:17wodzI had mini1g
21:40:49copperI would have asked you to find me one picture on the internet that shows the right color
21:41:48wodzit is a matter of the monitor calibration you know
21:42:05copperbest I can do is set my monitor to sRGB
21:42:26copperI wonder if I can find one cheap on ebay
21:45:58copperdamn it
21:46:10copperturns out they're collector's items now, selling in the hundreds of euros
21:46:26wodzlook for mini then
21:47:02 Quit oakleyguy89 (Quit: Page closed)
21:49:10wodz ~12eu
21:50:00copperI don't speak polish!
21:50:10copperonly reverse polish :P
21:50:47wodz ~28eu
21:52:07wodzcopper: you mean polish reverse, right?
21:53:33copperdisplay looks damaged
21:53:54copperI don't need to go to such extremes
21:54:08copperI'll just try a few shades and use whatever looks good
21:54:28 Join oakleyguy89 [0] (4bae3e63@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:55:27copperI could even use Rockbox's color picker feature
21:55:47copperI just need to make a simple test theme that uses user colors
21:57:07oakleyguy89Anybody know if there's a certain filename for album art for rockbox to recognize in folder?
21:57:40ZincAlloycover.jpg amongst others..
21:58:18oakleyguy89okay cuz I have folder.jpg currently and its not working
21:58:39wodzprogressive jpg?
21:59:17oakleyguy89whats progressive jpg wodz?
22:00:24wodzNot plain one, apparently. I know some software outputs one and our jpg decoder doesn't support progressive
22:00:29oakleyguy89hmm i click on cover and it says unsupported
22:00:35dfktjust name it cover.jpg - if it doesn't work it might be progressive jpeg
22:01:13dfkt(and then get another cover ;)
22:01:17oakleyguy89cover.jpeg plugin error occured
22:01:34oakleyguy89ill google one xD
22:02:05dfktdon't know if rockbox reads .jpeg instead of .jpg, but probably it should
22:03:08oakleyguy89is there a size limit as well?
22:03:43dfktreasonably sized files should work
22:04:34dfkti generally have 800x800px album art at around 200-500k size, all my players support those
22:04:55 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
22:05:00dfktexcept the really old ones, which get laggy
22:05:34wodz800x800 is oversized really
22:06:02dfktfor the clip zip, sure... but i use the same files on android and in fb2k, so it's fine ;)
22:06:11oakleyguy89hmm the one im using is 600x600
22:06:31oakleyguy89and 243kv
22:06:48ZincAlloyit's size is clearly not an issue then
22:06:58dfktyeah, just get another cover
22:07:11dfktmight even be a misnamed file, like a .gif or .png, who knows
22:09:44dfktrockbox sure doesn't like your stuff, oakleyguy89 ;)
22:11:51 Join newhoa [0] (
22:12:15oakleyguy89Yeah rockbox is being a pain in the but haha. I was able to get it on there but it still isnt showing up when playing the music. I can however view the file itself within rockbox.
22:12:20copperthere's a mistake in the manual
22:12:41copperit lists "foreground colour" (british spelling) as the setting name, but it's really "foreground color" (american spelling)
22:13:02newhoaI'm making a theme, and really like the way the names slide from left to right when you view the Rockbox credits. Is there a way to use this animation in theming?
22:13:37coppernewhoa: scrolling? %s
22:13:59wodznewhoa: credits are displayed by dedicated plugin
22:14:55newhoaAh, I see. Pretty neat animation. Scrolling is fine, but after seeing that it seems a bit jerky in comparison.
22:16:30dfktyou can adjust it in the settings
22:17:11dfktgeneral > display > scrolling
22:20:04newhoaYeah that works fine but the credits seem to have an acceleration/deceleration to them, just seems a bit smoother.
22:20:27wodzdfkt: no, no credits use pretty distinct way of scrolling
22:20:54dfktyeah, sorry for the mixup
22:21:27dfktand i agree, the credits are nicer than the silly scrolling stuff in the settings
22:21:59dfktway too many scroll steps, and way too few speed steps
22:31:53oakleyguy89I got album art to work. I think it wasnt working because of the filename so I renamed it to Cover.jpg and it worked :)
22:32:18newhoaI'd actually never messed much with it and never set it in my cfg, so I guess the default wasn't too good. Minimizing the steps and speeding up the animation is pretty nice, actually! Thanks!
22:32:47dfktyeah, i always set 1px steps in my cfg, anything higher is jerky
22:33:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:33:23wodzhmm, mp3_enc .c seems to be asm optimized only for coldfires. ARM guys don't care?
22:33:39dfktthe dilemma is that for large screens (raaa), even the highest speed of 17 isn't enough for 1px steps
22:36:15newhoaOh, yeah that makes sense. I'm reading the CustomConfigFile. It actually accepts 25px, even though the GUI only offers up to 17.
22:36:35newhoaIt also lists the scroll delay range as 0-250, but I'm using 6000 and it works.
22:36:55dfktit does? hmm... the patch that it accepts 17 steps was actually by me - earlier it only accepted 15 steps
22:37:39 Join kuldeepdhaka_ [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
22:37:55dfktdo these settings actually make a difference, or is rockbox maybe just using whatever maximum it has defined?
22:38:52newhoaI'll check the speed again, but the delay is definitely different. Easier to notice 250ms vs 6000 than the other.
22:39:10 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:40:34newhoaWhen I set it to 18, 21,22 it defaults to 1 scroll speed. But if I set it to 25 it definitely is faster than 17.
22:43:13newhoaWell, I'm not sure if it defaults to 1 scroll, but it defaults to a much slower speed.
22:43:29newhoa25 works. I tried 30. It accepts it, but doesn't seem any faster than 25.
22:46:07dfktvery weird indeed... line 41 here is the ticks it accepts for speed -;a=blob;f=firmware/scroll_engine.c;h=bc356a82813ef1cc2ab3f581cafc17750437ae5b;hb=36613d57fadbd7204bba6dbc7962976ad039655d
22:46:29dfktso it really shouldn't know how to get any faster :)
22:47:28oakleyguy89Hey dfkt, I got everything workin smoothly. Thanks for all the help!!!
22:47:59dfktheh, glad it works - you're welcome. just don't get mp3s from facebook, and all will be well :)
22:48:14oakleyguy89haha yeah xD
22:48:33oakleyguy89Its hard to find the stuff i like
22:49:03 Quit kuldeepdhaka_ (Max SendQ exceeded)
22:51:16newhoa18-21 don't work, 22-25 do. It's an anomaly!
22:51:53newhoaAlso, I can't seem to figure this out... sometimes things will scroll left to right then stop at the end, scroll back right to left. Other times it will scroll continuously left to right, repeating.
22:54:47 Quit oakleyguy89 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:54:55wodzlooks like a bug in scrolling/settings system
22:55:12wodznewhoa: fill bug report, please
22:59:01copperwodz: getting the grayish LCD look on my Classic requires a greener shade of gray
22:59:34copperit's quite tricky, as I anticipated
23:01:06copperI don't think that kind of LCD displays is really pure gray
23:04:20coppernot to mention that the brightness setting and the viewing angle change the perceived color
23:04:56 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
23:06:31copperit doesn't look that cool
23:27:10 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:46:01 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 28.0/20140306171728])
23:50:52 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)

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