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#rockbox log for 2014-03-19

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03:31:30newhoaGotta get off here, but forgot to thank everyone for the help! Thanks guys!
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04:03:56leftrightwhat is Dmitry Gamza's nick please ?
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04:12:53leftrightDmitry; Could you have a look at these two bugs please FS #12769FS #12590 . Many thanks.
04:12:54fs-bluebot rb 3.12 - iriver H140 bootloader crash: 1st boot fails, Reset pin, 2nd boot Successful. Repeatable. (bugs, unconfirmed)
04:12:55fs-bluebot Dircache breaks when flashing rombox or rockbox on h1x0 (bugs, new)
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06:31:18[Saint]RaaA is getting the notification panel colors whrong.
06:31:29[Saint]*wrong, even.
06:31:45[Saint]Grey background, black text. looks awful.
06:32:15[Saint]Its bloody nice that kitkat solved the whole "no status bar" issue.
06:32:55[Saint]Immersive mode makes RaaA a *whole* lot more useful.
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06:34:35[Saint]What needs to be done to get RaaA working as a proper lockscreen widget?
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07:36:25[Saint]Why is the buffer on RaaA so tiny?
07:36:38[Saint]2.97MB? 0_o
07:37:38*[Saint] wonders how much of that is audio buffer.
07:39:05[Saint]Oh, apparently all of it.
07:40:00[Saint]Odd. I thought Rockbox Info/Buffer listed total buffer available to the sstem.
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07:49:15pixelmaI see those notification bar colours wrong with android RaaA ever since upgrading my phone to an ICS one and said so here at least twice
07:59:44[Saint]Its just popped up on a stock KitKat ROM for me.
08:00:09[Saint]Never had the issue in ICS, or a "real" (ie. non-vendor) ROM.
08:00:29[Saint]And, yes I do recall you mentioning it.
08:01:17[Saint]pixelma: Do you ever get RaaA freezing with a black screen with audio still playing after trying to go back to the application if it was backgrounded?
08:02:07[Saint]I find it happens a lot if I use the notification to jump back into the application, but it also happens if I select it from the recent apps page or just launch the app again.
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08:36:43pixelmaI always get that after a few tracks, couldn't find a pattern yet though. So far I noticed that (a) in this case the info in the notification bar got stuck already anyways, showing title etc. from some previous track - maybe the last one of when it was still functioning properly, and (b) after "rebooting" Rockbox, resume playback would start at a beginning of a track not somewhere in the middle
08:38:12pixelmaoh and (c) sometimes stopping/starting with the help of the widget would help reviving the main Rockbox
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10:01:29[Saint]pixelma: that is my symptoms exactly.
10:02:37[Saint]I'll try and see if I can reproduce this whilst watching logcat over adb to see if I can get a clue whats going on.
10:03:33[Saint]anyway, all your points, a, b, and c, reflect my experiences exactly.
10:04:21[Saint]WHich I suppose, is actually a good thing.
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10:42:13copperhow would I go about making new sizes of the Nimbus font?
10:42:42copperI only see BDF files for it in git, and I don't know what the source for that font is
10:45:16dfktnimbus fonts are from ghostscript, iirc
10:48:51pixelmaI made the -10 and -11 by hand
10:50:52copperno idea what to do with that
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11:05:17copperah, found TTFs
11:09:48copperdamn it, the Nimbus fonts in ghostscript git aren't the same font
11:20:54coppermeh, 19-Nimbus will have to do
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13:22:32kugelcurrent state of my rockbox desktop app
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13:24:17Zagorkugel: nice!
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15:43:32saratogawhat windowing kit is that GUI in?
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15:46:29wodzsaratoga: QT AFAIK
15:51:14wodzfor thous interested - I updated g#326
15:51:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #326 at : ELF loader for plugins/codecs by Marcin Bukat
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17:20:22copperwodz: wanna try this?
17:21:43copperor anyone with a grayscale iPod and an iPod Video/Classic who could compare colors
17:22:16amayercopper: cool concept
17:23:23copperyeah but I didn't quite manage to capture the monochrome LCD feel
17:23:36copperI don't have any real life referece
17:24:26copperand even though I didn't change colors between yesterday evening and now, it looks different because of the different ambiant light
17:25:14copperand, you might notice the totally different rendering of the colors in the sim and on an actual iPod Classic
17:25:59copperyou should be able to change the foreground and background colors for the SBS in the Theme settings
17:26:41copperthe problem with the WPS is that it requires a backdrop, and apparently the 1 bit backdrop doesn't use the FG and BG colors
17:27:15copperI mean I first created a 1 bit backdrop, but it showed as black on white, instead of the shades of gray of the fg and bg colors
17:27:28copperI wanted to ask kugel about it but he isn't here right now
17:27:38copperhe fixed it already for icons
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17:59:45pixelmaAFAIK backdrop gets handled differently, not sure what effect exactly this has for foreground/background colours though but I think there is a catch to it
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19:08:49coppereh, that theme is quite "clean"
19:09:00copperwell, it's straight up Apple stuff
19:09:33copperJony Ive would call me a thief, according to his recent TIME interview
19:10:55ZincAlloyis that the guy who stole the Braun designs for Apple? :D
19:11:47copperthe design I just ripped off is 13 years old
19:12:29ZincAlloythe braun stuff was much older when he ripped it off
19:12:33coppersurely there's a statute on limitations for that
19:13:48ZincAlloyit depends. I guess it might be subject to copyright. or not.
19:13:56copperI should interview my mom, so I can design something for "dummies"
19:14:36ZincAlloygotta customize the menus
19:14:42ZincAlloyleave away most options
19:14:50copperI still haven't gotten into lists
19:14:59copper[Saint] scared me
19:15:58copperI wonder if I can completely redesign the Rockbox menus by removing anything a regular user wouldn't understand, and set everything else to "reasonable defaults"
19:16:17ZincAlloy"Rockbox for dummies"
19:16:36copperthat's on my TODO list
19:17:35ZincAlloycould be interesting for manufacturers who consider using rockbox instead of brewing their own firmware
19:18:13copperI doubt it
19:18:31copperif they're interested, surely they can "dumb it down" themselves
19:19:41copperDesign is a fascinating topic
19:19:46ZincAlloyapple sure is great at dumbing things down to make them accessible
19:19:55copperI would have studied it, in another life
19:20:20copperactually I would right now, if I thought I had any talent for it
19:20:22copper(which I don't)
19:21:07copperlectures on design by Jony Ive would be amazing
19:21:27copperhis father did that (lectures on design)
19:22:15coppertoo bad I no longer know any graphics designer
19:22:21copperI'd try to get them interested in Rockbox
19:22:50ZincAlloya professionally designed default theme would be quite something
19:22:57copperthat would be awesome
19:23:07ZincAlloyit's not easy to come up with a good one
19:23:19copperthere's so much information to display (or not display), it's not as easy as it looks
19:23:25copperyou beat me to it :)
19:24:08gevaertsNot the same thing :)
19:25:47ZincAlloyit needs to be functional, uncluttered, work well on a wide range of displays..
19:26:19copperdifferent devices would need different themes
19:26:30copperwell, variations, anyway
19:26:55coppereach display has its own form factor and physical dimensions
19:27:00 Join lebellium [0] (
19:27:13copperI find the Clip Zip to be particularly challenging
19:27:43copperif you think about it, the Clip Zip display's form factor and size are quite bad to begin with
19:27:49ZincAlloyyes, square displays are a nightmare. cabbie v2 doesn't work to well with them
19:28:01copperyou can't do anything with square displays
19:28:04ZincAlloyunless you want to display full scrreen album art
19:28:16ZincAlloywhich is what sandisk does
19:28:19copperthat's what the nicer themes do
19:29:04ZincAlloythe clip zip's display is particularly great at making cabbiev2 look bad
19:33:40copperit doesn't look like SanDisk is bothering too much
19:33:53copperbothers too much*
19:34:15coppertheir DAPs aren't even sold in ANY of the retail stores in France
19:34:52copperthey sell cheap ass DAPs instead, like MPMan
19:39:21 Join wodz [0] (
19:39:30copperI guess they figured that the french market wasn't worth investing into
19:46:48lebelliumor understood that everythings happens on amazon only ;)
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19:50:16ZincAlloyI see a lot of affordable stuff in the shops here. Transcend amongst other brands
19:54:31copperRockbox 3.13 is over a year old now? :-/
19:54:38coppertime flied
19:54:53ZincAlloyyeah, we forgot to celebrate the anniversary
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20:06:31copperwhere's kugel :(
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22:19:49amayercopper: have you tried to turn the clicker on (settings) in the demo?
22:23:53 Join Strife89 [0] (
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22:55:05 Quit ender` (Quit: C++ is a modern language where your parent can't touch your privates but your friends can!)
22:57:04newhoaHey everyone. I'm playing with fonts, trying to convert bdf to fnt. I'm in the dir rockbox/tools. Using convbdf gives me "convbdf: command not found"
22:58:40gevaertsnewhoa: two possibilities: (1) do you actually have a convbdf binary there?, and (2) are you running it as "convbdf" or "./convbdf"? (the current directory is *not* in your path by default)
22:59:48newhoaAh, I tried ./ convbdf but not ./convbdf. Duh. Works, thanks!
22:59:59gevaertsGood :)
23:03:28[Saint]If you try doing much more than simply "bdf -> fnt", you'll likely find out pretty quickly that many of the options have odd quirks.
23:04:47[Saint]particularly unintuitive extras are adjusting ascent/descent and glyph spacing.
23:12:32[Saint]kugel: I noticed something odd with the touchscreen cabbie.
23:13:21[Saint]The default settings turn the line selector divider thingy off (yay!), but the cabbie.cfg turns it on.
23:15:05 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:15:13kugelright, it's off by default but enabled cabbie
23:16:00[Saint]but, cabbie *is* default...
23:16:58 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
23:17:20[Saint]cabbie.cfg should reset the theme state to *exactly* as it appears on first load or clean .cfg.
23:17:36[Saint]otherwise it creates a "what the hell?" moment.
23:20:27kugelhm yes, it should initially start with the selector
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