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#rockbox log for 2014-03-24

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05:15:32kakonemasaratoga: Ah thanks, you're right, different container haven't crossed my mind. After remuxing it works.
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05:33:21Zob-assign testbot3 lowtax
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09:14:25kugelwtf, our ALIGN_* macros are not 64bit safe
09:14:47kugeli wonder how this didn't cause problems yet
09:19:30kugellooks like our sim always gets 32bit addresses for main binary objects
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09:35:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9cb9f76, 253 builds, 30 clients.
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09:40:40rasherkugel: probably not a lot of people using the sim on 64-bit?
09:41:03copperI am
09:41:11copperbut I've never played MP3 with it
09:41:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 372 seconds.
09:47:48kugelrasher: my 64bit sim always gets 32bit pointers
09:48:04kugelat least for in-core stuff
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09:49:16rashersounds like fun
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10:05:14kakonemaI'm getting undefined reference to `destroy_memory_pool' `init_memory_pool' `tlsf_malloc' and `tlsf_free' error while compiling rockbox with rockpsf plugin, what does it mean and how can i fix it?
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10:13:10kugelkakonema: what is the rockpsf plugin=
10:14:18kakonemakugel: it's a plugin for playing psf files
10:14:24fragilematter I presume
10:14:43kakonemafragilematter: yea
10:16:13kugelhm, we should close this task if the author doesn't want to work on it and nobody steps up
10:16:38kugelkakonema: i guess it fails to link the tlsf library in its makefile
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10:27:20kakonemakugel: any clue how to fix it?
10:31:57kugelkakonema: try adding $(TLSFLIB) to the "$(ROCKPSFBUILDDIR)/rockpsf.rock: $(ROCKPSF_OBJ)" line in rockpsf.make
10:32:07kugelso that it looks like "$(ROCKPSFBUILDDIR)/rockpsf.rock: $(ROCKPSF_OBJ) $(TLSFLIB)"
10:34:22 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:34:27kakonemakugel: voila, it works, thanks!
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10:45:59pixelmakugel: hmm, could the 64-bit weirdness in the sim also cause sims not to work at all on a 64-bit machine? For some reason I couldn't get it to work when I last tried (it's been a while though), IIRC it said it couldn't find the sdl.dll on my Win7 install though there was one (maybe that wasn't the right one?)
10:46:40kugelwe generally produce 32bit binaries for windows
10:50:10copperI compiled my sims myself on my 64 bit Linux
10:52:40[Saint]IIUC, this isn't something that is guaranteed to cause issue - it just could, and probably _should_, but needn't necessarily /have to/.
10:53:00[Saint]Who compiles the sim isn't particularly relevant. The end result is the same.
10:53:31pixelmawell, I'm also not sure how kugel's answer has to be read - either 32bit is determined by the make file or if it's just referring to the sims that rasher provides. Probably the former though
10:53:59[Saint]That's how I read it.
10:54:06[Saint](the former)
10:54:25kugelthe issue was for 64bit sims on 64bit OSes
10:54:39kugel32bit sims on 64bit OSes are not affected
10:54:51[Saint]WHat exactly is "the issue"?
10:55:00kugeland nobody (afaik) has observed an actual problem at all
10:55:11[Saint]Aha. Right. Thanks.
10:55:14pixelmawhere do 64bit sims come from though then?
10:55:20 Join ygrek_ [0] (~user@
10:55:30[Saint]User compilation.
10:55:34kugelcompiling on 64bit unix
10:55:49pixelmawell yes, that's what I did
10:56:02[Saint]The provided sims _should_ all be 32bit.
10:56:09kugelcross compiling for windows, or under cygwin, are always 32bit (regardless of whether windows is 64bit or not), as per our makefile
10:56:34kugelthat is the case with rasher's sims too
10:57:11pixelmaexcept rasher's sims didn't work too. I need to try again some time though
10:57:19kugelpixelma: rasher's sims have the SDL.dll in the .zip file, so it should be always there
10:57:50kugelyes, please try again. they worked for me a few weeks ago
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10:58:21kakonemaI'm getting #leak-file-handles plugin error, could it be related to full RAM?
11:00:05[Saint]kakonema: what is the target device?
11:01:23[Saint]I _think_ that thing has 8MB RAM available total (from memory), so this plugin probably shouldn't even compile for that target.
11:01:41[Saint](but it doesn;t surprise me that target specific defines aren;t included)
11:01:48kakonemaYea i had to remove #if MEMORYSIZE > 8 in SUBDIRS in order to compile
11:01:51[Saint]goddamn ; kay...bah.
11:02:00[Saint]*key, even.
11:02:33gevaertskakonema: that means the plugin doesn't close all files it opens
11:02:42[Saint]clipplus may not have the juice to do playback in realtime, either.
11:03:08[Saint]Ah, the author notes this.
11:03:11kakonemaIt opens and plays fine some files
11:03:11[Saint]"Some notes about the plugin, It needs quite some memory to load and uncompress the
11:03:11[Saint]files, around 8 MB should be enough but I'm not sure ;P. And it needs a lot of CPU
11:03:11[Saint]power to play songs without hickups. From all the targets I own (ypr0, fuzev2, fuze+,
11:03:11DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
11:03:11[Saint]ipod nano) only the fuze+ and ypr0 are capable of psf playback."
11:03:34kugelif the fuzev2 can do it the clipplus should too
11:03:35kakonemabut for most ones it just throws error
11:03:40[Saint]that's really saying something, as the Nano is a bit of a beast.
11:04:05[Saint]kugel: it can't.
11:04:11[Saint](according to the author)
11:04:14kugelno, the nano gen2 is a beast
11:04:26kugeloh i misread fuze+ as fuzev2
11:04:26[Saint]ALso, yeah. Sorry. Missed a key.
11:04:42kugelthe author talked about just nano
11:04:42[Saint]Actually 2. I _meant_ Nano 2G. Indeed.
11:05:03[Saint]Oh. Hah. I misread then too. :)
11:05:58[Saint]Anyhoo - yeah, kakonema, I'm not sure how pleased you'll be with the results on this particular device, even if you manage to get it to stop throwing errors.
11:06:05kakonemaHow much RAM fuze+ have?
11:06:32[Saint]"rather a lot"
11:06:35kakonemalol that explains it
11:06:51 Join ii__ [0] (~ii@
11:06:57gevaertsThe file handles leak is a serious bug in the plugin. It shouldn't happen, on *any* RAM size
11:07:09[Saint]Oh. Indeed.
11:07:18[Saint]But in this case I'm not sure its worth worryig about.
11:07:45kugelkakonema: did it actually work? (the error message comes after exiting)
11:08:05[Saint]Well, perhaps with a mind to future people who may pick this up its relevant, but not particularly so to OP.
11:08:46[Saint]Even if the plugin was without error, playback is unlikely to be realtime.
11:09:01[Saint](which I understand to be rather important)
11:09:17kakonemaIt playes about 10% files that i have fine (simple ones), as for others it throws an error
11:09:33kakonemaIt is realtime
11:09:59 Join onder`_ [0] (
11:10:31[Saint]Oh God...its a zip file?
11:10:45[Saint]Well, there goes my motivation to look at why its leaking.
11:10:58 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
11:11:03 Nick onder`_ is now known as onder` (
11:11:38kakonemaSo I'm guessing that that zlib is struggling with RAM?
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11:12:15kakonemaIts zlib compressed
11:13:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:13:00*[Saint] wonders why his client didn't pick up the last round
11:13:42[Saint]Is there anything other than the builder server "HELLO" response to tell me if the master can actually "see" my client?
11:14:39[Saint](also, how long does it take for the average speed and points/sec to work themselves out?)
11:19:14Zagor[Saint]: the average is over last 5 builds iirc
11:20:09[Saint]Zagor: thanks - is there a way I can query if the server "sees" me? For instance, checking that it hasn't fallen over since being started?
11:20:19[Saint]For some reason I was left out of the last 2 rounds.
11:20:55copperZagor: could you please remove the <base> HTML tag from the Wiki? It causes systematic redirection and reloading of the wiki pages.
11:20:55[Saint]The client is running, I just didn't get anything.
11:21:00Zagorthere is no concept of "seen". if you are connected, you are seen. if you tell me the client name I can log in the logs for oddities.
11:21:31[Saint]Just "saint".
11:21:38[Saint]Also, thanks. No rush.
11:23:41Zagoryou were disconnected during the last rounds
11:24:30[Saint]Odd. My client begs to differ. Hmmm.
11:24:41*[Saint] shall have a poke around.
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11:46:37kakonemaDoes sim have a same amount of RAM as original hardware?
11:47:35kakonemaEven better, can I set amount of RAM for the sim?
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11:51:45kugelkakonema: sims are close, but you can set the amount with some tricks
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11:55:30kakonemakugel: How can I set the RAM on sim? I just tested the files on sim and all works fine, makes no sense.
11:56:19kugeledit tools/configure in the section for your target
11:56:50kugelbut be aware that the plugin buffer is 512K for sims (always) but reduced on the target (by the code size of the plugin)
11:57:04kugelbut I guess this plugin uses the main memory anyway
11:57:31kugelre-run configure and re-compile after editing tools/configure
12:01:45kakonemakugel: ah found it but in configure it's already set to 8
12:02:08kakonemakugel: I'll try with 7
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14:02:41kakonemaNow this is interesting, on a sim with MEMORYSIZE=8 every file plays perfectly, sim with MEMORYSIZE=7 can't play at all, on a real hardware some plays, some not and it crashes/hangs at some files after couple of seconds
14:03:50 Join kuldeepdhaka_ [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
14:04:42[Saint]kakonema: the sim is by no means an emulator (hence the reason its called a simulator).
14:05:04[Saint]they behave in similar ways but buffers won't match exactly, nor usage of them.
14:09:53kakonema[Saint]: Since sim doesn't run as many processes as real device it clearly has more free than the device itself, as for the simulation I think its pretty accurate in this case
14:10:39kakonemaAnyway, is there any chance that zlib decompress data on disk or in chinks or something else?
14:11:57 Join jhMikeS [0] (~jethead71@rockbox/developer/jhMikeS)
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15:26:54copperamayer: I made a mistake in my patch for the themesite
15:27:26copper"PodOne-Blue.cfg" gets sorted before "PodOne.cfg", because the dash sign sorts before the dot sign
15:27:37copperwhat should I do?
15:28:03coppermodify my code locally, commit locally, and then push it to gerrit?
15:29:31copper"If you need to change your patch, use git commit −−amend on your local copy to edit the existing commit, and then simply push it again; as long as the Change-Id line is still there, it will be uploaded as a newer version of the same change, at the same URL."
15:34:25 Join Craigwd_2000_ [0] (
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15:37:21 Nick Craigwd_2000_ is now known as Craigwd_2000 (
15:40:50copperah, wtf did I do
15:41:36copperI don't understand what I just did
15:41:54copperI pushed a change but I don't see the change in the code
15:44:06coppersomeone please help?
15:53:22 Join ii_ [0] (
15:55:29coppershould I use "git commit −−amend" BEFORE changing the file and then pushing again, or AFTER changing the file?
15:55:57 Quit rasher (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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15:58:15kakonemacopper: after ofcourse
15:59:43copperand then "git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master"?
16:00:32copperfuck's sake
16:00:45copperremote: (W) 210ccbc: no files changed, message updated
16:01:15kakonemacopper: check the commit with git log −−stat
16:01:40copper 1 file changed, 24 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
16:02:33kakonemacopper: well its the same as the link you provided
16:02:44kakonemaso i dont see a problem
16:03:48copperthe code hasn't changed
16:03:54coppereven though I changed it locally
16:04:26copperthe sort() bit on line 1052 shouldn't be there anymore
16:04:31 Join ii_ [0] (
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16:08:07copper"git diff" locally shows my changes
16:08:40kakonemacopper: Are you sure that you did commit?
16:08:51copperwith "git commit −−amend"? yes.
16:09:25 Quit ii_ (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
16:09:36kakonemacopper: do it again
16:10:32 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
16:10:39copperI've done it and done it again
16:11:07copperthis is what "git commit −−amend" shows:
16:12:08copperwhat's with "Changes to be committed:" and "Changes not staged for commit:" which list the same file that I've been modifying?
16:13:54copperdo I need to uncomment something?
16:14:52kakonemacopper: that's why, you need to stage new file first
16:14:57 Quit ii_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
16:15:04kakonemacopper: stage it with git add
16:16:06copperand now "git commit −−amend"?
16:16:14kakonemacopper: yes
16:16:58copperaaaah :)
16:17:01copperkakonema: thanks a bunch
16:24:13 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
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17:30:13 Quit soap (Quit: soap)
17:31:26copperI thought viewports weren't supposed to be layered on top of each other, but the "terminal" iPod theme uses that to draw borderd
17:33:27 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
17:34:21 Join soap [0] (
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19:47:12 Join wintermute_ [0] (453d94f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:47:24wintermute_Hello there.
19:48:49wintermute_i have an iPod classic running Rockbox that has started crashing on boot.
19:48:59wintermute_I was hoping I might be able to get some pointers.
19:49:03 Quit ii__ (Remote host closed the connection)
19:49:48 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
19:50:23wintermute_Running emCORE v0.2.3 r859, Rb 17f265d-131217, it worked fine until today, but now it spends several minutes scanning the disk
19:50:51wintermute_And then dies with "Prefetch abort at 65FD2CB4 / FSR 0x5 / (domain 0, fault 5)"
19:51:56TheSevenwintermute_: try wiping the database from emcore's tools menu
19:52:02TheSevenand if that doesn't help, try wiping the config as well
19:54:29 Quit ii_ (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:54:54 Join wintermute___ [0] (453d94f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:55:10wintermute___Seven: I've tried both of those, with no luck.
19:55:12 Quit wintermute_ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:55:33TheSevenhm... not good
19:56:12TheSevenis the rockbox fallback image affected as well?
19:57:02 Join wintermute_ [0] (453d94f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:57:07TheSevenis the rockbox fallback image affected as well?
19:57:33wintermute_Seems to be.
19:57:37 Nick Monodoenist is now known as rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:57:55wintermute_The error message is formatted differently, but the same thing happens.
19:58:31TheSevencan you hear any noise coming from the HDD if you listen closely?
19:58:48wintermute_Yeah, it's whirring away.
19:58:50TheSevenif so, does it contain some kind of periodic clicking? or just rattling?
19:59:00wintermute_No, it sounds normal.
19:59:00TheSevenor just spinning?
19:59:22 Quit wintermute___ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:59:36 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
19:59:56TheSeventhe only other things that you could try are completely formatting the data partition, or attempting to go back to the apple firmware
20:00:17 Quit wintermute_ (Client Quit)
20:01:49 Join rosst [0] (
20:02:05rosstLet's see if this works better than the web interface.
20:02:21*rosst was previously wintermute_
20:02:59rosstSo, drive spinning, sounds normal.
20:03:58rosstI really don't want to wipe the drive if I don't need to.
20:05:48rosstAnything else I can try?
20:06:15 Join ii__ [0] (
20:10:51 Join GodEater [0] (
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20:23:01 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
20:23:43kakonemarosst: Does any of this work for you?
20:24:16 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:24:34 Join ikeboy [0] (
20:32:49rosstI'm waiting to see if the UMS can mount.
20:33:07rosstIt says it might take several minutes.
20:38:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:39:42rosstNo, it's not mounting.
20:46:23 Quit ii_ (Remote host closed the connection)
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21:54:25Spitbeggarthank you
21:54:43 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
21:56:57 Part Spitbeggar
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22:34:47 Join Svorax [0] (
22:35:15 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
22:36:02SvoraxHi everyone
22:36:22SvoraxIs is possible for someone to add me to the WikiUsersGroup?
22:36:31SvoraxI'd like to help out on the wiki!
22:38:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:40:06gevaertsSvorax: what's your wiki name?
22:41:48gevaertsSvorax: ok, should be done. Welcome!
22:42:17SvoraxGreat! Big thanks gevaerts!
22:55:23 Join ii_ [0] (~ii@
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