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#rockbox log for 2014-03-31

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00:52:01dfkt_anyone knows the reason why the clip+ doesn't display the middot glyph in 08-atadore?
00:52:09dfkt_both sim and device
00:52:24dfkt_all other sims and devices display it
00:52:47dfkt_checked 08-atadore.bdf with fontforge, and everything seems alright
00:55:12dfkt_clip+ displays a "?" instead of the middot, and it also drops the last letter of the line
00:55:54[Saint]That makes absolutely no sense at all.
00:56:23[Saint]You're on a roll today dude.
00:56:34dfkt_the weirdness keeps coming
00:57:06dfkt_also that it truncates the lines is quite iffy
00:57:14[Saint]I can think of exactly no reason why the Clip+ should behave differently than, say, a Clip, in this instance.
00:57:24[Saint]Is this reproducible in the simulator?
00:57:35dfkt_yep, see screenshots above
00:58:06dfkt_"Univrs ? 201" should read "Univrs · 2010"
00:58:30dfkt_"1/07 ? Uni Mod" should read "1/07 · Uni Mode"
00:59:56dfkt_in the clipzip screenshot i just added two middots to the first big line, for comaprison
01:03:51dfkt_only thing i could imagine is that it has something to do with the 1bit-display
01:04:02dfkt_...but the font is a bitmap as well...
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01:24:51ParkerR[Saint], haha, So Sansa Clip Zip USB mountiong works in Windows if "USB Hide Internal Drive" is set to Yes. The SD cards mounts fines.
01:26:54dfkt_the issue isn't with 08-atadore - no font displays a middot on the clip+
01:27:41dfkt_or ¶, which is the preceding glyph
01:34:33ParkerRHmm, is there a way to zoom out on an image from the standard zoom? I can zoom in with select and zoom out by long holding select but only if I have zoomed in. It won't zoom out on the stamdard opened image size.
01:37:14dfkt_oh ffs, the .wps needs to be utf-8, not ansi!
01:37:24ParkerRdfkt_, haha
01:37:32ParkerRI thought UTF-8 was fairly standard
01:38:15dfkt_so is ansi... and it doesn't make any trouble, until you want to use a middot, apparently :p
01:38:29[Saint]dfkt_: changing the codepage may help.
01:38:44dfkt_on the player? tried that too, didn't help
01:39:36dfkt_but saving the .wps text as utf-8 did the trick... oh well, live and learn
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01:40:04gevaertsAs documented :)
01:40:29dfkt_oh no, that would mean... reading!
01:40:35[Saint]Its a trap. In most cases it pays to ignore theme documentation. ;)
01:40:41dfkt_yeah :D
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01:41:22gevaerts[Saint]: in this case it's on the wiki *and* in the manual though
01:41:24*dfkt_ usually saves as utf-8 with unix EOL, but this one .wps somehow slipped through as ansi...grrr
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01:48:45dfkt_so, for super-best practice, does rockbox care about BOM with utf-8?
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06:46:05dple_keller14033Good early morning from the east coast! I stopped in last week, received a few suggestions, and am returning with results and a request for a bit more help.
06:46:07dple_keller14033I am running a reletively recent daily build (say late Feb or early Mar. on a Sansa Fuze V1. My symptoms are as follows
06:46:23dple_keller14033RockBox: turn on
06:46:32dple_keller14033 Battery empty! RECHARGE! Shutting down...
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06:46:43dple_keller14033Fuse Boot: hold [left button] and turn on
06:46:53dple_keller14033 Battery is too low
06:47:01dple_keller14033 System shutdown
06:47:30dple_keller14033The thought last time was a bad cable or connector.
06:47:57dple_keller14033So my daughter stopped by tonight with her player and cable.
06:48:22dple_keller14033My cable works with her player and her cable gives me the same symptoms as before.
06:48:55dple_keller14033My conslusion is the connector on my player is bad, given the comments I received last time.
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06:49:21dple_keller14033Is this the only reasonable possibility?
06:49:25dple_keller14033Thanks in advance.
06:50:14[Saint]The battery may also have ballooned.
06:50:35dple_keller14033So either way, I need to open the player up?
06:50:59[Saint]If it wasn't a Fuze V1, I'd just ditch it.
06:51:50dple_keller14033They are "better" than the V2? I read some bad reviews about the fuze+.
06:52:14[Saint]The Fuze+ is terrible, yes.
06:52:34[Saint]I happen to think all these appy Mean type players are pretty crap, but, that's me.
06:52:48[Saint]Eeek. Typing fail. Lets try again.
06:52:56[Saint]I happen to think all these Happy Meal type players are pretty crap, but, that's me.
06:54:20dple_keller14033Suggestions on the best way to start the process of opening the player. I have reviewed, and
06:54:34dple_keller14033and it seems the clips a bit problematic
06:55:12[Saint]In what way?
06:56:14dple_keller14033The suggestion was to start near the card slot
06:57:09dple_keller14033although on my unit, the power side seems a bit looser.
06:57:48dple_keller14033Do you just push a very thin object where the clip should be to bend it in and pop?
06:58:19[Saint]Its easier to get in there where the clips *aren't*, end then lever them open.
06:58:37[Saint]Also, don't attempt it with anything that's any harder than the casing itself or you'll mess it up.
06:58:58[Saint]Preferrably use a spudger (purpose made tool for such tasks) or a guitar pick.
06:59:15[Saint]s/end then/and then/
06:59:30dple_keller14033ah, so perhaps a hotel card key?
06:59:37[Saint]Might work.
06:59:51dple_keller14033so the clips are attached to the top?
07:00:18dple_keller14033So the pick needs to attempt to slide between the clips and the bottom case?
07:01:11[Saint]Its easier to get in there between the bits where the clips aren't.
07:01:28[Saint]Errr...double negative. Crap.
07:01:45dple_keller14033I good, you said that above
07:02:27[Saint]The "hooks" for the clips are on the top of the case, the "clips" are on the bottom. It only takes a tiny amount of leverage to pop them.
07:03:01[Saint]Get in between two clips and pry the bottom case out towards you slightly and one should let go.
07:03:24[Saint]After one goes, the rest will follow relatively easily.
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07:13:40dple_keller14033Hi Saint: so I have some tools. One more last symptom, before the player started have this problem, I had used it for say 3 hours, then returned home, plugged it. I did not see the lightning bolt and became worried, but apparently not enough, because I watched the charge level drop,...
07:21:05dple_keller14033This would imply that the battery was ok and that it did not develop a massive short,...
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08:19:50dple_keller14033Hi Guys, I have the Fuze V1 taken apart and had a question about the battery and terminals.
08:20:08dple_keller14033Black (-), blue (T), Red (+)
08:20:54dple_keller14033I would like to test things to make sure the problem is the battery or circuitry in the battery assembly
08:21:25dple_keller14033black to red is 3.14v, black to blue is 0, blue to red is 3.00
08:21:49dple_keller14033Can I just hook up say 3.7 v between black and red?
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08:22:32dple_keller14033Is the blue wire for charging or control?
08:23:03dple_keller14033It appears that blue is "chassis" ground
08:24:03dple_keller14033Lastly, can I leave the battery connecting during this? Lithium Ion batteries blow up if not treated well. How about Li Polymer?
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16:53:20vanzefHi, everyone! Does anybody use Rockbox in ipod classic?
16:54:42vanzefCan I use Apple (iPhone) headset to control my iPod?
16:56:33vanzefso sad
16:56:39coppersuch tragedy
16:56:58vanzefdo you know, can it be fixed by patch?
16:57:08 Join kuldeepdhaka [0] (~kuldeepdh@unaffiliated/kuldeepdhaka)
16:58:06copperfeel free to try and submit one
17:08:59 Join Misanthropos [0] (
17:14:39vanzefis there description of rockbox's architecture?
17:15:58copperI'll let an actual dev answer that
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17:29:01vanzefhey, is there developers?
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17:45:46gevaertsvanzef: there's but that's probably a bit outdated
17:46:11gevaertsNot *too* much though. We don't overthrow the basic architecture all the time
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18:15:38dfktgot a small nuisance in a .wps, regarding the combination (or lack thereof) of two viewport states
18:16:53dfktfirst highlighted lines check that album art is displayed when playback is paused, and no AA otherwise
18:17:18dfktsecond highlighted lines change viewport color when the sample rate isn't 44.1
18:17:53dfktit works mostly, except that when returning from pause/album-art display, the sample rate viewport isn't displayed anymore
18:18:09dfktskipping to the next track, the sample rate is visible again
18:19:50dfkti found no way to combine the main A/B condition with the sample rate C/D condition
18:28:02ZincAlloyyou need another conditional
18:28:18ZincAlloychecking if status is paused
18:29:20ZincAlloyand if it isn't it needs to check the sampling rate
18:29:23dfkti put such a conditional around the sample rate check conditional, but that didn't do anything
18:30:21dfktmaybe i did it wrong
18:31:01ZincAlloypossibly.. let me start my virtual windows machine, I believe I may have something similar in a simulator
18:32:30 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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18:36:57ZincAlloyI tried converting cabbiev2 to displaying full screen album art in pause mode
18:37:31ZincAlloywhich turned out to be impossible, because only one album art can be loaded
18:37:35 Quit maruk1 (Quit: Leaving.)
18:38:30dfkti see, gonna wrap my head around your line 20 - thanks
18:39:14 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:39:18ZincAlloyit still checks for playmode and aligns the track info depending if there is album art or not. hope the same approach works for your problem
18:39:19 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:50:00copperdfkt: I think %Vf() and %Vb() should be on their own line
18:50:21copperever since the theme bugs got squashed
18:51:41copperand conditionals should be declared before %Vl() declarations
18:51:54 Quit pamaury_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:52:14copperfirst, preload images and fonts
18:52:25copperthen put your conditionals with %Vd() stuff
18:52:31copperthen put all your %Vl() stuff
18:52:35copperin that order
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20:10:04 Part vanzef
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20:40:47dfktyay, got it working. had to interleave the sample rate condition into the album art condition
20:44:13 Join amayer [0] (
20:59:09user890104can someone take a look at FS #12695 ? it should be trivial to fix
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21:21:13ZincAlloydfkt: excellent!
21:23:37dfktyour conditional line gave me the idea - i didn't know you could simply duct-tape an if-statement after a %Vd() declaration
21:23:40dfktso, many thanks :)
21:24:02ZincAlloyI think I copied that idea from someone else :D
21:25:23ZincAlloyit was quite a bummer when I finally got it to work and I realized that what I wanted to achieve was impossible
21:26:24dfkt<copper> dfkt: I think %Vf() and %Vb() should be on their own line <−− you're right, this does reduce some flickering and redraw issues on the device. another good thing to know, thanks.
21:26:50dfktZincAlloy, heh, i tried small and big album art a while ago too.. oh well
21:27:08dfkti also tried scrolling album art, with an insane construct of sublines and timers :D
21:27:39dfktwould have been awesome, 96-wide by 24-heigh AA, scrolling on the zip
21:28:38ZincAlloyfull screen album art sure is a nice option on the zip. those square screens are asking for it..
21:28:59dfktyeah, and it can only stand alone anyways
21:29:21dfkteven with the backdrop buffer it would need some shading or outline for fonts to be over the AA
21:29:41ZincAlloyyeah, some semitransparent grey thing
21:30:08ZincAlloylike the original firmware does, iirc
21:31:04ZincAlloyit has an option to view full screen album art without pausing the music. pretty cool
21:32:00dfktonly booted the OF once, to put rockbox on the player... maybe i should have a look ;)
21:32:33ZincAlloybe prepared to wait a long time for the original firmware to create a database..
21:32:48dfktoh right, better not do it with a 32gb card in
21:33:04dfktanother backdrop buffer experiment -
21:33:57ZincAlloylooks like an attempt to create eye cancer
21:34:21dfkti guess that's true :)
21:34:55dfktbut if we just had one layer more (and less evil colors), it would work for text-above-AA
21:35:03ZincAlloyyou're trying to create a drop shadow, right?
21:35:44dfktdoesn't work with scrolling lines, of course
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