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#rockbox log for 2014-04-01

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00:01:48dfkt[Saint], got a new one - a line in a .wps that only works when there's a blank space at the end - otherwise it won't display :)
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02:20:51JdGordon_dfkt: ????
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04:02:38josef_just found out about Rockbox and am I quite impressed
04:02:58josef_where can I provide *positive* feedback?
04:03:32josef_they only seem to be interested in feedback on bugs/issues and feature requests..?
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04:15:04saratogai guess the IRC channel works for positive feedback
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04:17:00josef_thought it would be most helpful for people not yet using it; I only saw it Amazon when searching for a new battery for iRiver..
04:18:16the-kyleI gave Rockbox a good mention when reviewing the Clip Zip on Amazon where I purchased it.
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04:23:32josef_ok; will do the same.. but it is a real pity. It is so impressing and so silent...might see whether I still can help disassembling the iRiver firmware
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10:03:00[Saint]dfkt: DEMO?
10:03:07[Saint]oops, sorry caps.
10:03:49copper[Saint]: repent. Ten Hail Mary's.
10:04:08[Saint]I'll get kicked for flooding.
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12:17:54sqppIs there any developer or admin here?
12:22:33coppersqpp: be patient
12:22:36copperpeople have lives
12:22:54copperalso, this channel is logged
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12:23:07copperask your question now, people might read it and answer it later
12:24:08sqppi just wanted to find what is the contact email
12:24:19sqppbecause i translated RockBox to Hungarian language
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12:29:10user890104sqpp: you can submit your work here:
12:29:40sqppthanks user890104
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13:52:03dfktJdGordon_, [Saint] - # Progress bar doesn't display when there's no space at the end of %V, and %Vf and %Vb are on a separate line
13:52:03DBUGEnqueued KICK dfkt
13:52:45dfktoops, wrong paste buffer
13:53:13[Saint]dfkt: %vf and %vb are really supposed to be on the end of the viewport declaration.
13:53:59[Saint]You /can/ do it how you're doing it - but when its on the end of the viewport dec it shouldn't cause any issue.
13:54:20dfktreally? ok, gonna try that
13:54:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:54:32*gevaerts never heard that!
13:54:50dfkti missed changes in the viewport/color declaration it seems
13:55:00[Saint]%V(0,110,-,7,-)%Vf(adae99)%Vb(000000), should be fine
13:55:05dfkti always put %V, %Vf, %Vb on the same line
13:55:17[Saint]gevaerts: its one of those unwritten rules that may or may not be working around a bug
13:55:37dfktyesterday copper told me they should be on separate lines - and i noticed that this improves some redraw behavior
13:55:51dfktie. faster display of graphics after skipping tracks
13:56:18[Saint]That's..odd. It shouldn't make a lick of difference to how fast it renders.
13:56:36[Saint]If anything I'd think it slightly slower for having to parse additional lines.
13:56:48dfktespecially redrawing of the progressbar - but *only* if there's a space at the end of the %V line
13:57:07[Saint]JdGordon_: (logs) ^
13:57:10dfktboth in the sim and on device
13:59:48dfkt[Saint], going to try it your way, with no spaces between the viewport dec and the colors - i always put spaces in between them when they're on the same line
14:00:38[Saint]You can have spaces between them, but there's no need to.
14:00:51[Saint]the parser is smart enough for that.
14:02:41dfktif you or JdGordon_ wants to try it, this theme shows it in the x5 sim -
14:03:03dfktone just has to remove the end space either in the .wps or .fms
14:03:31[Saint]m pottering around with some work stuff I need to finish before bed right now, but I can have a play around tomorrow.
14:04:22dfktonly if you're curious :) because i do find it odd too - no other viewports behave like that with the colors on separate lines
14:04:54dfktthat theme is ported to the h300 and clipzip too, with the same behavior
14:05:40[Saint]Good to know. Thanks.
14:06:31dfktwith all on one line, the progress bar takes half a second or so to display when skipping to the next track
14:06:41dfkton separate lines, there isn't even a flicker
14:06:50[Saint]that's curious indeed.
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14:14:51copperO the mysteries and intricacies of the theme engineā€¦
14:14:51coppergotta ask kugel about what's supposed to be followed by \n and what isn't
14:14:51copperand if someone could publish a definitive set of guidelines for it, that would be great
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14:31:33[Saint]Why is the RaaA buffer so small? I just noticed there's virtually nothing left after loading a very poorly optimized (due to testing) theme I'm working on.
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14:35:17[Saint]I know rebuffer is a lot less expensive on flash, but when a smartphone has 1GB+ of RAm it seems a bit odd that I couldn't fit a single 320 CBR mp3 of average length in the buffer.
14:35:35[Saint]8MB seems a tad low.
14:36:51[Saint]Easily fixed on my end - I just thought it was strange it was so small, but it wouldn't be an issue if this theme was properly otptimized.
14:36:57[Saint]Or, would be less of an issue.
14:38:58kugeli set the number when smartphones didnt have 1GB+
14:39:16[Saint]Hmmm....oddly, this seems to have had an impact on my blackscreen issue.
14:39:59[Saint]Huh. Neat.
14:41:09[Saint]Lets see if making the buffer smaller again goes back to the familiar behavior
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14:43:08[Saint]Hmmm. Yep.
14:43:24[Saint]Well, this is interesting and unexpected.
14:46:46kugelunexpected indeed
14:46:57kugelthis needs more sampling data I think :)
14:47:19[Saint]Yes. Indeed.
14:47:46[Saint]I need some more time to play around with this to make sure that I definitely cannot reproduce it with the larger buffer.
14:48:19[Saint]Bah. I really should be working. Heh.
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15:13:58[Saint]pixelma: <−− .apk just in case you wanted to give this a try (read above, re: blackscreen bug - I am having good luck with a larger buffer)
15:17:06[Saint]*build is git head w/ shutdown in main menu patch
15:22:42dfkton my galaxy tab i can't turn on the screen anymore when raaa is the foreground app, and the screen turns off. have to hard-reboot the device. is that the same blackscreen bug?
15:23:31[Saint]for me it only happens if the application is backgrounded and I skip tracks.
15:23:58[Saint]Or, if its backgrounded and I wake it qwith the notification tray or widget.
15:24:03dfktnot to sound repetitive, but: weird.
15:24:16[Saint]RaaA has a few quirks.
15:24:34[Saint]Unfortunately, kugel can't repro - which makes it difficult.
15:24:39dfktfunny thing is, this only happens on my galaxy tab, no matter if stock ROM, CM, PA, PAC
15:24:52[Saint]And I haven't caught anything fishy in logcat yet.
15:24:53dfkton my nex4, archos32, cowon d3, this doesn't happen
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15:26:10[Saint]For me happens in Cm 11 on a Nexus 5
15:26:22[Saint]But not stock.
15:26:46[Saint]And on CM 11 on a Galaxy Ace 2 and 3
15:27:00[Saint]...but I have no idea about stock there.
15:27:05dfktbetter that way ;)
15:27:13[Saint]As going between stock and CM there is nontrivial.
15:27:53[Saint]The Ace 2 I have has never once loaded a stock ROM in its life unless it did so during factory testing.
15:28:30dfkthmm. i have cm11 set up as dual-boot on my nex4, maybe i should try raaa there
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22:58:29plocoto anyone whom working on Raaa, Android black screen bug: check is holder.lockcanvas return a null. if so, should return. I've work on this bug for months and yet this one would cause Android UI thread hang most of time.
23:10:50 Join tyllmoritz [0] (~robin@
23:17:41kugelploco: hey. if it would return null the app would surely crash
23:19:25plocoit doesn't crash. but hang at holder.unlockCanvasAndPost(c);
23:19:57kugelc.drawBitmap would crash if c is null
23:20:31kugelhave you been able to debug this?
23:23:08plocoI've use try and catch for every single line of code in both update function. and self terminate the program at the point when exception occur.
23:23:31plocoand the final trigger point is holder.unlockCanvasAndPost(c)
23:25:07kugelploco: c.drawBitmap() should already throw an exception
23:25:41plocoI know this sounds odd but exceptions doesn't crash the program in this case.
23:25:45kugelI'm not sure how exeptions in update() are supposed to be handled since it returns back to native code
23:28:03ploco if(e->ExceptionOccurred(env_ptr)) e->ExceptionClear(env_ptr);
23:28:18kugelright but what happens if you dont do this?
23:28:42plocoblack screen
23:28:59plocoeven do so, it will still show static pic as the update no longer works
23:29:33kugelhave you tried clearing exceptions in the native part?
23:30:53plocoyou mean clear the exception by re-create a new surface?
23:31:00kugelploco: as per documention lockCanvas() not return null after the surfaceCreated() callback, and the native code doesnt call update() if this wasnt the case
23:32:52kugelwell, i guess the null check doesnt hurt, if it makes things any better
23:33:47plocoIt's one of the abnormal things of Android programming.
23:34:36marazI'm sure simply clearing all exceptions as they occur is perfectly normal in comparison. (end sarcasm)
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23:51:21b0hoonpamaury: (logs) Here is what i've found out about gpio (sansa view) =>
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23:56:47b0hoonAnd random bullshit pseudo code/whatever notes about lcd interface =>
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