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#rockbox log for 2014-04-03

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00:51:34NotSaintkugel: is this weird behavior any clue? when rockbox trips up and hangs, if I have the same named track in my Google play music cache Google play will resume playback from where Rockbox fucked up from.
00:52:07NotSaintthought it was worth mentioning.
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00:53:02NotSaintit cancels out whatever play music was playing and grabs rockbox's resume position...somehow.
00:53:36NotSaintbut only if I have the track duplicated in my offline cache.
00:54:03NotSaintanyhow - must dash.
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01:12:54StrongbitI am a bit of a newbie
01:13:05Strongbitand I am starting to get some interest in hw reversing
01:13:12Strongbitam I in the wrong channel?
01:14:00StrongbitNevertheless, I have opened my walkman, just for fun
01:14:58Strongbitand I have found out the integrated circuit that is responsible for processing the disc signal and producing music and writting on the screen
01:15:12Strongbitmy question is :
01:15:26StrongbitIs it possible to dump out the cpu code inside this circuit?
01:15:29Strongbitand how?
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02:24:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3661581, 253 builds, 30 clients.
02:30:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 407 seconds.
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03:08:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f9d60e1, 253 builds, 30 clients.
03:14:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 371 seconds.
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03:32:02[Saint]Does my client ever complete anything?
03:32:26[Saint]I mean, I see it doeing things - but it never actually seems to upload anything or someone else beats me to it.
03:32:50[Saint]Maybe I should be a little bit more lenient on the number of cores its allowed to use.
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07:35:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 580104d, 253 builds, 30 clients.
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07:44:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 524 seconds.
07:45:49*[Saint] wonders how the notifier bot gets the round details 2 seconds before my client did
07:47:19[Saint][18:44:35] <fs-bluebot> Build Server message: Build round completed after 524 seconds.2014-04-03 18:44:37 Server message: Revision 580104d result: All green
07:50:02*[Saint] sets about getting the build client to use notify-send where available
07:50:36[Saint]Ooooohhhh...I can pipe a cute little Rockbox icon in there too.
07:54:38[Saint]notify-send -i $RB_DIR/rbutil/rbutilqt/icons/rockbox-48.png testy test test
07:55:11wodz[Saint]: time difference between machines maybe?
07:55:59[Saint]quassel core and build client are on the same machine.
07:56:21[Saint](so get their time from the same place)
07:58:33wodzI mean fs-bluebot machine
07:59:30[Saint]The time on that machine shouldn't make a difference iiuc.
08:00:01wodzmaybe I don't understand the issue
08:01:19[Saint]There's a 2 second difference between the notification, and my client finishing the round. So the fs-bluebot machine had time to send the "round completed" message out before my client even knew the round was over.
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08:15:19bluebrother[Saint]: bluebot gets the information passed via the buildclient notify functionality. So as soon as the client running on the same machine get the information that the build round is completed it posts the information to the channel
08:16:04bluebrotherseems your internet tubes aren't big enough and the information for your client gets stuck in traffic jam ;-)
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08:54:58[Saint]My infotubes damn well should be big enough. Its two bonded VDSL2 lines.
08:55:43copper[Saint]: it's not how big they are. It's how you use them.
08:56:58[Saint]Well, upstream is pretty "meh". ~16Mb/s on a good day.
08:57:23[Saint]I imagine though that some clients have much much fatter tubes than that.
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08:59:00[Saint]Hmmm. My connection is actually really terrible right now.
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11:45:58pamaurywodz: ping
11:46:52pamauryHey, I see that you are working with kugel, how is this thing working out ?
11:47:03pamauryMy question is more about qeditor/reg desc files
11:47:53pamauryI'm working on the Sansa View and now I realise that the possibility of creating a register map with qeditor would be a nice addition so I've begun to add the code for it. And I also think it would be great if we could annotate things in the description, don't you think ?
11:48:10pamauryLike attaching comments to the soc, devices, registers, fields, values, et
11:48:17wodzpamaury: definitely
11:49:27pamauryI was thinking about adding a <comment> tag, so one can write things like:
11:49:28pamaury<reg ...> ...<comment>My super comment</comment></reg>
11:50:01pamauryHowever this poses a small problem for edition: if I open a desc file in qeditor, edit it and save it, it will loose all the formatting. For rk27xx I saw that you indented everything nicely
11:50:36pamauryShould the save routine automatically indent ? Or you don't care about the .xml file as long as you can read/write it with qeditor ?
11:51:43wodzregarding elfloader - The version which is on gerrit 'just works' on vibe500. plugins/codecs resolve external symbols exported by the core. Static load buffer is still used but other than that it can be loaded at any address. What I am working on right now is the ability to import symbols from the loaded module into the core (ie the other way around)
11:53:33wodzpamaury: The indentation thing was because I wrote this desc file by hand. Idented file is easier to read. One of the benefit of XML is that while it is easy to machine parse you can actually read it in regular text editor so I would prefer to include indentation.
11:55:05pamauryok but you don't mind if it's automatic ?
11:55:25pamauryalso I think I will version the format and change a few things in it, mostly renaming and dropping useless attributes
11:55:57wodzas long as it will be readable I don't care
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13:48:15wodzsaratoga: ping
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17:31:42jhMikeSsomething is really messed up with #includes if H300 Sim is compaining about an implicit declaration of strlcpy if string.h is included already
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18:00:40adnapHow can I set up rockbox to correctly display Japanese pathnames and id3 tags? Also, when I "Export Modifications" of the database, Japanese pathnames in database_changelog.txt appear as jibberish, while Japanese id3 metadeta appears correctly
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18:49:33saratogawodz: pong
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18:52:59adnapI want to obtain a database_changelog.txt with the correct pathnames
18:56:25wodzsaratoga: I was asking how CodecMemoryUsage was generated
18:56:40saratogawodz: IIRC Buschel made it a few years ago
18:56:52saratogahe looked at the codec map files i think
18:58:49saratogaand i guess manually measured mallocs for a test file
18:58:52saratogawhy do you ask?
19:02:15wodzbecause of comming ability to allocate codec buffer on load (on my elfloader branch)
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19:04:00saratogaFWIW i've wanted to shrinkt he codec buffer for a while
19:04:17saratogaprobably 640kb would be enough for everything except pathological AAC/Vorbis files
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19:14:17saratogahow does the codec buffer allocation work?
19:14:30saratogaare they allocated on the audio buffer?
19:29:33wodzsaratoga: kugel says it can be unmovable buflib allocation
19:40:00saratogaseems sensible
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20:23:01gevaertsadnap: I'm not entirely sure, but I think you need the default codepage setting
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20:53:57adnapgevaerts: I'm using Latin1 (ISO-885901). I was able to see song metadata in Japanese if I switched the codepage to Japanese and used Unifont. However, the menus are still jibberish for Japanese pathnames. If I use a Japanese codepage when generating the database, will it store the paths correctly?
20:55:33gevaertsWhat codepage did the OS you copied the files with use?
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21:43:04adnapgevaerts: No idea. I used Linux.
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21:43:11adnapMy local is utf8
21:45:10gevaertsProbably utf8 then I'd expect. You can specify it using the iocharset mount option if needed though
21:45:29gevaertsDoes it work if you set the codepage option to utf8?
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21:51:06gevaertsadnap: do you actually see utf8 in the default codepage options? We had a bug a while ago that made that one inaccessible, and I *think* that bug is in 3.13...
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21:51:40gevaertsIf you don't have it, try a current development build
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21:59:26dfktthe check in the theme uploader that one can't include scroll step/speed/delay in the cfg is a bit restrictive, imo
22:00:17dfkti think it's not a matter of preference, since there's only one 'good' setting - 1px step and fastest speed, no matter what player. seems a lot of people don't bother with those settings, and just go with the awful jerky default setting
22:00:57gevaertsdfkt: if there's only one good setting, why should we allow themes to set a wrong value then? :)
22:01:28dfktpeople should 'experience' the theme the way it is intended, if you excuse my marketing speech :)
22:02:24dfkti can see one other useful setting, a page-per-page 'scroll', instead of pixel-per-pixel
22:02:40dfktbut the rockbox default of 6px steps is just.. commodore 64
22:02:43bluebrotheradnap, gevaerts: vfat uses UCS-2 for filenames, so the codepage setting shouldn't affect filenames
22:03:03gevaertsbluebrother: I don't know then!
22:03:08bluebrotherit sounds more like a font issue to me
22:03:13*gevaerts stops knowing things :)
22:03:52bluebrotherwhat did happen to me (several years back) was Linux using the wrong translation when using vfat :)
22:12:43dfkthas the %LB tag been retired? i can't find it in the manual anymore (and i forgot what it was)
22:15:01pixelmawell, unfortunately the skin tags description wasn't kept much up to date in the manual. Maybe you'll find something on CustomWPS
22:15:08gevaertsCustomWPS has it
22:15:15bluebrothersounds like a task for DevCon then :)
22:16:18dfktaah, thanks, pixelma and gevaerts :)
22:17:07lebelliumone more reason to keep CustomWPS and remove the theme part from the manual
22:17:35lebelliumI'm sure [Saint] will agree
22:17:59dfkti thought CustomWPS was the wiki page with the big red disclaimer of being outdated - guess that was another page
22:18:22gevaertsBoth are incomplete as far as I know, in different ways
22:18:29dfktah, that was SimpleGuideToWPSMaking
22:18:51lebelliumCustomWPS is quite up-to-date. Almost all tags are documented
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23:00:49[Saint]lebellium: Sorry.
23:01:01[Saint]I couldn't disagree more on this one.
23:01:18[Saint]Update the manual - lose CustomWPS.
23:01:26lebelliumexpected :)
23:02:14gevaertsThere's an obvious solution
23:02:22gevaertsThe first one that's complete wins :)
23:02:33[Saint]The wiki is best-effort community documentation. Its great that it exists, but there's zero obligation from either the team or the users to update it.
23:02:50[Saint]The manual should be the canonical source of documentation.
23:03:17[Saint]gevaerts: Well...not really. If the wiki was completed I would just spend a little time exporting it to the manual before I killed the wiki page. ;)
23:03:27[Saint]I'm not sure that's counted as "winning".
23:05:14gevaerts[Saint]: that doesn't motivate anyone, so no, if the wiki is there first, the manual chapter disappears
23:05:39gevaertsSo get busy :)
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23:30:29[Saint]gevaerts: you're not serious, surely?
23:30:36[Saint]The wiki is no place for this.
23:30:41gevaerts[Saint]: do you want to bet?
23:30:55gevaertsEntirely up to you!
23:32:14[Saint]What is up to me will be the shit storm I'll conjure up if that manual section goes missing.
23:32:36gevaertsWell, you can make that not happen :)
23:33:29saratogai don't see a problem with the wiki, its very easy to edit
23:33:41[Saint]saratoga: that's one of the problems.
23:34:08[Saint]We need a source of official documentation. The manual (IMO) should be it.
23:36:03[Saint]There's been a couple of times where I have reverted a wiki edit because someone made a weird workaround and documented it as "the way".
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23:37:20[Saint]Unfortunately though, I don't have time for this myself. Its been on my ToDo list for years.
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