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#rockbox log for 2014-04-06

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01:05:20soapblue isn't uncommon because people
01:05:25soapnot because cheap displaysd.
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07:15:48[Saint]Hey...ummmm...well, here goes. Wacky idea time:
07:16:38[Saint]Do you think we could include a QR code generator so that we could get meaningful panic reports with more data than the screen can display at a given time?
07:17:08[Saint]And as a result rely less on the user documenting the panic properly.
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07:17:30[Saint](three guesses what project gave me this idea)
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09:06:08coppersoap: uh?
09:06:43copper[Saint]: that would be awesome
09:07:25copperoh, and, the ability to change the levels of red, green and blue on the display, like PC displays
09:08:01copperif not on the display itself, then on the grapical output of Rockbox
09:19:40[Saint]A cursory look suggest there's some reasonably lightweight QR code libraries out there.
09:20:09[Saint]Haven't looked yet at what, if any, potential candidates are invalidated or validated by licensing.
09:20:33[Saint]I'd like to know if anyone considers it an idea of merit first.
09:21:09[Saint]And not just a byproduct of me reading kernel developer mailing lists and getting all excited.
09:23:33copperI could think of one or two more applications
09:24:10copperwhat did you read?
09:25:46[Saint] is a good digest.
09:26:31[Saint]I think I originally found it in moronix.
09:28:08[Saint]It might be completely impossible.
09:30:03[Saint]WHich is where a real expert needs to chime in.
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10:18:51copperthe themesite needs a comment section
10:19:05copperor maybe just a link to an automatically generated thread in the forums
10:19:29[Saint]amayer got....somewhere?
10:19:41copperI don't think so
10:20:09[Saint]there's definitely some recentish work for the themesite.
10:20:20[Saint]how abandoned it is or isn't, I don't know.
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10:21:02copperI could create one thread per theme manually and direct users there, but the themes forum sticky confuses me a bit
10:21:51[Saint]boom. 7 weeks ago. and not long before that.
10:22:19pixelma[Saint]: my thought (without knowing though) was that in these cases of error Rockbox wouldn't be able to process something like this anymore. Just spitting out a compiled-in string with an error code or an address seems much more lightweight than generating a qr code. It sounded nice though
10:22:25coppersaratoga: that's old
10:22:35copper[Saint]: that's old
10:22:51copperand none of the discussed improvements are there
10:23:10[Saint]its still proof that, fairly recently, within scope of the themesite, amayer had an interest in it.
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10:23:52copperamayer said he hasn't had the time to work on the themesite for the stuff we've been talking about
10:23:56JdGordon_I started with theme/forum integration but lost interest once i saw the themesite code :p
10:24:44copperand, my patch hasn't been looked at
10:25:03[Saint]you absolutely cannot make that claim.
10:25:20copperok, it hasn't beeen commented :P
10:25:27[Saint]Better. :)
10:25:34coppercommented on
10:25:51copperanyway, back to my question about the forum
10:26:05copperthe sticky I linked to
10:26:16[Saint]The problem there is that, if people were around who knew enough to comment there, they likely would've done it themselves.
10:26:20copperI can't tell if that means I'm allowed to create one thread per theme in there?
10:26:25[Saint]People work on what they enjoy doing, also.
10:26:35[Saint]Web development, yeah...fuck that.
10:27:29[Saint]copper: go for it.
10:29:02[Saint]When that was written there wasn't really any "bulk" authors like you.
10:29:34[Saint]It completely makes sense for you to have a support outlet for your titles if you need it. And I think there's as fitting place as any.
10:31:14[Saint]Though, in hindsight, thinking about the vast number of themes you thread per theme is a bit much.
10:31:34[Saint]But I can't right now think of a better way for you to manage it.
10:32:01copperI don't have that many themes
10:32:19copperthe 14 Googley themes are really a single theme with different colors
10:32:29[Saint]JdGordon_: where were you thinking of dumping these threads, in theory, had you added that functionality?
10:32:30copperobviously I would create only one thread for those
10:32:40*[Saint] nods
10:34:00copperwell, maybe one thread for each target (iPod and Fuze+)
10:34:34[Saint]There shouldn't be any functional difference between the two.
10:34:45[Saint]If there were, it wouldn't be a bug with the theme.
10:35:31copperthe different orientations of the display of each target results in different metadata being displayed, as well as slightly different functionalities
10:35:34[Saint]It should only need grouping by theme and resolution. Not target.
10:37:54[Saint]If need be a sub can be created and threads moved. I think its ok to go for it.
10:38:58copper" News:
10:38:58copperRockbox Ports are now being developed for various digital audio players!
10:39:17copperjust how _old_ is that news item? :D
10:39:43[Saint]Its still valid!
10:40:11[Saint]How long have we been celebrating the 10th birthday? :)
10:40:40[Saint]Or 3.13's birthday?
10:40:44*[Saint] ducks
10:41:30[Saint]Time, is but a moment. Rockbox, is forever.
10:42:18copperI think you're confusing Rockbox with diamonds ;)
10:42:47[Saint]Likely one of the more favorable comparisons that have been made.
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10:50:07copperwhat am I supposed to answer in the forums registration form?
10:50:11copper"What is 5 + 8? (enter wombat in the field):"
10:50:24copper"13", "wombat" and "13 wombat" don't work
10:50:39funmancopper: 'wombat in the field' ?
10:50:59funmanprime wombat?
10:51:26copperfuck's sake
10:51:33copperthat captcha is horrible, too
10:52:23copper"You did not answer the verification questions correctly."
10:53:00copperwow, I managed to register
10:53:11copperit was a trick question!
10:55:46JdGordon_[Saint]: one thread per theme in a dedicated subforum which would only allow the bot to create posts
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10:57:24copperJdGordon_: create new threads, you mean?
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11:09:12copperif only the bot could post comments, that wouldn't be terribly useful ;)
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11:18:55*[Saint] now knows copper is either human or partially Turing complete.
11:19:08[Saint]Well done!
11:19:51*[Saint] happens to think that proof of life is reasonably well done
11:20:17[Saint]That? That that? Bah. English.
11:29:12copperthat that that ratatatat
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12:37:41copperwhy doesn't %Vb() work on my theme?
12:38:23copperworks when I clear the backdrop %X(d)
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15:06:00soapcopper, blue tint is intentional (and has been for decades) because blue-white is perceived as brighter and cleaner than objective-white which is seen as yellow. Old ladies blued their hair for this reason.
15:06:55copperI died my hair blue when I was 17, but only to piss off my teachers :P
15:07:07copperblue is blue
15:07:13copperblue is blue is blue
15:07:37copperand if a display can't produce good whites or good blacks, it just sucks
15:07:49copperand most affordable display do, suck
15:14:12soapI calibrate my monitors, have for years, and the "problem" is getting worse, not better. I get Dell Latitude work computers (obviously not pro graphics laptops, but not consumer ones either) and every generation is brighter and bluer than the last, even as the screens have gotten objectively better technology over the last 8 years.
15:24:57copperconsumer and prosumer laptops aren't exactly references for good displays
15:26:06copperespecially when the PC market is tanking and PC/laptop makers feel obligated to reduce costs to a maximum
15:27:45coppernot that I know anything on that topic, but I wouldn't be surprised if the reason those displays are blueish is precisely because they're making them brighter, and the backlight they're using is inherently blueish
15:28:12copperlike those super bright LED headlights on cars
15:28:28copperthey look awesome, super bright, super white, but also blueish
15:28:55coppermeh, I don't know.
15:29:16copper07:07:25 UTC <copper> oh, and, the ability to change the levels of red, green and blue on the display, like PC displays
15:29:26copper^ that would fix the problem :)
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16:05:14[Saint]copper: as soap said, its entirely deliberate. If its a bi-product of anything, its a product of deliberate action.
16:05:30[Saint]"blue" white is "clean".
16:05:53[Saint]"white" white is dirty and yellowed.
16:06:00[Saint]It's just...humans.
16:06:30bertriksoylent blue is ... humans!?
16:06:54bertriksorry, off-topic
16:07:44[Saint]Well...fwiw color temperature and perceived brightness and hue aren't really on-topic either I guess. :)
16:08:47copperRockbox color management is on topic!
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16:55:00soapyou could just use a gel as a screen protector. I'm sure you can find a complementary response curve to neutralize the worst aspects of your DAP's screen.
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17:20:34ReventlovI got a music player named « Memup Kosmo 4GB ». It's not supported by rockbox. Still, since it is described in lsusb as: Bus 002 Device 007: ID 10d6:1101 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd D-Wave 2GB MP4 Player / AK1025 MP3/MP4 Player
17:20:49Reventlovdoes it mean i can find a workaround to install dropbox on it or ?
17:23:13lebelliumThat doesn't mean anything and it's rockbox, not dropbox :)
17:24:14copperReventlov: why would you think you can install Rockbox from what lsusb told you?
17:24:34Reventlovit seems to be a common answer concerning mp3/mp4 players
17:25:54ReventlovSo, since it seems common, maybe it's just something else with the brand name on it.
17:26:12copperand what makes you think it's common?
17:26:50 Join dfkt [0] (OxO29A@unaffiliated/dfkt)
17:27:18copperwhy are people suddenly coming here asking about no-name DAPs
17:27:34copperis Rockbox mentionned on some internet forum?
17:27:56 Quit us`0gb (Quit:
17:28:15ReventlovI found rockbox years ago, i'm just asking
17:29:30copperwell the answer is probably "no", unfortunately
17:36:28copperReventlov: cheap Rockbox-able devices include the SanDisk Clip Zip and Fuze+
17:36:47copperwell, refurbs are cheap, anyway
17:40:45copperthe Fuze+ has a touchpad though, some people don't like that
17:40:58copperClip Zip has tactile buttons but a small, squarish display
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17:46:21nrgi love my clip zip
17:48:44the-kyleMy Clip Zip is the best rather inexpensive player I've used, once I put Rockbox on it. I paid a bit more for mine, but that's because I wanted 8GB internal storage to go along with the 32GB MicroSD card I already had.
17:49:47nrgyea it is an incredibly solid and well made device as far as I'm concerned, has held together perfect for years now with no problems at all
17:49:55the-kyleI guess the screen isn't the best in the world, but it's better than the Clip+ I used to have.
17:50:23the-kyleAnd I personally don't care about the screen, as I'm visually impaired, so I use the voice features.
17:50:47nrgoh cool, i've thought about doing that
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18:24:50copperaaand, the downrating continues
18:26:19copperI must be the most downrated theme author
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18:36:04copperif only they would fucking say something
18:46:55AlexPcopper: Why do you care?
18:48:16 Join Rower [0] (
18:48:52copperAlexP: it's like getting poked with a stick every time
18:48:57copperit doesn't hurt but it's annoying
18:49:02AlexPJust don't look :)
18:49:24AlexPCaring about what random people on the internet think is a sure route to madness
18:49:46copperand, I can't help but wonder if it's because of something that could be easily fixed
18:51:16copperalso, if I shouldn't care, remove ratings
18:51:48AlexPI'm not suggesting anything is changed to save one person's feelings
18:52:02AlexPI couldn't care less whether there are ratings or not
18:52:09AlexPI just find it odd you seem to care so much
18:52:29AlexPbut there we go
18:52:50copperI care about what I produce
18:53:00copperI don't think that's unreasonable
18:53:04AlexPSure, and if you are happy then great
18:53:28copperif I didn't care what other people feel about my themes, why should I upload them in the first place?
18:53:39AlexPSo people who may like them can benefit
18:53:51copperthat's… caring!
18:53:52AlexPSo to validate yourself by having random people give you lots of stars
18:54:16AlexPBut I don't actually care, I was just curious
18:54:20 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
18:54:24copperI don't want high ratings
18:54:39copperI want people to tell me if there's something wrong or if I could improve stuff for them
18:55:08copperdownrating is about as useful and as annoying as "ur so gay, lol"
18:55:20AlexPYes, that would be useful of course. But it might just be they don't like it, not because there is anything broken about it
18:55:43copperthen why am I pretty much the only one getting downrated?
18:56:00AlexPA global conspiracy?
19:01:04 Quit kugel (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:02:09copperAlexP: if they don't like them, I'd like to know why, given the diversity of my themes
19:02:23copperif there is one common element that they don't like, I want to know what
19:02:33copperbecause I can't figure it out
19:02:54AlexPI can understand that, but I think you are being unrealistic. These are random people on the internet :)
19:03:45copperIt's just plain annoying
19:05:48dfktmaybe you get a downvote for every time you say 'meh' ;)
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20:14:33wodz[Saint]: while QR codes are kinda cool, what benefit you see using it for panic?
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