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#rockbox log for 2014-04-07

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08:06:48wodz\o/ With a fair bit of hacks I was able to declare struct codec_api ci in codec itself and assign appropriate pointer in core on codec load. That proofs that it is possible to export symbols from loaded on demand modules with help of elfloader framework.
08:07:29wodzcodec api isn't good example thought as most of the struct are pointers to other structs assigned in core so it is a bit ackward
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18:37:37havatthello guys, is there any possibility to turn on/off the sansa clip+ by the home button? is it possible to write something like that in the code of rockbox?
18:40:41Misanthroposat least turning it off should be possible from any button.. turning it so.. i would gess not
18:41:32the-kyleTurning it on isn't done from Rockbox.
18:41:43bertrikindeed, the clip+ can only turn on by a couple of means, but the power button is the only button that can make it turn on
18:41:44havattso, i gues that it is a matter of hardware and restrictions of the pcb?
18:42:01havattah, i see
18:42:20the-kyleI think there is a shutdown function in the keymap, but it can't turn any other button into the power button when the player is turned off.
18:45:46havatttoo bad, i've dropped mine sansa clip and tried to solder the power button by myself, but unfortunately it was too big, i've burned pcb and even some case. the only way to turn it off is connecting it to the pc and it's so uncomfortable...
18:47:01havattit's so stupid that i have the player, but i can't really use it
18:56:18Misanthroposmaybe you can use a usb cable
18:56:28Misanthroposto turn it on
18:56:37Misanthroposi mean a modified one :D
18:57:03Misanthroposwith a small battery.. so the device thinks it is being charged
18:57:14Misanthroposthat you could solder easily
18:57:33the-kyleAny powered cable will work.
18:58:06havatti don't know if it's worth it :P
18:58:16Misanthroposyes.. but say you are in a plane... you could use that cable.. and even charge your clip while playing :D
18:58:40the-kyleIt doesn't need to have much power at all. You could get one of those cheap little aluminum cell chargers that don't really work to power its short little cable.
18:59:14the-kyleYou can still power it off?
18:59:34havattill use the clip mostly for listening to music while riding on board
18:59:38Misanthropospoweroff is easy.. you could use a timer
18:59:43havattwell, if i'd know how to!
18:59:51havattyea, the timer works
19:00:06havattafter a 10 minutes of music being paused it turns off
19:00:20the-kyleYeah, that works.
19:00:27havattbut well... then im outside and wanna turn it on
19:00:46the-kyleThat's what a battery powered charger can do.
19:01:03havattwell, i can turn it on in the morning then set timer for like an hour or so, it wouldn't turn off but i could still pause the music
19:01:34Misanthroposif it is charged.. you can leave it on for quite some time
19:01:53havattthe thing is that clip+ isn't really that expensive, i still can buy just another one
19:01:55Misanthroposjust disable the timer.... it should last for at least 10 hours
19:02:07MisanthroposI would do that :D
19:02:15the-kyleA charger like that can be a bit clunky if only used to turn the Clip on, but the ability to charge it is a really good benefit.
19:02:27MisanthroposI bought a second for myself just in case they stopped selling it
19:02:52havatthmm, cool idea :D
19:03:30the-kyleI found a really cool charger called a Burro that will charge it on 4 AA batteries. They will charge something like a Clip+ probably 5 or 6 times.
19:03:52the-kyleProbably more than that even.
19:04:10the-kyleSo you really could keep it on all the time and never turn it off.
19:08:50havattbtw, if ill turn the timer off, then the device will be on til the battery discharge
19:09:20havattbut the screen goes black
19:09:22[Saint]you can just add shutdown as a main menu item.
19:09:27[Saint]any target can do this.
19:10:11havattso it wont consume any power but keeping it on, seems like it could run pretty long
19:10:21havatti don't even wanna turn it off
19:10:29havatthow would i turn it on back then
19:10:48[Saint]plugging power.
19:10:58the-kyleUsing the charger will turn it on automatically. Any powered cable.
19:11:03havattnah, it's uncomfortable
19:11:18havatti have to borrow a special device just to turning it on :D
19:11:39[Saint]"special device"
19:11:49[Saint]...not sure if a USB cable counts as special.
19:11:51havattyea but it is always something, right?
19:11:54havattbut powered
19:11:56the-kyleYou can use the same cable and charging device you use to charge it.
19:12:15havatti do use a computer to charge it
19:12:35the-kyleAh, OK, then I can see how it's uncomfortable for you.
19:12:44havattyea :D
19:12:44the-kyleYou need a portable charger.
19:12:50[Saint]you're fucked if it panics.
19:13:09the-kyleYeah, this is true, since you can't hold in the power button.
19:14:07havattwait, what do you mean by panics
19:15:09[Saint]synonym for crash.
19:15:20the-kyleSometimes when it crashes, it just reboots. Other times it can lock up completely. In such cases, you normally need to hold in the power button for about 15 seconds, which won't work in your case.
19:15:47[Saint]in your case that would mean waiting for the battery to die.
19:15:48copper17:09:23 UTC <[Saint]> you can just add shutdown as a main menu item.
19:15:52havattsorry, im not a native english speaker
19:16:02[Saint]copper: via config.cfg
19:16:23[Saint]Oh, shit, you can't.
19:16:23copperI added ", shutdown" to the root menu order: line, doesn't show anything in the iPod Video sim
19:16:40[Saint]I forgot that wasn't committed.
19:17:03copperI have to say, it's mildly annoying having to press play for 5 full seconds before Rockbox decides to shut down
19:17:27copperwell maybe not 5 seconds, but close
19:17:36[Saint]that's a HW thing. But, anyway, yeah - one sec.
19:18:19[Saint]There you go.
19:19:01[Saint]You can either apply that and edit config.cfg, or apply HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MAIN_MENU to the device config to enable shutdown by default
19:19:27[Saint]I should probably do something about getting that in.
19:20:06havattmake the command "inclusion"
19:21:33havattso i can turn it on, just kidding
19:21:39havattimma show you how bad it is
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19:27:59havattthere you go
19:31:13Mirfor some reason my Sansa E200 doesnt like play .nsf files
19:31:27Mirits freezing quite badly
19:32:01Miri am using rockbox 3.13 :/
19:33:16Mirhere is a link to the .nsf file it just froze on
19:33:33*Mir tithers off as he has a bus to catch
19:33:44Miri think i need to stick with FLAC til i get back on
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21:11:10wodz[Saint]: ping
21:12:49[Saint]wodz: pong
21:12:57wodz[Saint]: Do you see other reasons then 'coolness' for QR panics ?
21:13:44[Saint]wodz: IIUC there are situations where we can't display the entire address in the panic screen
21:14:03[Saint]though that may be a formatting issue primarily.
21:14:32[Saint]But primarily I figured that it was possible that there was perhaps more debug information you could dump if you had room do so.
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21:16:36[Saint]I figured it would be a way to dump a reasonable amount of information into a small area. But I wasn't sure if it was actually required, or even possible.
21:16:47*gevaerts has doubts
21:17:15gevaertsIf you're working with a clip-sized screen, you're going to have to rely on really good focus from the camera
21:18:00gevaertsAlso, on such screens it's going to be either QR code or textual information. Forget both
21:20:51*wodz pokes gevaerts to fill DevCon2014 possible dates
21:20:57gevaertsOh, right!
21:23:05*gevaerts does his duty
21:23:23gevaertswodz: all else being equal, I prefer later dates
21:23:39gevaertsIt doesn't matter much though
21:25:21gevaertsDon't forget to collect as many Swedes as you can :)
21:25:57wodzDo I need to send them separate invitation? ;-)
21:26:12gevaertsNot as such, but possibly a ping :)
21:27:42pamaurygevaerts: do you know if we have a copy of e200tools in our trunk ?
21:28:04gevaertspamaury: I don't think so
21:28:04pamauryor is this the only source ?
21:28:14gevaertsIt is, as far as I know
21:28:24gevaertsAlthough several people probably have copies if needed
21:28:59pamauryshouldn't it be in our trunk ? who wrote it ?
21:29:12gevaertsMrH, whoever he may be
21:29:17gevaertsAlso, the license isn't clear
21:29:38gevaertsSo I don't think we can really include it
21:29:48[Saint]cleanroom it?
21:31:24pamauryah I see
21:31:35pamauryyeah I'll probably reimplement it then
21:32:25wodzwriting hwstub for this target should be even better, no?
21:33:11pamaurythat's my plan
21:33:26pamauryI just need to reimplement the small part which sends the stub over usb
21:33:34pamauryand the small device specific part
21:33:42pamaury(it uses the usb arc driver)
21:33:58wodzah, that simplifies things a lot
21:34:42pamaurybasically e200tool is exactly that with a custom protocol
21:34:50pamaurywhich contains things like i2c read/write tool
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21:43:45mirt61pi had the same issue with Alien3.nsf
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22:21:00pamaurywodz: got hwstub working on pp !!
22:21:04pamaurythat was quick :)
22:21:55havattguys, i've cleaned that pcb on clip+
22:22:28havattseems like i just gotta to solder the switch to it
22:22:38havattill give u a pic
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