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#rockbox log for 2014-04-10

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04:30:49*[Saint] giggles slightly at Julian67 vs. saratoga
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07:05:45TeakayHello, I have a (hopefully) quick question about Rockbox on the iPod Classic. If I have already installed Rockbox, is there any way to remove the media already placed on the iPod by iTunes to free up space without having to go back to default firmware, or would I have to revert and use iTunes to format the iPod before reinstalling Rockbox?
07:09:57JdGordonjust delete the folder in the file browser
07:11:58[Saint]Teakay: it *is* removed already.
07:12:05[Saint]You formatted the dvice.
07:12:11[Saint]There ain't squat on there.
07:12:26[Saint](there was a large warning regarding this presented to you during installation)
07:13:58TeakaySorry, I kept seeing messages in the instructions about the installation not removing any of the media already on the iPod, I assumed that was true. If they're already gone then I guess I don't need to worry about removing them.
07:14:21[Saint]That's why we make you go through the rigmarole of pressing that hilariously unnatural key combination.
07:14:35[Saint]Its an effort to make sure that you read the warning and are aware of what you're doing.
07:15:02TeakayUnnatural key combination?
07:15:17[Saint]|<< + >>|
07:15:45TeakaySorry, I on't remember that. I'm talking about the iPod Classic 6.5Gen, if that makes a difference.
07:15:58[Saint]All the Classic variants are the same.
07:17:24[Saint]A screen is presented to make the user aware that they will be removing the firmware partition and formatting the devcie. That is the key combination chosen to indicate you want to procede.
07:17:41[Saint](chosen because its pretty much impossible to press it accidentally)
07:19:02TeakayMy memory must be incredibly bad, I don't remember that. Regardless, I was referring to the message in the instructions that said "Will I lose the data on my iPod when installing/updating emCORE/Rockbox? No, versions since r836 won't erase anything that's on the filesystem on the iPod. The media that's already on the iPod will work after it is copied with a program that copies media then it can be put back on the iPod."
07:19:31TeakayHowever, it looks like you're correct and the iPod was formatted, so I don't have to worry about removing the data after all.
07:20:18[Saint]I'm not sure how correct that statement about not losing media is.
07:21:20[Saint]Its possible something in this regard has changed since I last looked at it, I'm usure now.
07:22:21[Saint]But to put your mind at ease, there is absolutely nothing important on the disk at all.
07:22:35TeakayIt's mentioned in the tutorial here, if you're curious:
07:22:38[Saint]You can format the disk to your hearts content. Nothing that matters lives in there.
07:22:53[Saint]Ahhhhh. That might explain it.
07:23:19[Saint]Head-Fi has a long history of making bogus claims (not saying that is the case here, but they have made life hard for us in the past)
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07:24:24TeakayI suppose it's a good thing I actually wanted the old data removed, then! :)
07:24:37[Saint]But, yeah - if any errant media did happen to exist there, all you would need to do is format the volume from within the emCORE tools menu or via a disk utility.
07:24:48[Saint]Absolutely nothing important lives there.
07:25:09[Saint]Just extract a Rockbox binary to the disk and bam, fixed.
07:25:28[Saint]Everything important lives in a place you can't touch.
07:25:29TeakayAh, I wasn't aware that I could do that from within emCORE itself (I haven't played around with it much yet). That's good to know for the future.
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07:26:11[Saint]emCORE is ridiculously feature complete.
07:26:18[Saint]Its overkill for an end-user bootloader.
07:26:33[Saint](one of the reasons its not official)
07:27:30TeakayI don't think I'll ever consider an abundance of powerful features a bad thing. I'm rather confused about the key combination you mentioned, though... I only installed emCORE and Rockbox an hour ago, and apparently I've already forgotten that happening. Ah well, I haven't been feeling well today, I'll chalk it up to that.
07:28:29[Saint]As I said something may have changed, but I don't recall it doing so - that key combination was used as an "I definitely want to procede" measure and I can't imagine it being removed.
07:28:47ParkerRI hate trying to look up earbuds you already own. there's never any model number labeled
07:30:14TeakayI'm almost curious enough to go through the process again to see where I must have missed that, but not quite curious enough. I've installed Rockbox on an iPod Mini and Sansa Clip+ in the past, and I seem to have a vague recollection of a similar step in one of those installations, but I could be imagining that too.
07:31:23[Saint]No, no such step exists there. We leave the original firmware intact for every target but the Classic.
07:32:20[Saint]Hmmmm...possibly there's one or more others where we completely remove the original firmware but I'm not aware of them off the top of my head.
07:32:59TeakayI suppose I must have done it for this installation and just forgotten it very quickly, then. Oh well, it all worked out how I wanted it to in the end. Thanks for the help again!
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10:05:58copper[Saint]: I don't remember that either
10:08:34copperbut it's been so long since I've installed emcore the last time
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10:11:35copperI do remember being confused about whether or not the existing data would be deleted
10:15:13copperand I don't see any mention of it in the emcore installation pages, either
10:16:02copperanyway, I'll ask my question from yesterday again: why is my iPod Classic charging over USB even after I set "Charge During USB Connection" to "no"?
10:16:11copper"This option lets you control whether the player should charge during the USB connection and hence draw the full 500 mA. Turning it Off is recommended if the player is connected through an unpowered USB hub or a laptop port."
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10:46:34kugelheh, the playlist engine is full of surprises
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11:06:01gevaertskugel: did you set it to shuffle? :)
11:08:33wodzI have report of very weird bug on MPIO HD300. Basically in some (not precisely specified) conditions touchstrip stops working. The touchstrip on HD300 works as quadrature encoder. The pin change fires interrupt which tracks the sequence of the signal and eventually posts asynchonously event to button queue.
11:08:56wodzThe driver is very, very similar to the ipods scrollwheel.
11:09:45wodzPutting player on hold and waiting some time recovers normal operation.
11:09:55wodzAnyone heard of something similar?
11:10:28wodzIn this weird state other buttons work as expected
11:11:44wodzAnd last thing, I was able to hit the bug after trying very hard and doing different weird things with touchstip (like lots of fast swipes, touching, holding and so on)
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11:19:45copperFS #12971
11:19:46fs-bluebot iPod Classic charges on USB even with "Charge During USB Connection" set to "no" (bugs, unconfirmed)
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11:34:22kugelwodz: would you recommend flying or travel by train to warsaw?
11:34:45wodzkugel: from where?
11:35:11kugeltrain takes ~5.5h
11:35:38wodzyeah, I will try to catch cheap flight rather
11:37:01wodzthe hosting location is in the city center, 20min by bus from Okecie airport, 10min by tram from 'Warszawa Centralna' railroad station
11:37:58wodzRyanair flights to 'Modlin' airport which is ~45min by train/bus
11:39:49kugeli think I'd prefer train over flying with ryanair to an airport that far away
11:39:58kugelbut thanks anyway
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11:40:52wodzWizzair lands on 'Okecie' which is really close to hosting place
11:41:10wodzAirBerlin tends to have good prices as well
11:41:25kugelwhich airport is WAW?
11:41:42wodzOkecie I suppose
11:42:10wodzfor now only Rayanair operates from Modlin
11:44:22wodzlooking at dates good candidates are May 16-17, June 7-8 and June 28-29
11:45:46*gevaerts thinks June 7-8 isn't a good option
11:45:54gevaertsWe want the active people there :)
11:47:40kugelI'm sorry to destory the optimal date so far but there's a family celebration
11:48:44kugelcan we get more people on board?
11:49:04wodzI sent email to petur
11:49:19kugelah, two haven't filled dates yet
11:49:37kugelTheSeven: ?
11:50:07kugelperhaps we can get bluebrother's bot to shout invitations every other hour? :)
11:53:02peturI'm not really active too, so I don't want to influence the date picking... so I'm looking which date comes out and then see if I can make it ;)
11:54:36kugelamiconn, pixelma: ?
12:05:54kugelI managed to rip dirplay (well, the directory walking part of it) out of playlist.c
12:06:40kugelI introduced an iterator concept, by which means the file browser hooks in to provide the track list
12:07:03kugelin theory this iterator can be used to implement dirplay for the database
12:13:02 Quit alucryd (Quit: alucryd out)
12:15:09kugelso there is now only dirskip left
12:15:43kugelon the way to a playback/playlist library without dependency on rockbox details
12:15:58pixelmaI think the same as petur about the date finding. If the result is a weekend I could manage to go there, I'd probably go there
12:16:31kugelpixelma: nice to hear! can you please add your self to the attenders list at least?
12:16:41kugelso we don't forget to remind you when we settled for a date :p
12:17:02peturotherwise it might start to look like a reunion and not a devcon :)
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12:42:33Zagorpetur: haha
12:50:16 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
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13:31:29[Saint]I need SDK Tools, SDK Platform-tools, SDK Build-tools, and SDK Platform 19 to build for Android, right?
13:31:35[Saint](as well as the NDK)
13:40:24[Saint]"Have you ever considered changing a name to [God]? It would be more adequate."
13:40:40[Saint]Well, how's that for an ego boost? ;)
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13:40:59gevaerts[Saint]: you want to be merely adequate? :)
13:41:00copperwhat about GodEater
13:41:10copperhe'll eat you alive, no doubt
13:41:29[Saint]Might get uncomfortable.
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13:42:50[Saint]I'm /guessing/ the user is talking about a post where I detailed compiling a build and stealing a V/PID from some generic storage to trick Macs into playing nice with a Rockboxed Classic.
13:43:14[Saint]I seem to recal doing a fairly detailed post regarding this for someone at some stage.
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18:40:19Mirhow can i got about debugging my sansa E200? Its crashing with no error message while maying nintento sound files. The way it crashes is that it freezes and remains unresponsive until the battery dies
18:43:35 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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19:05:12gevaertsMir: so hard reset doesn't work?
19:05:22gevaertsv1 or v2?
19:13:02Mirand no a hard reset soeent work
19:13:13*gevaerts never heard of hard reset not working on PP502x
19:13:20Miri belive my C200 did the same
19:13:24Miralso v1
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20:50:23saratogausually if a file crashes i try to see if it works in the sim
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21:46:19Mirsaratoga: do the sims work on linux?
21:46:37copperthey do
21:46:51copperor are you talking about specific targets?
21:47:33Mirwell i am on a 64bit versiopn of opensuse
21:47:50Mirso if i where to try and test it in a sim the sim would need to work here
21:47:59copperI'm on 64 bit Arch Linux and I'm running sims for the iPod Classic, iPod Video, Fuze+ and Clip+
21:48:10gevaertsOf course the sim builds and works on linux!
21:48:25Mirnever tried one
21:48:26saratogalinux is the primary development environment, the windows builds are cross compiles
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