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#rockbox log for 2014-04-19

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00:56:05[Saint]copper: likely irrelevant now, since you're fixing it, or have fixed it, but I thought of two real-world scenarios that depend on icons being displayed:
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00:56:33[Saint]1 - Directory picker for Database 'directories to scan'.
00:56:47[Saint]2 - "shopper.rock" list plugin.
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07:05:18[Saint]Is it possible to display a splash if a theme or font is likely to totally fuck the user's experience?
07:07:08[Saint]Something to the effect of (but not worded as such) "the font you are attempting to load does not support glyphs required by your locale, this may render the device unusable - proceed? [Yes|No]"
07:07:47[Saint]The fact that we can't (apparently) check for this annoys the shit out of me but I don't know how to handle it.
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07:10:02[Saint]The only way I can think of doing it is with the theme alone, and if I do that I can't make the user aware that the theme may not display as intended and it requires that I duplicate every textual viewport and supply conditions to check the currently loaded lang file.
07:11:06[Saint]And that would also involve hardcoding fonts, which I really hate.
07:12:10[Saint](and wasting RAM by preloading two or more font sets)
07:12:34[Saint] - the latter isn't so much of an issue save for lowmem.
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08:07:53copperweird, when using icons, the entire UI viewport (menu) is shifter 1 pixel to the right
08:08:36[Saint]Did you see my post earlier regarding stuff that falls over without icons?
08:09:19[Saint]There might be more, those are just the ones I know of.
08:09:29copperI really dislike icons
08:09:31[Saint]I really wish I could solve this locale problem logically.
08:09:38[Saint]wrt: font
08:10:13[Saint]copper: I understand that, but unfortunately, without them, you're rendering multiple parts of the FW unusable.
08:10:17copperright now I'm just displaying a dot in front of directories
08:10:43[Saint]One icon you absolutely need is the icon for the line selector.
08:10:48[Saint]This gets used in various places.
08:10:54copperthe what?
08:11:06[Saint](in the tango iconset its a small green arrow)
08:11:22copperwhere is it used?
08:11:42[Saint]Remember there's a line selector mode that uses an icon? It gets used in the directory picker for the database directories to scan option.
08:12:07[Saint]Without it, there's no way to tell what directory is selected.
08:12:11copperLine Selector: Pointer?
08:12:15*[Saint] nods
08:13:19[Saint]Copy from the tango iconset, you'll need 32 icons.
08:13:34[Saint](or at least 32 positions in the strip)
08:13:40copperI know
08:14:01[Saint]Viewer icons can be arbitrarily defined, though.
08:14:36copperI have no idea what those are
08:14:48[Saint]They're the filetype icons.
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08:15:34[Saint](copy what tango is doing if you're unsure)
08:16:25copperthe documentation about those is horribly lacking
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08:57:20copper[Saint]: what about "filetype colours"?
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09:19:00coppernevermind, I don't want to give files and directories different colors
09:19:34copperanyway, I've made an "empty" icon set that has an empty arrow for directories, and a plain arrow for the selector
09:19:49copperi.e. the bare minimum
09:19:57copperI can live with that
09:27:13copperactually I'm gonna use the plain arrow for both
09:27:18coppermore visible
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14:47:44[Saint]copper: what about the shopper plugin?
14:47:55[Saint](I can't remember what icon that uses off the top of my head)
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15:34:15copper[Saint]: I don't see a "shopper" plugin
15:35:58[Saint]There's no reason why the Classic shouldn't have it.
15:37:13copperdo you mean chopper?
15:37:22[Saint]I do not.
15:37:32[Saint]Its definitely there.
15:37:50copperI don't see it on my Classic, nor in the Video sim
15:37:54[Saint]I don't have a target with me right now, but the sources and a compiled build tell me it exists.
15:38:12[Saint]Ah. Its a viewer.
15:38:30[Saint]That's why you're not seeign it.
15:38:36copperI see the file
15:38:47[Saint]"open with" a text file.
15:38:56[Saint]You should see it in the context menu.
15:39:12[Saint]If you see no icons when its open, she's broke.
15:39:52[Saint](load up the default theme to see how its supposed to look afterwards, if it isn't using the line selector icon (which I don't think it is))
15:40:32copperwth is that plugin
15:40:42[Saint]A shopping list.
15:41:34[Saint]Build a list of items, and then check them off as you purchase them (where icon support becomes necessary)
15:42:06[Saint]There's almost certainly other plugins/viewers that use icons that I'm forgetting, too.
15:42:28copperit uses the pointer icon
15:42:43[Saint]Aha. Excellent.
15:43:03[Saint]If I find any more cases before you do, I'll let you know.
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16:45:41ulmutulfinaly it's done - my "big one": g#786
16:45:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #786 at : Vibe500: improved scrollstrip driver by Sebastian Leonhardt
16:46:16ulmutulwodz: I'm sure you already waited for it :p
16:46:56ulmutulI'll be happy if you can have a look at it. Take your time, I'll be some days away.
17:03:29copperwhy do text files have the icon of a directory
17:13:02copperthe "Works with release 3.13" bit on the theme site is now wrong for many themes (including mine)
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17:14:55copperI do specify in the description of my themes that a dev build is required, but I'm not sure everyone even reads it
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17:37:24copper"show filename exts is not a allowed theme setting."
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18:04:31copperBasta uploaded to the theme site, Ash / PodOne / PodTwo updated to include icons for pointer and directories
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22:55:15havrearh fuk, my sandisk clip craps up with "Data abort at 00" i cannot remove the battery, is there another way of restarting?
22:56:04havreafraid that its bricked now. No connection when i plug it to a pc
22:56:56gevaertsHave you tried a hard reset?
22:57:45havrenot possible
22:57:58 Part havre
22:59:03*gevaerts is impressed by trying a hard reset not being possible
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