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#rockbox log for 2014-04-21

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11:58:53lebelliumClip Zip TI83 theme is gone from the website?!
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12:00:18lebelliumoh minimalist too
12:00:42lebelliumdoes anyone know why he removed his themes?
12:01:47lebelliumminimalist is still there, my bad
12:06:38copper[Saint]: you should commit your shutdown patch, it's so useful
12:07:16copperand "shut down" should be displayed in the main menu by default
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12:15:13copper[Saint]: except with "Shut Down", both words capitalized
12:16:19copperlebellium: maybe it no longer worked?
12:16:31copperor he considered it obsolete
12:16:45lebelliumcopper: I found his email. I'll ask him :)
12:17:09lebellium,48168.0.html suggests that it no longer worked
12:18:08copperdo you feel like fixing it? :D
12:19:10lebelliumI fixed many themes which were broken due to kugel's commit as you know
12:20:24lebelliumsome authors replied and uploaded my fix, some others never read my PM yet :)
12:20:40coppernice of you
12:22:24lebelliumI contacted Kiwicam for his Alien theme fix
12:22:54lebelliumbut he didn't come back to the rockbox forum since then
12:23:11lebelliumLast Active: 11 February 2013,
12:24:33coppereh, he probably has some kind of real life thing going on :P
12:25:38lebelliumwell I bring the fix, I just need the author to upload it, that doesn't take much time :D
12:26:24copperyeah but first he needs to visit the forum
12:26:33copperto even be aware of your PM
12:27:47lebelliumI thought people had email notification when they get a PM :(
12:29:54coppernot if they deactivated the email notification feature
12:30:16copperI thought I deactivated it myself, but apparently not
12:30:47copperthey also may have restricted PMs to admins
12:31:14copperthough I don't know if you would have gotten an error when sending your PM
12:35:17lebelliumit's also a pity that the author doesn't get an email notification when his theme is no longer working with current build
12:35:22lebelliumthat would probably help
12:38:14copperthat would help with errors that the WPS parser catches
12:38:52coppernot with modifications to the theme engine that break themes without impacting WPS markup
12:46:50copperI was wondering if it would be a good idea to add a field in the theme uploader for the earliest Rockbox version that the theme author knows to be required for their themes
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13:12:00[Saint]There's absolutely no point in displaying Shut down in the main menu for targets that have a ahrdware butten to do so.
13:12:12[Saint]Its only primarily useful for App targets.
13:12:50[Saint](also, although there's places in the menus where it may be inconsistent, we don't do Title Case)
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13:14:41copper[Saint]: it beats holding Play for 3-5 seconds
13:20:13[Saint]Not when there's the extra step of having to jump back to the main menu.
13:20:25[Saint]Physical key is accessible from anywhere.
13:20:53[Saint]Anyway - it wouldn't get committed as is, let alone if it defaulted on.
13:30:36copperok, I'll keep it for myself then :)
13:33:24[Saint]The comments on gerrit indicate the likelihood fo it being committed.
13:33:39[Saint]I haven't had any time or inclination to bring it up to an acceptable state.
13:33:58copperfo sho
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14:52:14user890104[Saint]: what patch?
14:53:15user890104a shutdown option would be very useful if the physical button is broken
14:53:53user890104(like the play button of the guy who asked for support last night in the freemyipod channel)
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14:56:57[Saint](allows shutdown as a configurable main menu item, disabled by default)
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15:11:49coppereh, found a nice conditional to put in my themes for setting the behavior that I like personally: brightness 61 is now the "copper setting" :D
15:12:54copperit's nice because it can easily be avoided by setting brightness to 60 or 62 while still producing pretty much the same brightness
15:13:27copperand I'll be damned if there are people out there who purposefully set their brightness to 61!
15:20:12[Saint]My brightness is very low as I use the failsafe theme
15:20:35[Saint](yeah - I know, but, I like RAM better than pretty things and features)
15:21:21user890104[Saint]: how do you enable it?
15:21:31user890104do you need to recompile rockbox?
15:21:50[Saint]user890104: yes.
15:21:57[Saint](like all patches)
15:22:49user890104i mean, is there an option in the settings menu that enable the shutdown item for targets where it's off by default
15:23:04copper"root menu order: bookmarks,files,database,wps,settings,playlists,plugins,system_menu,shortcuts,shutdown,"
15:23:09copperyou put that in your .cfg
15:23:22[Saint]To enable it, one either edits the config.cfg, or adds the SHUTDOWN_IN_MAIN_MENU define to the target config
15:23:40[Saint]the latter will apply it by default
15:23:54user890104ah i see. so if it's accepted, it would be possible to enable it in the release builds for any target
15:24:10[Saint]I sincerely doubt it'll be accepted.
15:24:45user890104well i hope it will be
15:25:04[Saint]Comments aren't positive on that subject.
15:25:11[Saint]I "did it wrong" TM.
15:25:23copperthe reason the iPod never had an Off button was for sake of simplicity: the iPod would turn itself off after a while, and turning it back on was instantaneous
15:25:51[Saint]the ipod does have an "off".
15:26:00[Saint]its just their off == hibernate
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15:26:31copperlong press play is not an off button
15:26:55copperit's a software / firmware hack
15:27:17[Saint]Its harware goverened, but, hey.
15:28:28copperpoint is, Rockbox is not able to replicate that original behavior, hence a shutdown menu item is useful
15:29:05[Saint]As I pointed out earlier, the fact its on the main menu makes it only about as useful as HW button does.
15:29:15[Saint]Having to navigate back to the main menu negates it.
15:29:24[Saint]Its pointless if your keys are functional.
15:29:48[Saint]long playy works everywhee.
15:30:49copperI press Menu once from the WPS and it gets me directly to the main menu
15:31:11copperI find it funny that you're arguing against your own patch, which I happen to find very useful :D
15:31:18[Saint]It also defaults off, and you can add it if you want it - this is ideal. There's no reason the people that don't see a need for it should be forced to remove it.
15:31:38[Saint]Aaaaaaaaaannnnnd, its NOT getting committed, so, there's that too.
15:31:43[Saint]Its irrelevant really.
15:31:59copperirrelevant [Saint] is irrelevant!
15:32:14*copper giggles
15:33:15[Saint]Even if I thought there was a hope it would get committed in its current state, I still wouldn't allow it to default on.
15:33:45[Saint]Its a power user thing you can add trivially if you want to, no need for it to affect Joe Average if it doesn;t need to.
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15:34:09copper[Saint]: doesn't Joe Average need to read the manual to figure out how to turn off his iPod?
15:34:22copperlong press play is awfully non-obvious
15:34:49[Saint]I would posit most people use idle timeout.
15:35:01megal0maniac_afkWhere is bluebot?
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15:35:22megal0maniac_afkOh. Duh. Ignore
15:35:46*[Saint] kicks fs-bluebot
15:36:09[Saint]Awww - I'm not magic.
15:37:17megal0maniac_afkOoh, speedy is gone
15:37:25[Saint]Am I authed? I must be. Hmmm.
15:37:45bluebrotherfs-bluebot: .explain rockbox
15:37:46fs-bluebotrockbox: Rockbox is an open source firmware for mp3 players, written from scratch. Rockbox is not Linux.
15:37:51bluebrotherhmm, works for me :)
15:38:10[Saint]I thought I could kick him and get him to quit/rejoin for my amusement.
15:38:29[Saint]Maybe I'm misremebering.
15:38:32bluebrotherwell, you need to kick it as in /kick
15:38:40*bluebrother kicks fs-bluebot
15:38:56bluebrotherhmm, that one used to work, right. Might got lost during the last rewrite
15:39:33bluebrotherand on /kick it will terminate itself. In case it's acting up, so any channel op can do that and doesn't need to ban it
15:40:00[Saint]Does it check the hostmask of who tried that? It probably should - but not much of an issue if it doesn't work anymore.
15:40:02[Saint]re: kick
15:40:16bluebrotherno, but you can /kick only if you're op anyway
15:40:48bluebrotherwhen you did an action that kicked it (as in before) it replied with an ouch message
15:40:58[Saint]Hmmm. I was under the understanding that just "/me kicks fs-bluebot" worked.
15:41:07[Saint]Ahhhh. right.
15:41:12[Saint]I am misrembering.
15:41:22[Saint]kicking it was to ask if it was listening.
15:41:24bluebrotherI never documented it either :)
15:41:37bluebrotherbut I've rewritten it some time ago, so some things might be different
15:41:59bluebrotherespecially the bugs are hopefully gone. But as we all know one usually introduces new ones when fixing bugs :)
15:42:05[Saint]I still occasionally find fun ways of tripping the poor thing up.
15:42:18[Saint]weird strings that confuse it into announcing bullshit
15:42:50[Saint]I'll try remember to prod you when/if I find more
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16:07:17amayerif my iPod is slow to load directories does that mean I need to defrag?
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16:07:54[Saint]dircache should negate this
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16:10:31amayerhmm... it seams that my iPod is getting slower these days. and its a noticeable lag when i press center button to open file viewer
16:11:50[Saint]Have you perhaps disabled directory cache?
16:12:45amayersettings -> system -> disk -> directory cache = yes
16:14:37*[Saint] shrugs
16:35:49copperamayer: I need to reboot my iPod after unplugging it from USB
16:36:00copperif access files right after unplugging, it's super slow
16:36:06copperhigh disk activity for no reason
16:37:27amayerthat interesting
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16:40:10copperyou'll notice that upon rebooting the first time, a pop-up shows up, that reads "scanning disk"
16:40:29copperI assume it's somewhat related to what I'm experiencing
16:43:43[Saint]I don't see such an issue.
16:45:12copperit would be so disappointing if you did ;)
16:46:43copperamayer: woudln't reformatting the partition with emCORE and copying all files over be faster?
16:47:12copperI also routinely nuke the database and rebuild it
16:52:46amayerI dont use the database
16:54:33amayerI backup my library to my server every once in a while. Maybe when I do the next backup I will nuke and copy the files back. and get rid of some of my test themes. my themes folder is HUGE and most of them are theme1, theme1_test, theme1_crazytest, theme1_newthing
16:55:50[Saint]backup to the server?
16:55:58[Saint]So - the iPod is *primary* storage?
16:56:28amayerno but sometimes I rip cds at work and put them on my ipod. then they are not on my media/file server at home
16:56:39amayeror I rename files and add art to them
16:57:14amayerminor stuff. its not like i have 5 gigs worth of new files that arent one my file server. its just ID3 tag corrections and art mostly
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