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#rockbox log for 2014-04-26

00:03:18xza23I know that issue
00:03:53xza23did you download those files by using youtube converter? or just as they are? (zippyshare media fire)
00:10:42th_mno these are pretty old mp3s (dutch audiobook) I downloaded a few years ago
00:11:19th_mfirst 12 mp3s of the book are skipped and then it starts with no 13
00:12:55th_mOk to share them but not on IRC :)
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00:16:42xza23try to
00:16:48xza23convert them
00:17:44xza23to a diffrent format or better or less quality
00:17:49xza23that worked for me
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00:19:06th_mgood idea, I can certainly do that. Main reason was not to get those mp3s working though, just want to help finding bugs in rockbox and helping devs improving it.
00:21:42xza23i'm not a dev i'm less then
00:22:48xza23pamuary helped with a brightness error apparently my clip+ is drunk when i use it shows the screen very dim after hitting on the back the brightness is good
00:23:29th_mno problem, appreciate your comments and I think I will indeed try to convert the mp3s
00:23:51xza23maybe the coding of the file is damaged?
00:24:06xza23but you said it works on your pc so no way
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00:31:33dfktth_m, this might be relevant to your broken mp3s:
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00:46:40th_mthanks dfkt, indeed very similar. will try mp3val
00:47:41dfktif the issue is fixable, it usually is the best first step - good luck
00:49:22dfktof course it would still be good to check what the actual issue is - but i'm no dev, and i couldn't say anyways why rockbox doesn't like them and other players do
00:54:21th_myep, mp3val solves it
00:54:54th_mnice program, even makes backup files automatically :)
00:59:14th_mit would be nice indeed to have it fixed in rockbox though. And if the devs think the file itself is the core issue, an error message would be nice.
01:01:13xza23glad to help ya
01:02:59xza23try to search the file that you have on the interent
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07:20:37[Saint]Ah, crap - the gradient slants slightly on these icons. I can't get away with just flipping one pair of seek/skip icons and feeling good about it.
07:21:49[Saint]I decided against using a flat icon set, not /just/ because making one was getting to be a pain in the ass, but also because I wanted to bleed a bit more of the Tango Desktop icon set through from the menu into the WPS.
07:22:47[Saint]That iconset generator script in the source, by the way? Bravo.
07:24:02[Saint]I had made a poor call on that previously when I didn't like the results I got trying to generate an incon set that was in hindsight far too small to give any pleasing results.
07:25:09[Saint]I made 64x64 96x96 and 128x128 sets for myself last night and they look amazing.
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07:49:05*[Saint] winces
07:49:43[Saint]I found much nicer icons. Gah.
07:51:35[Saint]Now to rip off the AOSP scrubber bar...
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11:02:00*[Saint] now feels copper's gimp colorspace woes.
11:02:46[Saint]SVG -> ARGB
11:02:59[Saint]*ARCG bitmap
11:03:09[Saint]gah - can't type.
11:03:41[Saint]Anyhoo - yeah, inconsistent colors for seemingly no reason, yay!
11:06:03[Saint]I can "fix" it by making the source image a little bit darker, and a little bit 'bluer'. Then the destination image looks a lot closer to the unmodified original.
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13:29:39[Saint]copper: around?
13:29:47copperI am
13:31:42[Saint]If you had a ffc000 strip the adjoins 000000, and needed to fit a progress bar/scrubber in between, what color(s) would you use?
13:33:14*[Saint] is aware of the odd nature of the vague question.
13:33:20copperthe adjoins?
13:33:36[Saint]One sec.
13:33:53copperlike one horizontal black bar, a progress bar just below, and an orange bar below that?
13:36:04[Saint]that's the backdrop, it looks a bit weird blank.
13:36:10copperwhere does the progress bar go?
13:37:03[Saint]Well I'd like to sit it right on top of the yellow/orange footer.
13:37:38copperyou backdrop isn't pixel perfect btw
13:37:54copperit's got aliasing / resizing artifacts
13:38:10[Saint]that'll just be imgur murdering it.
13:38:36[Saint]yeah, it got resized for some reason.
13:40:19[Saint]Hmm. imgur hates bitmaps with an alpha layer.
13:44:36[Saint]this is the icon color scheme, also suitably murdered in transit, for an idea of the color scheme
13:45:10[Saint]ah, its just the previews that look awful
13:45:40copper[Saint]: something like this:
13:46:05copper30% black over the orange strip for the progress bar background
13:46:15copper#666666 for the progress bar itself
13:46:30[Saint]I could color match to the edge of the icons.
13:46:46[Saint]its a similar color unless my eyes are very bad.
13:47:05[Saint](for the bar I mean.)
13:47:08copperthe icons are gradients :)
13:47:53[Saint]Yeah, sorry, I was going to pick from the darkest edge of the border.
13:48:03copperand regardless of color matching, you need to make sure whatever color you choose provides enough contrast while being discreet and harmonious enough
13:50:05 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
13:50:08[Saint]That's why I asked, we're on a similar page though, which is nice. I'm a poor judge of color palette harmony.
13:50:34copperor dark orange (almost red), but I don't think it looks as good
13:50:55coppergray is more in tune with the Rockbox palette
13:51:11copperyou can try various shades of gray
13:51:27[Saint]Bottom of the icons comes out at 464744
13:51:52copperalso make sure that the 30% black progressbar background is visible on your target device
13:52:08copperit can be visible on your PC monitor and not on your device
13:52:16copperor not visible enough
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13:53:32copperpersonally, I find it very difficult to work with colors on an application such as a music player interface, especially when it's going to display cover art with tons of different colors
13:54:17copperyou might end up with the stupid case of this one album with cover art that clashes horribly with your theme
13:54:43[Saint]...which is why pretty much every Android player color matches the UI to the dominant AA color.
13:54:50[Saint]Damn that's a smart trick.
13:54:55copperusing colors is less risky when you use them on elements that are separated from the rest by a white background
13:55:33copperi.e. an all white background, with distinct elements with colors, with the white background separating them from, say, the cover art
13:56:04copperI've tried to come up with a theme using the Rockbox colors, but I haven't figured it out yet
13:56:29copperanother tip that will avoid color clashing, is to use very dark tones
13:56:30[Saint]Its difficult. Hence my dilemma with the scrubber.
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13:56:49copperlike dark orange
13:57:12copperi.e. bright orange with a translucent black over it, playing with the transparency level of the black bit
13:57:40[Saint]I'm thinking possibly orange for the scrubber handle on the progress bar.
13:57:51copperor, or more reddish orange (the alpha black thing won't work for that)
13:58:27copper[Saint]: I'd go for a black status bar or whatever, with a thin bright orange progress bar, and an otherwise white background
13:58:59coppereh, that's been done already
13:59:15copperamayer's theme
13:59:30copperit works quite well IMO
13:59:37coppervery clean
13:59:42copperhigh contrast
14:00:26coppercome to think of it, I might work on an evolution of that theme
14:02:44copperthe trick is to not overuse the orange
14:03:47copperI'm starting to like the thick progress bar on that theme
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14:16:28[Saint]Hmmm. 4D4D4D, "VideoLAN Orange"
14:17:10[Saint]Thank you, Chrome page source viewer.
14:17:42copperblack / orange is a combination that's fairly common :)
14:18:11copperI like black / bright green, too
14:18:12dfkt#4d4d4d? that's a... subtle orange
14:19:52copperyeah, that's gray :)
14:22:46[Saint]Errr, sorry - pastebuffer screwup.
14:22:50[Saint]f48b00, rather.
14:23:21[Saint]and/or e85e00
14:25:00[Saint]Gah - Google uses a very similar orange.
14:25:23[Saint]but with a mostly whiteish theme
14:29:11[Saint]Anyhoo, thanks for the ideas - I'll mull over my options overnight - I might find myself dropping that bottom panel of yellow entirely and leaving it black.
14:29:37[Saint]But the top part has to stay. At least. I have plans for it.
14:32:09[Saint]The theme elements allow me to do so without too much fuss. Nothing is too set in stone thus far.
14:34:12[Saint]Maybe a dithered backdrop. That is very quintessentially "cabbie", which has become the face of Rockbox.
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17:39:13shpankhey guys! quick question. i got an ipod photo (4th gen) today but some idiot (probably myself a couple years ago) fucked with the file system on the ipod
17:39:37shpankrockbox utility won't install the bootloader because it can't read the old boot partition
17:39:40shpankwhat do i do now?
17:39:59shpankbtw: rockbox itself as well as the themes etc installed just fine
17:46:13shpank[ERR] Short read - requested 5387776 bytes, received 1756160
17:54:04shpankhmm... now the hard drive died
17:54:13shpankgood thing i have a spare one somewhere
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18:24:43gevaertsshpank: if you have a windows machine with itunes handy, use that. Otherwise, have a look at
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18:30:01shpankgevaerts: thanks for the link. unfortunately the hdd really crapped out.
18:30:05shpankclicking noises and anything
18:30:15gevaertsoh :(
18:31:29shpankbut i immediately ordered a cf conversion kit as well as a new battery
18:31:46shpankso i will probably bother you again next week :)
18:31:47 Part shpank
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