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#rockbox log for 2014-04-27

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13:56:36giogiohello everyone, I'm using rockbox unstable on my Creative ZEN device. Where can I find config for keymapping?
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14:29:33iLLKiDI have an iriver H10 with a new 128gy only issue is copying music to it is very slow. I'm using a decent machine running Win7 ultimate. Any suggestions?
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22:03:29xza23I would like to ask how much time will it take to port Clip Sport to Rockbox
22:05:44xza23Pamaury eventually my clip+ died
22:06:10 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
22:06:26pamauryxza23: I'm sorry to hear that
22:06:35xza23it's ok
22:06:49xza23I'm buying today a new one lol but the clip sport
22:07:05xza23so i was wondering how much time it will take to port it
22:07:09pamaurya port to the sport would be hard, if possible
22:07:10xza23if it is possibe
22:07:19xza23what is the diffrence
22:07:24 Quit Szczepancio (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:07:34xza23it's like any device from sandisk?
22:07:53pamauryit's very different
22:08:10pamaurythe SoC is very different, it uses a very weird architecture, seems to have only a little amount of memory
22:09:10xza23why less memory?
22:09:15xza23what memory RAm?>
22:09:27pamaurywodz is the right guy to ask about this, I don't know, ask Sandisk ^^
22:09:48xza23ok tnx anyway'
22:11:52xza23I can't register
22:11:56xza23in the rockbox fourms
22:12:12xza23The following errors were detected in your registration. Please correct them to continue: You did not answer the verification questions correctly.
22:12:27xza23I tye 13 and it's correct but it's it's wong
22:16:16pamauryI doubt it's always the same
22:19:05xza23it doesn't give to register
22:19:29xza23i think that the clip sport won't be rockboxable
22:19:37xza23cuz' of the memory
22:20:06xza2388 kilobytes when rockbox requires 2mb
22:21:16pamauryanother issue is that we are not entirely sure of what is inside the chip
22:23:09pamaurygiven the spec of the cpu, it's very likely the chip contains a DSP with an even weirder architecture which we absolutely don't want to port rockbox to
22:25:13xza23than most likely it won't be rockboxed
22:26:07xza23i can't find on the net a list of all the components in the sansa clip+
22:29:34pamauryyou won't likely find one, what are you looking for ?
22:30:32 Join RiD [0] (~RiD@
22:31:15 Quit z180 (Quit: It looks like you want to reboot!!!!!!!!!!)
22:31:34xza23i found it
22:31:39xza23but not of the sport's
22:31:46xza23i found clip+
22:32:07 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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22:33:33xza23say paamruy
22:33:46xza23how much it took to port clip+
22:35:20saratogathe ams players took a year or two to get running well i think
22:35:30pamauryyou can't tell for a single player
22:35:49pamauryit was a very similar to the clipv2, so porting to the clip+ was much less work
22:36:02pamaurybut yeah for a new architecture, you can expect at least one or two years
22:36:08xza23yea if so then how much it to port the slipv2
22:36:37xza23alright tnx :)
22:36:43pamauryI think funman did much (all ?) the work, you should ask him
22:36:58pamaurythere is no general rule anyway
22:37:13xza23ok tnx
22:39:12xza23What is 5 + 8? (enter wombat in the field):
22:39:27xza23doesn't work in the registration
22:40:03xza2312 didn't work either
22:41:16saratogalooks like the e200v2 came out in fall 2007 and we added official support for it in January 2010
22:41:33saratogaalthough it probably worked to a large extent before it was finally made stable
22:42:17xza23enter wombat in the field????
22:42:20xza2313 doesn't work
22:44:38xza23say guys if someone is like this "funman is away: not here..."
22:44:52xza23will he see my sent messages?
22:45:29 Join user1234 [0] (2ed0db83@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:45:52pamaurymaybe, he is quite inactive now
22:46:22xza23if i send a message to you saying help me and you are afk will you see it?
22:46:47user1234xza23 enter "wombat" in the field
22:46:47xza23or i need to send it in the moment you are active?
22:46:54xza23doesn't work
22:47:23user1234no xza23 enter "wombat" in the field
22:47:35 Part user1234
22:47:38xza23what is wombat
22:47:59xza23google translate doesn't tranlates it
22:49:46 Join Student [0] (
22:50:17saratogayou are supposed to type the word "wombat"
22:50:42saratogathe idea is to keep out machines that don't understand english
22:51:14xza23i need to type wombat
22:51:18xza23and not 13?
22:51:26Studenterr its to check if you are a bot or not?
22:51:36 Quit Student (Client Quit)
22:51:38xza23yes it works
22:53:18[Saint]Aaaaannnnd...the solution to the proof of life is now publicly logged
22:53:23[Saint]Well done chaps.
22:54:14[Saint]In hindsight I guess not cycling it is brain dead to begin with and we'd deserve anything that comes from it.
22:55:45[Saint]But, nevertheless, insert_frowny_face_here
23:11:54xza23weird that jailbreaking an iPhone takes less than a year
23:12:16xza23but a device that costs barely 100$ is taking a year lol
23:12:28RiDxza23 iphone has a crapton more users
23:12:36pamauryxza23: that's nowhere comparable
23:12:39xza23but the evaders
23:12:43RiDand because of that, a lot more users can fiddle with that
23:12:45xza23are only 4 persons
23:12:46RiDwith it*
23:12:50pamauryjailbraking basically does nothing
23:13:07xza23how nothing?
23:13:17RiDit's still the same os
23:13:38xza23because it is a diffrent opearting system
23:13:39pamauryon phones, you get a real OS, you can just run another program
23:13:41RiDyou haven't seen an iphone running android, eh
23:13:46pamauryon mp3 players, you can't just do that
23:13:55xza23everything is different
23:14:08xza23but it's possible to run android on iphone right? :))
23:14:17xza23i wish to do it xDD
23:14:21pamauryand also, on mp3 players, we don't have *any* document on the hardware, we have to reverse engineer many stuff
23:14:35pamauryon phones, you can let the vendor OS do it for you
23:15:12xza23but can you change the the os to android on iphone?
23:15:18xza23i never saw something
23:15:46xza23i saw demos dreamboard and a lot of other tweaks the real android was never there
23:16:59xza23is it possible? because i have an iphone 5s :D
23:18:37saratogasome of the older ones could, check google
23:19:01xza23Apple's security is amazng
23:19:09pamauryI don't think anyone has done it, for the simple reason that noone has the doc for the iPhones's cpus, and it would takes years to reverse engineer
23:19:32pamaurynot to mention it's probably extremely hard to bypass the bootloader's security checks
23:19:53pamauryand all for nearly no gain
23:20:01xza23that why you can never run windows on iphone
23:20:12xza23too :(
23:20:13pamauryI mean, iPhone users just want their iPhoneOS, and others don't want an iPhone
23:20:35saratogayou can't run windows on the iphone for a lot more important reasons than that, but Android yea
23:20:39xza23I only wish you could do virtual system
23:20:56xza23and run it
23:21:08xza23like virtual box or vmware
23:21:32 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:21:53xza23only on iphone 3g it is possible xD
23:23:10 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:23:20xza23so ipod nano 5g didn't work because the security checks too?
23:23:26xza23because i have one
23:25:02pamauryon the ipod's it's the same situation
23:25:11pamaurylots of security checks and unknown hardware
23:25:20pamauryat some point you just don't want to bother trying
23:27:30xza23yea lol so many options if "jailbreaking and creating a custom system file" for an mp3 player then for an iphone 5s it will be impossible
23:27:39xza23takes around a year
23:28:31pamauryI think for the nano 4g, it tooks 1 year of brute forcing to find a suitable exploit
23:29:29xza23nano 4g isn't compatible
23:29:30 Quit RiD (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:29:40xza23so basiclly any device can run rockbox?
23:30:08xza23if you give it the appropriate amount of time
23:31:13xza23? if so then that amazing
23:41:54pamaurynot exactly any device, you have to have a minimum amount of RAM
23:41:56[Saint]Awww....he left.
23:42:02pamauryand a 32-bit processor
23:42:11[Saint][09:13:44] <RiD> you haven't seen an iphone running android, eh
23:42:18*[Saint] wanted to rip that to shreds
23:42:34[Saint]I guarantee I'll forget when he comes back.
23:43:14[Saint]I understood the impression that was being made, but, it was a bad example.
23:46:47 Join RiD [0] (
23:46:51xza23rockbox isn't compatible with 64 bit cpus
23:47:15[Saint]RiD: Actually, iPohones do indeed run Android. ;)
23:47:26[Saint]iPhones too.
23:47:36pamaurywell, it works when compiled as a sim on 64-bit processors, but we don't know of any mp3 with a 64-bit processor
23:47:50xza23there will be for sure in the near future
23:48:02pamauryand it basically makes no sense for us to use 64-bit
23:48:11xza23it does actully
23:48:13pamauryexcept maybe for the DSP part
23:48:14[Saint]xza23: future, maybe.
23:48:17[Saint]near? Nah.
23:48:25xza2310 years
23:48:36[Saint]They are making 64bit Android devices presently, but the OS is still 32bit, so...yeah.
23:48:41pamauryin 10 years, mp3 players won't exists
23:48:53xza23maybe you are right
23:49:07xza23eventulyy mp3 player will include everything you need
23:49:19[Saint]No. They won;t exist.
23:49:24lebelliumthey will
23:49:27lebelliumin my museum :)
23:49:27pamauryxza23: that's the other way around
23:49:38pamauryeverything will contain a mp3 player ^^
23:49:51[Saint]Dedicated DAPs are already a dead market, really.
23:50:01xza23but apple doesn't like a fm radio
23:50:08[Saint]The only people that buy them, and gym bunnies.
23:50:20[Saint]xza23: Fm is also dead.
23:50:22xza23dap=digital audio convertor?
23:50:34[Saint]Digital Audio Player
23:51:12pamaurythere is really a general trend to move everything to processors which run linux/android, at least
23:51:14[Saint]Modern devices don;t (often) support Fm, frankly, because no one cares about it.
23:51:34[Saint]where "no one" == "very, very few people"
23:51:47lebelliumI think it depends on the countries.
23:51:49xza23I do it works anywhere
23:51:53pamaurysince processing power is so chip, why bother, just put a big processor, you get Linux and you can develop a normal app
23:51:59[Saint]Well, if you purchased millions of devices a year, I'm sure they'd still have it.
23:52:39xza23fm radio can get to 200 miles minimum (not from a sansa clip+) but from something stronger
23:52:46[Saint]pamaury: these days, Android seems to be the new "linux" fr embedded usage.
23:52:55xza23but cellular net no way
23:53:44xza23I wish i could help in developing the sansa clip sport rockbox version
23:54:13[Saint]With what I know of the SoC, it won't happen.
23:54:38xza23fuck sandisk
23:54:48xza23they do on purpose i think
23:55:15[Saint]I know right, fuck them for making a device that is cheap and meets their requirements instead of wasting power like they used to.
23:55:20[Saint]Selfish bastards right?
23:55:41[Saint](hint: sarcasm)
23:56:16xza23you could create a better device by using the same hardware only adding a better cpu for a better screen
23:56:51[Saint]But, why would you? WHy add a "better" SoC, when you only need to care for your own requirements?
23:57:02[Saint]They don't care what we might want to do with the hardware.
23:57:06 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 29.0/20140421221237])
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23:57:22xza23but why to remove the ram to 88 kb -_-
23:57:33xza23that is pathetic
23:57:45[Saint]Because evidently, that is all they require.
23:57:49[Saint]Why have more?
23:57:59xza23for rockbox of course
23:58:11[Saint]...which they don;t give a flying fuck about. :)
23:58:15xza23rockbox needs to eat less
23:58:33[Saint]Source is open. Start cooking.
23:58:43xza23i don't even know how to code

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