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#rockbox log for 2014-04-28

00:00:30saratogai bet theres some extra RAM, probably a few hundred KB
00:00:42[Saint]saratoga: I keep thinking there *must* be.
00:00:45[Saint]But, where?
00:00:51xza23but how sansa clip+ has more
00:00:55xza23it's from 2009
00:01:13xza23what so
00:01:17saratogaolder mp3 players tended to have a lot more RAM
00:01:28[Saint]Not out of necessity.
00:01:31[Saint]They just...did.
00:01:44xza23than rockbox needs to eat less be compact
00:01:46[Saint]Availability of silicon, I guess.
00:01:50[Saint]I dunno.
00:01:56[Saint]Lots of devices are overkill.
00:02:22xza23so a couple of kb can run a music and radio that amazing
00:03:08[Saint]My first guess is that the LCD must have its own cache, that almost certainly must be true.
00:03:22[Saint]Else they wouldn't even have enough to display a single fullscreen bitmap.
00:03:22xza23and the micro sd too]
00:03:52xza23how many ram there were in the sansa clip+
00:05:39pamaury1 or 2 MB iirc
00:05:49[Saint]2MB I believe.
00:06:22xza23and sport has 88 kb
00:06:53 Join tertu [0] (~tertu@
00:07:03[Saint]It is worth noting that that 2MB was largely unnecessary.
00:07:24xza23so you are saying that rockbox can run on 88 vb
00:07:33[Saint]No, I am not.
00:07:45xza23sandisk are bitches
00:07:50xza23fuck them
00:08:35xza23so that product will never be a part of the sandisk rockboxed devices too bd
00:09:57[Saint]It may be unrealistic to say "never", but I would be willing to go with "almost certainly won't happen".
00:10:13xza23maybe semi rockbox
00:10:22xza23like all plugins or just games
00:10:54[Saint]...yeah, the parts no one cares about. Woo!
00:11:03[Saint]That would be fun. ;)
00:11:15xza23yea i loved the crossfader :(
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00:16:28xza23so what do you guys suggest me to buy
00:16:32xza23sport or clip+
00:16:44xza23i just a clip+ it broke
00:17:40[Saint]Something from our supported lineup that meets your personal requirements.
00:17:46[Saint]Its not exactly a big list.
00:17:56[Saint]It may seem like there's a lot of choice, but, there really isn't.
00:18:10[Saint]Most of the supported devices are hard-to-impossible to purchase.
00:19:15xza23sansa clip+
00:19:19xza23is the best
00:19:20 Join Elabis [0] (
00:20:13[Saint]I would go with a V1 Fuze, personally.
00:20:20[Saint]If I *had* to buy a SanDisk
00:20:34Elabiswhen I put take my Fuze and connect it to computer, and then delete some folders and put new ones, after I disconnect it, I cant start listening to music right away but I need to restart it. Is there a way to fix this?
00:20:34[Saint]...but, good luck finding one.
00:21:03Elabisit's only when I delete some folders and add new ones...
00:21:18[Saint]Elabis: using the Database, I assume?
00:21:26xza23try refreshing your db
00:21:28Elabisno, only folders
00:21:35ElabisI never used database
00:21:42xza23yea that the issue
00:21:54xza23transfer music via windows media plaer
00:21:56[Saint]xza23: shush.
00:22:01Elabisahh, ok
00:22:29[Saint]Elabis: how are you disconnecting the device after transfer?
00:22:40Elabisjust take the cable out
00:22:45[Saint]Safe eject, or yank and pray?
00:22:49[Saint]Oh. I see.
00:22:53Elabisis that wrong?
00:23:24xza23saint you were right
00:23:26[Saint]It may not be the issue, but I would like to see what happens after we verify your filesystem is intact and safely eject.
00:23:50xza23\rockbox does support mp3 players that i don't even know how to get
00:24:15Elabiswell, now I did the 'safely remove hardware' and still I cant browse through my folders but need to restart
00:24:34[Saint]Elabis: are you familiar with the process of checking the filesystem integrity?
00:24:35 Quit ender` (Quit: A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. -- Douglas Adams)
00:24:45Elabiswhat is that?
00:24:47[Saint]Ok. What OS?
00:25:38Elabisso I need to do this to fuze?
00:26:15xza23saint the clip zip will support .gbc games?
00:26:23xza23or it will show them shitty
00:26:32Elabisis this done via CMD or RUN?
00:26:43xza23run > cmd>
00:27:26[Saint]There's also a GUI option if you prefer.
00:27:49[Saint]Right click drive; properties; tools; check now
00:27:49xza23saint say the cllip zip will support some game boy color games? or it will show them shitty like the clip+
00:28:24xza23i'll buy the zip
00:28:25[Saint]It will show them shitty, but a different /type/ of shitty.
00:28:38xza23what kind of shitty?
00:28:42[Saint]You're swapping a larger monochrome screen, for a tiny color one.
00:28:59RiD[Saint] what have i missed :o
00:29:01xza23the fuze would handle it?
00:29:14xza23or same for all of them
00:29:32[Saint]RiD: Open iBoot
00:29:48RiDyeah had no idea
00:29:50ElabisI have Fuze v2, it's measurements are same as clip+ and better than v1 from what I've heard
00:30:13RiDthe booting text gibberish looks just like my phone lol
00:30:24RiDbut landscape
00:31:06[Saint]IIRC< 1/2/3/4G iPohone have full or partial openiboot support bow.
00:31:23[Saint]5+ likely won't happen, but, I once thought that about 2/3/4, so, yeah.
00:31:26xza23even the 4rh iphone works?
00:31:46xza23I have the 5s so i can dream more xD
00:33:04[Saint]RiD: live logcat/dmesg bootanimation?
00:33:27Elabisok I did the chkdsk and it said no errors found
00:33:35Elabisbut I still have same problem
00:33:49xza23so the sport
00:33:49RiD[Saint] yep
00:34:00xza23has a better screen than all of the devices?
00:34:04RiDand the little penguin too :3
00:34:05Elabiswhen I remove 3 out of 4 folders and add 3 new ones it wont open and I have to restart
00:34:23ElabisI mean I can't open the files folder on rockbox
00:34:24RiDowait no, forget the penguin
00:34:29xza23the clip sport has a better screen than all of the sansa devices?
00:34:36xza23or same shit
00:34:56Elabisis this normal on Fuze?
00:35:08[Saint]Elabis: Its definitely not normal, no.
00:35:19[Saint]Elabis: what build are you on?
00:35:35RiD[Saint] btw aren't you making a theme for RaaA?
00:36:09[Saint]Elabis: could you try a development build and see if we can't magically fix this by doing nothing?
00:36:17[Saint] <−− dev binaries here
00:36:26xza23the rockbox looks amazing on zip
00:36:28Elabiswill I lose my settings?
00:36:35[Saint]Elabis: no.
00:36:57[Saint]If you like, you can backup the config.cfg or your entire /.rockbox directory to be certain.
00:37:10xza23guys is it possible to lock your device
00:37:19xza23to not fast forward
00:37:27xza23or stop song or something?
00:37:45[Saint]It might be wise for you to read our fine manual.
00:38:53xza23i didn't find it
00:38:57[Saint]Sorry, I'm trying to support a user with an actual problem. I can't be bothered playing 20 questions when things like this are already ansered in our documentation.
00:38:58xza23just tell what to do
00:39:32gevaertsWe do
00:39:45gevaertsWe wrote it down in the manual
00:39:59xza23what section?
00:40:03xza23or page?
00:40:44Elabishas anyone been doing the volume limiter in any builds?
00:40:56ElabisI always have to check if I'm over 0db or not
00:41:34xza23go to voulme and set it 6db for max
00:41:56Elabisyeah, but I'd like to limit it so I can't go over 0db
00:42:07Elabiscuz I don't want distortion
00:42:09[Saint]Elabis: recent builds have this feature
00:42:14gevaertsxza23: stop it
00:42:35gevaertsAnswering all questions even if you don't know
00:42:51[Saint]In 3.13, the option available to you is EQ pre-cut.
00:42:52gevaertswhat they're about is hostile behaviour
00:43:22[Saint]Setting a -6dB precut would in theory be equivalent to limiting to 0dB
00:43:32Elabisoh really, that's nice to know
00:43:47[Saint]But comes at the cost of slight overhead even if the EQ isn;t being actively used.
00:44:12[Saint]Newer builds have a more direct limiter that doesn't use the EQ.
00:44:33xza23so many settings i didn't even know lol
00:44:38[Saint]You'll likely find a lot of new bits hidden away coming from a release.
00:45:07[Saint]3.13 is officially ancient these days.
00:45:20Elabisany ETA on 3.14 stable?
00:45:44[Saint]The release schedule went to shit.
00:45:52[Saint]For lack of better way of putting it.
00:46:03[Saint]I can't give any estimates on when or even if it will happen.
00:46:30[Saint]There's no real reason to prefer stable builds for the supported devices though, really.
00:46:49RiD[Saint] im still using 3.13 :(
00:47:02gevaertsxza23: might that be because you *refuse* to read documentation?
00:47:15[Saint]These days, even unstable and unusable builds are pretty much end user safe.
00:47:17xza23i couldn't find
00:47:22xza23anything that i wanted
00:47:32gevaertsElabis: note that (ab)using EQ precut for this doesn't work well if you use voice
00:47:45Elabisvoice? you mean mic?
00:47:45[Saint]Ah, yes. Good catch gevaerts.
00:47:53xza23just to lock the screen like lockscreen in an iphone
00:47:54[Saint]Elabis: voiced UI.
00:47:58xza23in sansa zip
00:48:04Elabislol, didn't know there was such a thing
00:48:25xza23to prevent the buttons to be activated
00:48:38Elabiswhat the hell is that? voiced UI?
00:48:47xza23Is there an an option like that?
00:48:58[Saint]Elabis: literally what it sounds like.
00:49:02[Saint]A spoken UI.
00:49:09[Saint]For the blind/vision impaired.
00:49:21[Saint]Menu entries are spoken aloud.
00:49:29Elabisoh... cool
00:50:00xza23i want to lock the device to prevent the buttons that are pressed to be activated simple as that
00:50:26xza23something like that
00:50:37Elabisyour player doesnt have a hold button?
00:51:08xza23button in rockbox holding it doesn't give you an option to hold it
00:52:26xza23so no options of "holding" your device?
00:52:48gevaertsxza23: what does the manual say?
00:53:02[Saint]Ohhhhh pisss off
00:53:02xza23i couldn't find anything related to that
00:53:13[Saint]Sooo hard to find.
00:53:24xza23yes ty
00:53:49[Saint]I think your sarcasm detector might be broken.
00:55:30xza23lol the clip sport is a huge disappointment
00:55:54xza23no rockbox
00:56:02xza2388kbs of ram
00:56:06gevaertsxza23: you'be said that about seventeen times now. Shut up
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00:56:30xza23what di i do?
00:56:54Mode"#rockbox +q xza23!*@*" by gevaerts (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
00:57:19 Part xza23
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01:05:55Elabisshit, I've bricked my Fuze. Help?
01:08:13[Saint]Elabis: clarify?
01:08:51Elabiswhite screeen with some error and when I connect it to PC it doesnt show, cant start the original firmware
01:09:12[Saint]Force reboot.
01:09:19[Saint]Hold power for ~20s
01:10:10Elabisoh good, thanks!
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01:43:59Elabis<[Saint]> But comes at the cost of slight overhead even if the EQ isn;t being actively used.
01:44:02Elabis[Saint]: what did you mean by 'slight overhead'? I don't understand it.
01:44:27[Saint]Additional CPU usage.
01:44:36Elabisah, ok
01:44:59[Saint]Even if there are no bands with positive or negative gain, having the EQ active will still tax the CPU.
01:45:09ElabisI know that yeah
01:45:39[Saint]The bands come at roughly 10MHz each.
01:46:04 Quit RiD (Quit: A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.)
01:46:12Elabisinteresting, how many mhz does my Fuze have do you know?
01:46:23[Saint]Whereas the volume limiter the exists in the newer builds comes at not cost that I am aware of.
01:46:46Elabisvolume limiter is available in latest dev. build?
01:46:52Elabishow do you access it?
01:48:27[Saint]Settings -> Sound Settings -> Volume Limit
01:48:39[Saint]The manual will tell you.
01:49:11[Saint]Elabis: And what of your issues with directory access?
01:49:19[Saint]Is this resolved, or...?
01:50:48ElabisI think so...
01:51:52ElabisI didn't know that stuff from dev builds is also in manual
01:57:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:04:53[Saint]The manual's a built from the tip of the repository.
02:05:26[Saint]The only side effect of this, generally speaking, is that users will see manual entries for features they don't exist.
02:05:43saratogai don't think there is any cost to the precut
02:05:46[Saint]Its very rare that features are removed or the menu structure altered.
02:05:58[Saint]So the newer manuals will very rarely be wrong.
02:06:03saratogaIIRC its applied anyway during DSP
02:06:26saratogathat is, the 0dB value isn't actually 0dB due to some small headroom in the system
02:06:27[Saint]saratoga: No, there's no cost to precut - right - but there is a cost to having the EQ enabled.
02:06:31[Saint]EVen if it is "off".
02:06:41saratogaah does it have to be enabled to have precut?
02:07:02[Saint]Its kinda non-obvious that, actually.
02:07:15[Saint]Precut should probably enable the EQ if its disabled.
02:08:27[Saint]saratoga: do you have any ideas what to try with Elabis' problem?
02:08:38saratogai just tested and precut works as long as the EQ is enabled but even if no bands are on
02:08:48saratogaso there won't be any overhead unless you also turn on some bands
02:08:50[Saint]Elabis: would you be able to pastebin your config.cfg?
02:09:15[Saint]saratoga: IIRC there's a slight cost to simply having EQ enabled.
02:09:27[Saint]Not drastic, but I do recall it not being free.
02:09:33saratogai can't think of what that might be from, but perhaps there is
02:10:16ElabisI think I fixed it. The problem was when I would connect to PC while the song playing was on screen in RB. Going to check it out now
02:10:21saratogawhat was his issue?
02:10:36[Saint]To summarize Elabis' problem briefly, after transferring new media to the device the file browser won't update.
02:10:50[Saint]Requiring a reboot to show the new media.
02:10:52saratogatrashed file system maybe?
02:11:12[Saint]That was my first thought by chkdsk apparently reports fine.
02:11:25saratogaon a side note, i still don't understand why test codec (on the clip series only) does not show you the final results of a benchmark if the screen is off
02:11:35saratogaits like the frame buffer is only updated if it finishes with the screen on
02:13:00Elabisok now, did the re-check. So when I am on the playing screen in RB and song is playing, if I then connect to PC and delete the stuff that was playing including some other folders and put in some new folders I can't get into 'Files' without restart
02:13:17saratogaEQ on but no bands (FLAC):14.86MHz, EQ Off: 13.22 MHz
02:13:24saratogaso about 1.5 MHz of overhead
02:13:28saratogano idea what thats from
02:13:30*[Saint] nods
02:14:01saratogais there some way to get that "root" splash outside of a playlist?
02:14:08saratogai wonder if hes actually using a bad playlist?
02:15:02[Saint]Elabis: That's....interesting behavior.
02:15:22Elabisoh and when I try to enter 'Files' it shows like a sign in top right corner, white arrow, like electricity sign
02:15:33[Saint]Disk access indicator.
02:15:48[Saint]"I'm doing things", basically.
02:16:05ElabisI don't understand
02:16:30saratogait means the storage is powered up
02:16:42saratoganot all that important on a flash device as compared to a hard disk player
02:17:02[Saint]re: "it shows like a sign in top right corner, white arrow, like electricity sign"
02:17:04Elabisit only appears when I press 'Files'
02:17:08[Saint]DIsk access indicator.
02:17:20[Saint]It should appear on any disk access.
02:18:40[Saint]Most likely candidate to catch it would be starting playback of content not in the audio buffer on a rebuffer. Dircache means browsing won't necessarily hit the disk until playback starts.
02:18:55[Saint]It should indeed display on every access, though.
02:19:43[Saint]*not in the audio buffer, or a rebuffer.
02:19:56[Saint](ie. grabbing more buffer)
02:27:12[Saint]saratoga: might be worth asking that guy to check if he has any foolishly large embedded artwork in the files that don't play also.
02:27:30saratogai think for mp3 it should be skipped
02:27:45[Saint]Ah. Hmmm. Right.
02:28:10saratogatheres no container to parse, so i think the decoder is just given a pointer to the end of the ID3 tag
02:28:47saratogai can't find where that "root" message is printed
02:30:07[Saint]I'm thinking its coming from cabbie.
02:30:39[Saint]The metadata fallbacks are "(root)" for a couple of cases.
02:31:02saratogathat would make sense
02:31:18saratogawould it make sense to change them to "missing"
02:31:34[Saint]No. Its for the path.
02:31:59saratogabut if there is no path?
02:32:17saratogai'm thinking about the case where a playlist has a missing file, IIRC we just print "root" in cabbie
02:32:22[Saint]Well, there has to be a path. No path, no file.
02:32:41[Saint]What is making this trip up, I don't know - but I believe its coming from cabbie.
02:33:02[Saint]Basically this:
02:33:10saratogai think cabbie on some devices tries to show the next track on load or something like that, so if its a missing file, you just get "root" for a split second
02:33:29saratogalet me try a broken playlist and see what i get
02:34:05[Saint]scroll output; is album artist metadata there? Yes - display it. No? Is directory level 2 there? Yes - display it. No? Is dir level one there? Yes - display it. No? display "(root)"
02:34:56saratogaso i guess if the file is missing and the path to the nonexisting file where "" it would also print root instead of just the "/" case?
02:35:29[Saint]If cabbie does do that, I should fix it. Because we can check if there actually is a next file or not.
02:35:38saratogalet me teset
02:36:41saratogano it doesn't seeking through an m3u with a bad entry
02:36:52saratogaalthough weirdly it flashes it for a fraction of a second when seeking backwards
02:37:12[Saint]Oh fuck - you're right. Gah.
02:37:12saratogamaybe a check for a null string would make sense?
02:37:18[Saint]OK, I can fix this.
02:37:35[Saint]Its purely cosmetic, though. - It shouldn't cause an issue.
02:38:23[Saint]I can just wrap all the next file metadata display stuff in "%?Fn<>"
02:38:25saratogayeah at least on the clip+ i don't seem to be able to get it to show for more than a tiny fraction of a second
02:38:32[Saint]Which equates to "if there's a next file".
02:38:45[Saint]Thanks for pointing that out.
02:39:18[Saint]No idea why it has escaped me for so long. Probably because I don't use cabbie. But I've looked at this code hundreds of times.
02:39:22[Saint]I should've seen it.
02:39:41saratogai think i'll push g#802 while i'm at it
02:39:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #802 at : Clear the message line before cinema scene in RFK by Franklin Wei
02:40:13saratogaoh the git stuff is screw up
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05:36:14[Saint]OK...I've finished this theme!
05:36:25 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:37:15[Saint]That was easy.
05:39:02JdGordondo we have themeable widgets in android?
05:40:05JdGordonwhat we really need to do is dump the entire UI, embed a thttpd and move the ui to html/javascript/css :p
05:40:08[Saint]Actually, no. Replacing elements before compile time doesn't really count as themeing does it.
05:40:46[Saint]WHat we *really* need to do is use Android's native UI.
05:41:15JdGordonwell yeah, or that :p
05:41:35JdGordonhows kugel's playback lib work going?
05:42:02[Saint]Very well, as I understand it.
05:42:25[Saint]IIUC there's a few niggles with playlists and dircache being inserted the fuck everywhere.
05:42:54[Saint]Maybe those are past niggles, its been a while since I was following the work closely.
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06:09:16*[Saint] needs to stop with the highly unoriginal naming conventions.
06:09:39[Saint]I have such gems as VARIABLE_2 and VARIABLE_2
06:10:05*JdGordon punches [Saint] in the nose
06:10:10JdGordonmake the damn thing understandable
06:11:13[Saint]I'm just punching out the code for now - I'll clean it up when it works the way I want it.
06:13:09[Saint]I guess something like CURRENT_TAB and IS_SCRUBBING
06:14:08[Saint](unsurprisingly a var to know what tab view we're supposed to be in, and one to know whether or not to change out the next/previous icons with ffwd/rrwd icons if we're seeking with a long press instead of the scrubber bar)
06:17:04[Saint]Nice, obvious idents for viewports and images
06:17:18*[Saint] smirks
06:18:59[Saint]JdGordon: is there any obvious reason why %Cl (album art resize rules) need to be skin (wps, sbs, fms, rwps...etc) specific instead of viewport specific?
06:19:29JdGordonthe way the AA is buffered
06:19:44JdGordoniiuc it is loaded into a buflib handle, 1 per skin
06:21:51[Saint]I kinda wanted to put a tiny album art image in the status bar when we're in a tab in the WPS that doesn't display now playing details
06:22:12[Saint]AH well. Just cosmetic kruft.
06:23:04JdGordonit should actually be doable
06:24:08JdGordonall we'd need to do is alloc the buf space for the resized image on skin parsing (which we do a million times already anyway) and copy it in once it is loaded
06:24:29JdGordonbut then the enxt obvious request is multiple images
06:24:38JdGordonwhich gets a bit more tricky
06:25:24[Saint]There's no logical way to do that without changing the way albumart is used to be aware of a much wider set of conventions.
06:25:55[Saint]front.jpg, back.jpg, inlay.jpg...etc.
06:26:19JdGordonindeed, but we could hardcode those sort of name into the skin
06:26:24[Saint](and the embedded variants thereof)
06:28:59[Saint]JdGordon: one last quick question and I'll stop bothering you, am I right in remembering that its safe to not include unused parts of multipart variables? Cutting them short I mean, like instead of %?xx<foo|foo|foo|||||||> doing %?xx<foo|foo|foo>
06:30:12[Saint]I know you can do it if there's only a true case, but I was unsure if it could be done for multipart variables with arbitrary segments
06:30:29JdGordonI don't exactly remember how they work but i suspect yes, thats not complaelty safe
06:30:32JdGordonry it :p
06:44:45[Saint]Hmmmm...use icons to display what is happening, or what will happen.
06:44:57[Saint]play/pause/stop usage for touchscreen is weird.
06:45:14[Saint]There's always going to be one camp saying its broken.
06:45:18JdGordonwhat will happen i tinhk
06:45:55[Saint]right, so a pause icon while playing, and a play icon while paused/stopped?
06:46:02JdGordon*as long as it looks like a button and not an indicator
06:46:12*[Saint] nods
06:46:53[Saint] <−−icons
06:47:09[Saint](preview images look weird, expanded images are all high-res and nice)
06:47:41JdGordonI think it matters more what context it is in also... |<< |> >>| in a row is more obviously buttons than just a |> by itself somewhere
06:48:11[Saint]coincidentally, that's the exact layout.
06:48:23[Saint]three media buttons dominating the bottom edge.
06:48:25JdGordonwell, it is the standard layout
06:48:45[Saint]Right, I guess I mean, its only those three.
06:48:56[Saint]No shuffle/volume/etc.
06:49:50[Saint]Just three icons about ~1/10 of the screen high, and 1/3 wide.
06:52:54[Saint]There's no state we can be in where playback is stopped in the wps is there?
06:53:37JdGordonwrong kernel :p yes, you cant be in the WPS is playback is stopped
07:07:45 Quit [Saint] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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17:07:16TheSevengevaerts: Rockbox's USB stack never ever starts a USB transfer from a USB completion IRQ handler, right?
17:08:42TheSevenas far as I can tell this is all deferred to the USB thread first
17:11:20gevaertsCorrect, at least as far as the world outside the driver is concerned
17:12:05*gevaerts only really knows the ARC driver
17:12:33gevaertsThe class driver API always has a queue_post() in between
17:12:41[Saint]Tony Stark?
17:12:55 Join tertu3 [0] (~tertu@
17:27:33jhMikeSUSB stark
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19:35:17saratogathese guys sell players with rockbox loaded on it?
19:36:32 Join RiD [0] (
19:52:06 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
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20:06:50LittleAnonCan I access my musicplayer while its charging somehow?
20:07:32gevaertsYes. Hold a button while plugging it in
20:08:07LittleAnonAlright gonna try it right now
20:10:10LittleAnonIt works! Well, it doesnt exactly archieve the problem I was trying to solve
20:10:29LittleAnonUhh *solve
20:11:49LittleAnonIm trying to get my car radio to play my music
20:13:39gevaertsI'd recommend a cable with the data wires cut off for that sort of thing
20:15:57LittleAnonI dont understand why it doesnt work. It works with my phone even when I play non supported formats. Shouldnt it work the same with my sansa clip?
20:16:18 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
20:16:23 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
20:16:53gevaertspresumably your phone doesn't automatically initiate a UMS connection
20:17:25 Quit AlexP (Remote host closed the connection)
20:17:29LittleAnonI dont even know what UMS is
20:18:03gevaertsUSB Mass Storage
20:19:08 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:19:08 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
20:20:41LittleAnonWithout holding down the button, the car radio finds the few mp3s I have on my sansa clip, but while holding it down it doesnt find anything
20:21:11 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
20:21:38gevaertsWell obviously
20:23:56LittleAnonDoes the software skip trying to find storage?
20:24:48*gevaerts doesn't understand the question
20:25:39LittleAnonWhen I hold the button down, does the software skip trying to find mass storage?
20:26:00 Join the-kyle [0] (
20:26:30gevaertsIf you hold a button down, rockbox doesn't initiate a mass storage connection
20:28:11LittleAnonOkay, that makes sense. So what prevents the speakers in my car from playing the music I let rockbox play?
20:30:00LittleAnonAfter I held the button down I mean
20:30:39gevaertsI'd check the audio cable
20:31:11LittleAnonIm using a USB connection
20:31:35ZincAlloythere's your problem :)
20:32:55gevaertsYou can either use a USB mass storage connection and let the car system handle everything, *or* use an audio cable and have rockbox handle playback
20:32:58gevaertsYou can't have both
20:33:21LittleAnon...but I can do it with my phone with a USB connection! Without it having to read the phone
20:34:09RiDsome sort of digital audio output, like hdmi has?
20:35:03LittleAnon"It just werks". I think you know which phone im talking about
20:35:41gevaertsYou're talking about the phone that bullies everyone into supporting whatever protocol it handles, and then refuses to let people do that without paying?
20:36:02gevaertsbecause if so, you know why it doesn't work :)
20:36:28LittleAnonThe phone of the devil, really
20:36:40 Join saratoga_ [0] (123e1fc2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:39:43LittleAnonI somehow made it play FLAC with a third party audioplayer "app"
20:39:56Mode"#rockbox -o gevaerts" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
20:40:22LittleAnonIll just buy an AUX cable for my sansa then
20:40:57saratoga_a car power adapter as well if you want to use car mode to start/stop playback with the engine
20:41:00LittleAnonThanks for the help and explaining why it doesnt work
20:41:48 Quit LittleAnon (Remote host closed the connection)
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