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#rockbox log for 2014-05-03

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00:42:33Klarionwhen I use Prevent Clipping, does it make Track gain useless or it just reduces it's efficiency?
00:59:23pamauryKlarion: I think those are different things
01:00:05pamaurytrack gain will update the gain and prevent clipping will apply *after* if the gain is too high, so I guess the answer is no, it doesn't make it useless
01:00:32Klarionthanks for clarifying that
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01:58:55deleted_Hey there, I've got a 4GB Sansa Clip + here that I can't get past the sansa flower in OF, no idea if it has rockbox flashed on it (not original owner). I've tried resetting, resetting holding the menu button, etc. I'm not sure what to do before the bridging unbricking option.
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02:27:59deleted_update: it was a 2GB clip+.
02:28:22deleted_I had nothing to lose (paid next to nothing for the device) so I opened it, bridged the recovery pads, plugged it into my laptop, ran fdisk -l (as sudo)
02:29:02deleted_2GB disk showed up first try, used dd with if as the original clppa.bin found on the sansa forums and of as /dev/sdd (as reported by fdisk)
02:29:08deleted_Tried powering it on and it boots into OF!
02:30:38deleted_thanks to all the contributors for the great wiki guide at
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08:28:19[Saint]I just re-read the backlog.
08:28:42[Saint]I wonder what that chap actually managed to do with his player.
08:29:35[Saint]Seeing as the unbrick instructions "worked", but the procedure didn't actually go as intended.
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08:30:57[Saint]He dd'd to the storage partition, not the firmware partition.
08:32:01[Saint]It must've been stuck in a very curious state where the firmware was intact enough to update itself but not enough to complete a boot and present the storage.
08:34:57[Saint]Either way - good for that guy, I guess.
08:35:31[Saint]It may be that removing the battery was the kick it needed.
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11:40:40meehoohello, I
11:40:51meehoove got a problem with my sansa clip plus
11:41:35meehoowindows 7 doesnt seem to have appriopriate drivers for it
11:41:55meehooit says :The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
11:42:02meehooand There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
11:42:23meehooi try to make an update but no joy
11:43:50meehoohere are the screen shots :
11:45:04meehoowindows sees my player as rockbox media player
11:45:23meehoothe driers are not ok though
11:45:47meehooare there any drivers for that ?
11:46:00meehooor should windows itself have them?
11:47:36meehooplease help
11:48:09meehooa couple of monthsback all worked well
11:50:36meehooI geuss you're all sleeping now
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12:06:45meehooRockboxUtility-v1.4.0 cannot help either, I am unable to uninstall rockbox from my player
12:24:39[Saint]This isn't a rockbox problem, strictly speaking.
12:25:26[Saint]Uninstall or roll back the driver the host is using for the device.
12:27:37[Saint]And, just so you're aware, Rockbox Utility tells you exactly why it cannot uninstall Rockbox for this device, why, and how you should go about doing it yourself.
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12:38:31meehoowhen I plug my player in via USB no internal memory is found
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12:53:23meehoo_why do think windows wont recognize my internal clip memory?
12:55:21meehoo_is it clip's fault?
12:55:52meehoo_I uninsatlled all the drivers, still my sansa cannot install properly
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13:11:39copperadded bottom info bar in the SBS to Ash and PodTwo
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14:09:08copperRSS feed! :D
14:09:35pamauryalexbobp: I have made some progress on the Sansa View, now I have the LCD working
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15:00:30copperI'm considering forcing the main font in my themes, since they use a second font, which the user can't change
15:01:50copperI don't really see a point in changing the main font if the second font can't be changed as well, and changing to a different font with a different size will break alignments
15:02:19copper[Saint] ^
15:04:32coppermeh, he must be sleeping by now
15:04:35copperdamn time zones
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15:37:47[7]how do rockbox's semaphores work?
15:38:49[7]if I have this in the USB thread: semaphore_wait(&usb_dw_ep_state[ep.number].in.state.complete, TIMEOUT_BLOCK);
15:39:13[7]and this in an IRQ handler: semaphore_release(&usb_dw_ep_state[i].in.state.complete);
15:39:48[7]I'd expect the USB thread to wake up once the IRQ hits
15:40:44bertrikyes, it should unblock the task doing the semaphore_wait AFAIK
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16:40:22pamaurywho worked on the portal players ? bertrik ?
16:40:37pamauryis UART supposed to work ? because this line in uart-pp.c seems fishy:
16:40:37pamauryoutl(0x70000018, inl(0x70000018) & ~0xc00);
16:40:55pamaurythe prototype of outl is outl(value, address)
16:42:10bertrikno, I haven't worked on the PP uarts
16:42:31bertrikand yes, that is fishy :)
16:43:19pamauryreally the pp codebase is a mess
16:43:27pamaurythere are hardwired constants everywhere
16:43:43pamaurymany registers don't even have a proper definition in the headers
16:43:51pamauryit seems like a miracle that it actually works
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17:15:11copperPraise teh Lawrd.
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18:54:14Elabisquestion about EQ: does LSF mean that if I put it at -14 db on 125 Hz, all freq. below 125 Hz untill 0 Hz will be at -14db regardless of the Q value?
18:56:49ElabisI'm just trying to figure out if I understood the manual correctly
19:01:32ZincAlloylow shelf filter
19:02:10ZincAlloyand no. the cutoff frequency of an eq or filter is defined at the −3dB point. it's a curve...
19:02:12copperwhy would you want to disable low frequencies?
19:08:36ElabisI have too strong bass on my headphones
19:08:53coppernever heard that one before
19:09:30ZincAlloyI once tried some beyerdynamics that had ridiculous amounts of bass
19:13:30copperElabis: I configured my Rockbox EQ while measuring the output with RMAA
19:13:41copperso I could see the exact frequency response
19:14:00copperthen I would adjust the EQ and measure again, until I found the right FR
19:17:21copperit takes some fiddling, but it's the "set it once and forget" kind of thing
19:18:45Elabissorry, had to answer a call... what do you need for RMAA measurement? I never did it...
19:19:08copperthe RMAA software and an ADC (an audio device with recording capabilities)
19:19:35copperand an audio cable that fits your DAP and your ADC
19:19:58copper(minijack to minijack, or minijack to RCA, or whatever)
19:20:34Elabiswhat's an ADC exactly?
19:21:11pamauryanalog to digital converter
19:21:16pamaurya sampler if you prevent
19:21:24coppera recording device
19:21:39Elabisthis is what I have
19:23:46Elabis Right now I for lowering the bass I need to lower 32 Hz, 64 Hz, 125 Hz, 250 Hz and 500 Hz. But I thought I could just put LSF at 125db and lower it for -14 db and then all the frequencies below would be at -14db
19:24:01Elabis*125 Hz
19:24:26Elabisthat's how I understood the function of LSF in manual
19:24:50coppersounds like you bought the wrong headphones
19:25:08Elabisno headphones give perfect flat sound
19:25:12Elabiswhat do you mean?
19:26:35ZincAlloythat graphic looks reasonably flat
19:27:08copperif the headphones give "perfect flat sound", why do you need to lower bass?
19:27:11ZincAlloyI'd be more concerned about that spike above 10k
19:27:49ZincAlloyand why does that graph show nothing below 100Hz?
19:28:06Elabisthe way I'm adjusting these is that I'm lowering everything except for 9 kHz, which is where you can see that dip on pic.
19:28:49Elabiswell, that's how they measure all headphones, from 100 Hz up
19:29:08ZincAlloywrong approach. if you lower spike above it with high q, it should take care of the dips as well
19:29:20 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
19:29:37ZincAlloybut you don't know exactly where that spike is, anyway. the graph is nowhere near precise enough for that.
19:29:57Elabisoh I know exactly, on my headphones it's around 10.5 kHz
19:30:19ElabisI tested it with sine tones
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22:38:09ZincAlloyany theme authors here with experience with argb bitmaps?
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23:22:35Elabiswhy do I get 'undefined instruction' errors randomly with latest dev. version?
23:23:07Elabisactually randomly when I plug player to PC
23:24:38ZincAlloyI've created a bitmap with transparency (ARGB, a8, r8, g8, b8), but rockbox won't render it as transparent in a theme :(
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