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#rockbox log for 2014-05-06

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00:40:03krt47hi, when i go to eq it doesn't go back to the menu
00:40:39krt47my player is sansa fuze+
00:41:29krt47anybudy there?
00:43:06krt47hi, when i go to eq it doesn't go back to the menu
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00:45:56ZincAlloyare you sure you're actually going back to the menu?
00:50:38krt47i push the back button
00:50:53ZincAlloytry the stop button
00:51:04krt47i mean yes no it's not
00:51:19krt47i have play/pause
00:52:08krt47i've tryed that. that won't go back
00:52:09ZincAlloythe power button on top
00:52:23krt47that locks/power off
00:53:34ZincAlloyhow about a long press on play?
00:53:48krt47i have a return to previous screen. that's the button on the left hand side just before select
00:55:04ZincAlloyright.. the back key should bring you back to the menu according to the manual
00:55:33ZincAlloyis the key actually working?
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00:55:48krt47i've just upgraded
00:55:50ZincAlloyin other menus I mean?
00:56:01ZincAlloyyou might have a broken key there
00:56:10krt47yes in other menus it works
00:57:41krt47no it's not broken. i've just upgraded it. every thing on the previous firmware works
00:58:56krt47for some reason this eq is acting up on that key
00:59:15ZincAlloymight be a bug. gotta wait for a developer to confirm
00:59:31ZincAlloyI haven't got a fuze + to try
00:59:43krt47which one do u have?
00:59:56ZincAlloyI have a clip zip and a h340
01:00:31krt47how do i also add commands for eq to more freqency's also?
01:02:10krt47and i don't know where to put config.cfg either. do you know where?
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01:04:02ZincAlloyanywhere. it doesn't matter
01:06:08ZincAlloy5 bands is plenty for an equalizer. do you really need more? maybe you should think about upgrading your headphones…
01:08:10krt47i already have hd headset
01:08:44krt47yes for what i'm doing is for more bands then just 5
01:08:55ZincAlloywhat are you doing? :D
01:09:09krt47meditation with music, freqency's
01:10:25krt47all freqency's do something different
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01:11:10ZincAlloyit's a fully parametric eq. you can set the frequency for ever band exactly where you want it
01:11:27krt47how do i do that?
01:11:37krt47is it real simple?
01:11:59ZincAlloyyes, read the eq chapter in the manual:
01:14:08krt47that doesn't tell me much how to put like bands for the commands in the config.cfg
01:15:15krt47for the eq.
01:15:31ZincAlloyit tells you how to set the eq and how to save the eq settings in a cfg file
01:16:05krt47ok maybe there is example of that when it saves
01:16:18krt47i got to go take a shower.
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04:02:37krt47i can't seem to load the eq settings either
04:02:58krt47on my sansa fuze+
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07:28:06[Saint]Is there some define I'm missing that would allow <arbitrary_target> to power off while charging?
07:28:49[Saint](I am thinking of the Classic, which (like the other iPods) prevents shutdown while charging, but (unlike the other iPods) can charge while powered down)
07:29:34[Saint]...huh. That was weird.
07:30:04ter2wouldn't rockbox not even be running in that state?
07:30:06[Saint]It does shut down when charging - so why was I getting the "nope - you're charging, buddy" splash?
07:30:22ter2also does Rockbox have a proper bootloader on classic now?
07:30:31[Saint]ter2: correct, but the hardware is capable of managing charging itself.
07:30:37[Saint]And, no.
07:30:51ter2i don't really mind emcore at all
07:31:03ter2and i don't use the apple functionality so i'm fine. just curious.
07:31:34[Saint]I think that's very easy to say when there's quite literally no other options and booting the Apple firmware isn't possible. ;)
07:31:58ter2well even on my 4G
07:32:05ter2i avoided booting the OF whenever possible
07:33:24[Saint]The main issue I have with emCORE isn't really an emCORE issue at all, its more a user issue.
07:33:48[Saint]Compounded by the fact that there's no other option, many users don't know or care about emCORE's massive capabilities.
07:34:50[Saint]...I do think it slightly scary that emCORE can present the means for the user to fuck shit up massively if they go poking at things they don't understand.
07:35:08[Saint]There's just enough information around for a curious user to have a *really* bad day.
07:38:32[Saint]Using emCORE solely as a bootloader for Rockbox is roughly analogous to using a fighter jet engine to light your cigarette.
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07:46:46ter2that makes sense.
07:46:53ter2i haven't really played with emcore at all
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09:03:07[Saint]I've reduced my main menu to Files, Resume Playback, Settings, Shutdown
09:03:24[Saint](minus the latter for non-Application targets)
09:03:42JdGordoni think thats about wha i had on my mini also :)
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09:06:36[Saint]JdGordon: I add shutdown for the app targets because I've found using idle timeout when its backgrounded seems to heighten the chances of it going into that crazy-ass state
09:07:08[Saint]And, also when I was using the database and it was still necessary to reboot in order to commit the db
09:08:03[Saint]Its more than mildly annoying that System is a top level item.
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09:08:35[Saint]The data presented within is occasionally very useful, but not so much that I want to see it in the main menu as a top level item...
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09:58:50[Saint]...what the.
09:59:36[Saint]Decode of 320kbit mp3 is ~1.2MHz *faster* if I force boosting off.
09:59:52[Saint](Classic 6G)
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10:18:54Zagor[Saint]: sure. higher speed is less efficient.
10:19:07Zagormore ram waitstates etc
10:20:13[Saint]It didn't seem immediately obvious to me.
10:21:00[Saint]This pretty much means I can disable boosting at all times on the Classic with my use case.
10:21:41Zagoris it boosting unconditionally, or is some trigger set too sensitive?
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10:21:57ZagorI can't remember... :)
10:22:20[Saint]for testcodec it forces boost, iirc.
10:22:30[Saint]constantly, I mean.
10:23:15[Saint]The Classic also inherited a config option from the PP ipods it seems.
10:23:23[Saint]One that it doesn't seem to need in the slightest.
10:23:29[Saint](boost on UI interaction)
10:24:18[Saint]I could probably force the max clock to the unboosted clock and have everything be fine, but I doubt there would be significant savings to be had here.
10:24:33[Saint]The SoC is pretty bloody efficient when boosted.
10:24:35copperI feel like scrolling in the WPS on the Classic is slower than it used to be
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10:25:01[Saint]Bah. BBIAB, need to reboot.
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10:49:24kugel[Saint]: test_codec doesnt unboost, though. so you don't get state-change penalties
10:50:16kugelguys we should discuss hotels for devcon soon
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13:24:14krt47good morning, i've got some plroblems with sansa fuze+ and rockbox, when push for browse cfg it doesn't load that page or load teh file
13:25:37krt47good morning, i've got some plroblems with sansa fuze+ and rockbox, when push for browse cfg, it doesn't load that page or load the file
13:26:39pamaurykrt47: I'm not sure I understand your question
13:27:07pamauryyou mean in settings > Manage settings > Browse .cfg ?
13:30:01pamaurythen you get a list of config files
13:30:12pamaurymost probably only one
13:30:33krt47well i mean, i been eq preset won't load
13:30:53krt47sorry about the mix up
13:31:51pamaurythis is confusing, you have several config files, one for eq preset and when you select it, it doesn't load ?
13:32:43krt47when i hit browse for eq preset that doesn't show up
13:33:35pamaurywhat do you mean that doesn't show up ? that screen will load the settings and apply them, what do you expect ?
13:34:09krt47the list doesn't show up
13:34:45copperare you looking for eq presets in the wrong menu?
13:35:56coppereq presets are in Sound Settings → Equalizer → Browse EQ Presets
13:36:00krt47settings -> sound settings -> eq -> browse eq preset.
13:36:09pamauryyou should use sound settings > equaliser > browse
13:36:24copperI think we've got that one covered :D
13:36:43krt47that's the one i'm using, it doesn't show up the list
13:37:00pamaurydid you put the config file in the right directory ?
13:37:08copperbut you said
13:37:14copper11:27:08 UTC <pamaury> you mean in settings > Manage settings > Browse .cfg ?
13:37:14copper11:29:01 UTC <krt47> yes
13:37:33krt47which dir do i put in?
13:37:51copperkrt47: can you pastebin your file first please?
13:38:42copperthe dir for eq presets is /.rockbox/eqs/
13:38:42pamaurythey go in .rockbox/eqs/ directory
13:40:26krt47this is my time using rock. i've just upgraded, i don't see /.rockbox/eqs/
13:41:21krt47someone told me i can put eqs files any place on sansa
13:41:51pamauryno you can't
13:42:25krt47well, when i whent to edit that eqs that wasn't in folder
13:43:00pamaurywhen your plug your device over USB, in the file explorer, at the root of your device there is a directory called ".rockbox", go into it, then in "eqs", put your config file here. If you put it elsewhere, Rockbox won't see it
13:43:06pamaury*when you
13:43:44krt47i have the config file where eqs are
13:44:04krt47i haven't moved that.
13:45:48krt47plus before i install rockbox, when i picked the sansa fuze+ it says it need more testing
13:45:59pamauryok, let's process differently, you could please 1) give us the name of your file 2) pastebin the content of your file (using 3) list the content of the .rockbox/eqs/ directory
13:47:54 Join Geoff [0] (~qua@
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13:48:22krt47eqs not a folder. it's a file
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13:49:45pamaurywhat ? that sounds very strange, when you installed rockbox, eqs must have been a directory, not a file, did you change that ?
13:50:14pamaurywhich other directories do you see in .rockbox/ ?
13:55:02 Join ter2 [0] (~tertu@
13:58:54krt47that's the way that was installed, cofigured
13:59:32coppercould you please do what you're asked?
14:00:16krt47i don't know what u mean copper
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14:01:44pamaurykrt47: points 1), 2) and 3) listed above
14:01:54pamauryand now 4) list the content of the .rockbox/ directory please
14:02:26krt47list what?
14:03:35pamaurycould you, with your explorer, on your computer, enter the .rockbox∕ directory at the root of your device, and tell us which files and directories you see
14:08:54krt47ok i've tryed to creat eqs folder. it was success, i had to create the folder manually. stil looks like that the eqs file isn't beening loaded
14:10:02pamaurykrt47: if you keep ignoring our help, I don't see why I should keep trying helping you
14:10:21krt47i'm not igoring you
14:10:40pamauryyes you are, we have ask you a number of precise question, which you have precisely ignored
14:10:47krt47i'm also tyrng to help and figure this out
14:12:51krt47i have to go. let's do this again later
14:16:20copperLet's not.
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17:20:17cereal_killerDo I need to create a .cfg file to add the shut down functionality to the main menu, or can this be done via the settings menu?
17:20:55 Join Misanthropos [0] (
17:25:13gevaertsYou have to *edit* a cfg file :)
17:27:01copperand run a patched build
17:28:11cereal_killerah I see, I thought I need to create a separate .cfg file... I am running a build from 140414, is this patch not in the dev builds?
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17:33:53cereal_killerand how can I determine which .cfg build I am runnimg, I somehow lost track of my too man .cfg files
17:34:17 Quit petur (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:34:33coppereh, I don't know
17:35:36cereal_killeri meant .cfg file...
17:35:40copperRockbox just loads values that it reads in the cfg file that you choose, and saves non-default options in config.cfg
17:35:42cereal_killeralright, thanks for the info
17:36:00copperwell I guess that answers your question
17:36:13cereal_killeryes it does
17:36:15copperthe cfg file currently in use is… config.cfg :D
17:36:42copperanyway, that won't work unless you're running a patched build
17:36:44copperare you?
17:36:54copperyou're not
17:36:58coppersorry I'm a little distracted
17:38:09cereal_killerno problem... I am running a dev build where this patch is not included right? But I never got my head around setting up a building environment...maybe this is a chance to do so...
17:38:33coppernope it's not included
17:38:52copperhere's the patch if you want to build it:
17:39:45copperdunno if it works with all targets
17:39:51copper(it's not mine)
17:40:00 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
17:40:03copperask [Saint]
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17:52:22 Part cereal_killer
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20:55:15TheSeven[Saint]: feel free to implement a rockbox bootloader for the classic ;)
20:55:41TheSevenbut I guess that will require fixing USB first to avoid softbricking
20:59:23pislick0hey ?
20:59:33pislick0i need help
20:59:37 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:59:47pislick0i want to use rockbox in my sony
20:59:59pislick0but i dont know update
21:00:52 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
21:02:25amayerpislick0: what model is your sony player? it doesnt look like rockbox support too many sony players
21:02:39pislick0sony nws e 384
21:03:11pislick0pamaury said "its work in sony this model"
21:04:17pislick0i'm download all file and copy my mp3 root.. but it's dont update
21:04:34 Quit ygrek (Remote host closed the connection)
21:05:42 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
21:11:13pamaurypislick0: you must it in "D:", not "D:\MP_ROOT"
21:11:48pislick0really ? I try it now
21:11:51pislick0and later ?
21:12:01pislick0put option button ?
21:13:24pislick0I guess it upgrade
21:15:04pislick0it's okey.. Thanks a lot friend @pamaury
21:18:23 Quit kuldeepdhaka (Quit: Leaving)
21:20:30 Quit y4n (Quit: MOTHER EUROPA CALLING ME!)
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