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#rockbox log for 2014-05-08

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02:23:24[Saint]Ok - so I'm clear, before I start digging in to this, expected behavior is that stopping playback and resuming without power cycling the device or starting any plugins is *NOT* expected to cause a rebuffer?
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02:29:05the-kyleYes. I run two instances on my own.
02:29:11the-kyleWrong window wow.
02:29:28[Saint]Very wrong. Much wow.
02:30:00alexbobpthat's nothing, my toaster runs twelve instances of rockbox
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03:38:52[Saint]Well, that's not entirely surprising.
03:39:09[Saint]Apparently I'm the most active non-committer.
03:39:39[Saint]So says the probably quite questionable IRC statistics page.
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04:27:45saratoga[Saint]: i thought if you stopped (as opposed to just pausing), the audio buffer is cleared
04:28:11[Saint]That makes very little sense.
04:28:31[Saint]Why not keep it around in case playback is resumed?
04:28:48[Saint]If something wants the buffer before then, so be it.
04:29:32[Saint]I made the fatal mistake of assuming this behavior was what was/should be happening.
04:29:46[Saint]But I guess the rebuffer is intentional. Which kinda sucks.
04:30:05saratogai could be wrong, its been 4+ years since i dove into rebuffering
04:30:22[Saint]I looked into it a little earlier and cried a bit.
04:30:31[Saint]That part of the codebase if fucking nuts.
04:31:30[Saint]If I find out where to poke at this, I'll have a go a making sure it doesn't throw away the buffer when playback is stopped.
04:32:26[Saint]The use case for it likely doesn't occur particularly often, but I think it would be nice.
04:33:23[Saint]Though I haven't yet manged to determine if this behavior is intentional or some odd bug I've caused.
04:36:07JdGordonstopping clears the inram playlist also doesnt it? which would mean that it has to rebuffer on resume
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09:56:44[Saint]What the Hell?
09:57:04[Saint]Does the V1 Fuze really have a 2GB limit on external storage, or is OP insane?
09:57:45[Saint]I only have a V2, and I can't seem to find it.
09:58:02[Saint]I find the supposed 2GB limit very questionable, though.
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14:56:04kugel[Saint]: there is no such limit
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18:40:54copperpamaury: hi
18:41:08copperdid you ship my package back yet?
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19:09:30GodEaterI think he sold it, and spent the money on hookers and blow :D
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19:21:16coppersome cheap hookers, and even cheaper blow!
19:21:26coppercan't imagine it was worth it!
19:21:27GodEaterthe best kind
19:22:32copper[Saint]: I pulled the trigger on an SD card adapter for the iPod
19:22:43copperand two sets of tools to open it up
19:23:07copperI'm scared shitless that I'll destroy the iPod, but I figured I have to try
19:23:39copperand if I manage to install it successfully, I'll buy a real ZIF SSD later
19:24:22copperif I destroy the iPod however, I'll commit sepuku
19:24:29GodEaterthe ipod, whilst being a bit of a bugger to open, is very sturdily built
19:24:37GodEaterand withstands the requisite violence quite well
19:24:44GodEaterI've changed the battery out in a few
19:24:47copperI know, I dropped it on the sidewalk
19:24:58GodEaterso merely getting the cover open will not faze it
19:24:59copperit's not the iPod I don't trust, it's myself!
19:25:11GodEateroh yes, you may manage to damage yourself
19:25:16copperbut I'm tired of pussying out
19:25:22GodEaterbu the spudgers aren't usually weaponised
19:25:46GodEater(they have a name, see)
19:26:01coppercost me a total of 30 bucks
19:27:05copperthe guy who makes and sells the adpaters seems to have a long experience making those things work with the iPod
19:38:27copperor, I'll buy a class 10 128 GB SDXC card for half the price of a ZIF SSD of the same capacity
19:38:42copperdunno yet
19:40:17copperI'll lit a candle for Saint Steve before going in
19:40:35 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
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21:13:17max242i've got the impression rockbox on my sansa fuze+ is causing file system corruption
21:13:41max242does anybody else using a fuze+ experience the same thing?
21:15:59max242this is easily repeatable on my fuze+ when copying +600M of files onto the device
21:16:29max242after a while, the usb connection is lost
21:17:44max242with fewer amounts of data/mp3-files, chances seem to be lower, but the corruption still happens
21:18:04max242the corruption becomes very noticeable when listening to music
21:18:39gevaertsDo you know if the disconnect causes the corruption (sudden disconnects *do* cause filesystem corruption...), or if there's also corruption if that doesn't happen?
21:18:56max242the fuze plays the music, but at random spots i hear other samples from other songs
21:19:30max242i think it is the disconnect causing the corruption
21:19:41max242how can i be really sure on this?
21:19:56gevaertsNot easily, unfortunately
21:20:19RiDwell, at least you got Music AutoRemix™, not all mp3 players have that
21:20:56gevaertsStill, bits of other tracks at wrong places does seem to be caused by plain filesystem corruption as commonly caused by disconnecting at the wrong time
21:21:06gevaertsSo I'd say it's probably the disconnects
21:22:07gevaertspamaury: any thoughts?
21:22:30max242i've got the same issue on a sony nwz.e385
21:24:01gevaertsThat and the fuze+ are fairly similar internally I believe
21:24:17gevaertsSo it
21:24:24gevaertss not too surprising if they share bugs
21:24:59max242and i see there is a commit to sdmmc-imx233.c recently
21:25:57max242i would like to get back to an older release and see if the issue does occur on older versions too
21:27:47max242the last time i did update rockbox was during the christmas period 2013, any chance to find a rockbox version that old on the web besides building it myself?
21:28:25pamaurygevaerts: we would need to know what causes the disconnect
21:28:32pamaurybecause that's clearly the cause of the corruption
21:29:10pamauryotoh, I know the usb core on the imx233 has some silicon issues (silent data corruption), so the bug could be hardware side
21:33:15max242rebooting my fuze+ to OF now
21:34:02max242is it normal for the fuze+ to reboot when plugging in the usb cable?
21:34:16max242while in OF, that is
21:34:43max242i would like to do a full format of the internal sd
21:35:42 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:36:39max242ok, i'm in OF USB mode now
21:37:03max242just started a full format now, hope this helps ...
21:37:46max242a quick format only cleans the fat, right?
21:38:18max242does a full format clear the full sd card?
21:39:14gevaertsIt might, but the FAT is all that really matters
21:39:48max242but what if the 2 FATs are inconsistent?
21:40:04gevaertsA quick format will clear both
21:40:06 Join Misanthropos [0] (
21:41:08max242gevaerts: ok, thanks
21:41:11copperpamaury: logs
21:41:37 Quit alucryd (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
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21:50:04 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
21:50:38 Join Misanthropos [0] (
21:51:22max242Format Complete, rockboxing it now :-)
21:56:30max242copying some music folders before rebooting and going back into rockbox
22:02:12max242ok guys, i'll do some testing during the forthcoming days, and keep you informed. thanks for your help!
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22:10:33 Part max242
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23:17:51pamaurycopper: no
23:23:45 Quit scorche (Disconnected by services)
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23:31:42pamaurycopper: I will send it back to you tomorrow if you want
23:31:47pamauryjust recall me your address
23:35:13 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
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