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#rockbox log for 2014-05-09

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08:16:40copperpamaury: I sent you an email with my postal address again
08:17:01pamaurycopper: thanks
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09:27:57max242i might have another case when rockbox corrupts the filesystem on my sansa fuze+
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09:29:28max242i frequently copy files over from my NAS onto the fuze+, at the same time using foobar to define the replaygain, or another application like mp3tag to correct mp3 tags
09:30:03max242i was doing this during the morning, and the fuze+ file system got corrupted again!
09:30:29max242seems like rockbox is not happy trying to handle multiple usb events at the same time ...
09:31:14max242your thoughts on this will be appreciated
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09:32:40max242i'll read your comments later, i have some real work to do now :-)
09:32:42pamaurymax242: did the device got disconnected or did you properly eject it ?
09:33:12max242pamaury: no disconnect events, i properly ejected it
09:33:47pamauryhum, this will be hard to debug
09:35:02max242well, i think i should change my usage pattern then, and hope the fat corruption doesn't happen again
09:35:32pamauryit would be better to understand the problem
09:35:51pamauryso what seems to corrupt the data is that your read and write many things at the same time ?
09:35:56max242well, i described what i did, you can try it yourself
09:36:03max242yes indeed
09:36:11copper19:27:49 UTC <max242> the last time i did update rockbox was during the christmas period 2013, any chance to find a rockbox version that old on the web besides building it myself?
09:36:19copperI can make you one if you want
09:36:45max242@copper: yes, i am interested
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09:37:04copperok, let me look at the git log
09:38:09coppermax242: first I'll make you a recent build prior pamaury's imx233 commits, if that's OK
09:38:23pamaurymax242: so the bug did not exist before ?
09:38:58max242yes, i remember having seen this during 2013 already
09:39:11max242but never really reported this here on irc
09:39:19copperwait, so it DID exist before?
09:39:32max242well, i'm pretty sure about it
09:39:58copperwhen though
09:40:21max242i don't remember that
09:40:21copperbecause you said you updated in christmas 2013
09:40:37pamauryso there is no point in trying an older build, it will fail too
09:40:51max242well, that was the last time i did an update
09:41:12copperthat doesn't tell us what period might be bug free for your case
09:41:20max242@pamaury: agreed
09:41:51max242maybe i just changed my usage pattern over the years
09:42:01coppermax242: have you tried take the sd card out and copying stuff on it with an SD card adapter, directly on your computer?
09:42:19coppertried taking*
09:42:30max242@copper: i'm talking about the 'internal-sd', or how do you name that?
09:42:37copperah, internal storage
09:42:58max242yes indeed
09:43:07max242but the same happens to external sd
09:43:36max242copy over using and SD card adapter on the laptop works fine, and doesn't render the filesystem corrupt
09:43:40copperare you ever experiencing corrupted files on your PC too?
09:43:47max242no, not at all
09:44:08max242i don't think it is a laptop/hardware issue
09:44:15coppertoo bad, it could have been simple RAM bitflip
09:44:59max242well, you have some food for thought now, i'm going back to work!
09:45:19max242i'll hang around when time permits during the forthcoming days
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10:42:40kugelgrml, where is wodz? we really should discuss hotels for the devcon
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10:54:03#>>"seen" used by Zagor (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor) [snoop prevented]
10:54:15Zagorow, that's a long time
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17:19:01MMloshI am surprised that I wasn't able to find out by myself...
17:19:12MMloshCan I have my device boot into the original firmware by default?
17:19:28funmanProbably no, but which device?
17:20:50MMloshPhillips GoGear
17:21:26MMloshthere is a correctly working feature that allows me to boot the original firmware
17:21:43MMloshbut only on request, not by default
17:22:26MMlosh being the relevant wiki page
17:23:08 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
17:23:15funmanIf you don't like rockbox to the point of making it the default OS, don't go for it ;)
17:23:53MMloshthe default OS insists on doing PTP file transfers
17:24:06MMloshalso.. it's not exactly mine :)
17:24:23MMloshso I'd prefer having rockbox as a hidden feature
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17:47:59pamauryMMlosh: unfortunately, changing this behaviour requires to recompile and change the bootloader
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18:38:17MMloshpamaury, OK
18:38:33MMloshI guess it makes sense, that I can invert the condition in the source code and recompile
18:38:41MMloshfortunately, the owner likes rockbox! :)
18:40:20MMloshfor some reason the database doesn't save
18:40:56MMloshand KDE on his computer insists on using the HID connection mode instead of mass storage
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18:41:44MMloshis it OK to workaround the latter by using UMS mode for filetransfer instead?
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19:39:55pamauryMMlosh: you can disable HID mode, so that only UMS mode is exposed to the host
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19:55:58MMloshpamaury, well.. no matter what I choose for the HID mode
19:56:13MMloshthe actual results in the KDE environment doesn't seem to be correlated
19:57:04MMlosh(I have seen all four combinations of HID=yes|no and mass_storage|hid)
19:57:06 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:58:48pamaurythen the bug is not related to HID
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20:03:22MMloshKDE actually always sees HID
20:03:33MMloshsometimes it sees both, sometimes only HID
20:03:51MMloshI assume rockbox never exposes both at once, which would mean a bug in KDE
20:08:29pamauryit does, it can expose HID + UMS or UMS (and maybe just HID but I'm not sure)
20:09:26gevaertsWe do just HID (but a toothless one that doesn't do much) for charging only
20:13:04MMloshI did wonder what does it actually do
20:13:39MMloshwhich is quite funny, since the gogear device was shipped with an Y cable with both USB and a wall wart
20:13:53MMloshwhich probably means it cannot charge from usb I guess
20:15:18gevaertsIf I understand correctly what kind of cable you mean, it should mean it can
20:16:51MMloshone end goes into the gogear device
20:16:56MMloshfrom that two wires branch off
20:17:00MMloshone ends in an usb plug
20:17:13MMloshother one ends in a wall adapter (non-removable)
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20:35:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f444ae7, 253 builds, 28 clients.
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21:53:50max242about the fuze+ storage which gets corrupted: i've got something which is easily reproducable, at least on my side
21:55:09max242copy files from laptop to fuze+ internal storage, and while it is still busy with that action, open a file in e.g. audatious
21:55:54max242the copy action just stops, and i am pretty sure the usb disconnects
21:56:04max242and there you have disk corruption again ...
21:56:18 Quit teythoon (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:56:25max242anybody else who is willing to give this also a try?
21:58:46max242even though i safely disconnects the fuze+ in windows7, the fuze is still showing the usb-symbol on screen, and does not return to normal unless being reset
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22:21:33max242i was a little too fast drawing conclusions: disc scan of the internal storage in windows 7 does not reveal any corruption
22:21:48 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
22:21:55max242the only thing i can surely say is that the usb connection locks up, and freezes the fuze+
22:27:19 Join einhirn [0] (
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