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#rockbox log for 2014-05-14

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01:54:41JdGordonpreglow: YMMV it seems. its pretty crashy for me though, gets into a wierd state where you have to force kill it regularly
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04:31:58[Saint]preglow: (regarding RaaA instability), it appears to be ROMs that are heavily vendor customized that have roblems with running RaaA.
04:32:23[Saint]Almost every person I've ever seen have an issue with it has been using a vendor customized stock ROM.
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07:59:24kawaivpc1please help guys! thanks
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08:14:37kugel[Saint]: it doesnt seem ROM-specific
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08:31:27copper[Saint]: the Poweramp guy complained about that too
08:58:46kugel[Saint], JdGordon_: Someone claimed to have a fix for the black screen but I cannot find it
09:01:34kugelbut I remember the fix
09:02:10JdGordon_i havnt got a build environment, if you bul a apk I'll test it
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09:09:20[Saint]haha - whoops.
09:11:37[Saint]How did that even happen? Grrrrr.
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09:13:32[Saint]kugel: I remember that too - perhaps my Google-fu can dig it up.
09:13:39[Saint]I recall being highly skeptical of it.
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09:18:45[Saint]if(e->ExceptionOccurred(env_ptr)) e->ExceptionClear(env_ptr);
09:18:52*[Saint] shudders
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09:25:48kugel[Saint]: oh right
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09:26:52[Saint]Like you said at the time (paraphrased): It can't hurt to try, but if it works - I would really love to know why.
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09:28:08[Saint]Since that time I'm back to not being able to reproduce it reliably at all on CyanogenMod, to the point where I'm willing to say that it "no longer happens".
09:28:21[Saint]I can still repro semi-reliably in stock though.
09:28:32kugelit does happen on CM too
09:29:32[Saint]Oh, I know that - but, I can't reproduce it anymore.
09:30:05[Saint]I'm way way way up in the nightlies with a repository full of proposed changes though.
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09:35:24copperpamaury: don't forget the package at home! ;)
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09:35:44wodzpamaury: ping
09:35:48pamaurywodz: pong
09:37:25wodzpamaury: I was thinking about crazy idea. What about making hstub console equivalent of gdbserver? I mean you fire hwstub on device, connect to 'hwserver' and then you can connect to this server with client. This way it should be in theory possible to debug things over net
09:38:00pamauryI already thought about this idea with TheSeven
09:38:09kugelwhy not gdbserver itself?
09:39:11pamauryIt's feasible in theory but there are many issues, mostly 1) make sure hwstub doesn't overwite anything 2) make the debugged firmware unaware of the usb connection
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09:39:38pamauryit at least requires intercepting interrupts and hacking virtual memory
09:40:14pamaurynow if you just want it for rockbox, things are a bit simpler I guess
09:40:33wodzpamaury: no, no I am thinking about 'booting' hwstub which should take ovear
09:40:57TheSeventhe question is: what exactly do you want to debug in the first place?
09:41:09[Saint]that sounds VERY much like emCORE's shell
09:41:24[Saint](which can, with some fuckery, be reached over net connected devices)
09:41:54pamaurycurrently you can access most of the hardware with hwstub already, except registers
09:41:56plocosaw you guys discuss about RaaA black screen again. and no, I was suggest to check if canvas c is null before doing drawbitmap
09:42:11pamauryso you can emulate a gdbserver (mostly) ?
09:42:29[Saint]Jeebus...that was some random timing ploco ;)
09:43:28plocoSaint, I will show you something
09:44:36pamaurywodz: what do you want to do with it actually ?
09:45:11TheSevendo you want to debug rockbox while it's alive, after it died, or debug OFs etc.?
09:45:16wodzpamaury: I was thinking about the guy with only scrollwheel working on ipod
09:45:24[Saint]Kinda odd that you guys apparently had this fixed for some time and we find out about it second hand via a random IRC entry.
09:45:28[Saint]...just sayin'.
09:45:36[Saint]Collaboration, yo.
09:46:17pamaurywodz: just embed hwstub in rockbox and execute it on some key combination for example
09:46:28plococurrently I'm the only one working on this problem in
09:46:53wodzpamaury: here is the problem :P buttons mostly not working
09:47:19[Saint]ploco: so you'd think you'd want help with it then. ;)
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09:47:26pamauryis it a physical problem or a software bug ?
09:47:28wodzpamaury: and still I don't have the device of question hence the idea to net connect
09:47:38pamauryah I see
09:47:46kugelpamaury: I think we had gdbserver even on our hwcodec ports, VM shouldnt be an issue
09:47:48wodzpamaury: the guy claims buttons working in IPL and OF
09:48:09wodzyes we have gdbserver for sh
09:48:12TheSevenoh, so a clickwheel?
09:48:20[Saint]The fact that it works in IPL is...weird.
09:48:25[Saint]As AFAIK we use their code for this.
09:48:42pamaurykugel: what I have in mind in more general that just gdbserver for rockbox, it would work for an arbitrary binary, like OF
09:49:16pamaurywodz: you could write a small program which receives command over net and send them to the usb device
09:49:49kugelpamaury: yes, I was talking about that
09:49:54TheSevengdb integration means ida pro integration, which is always nice ;)
09:50:13kugelthere is no "gdbserver for rockbox"
09:51:10pamauryok but what you call gdbserver is not really gdbserver if it takes over the binary and the code cannot be restarted after that
09:51:33 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
09:51:56TheSevenwell you won't get away without at least some scratchpad memory
09:53:45kugelpamaury: ???
09:54:53plocoif (c == null) return; insert this line after lockcanvas. that's the fix.
09:55:05pamauryyou are talking about post-mortem analysis of the code, right ? That is you run the code, the stub takes over, kill the program and starts the debugging session
09:55:25kugelno, I'm talking about gdbserver
09:55:39 Quit ploco (Quit: Page closed)
09:56:20pamauryso you just mean the small program which receives commands over net ?
09:58:12kugelnot necessarily over net but yes
09:58:24kugelyour hwserver idea sounded like that
09:59:46pamauryno that's quite orthogonal
10:00:14pamaurybut sure go ahead and write gdbserver for hwstub ^^
10:03:31kugelI was refering to "What about making hstub console equivalent of gdbserver?"
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10:04:16kugelthat statement makes me thing "why not implement gdbserver itself"
10:04:59pamaurybecause I want the stub running on the device to be as simple and as small as possible
10:05:05kugelthese chinese guys have lots of changes to rockbox, I wonder how it looks like
10:05:36pamauryimplementing the gdb protocol seems overkill since you can emulate it on the computer, although maybe hwstub is missing a few commands like reading the registers
10:06:15JdGordonkugel: ok, installed
10:06:15kugelit can't be that huge if it runs on 12 MHz SHs
10:09:52[Saint]kugel: I was thinking the same thing.
10:09:59[Saint]re: Chinese RaaA
10:10:10[Saint]Pretty sad that there's no back and forth.
10:10:54[Saint]I know it exists now, though, so - there's that. Much easier to be aware of potentially interesting commits now I know its actually a thing.
10:10:59wodzno, no you are missing the point. gdb protocol run over serial originally. SH can be modded to have serial. On the other hand we usually don't want to mess with hardware or this is impossible
10:11:37wodzSH gdbstub is well, memory read/write + simple command parsing + serial driver
10:12:25pamauryI don't want hwstub to implement a serial line over usb, it requires bulk transfers, more code
10:12:43wodzyes that is my point
10:12:43pamaurythat makes it much harder to port to unknown devices
10:13:03wodzthe very BIG benefit of hwstub is very minimal usb part
10:13:32pamauryand with this, you can implement gdbserver on the computer by translating commands to hwstub commands
10:14:36wodzjust like jtag thing or bdm or whatever other weird debug channel
10:18:32kugelalright, understood
10:22:01kugelJdGordon: if ploco is right the lockups should be gone
10:23:43[Saint]If he's right - I would *love* to know *why*.
10:23:58[Saint]It doesn't appear to make much sense at all.
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10:29:39kugel[Saint]: why?
10:29:57kugelI mean why doesnt it make any sense to you
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11:18:51[Saint] is everything I tought it would be.
11:18:58[Saint]*thought, even
11:20:31[Saint]Wanna click on a "hot search" link? Too bad - lets yoink it away with an animation.
11:21:35[Saint]They've got the whole 'logo links back to self' thing going on too.
11:21:47[Saint]Now, with added animation!
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11:38:34JdGordonkugel: do you want t push the change anyway? I wont know if its definitly fixed it untill tomoorw night after more use
11:39:03JdGordonany ideas whyt the heck i cant ssh into gerrit?
11:39:14JdGordonAgent admitted failure to sign using the key.
11:39:15JdGordonPermission denied (publickey).
11:39:26JdGordonbut i've just recopied the public key into gerrits settings :(
11:39:42[Saint]Logged out since?
11:40:03[Saint]Seems silly. But try logout/in; retry.
11:41:02gevaertsJdGordon: are you using the right port?
11:41:41JdGordon[Saint]'s suggestoin looks like it worked! :p
11:41:48[Saint]If I nuke my own key, I can reproduce that behavior until I log out.
11:41:58[Saint]No idea why it works...but, hey.
11:42:35JdGordon[Saint]: did you ever test that patch to not load the same image more than once in a skin?
11:42:57JdGordoncopper: ping?
11:44:09[Saint]I _think_ so. But I'm not 100% about it. I would have to make sure. I know it /looks/ sound.
11:44:48 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
11:45:31[Saint]I'm pretty sure I did poke at it a bit but its safer to assume I didn't if I didn't comment on gerrit.
11:46:35copperJdGordon: pong
11:47:17JdGordona week or so we were discussing the %if() and we had a simple solution but i didnt end up commiting anything, my login works again.. so do you remember what we discussed? :p
11:47:35copperthere was no consensus
11:48:19copperyou proposed %cast(), I proposed %?number() and %?string() and %?enum(), [Saint] wanted to just fix %?if() and all the other tags
11:49:41copperthe question with %cast() being, what will it transform enum values into
11:49:58copperi.e. will I still need to test for (n + 1) or not
11:50:29[Saint]I would much prefer this didn't need a whole other tag or special %if param or whatever to work around the fact that some tags are designed with conditionals in mind and some aren't.
11:50:59[Saint]But ultimately I really don't care.
11:51:17*copper lends [Saint] his careface
11:53:49JdGordonthis seems like another reason to do a skin version tag so we could actually change the behaviour of tags and not break things
11:56:36[Saint]That seems like a rather unnecessary level of added complexity.
11:57:21[Saint]In hindsight the whole no-regressions/backward compatible approach seems to have been somewhat hurtful.
11:58:16JdGordonI disagree :)
11:58:46*JdGordon has a new - hopefully better - idea how to do the wps playlist viewer tag
12:02:55JdGordon[Saint]: can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese do a cabbie for the 1080*1920 :)
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12:37:59 Part N0Lif3
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12:59:27kugel_i have a cabbie vor 1920x1080 somewhere
13:01:34copperach so
13:03:39 Quit kugel_ (Quit: Lost terminal)
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13:08:26preglowi need to figure out how to make androidbox function well on a bigger screen than my last phone had
13:08:39preglowthe font is TINY and the font menu item does nothing :>
13:12:43 Join kugel_ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
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13:17:56pixelmaI guess you mean RaaAA (or so), in which case you need the font pack and a suitable theme for your device's screen resolution
13:23:30 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@
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13:27:48 Join kugel_ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
13:27:49[Saint]you don't even need a theme really.
13:28:05[Saint]just a font.
13:29:20 Quit mortalis (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
13:39:52JdGordonkugel_: if you find it can you link me please?
13:40:37JdGordonalso, so far so good with that build
13:44:15[Saint]Hmmm...can we force a specific rotation?
13:44:29[Saint]Otherwise you'd still be boned.
13:45:56 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
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13:48:56 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
13:53:34[Saint]Hmmm. We can, I just don't remember how.
13:54:11JdGordon[Saint]: does the vkeyboard on raaaa work for you? i.e the save .cfg menu item?
13:54:17pixelmahuh? I don't think we do rotation
13:54:35[Saint]pixelma: no - we don't.
13:55:34[Saint]but we should be able to make a landscape build run in a specific rotation on a portrait-native device.
13:55:47JdGordonyeah, there is a #define
13:55:56[Saint]I must be blind.
13:57:41JdGordonlook at the mr500 config
13:59:42JdGordonapart from the plugins and comiled-in bitmaps, whats blocking a dynamic lcd size android build?
14:00:13[Saint]it being a largely silly idea - I though?
14:00:34[Saint]too much work to go in completely the wrong direction.
14:00:39[Saint]I thought that was the sum of it.
14:02:05JdGordonso... this might be obvious-ish.. but why arent we doing the same thing we do with the vkeyboard for the lists? I.e creating a new android listview with an adaptor to get the items?
14:02:21*JdGordon is installing the android toolchain to see if this can work
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14:06:20kugel_JdGordon: the biggest problem is the multithreading, not the gui
14:09:28JdGordonkugel_: ? I mean doing exactly what the keyboard hack does.. block the gui thread untill the java returns
14:09:47kugel_to display the lists?
14:10:23JdGordonit might not look amazing, but it could well work much nicer than now
14:10:51JdGordonespecially with long lists.. just a thought, im going to see if its doable
14:12:20pamaurycopper: I've posted the device
14:12:44 Quit the-kyle (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
14:12:51kugel_worth a try, but remember three things (there's probably more that I don't remember now): a) our default handler must be called once in a while, b) rockbox UI thread is not the same as the java/activity one (so everything must go through runOnUiThread), c) if rockbox is minimized, there is no activity and therefore no java UI thread (runOnUiThread doesnt work)
14:15:07JdGordonfor c) the only time it should be possible to switch to a list with it minimised is if playback stops while minimised - which should be eaisly worked around
14:15:08 Join the-kyle [0] (
14:16:47kugel_you can minimize rockbox while being in the list too
14:17:51JdGordonthe keyboard works fine minimising while its up?
14:18:20kugel_not sure :p
14:18:30JdGordonjust tried.. seems to work fine
14:18:38JdGordonbut yeah, this is all likely as not to not work :p
14:18:45JdGordonstill installing toolchain :(
14:28:00 Join mortalis [0] (~kvirc@
14:31:03copperpamaury: thanks :D
14:31:15JdGordonarg, looks like the keyboard is actually pretty buggy...
14:31:22copperwith the cable, card and adapter too?
14:31:52JdGordonopen it up, then minimise it with the home button or something, reopen rockbox, press cancel on the keyboard, rockbox is dead
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