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#rockbox log for 2014-05-15

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01:47:02plocoRaaa: onResume() missing setServiceActivity(true); . that's why the keyboard lockup after comeback from home screen
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01:54:19[Saint]Why can't we get this guy submitting on gerrit?
01:54:47[Saint]He's figured out two major bugs already, but only came by to tell us about them in passing?
01:55:31[Saint]JdGordon: ^ there you go, I guess.
01:56:20[Saint]'s repo is rather stocked with additions.
01:56:47JdGordonhaha awesome
01:57:12JdGordon[Saint]: do you mind putting the 2 changes on gerrit so they can be pushd?
01:58:00JdGordonbut yeah, ploco! please push your fixes to gerrit, or at least the mailing list...
01:58:19[Saint]apparently he reads the logs - which is a good thing.
01:58:31[Saint]Also, yes. I can do that when I get home.
01:59:03JdGordonI failed at setting up the android build env last night :( got the compilers building but it dies at the aapt step.. i'll annoy you tonight about fixing it
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02:00:25[Saint]Ohhhhhh....right. I'm not sure if the toolchain script has been adapted.
02:00:30[Saint]Its largely irrelevant.
02:01:29[Saint]I'll have a look at it, even if it is irrelevant I'm sure there are people who don't want to do it manually no matter how trivial it is.
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02:05:10JdGordon[Saint]: are we still using a deprecated tool to make the apk?
02:05:15JdGordon(was that aapt?)
02:05:42[Saint]It was apktool, and, no. Well...yes, but, no.
02:06:00[Saint]It was re-implemented in our sources IIRC>
02:06:31JdGordonso the wa we are making them is kosher?
02:06:58[Saint]In a way.
02:08:17[Saint]All one needs id the S/NDK in path, the correct vars exported, and the Android 19 build platform.
02:09:03[Saint](platform tools and build tools for Android 19 will be brought in with the SDK)
02:09:04JdGordonthe script downloads every single bloody SDK/NDK version ever released!
02:09:18[Saint]yeah, that's...rather old.
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03:25:31saratogabertrik: is it known who made the AMS SD controller?
03:28:00[Saint]Its a bit late for bertik-o'clock isn't it?
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07:31:51JdGordonkugel: hey, check the first line of toays irc log :)
07:33:02[Saint][11:47:07] <ploco> Raaa: onResume() missing setServiceActivity(true); . that's why the keyboard lockup after comeback from home screen
07:33:10[Saint]for the lazy
07:33:14kugelJdGordon: re build: the sdk updated the tools to 19.1.0, android.make expects 19.0.3
07:33:58[Saint]Ah - I must've got away with that.
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07:34:14[Saint]I installed the SDk a few months ago and haven't touched it since.
07:34:28kugelJdGordon, [Saint]: and no, we don't use the deprecated tool anymore, and we haven't reimplemented (why do you think that [Saint]?) it as aapt is a suitable replacement
07:34:59[Saint]Oh. I thought you re-implemented apktool
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07:36:09kugelwell, I created which is a wrapper for aapt
07:36:48[Saint]regarding "[17:33:19] <kugel> JdGordon: re build: the sdk updated the tools to 19.1.0, android.make expects 19.0.3"
07:36:55[Saint]...this doesn't seem to be the case.
07:37:12[Saint]I have 19.0.1 and just spat out a build.
07:37:21[Saint]No errors, build runs.
07:37:39[Saint]Oh, aha. Derp. Sorry.
07:38:41[Saint]I guess I need to update the sdk to present that -its not showing it as an update.
07:39:39[Saint]Gah. The SDK (for our needs) comes with a fair bit of additional cruft.
07:39:39kugelthird line under tools in the sdk manager
07:40:08[Saint]Yeah - I'm not seeing it, no idea what's going on.
07:40:22[Saint]Not to worry.
07:40:30kugelwe only need the first three (tools, platform tools, build tools), and the sdk platform (one of them)
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07:43:41[Saint]yeah, by default you get the system image for the current API and the android support library iirc.
07:43:56[Saint]I carved it all out though so I may be misremembering.
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10:21:27JdGordon[Saint]: kugel: any idea whats broken here?
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10:22:41kugelJdGordon: no, no idea
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10:24:32JdGordonoh, what build tools version did you say we need?
10:24:37wodzZagor: ping
10:24:46JdGordonandroid.make has BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION=19.0.3
10:25:38wodzZagor: did you follow the discussion about accomodation during DevCon? pamaury and kugel seem to book the hotel
10:26:14kugelJdGordon: change that to whatever you have installd (latest is 19.1.0)
10:27:57JdGordon:( no diff
10:33:26kugelyou sdk seems to be busted somehow. it can't find builtin android xml attributes
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11:35:06JdGordonkugel: is broken then?
11:35:16JdGordonI just ran that last night and fixed the 2 env variables
11:35:24Zagorwodz: no, I didn't. I'll book it myself. thanks.
11:37:13kugelJdGordon: I don't know, I don't use it
11:37:31kugelI just download the sdk/ndk zips, run the sdk manager and check the latest versions
11:38:09kugelopen the sdk manager (run $SDK/tools/android) to see if someting is missing
11:39:43JdGordonyeah, apparently a few stuff is missing, fingers crossed.. ta
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11:40:56copper[Saint]: I received everything I need to replace the HDD and the battery on my iPod Classic. Any final advice?
11:41:45wodzcopper: be brave and persistent :P
11:42:38gevaertscopper: make sure the button assembly cable is connected properly :)
11:53:11copperthe seam is so damn small
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12:05:49JdGordonkugel: ok, got it building :) what was the fix for the black screen please?
12:20:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cb205c8, 253 builds, 29 clients.
12:24:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 280 seconds.
12:40:54copperbattery replaced
12:41:30coppernow I have to wait until my music collection is copied onto the SDXC card
12:42:11coppergetting the original battery was tricky, because part of the hold switch ribbon was glued with the battery
12:42:18coppergetting it out*
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14:05:07copperis emCORE installed on the iPod HDD? or some internal flash memory?
14:05:25coppernm, stupid question
14:07:28coppermy "131072 MB" SDXC card is actually only 125.3 GB unformatted (116.7 GiB)
14:09:54[Saint]Welcome to the world of high capacity battery, solid state storage iPods.
14:10:06coppernot just yet
14:10:19copperI'm waiting for the data transfer to finish
14:10:25[Saint]They truly are impressive beasts. You'll see.
14:10:33copperthey I have to install the adapter, plug the ribbons back in
14:10:48[Saint]Why are you transferring the data prior to assembly?
14:11:03copperto make sure the SD card is fine
14:11:55copperI've passed the 64 GiB mark, so there's that
14:12:38copperthe battery is the same as the old one btw
14:12:42coppersame capacity
14:13:10copper(except new)
14:14:36coppersurprisingly enough, I didn't bend any of the case clips
14:14:57copperthe iFixIt tutorial made it sound like that was pretty much unavoidable
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14:28:46[Saint]Yeah - I thought it was a little weird the iFixit guys say that too.
14:29:20[Saint]Don't mess it around like The Incredible Hulk when prying it open, and make sure you *feel* how it should open, and its fine.
14:29:24coppertbh I couldn't follow their instructions to the letter, I had to improvise
14:29:32*[Saint] nods
14:29:56[Saint]The weirdest thing about the Classic is the odd chassis structure and the way it all slots together.
14:30:09[Saint]Everything is rather intricately packed.
14:30:18[Saint]But its well made, so if you're careful, its fine.
14:30:49[Saint]If you use the wrong tools you're very likely to gouge the casing, but that too is avoidable. ie. use the right tool(s).
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14:57:24pamaurysaratoga: is it important to know which company made the AMS SD controller ?
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15:41:30copperthe ipod isn't turning on :(
15:42:37amayercopper: the apple gods know that you are trying to do something to it and they do not approve
15:43:00amayercopper: is it dead or not taking a charge?
15:43:13copperdunno, should I plug on USB,
15:44:07amayeri may not know the whole situation but usually charging your media player is a good idea
15:44:35amayerwere you modding it or something?
15:46:11copperI think something is very wrong
15:46:31copperbattery fully empty (is it connected right?), ATA panic when loading rockbox
15:48:27amayer*reads logs*
16:00:54copperATA panic error while reading BBT (sector 0, count 1)
16:02:17copper"re: Rockbox – i am getting the same error as Tom mentioned on Feb 8th – “ATA: Error 80000000 while reading BBT (sector 0, count 1)
16:02:20copperThis error appears when trying to run rockbox and also flashes up during installation of emcore (r866), although that subsequently boots ok.
16:02:23copperLooks like i’m stuck with stock firmware for the moment"
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16:04:34copperdoes emCORE charge the battery?
16:05:09amayerTheSeven: ^
16:08:23copperI'm gonna try and restore the OF
16:09:23copperor first, re-install emcore
16:20:57 Join Misanthropos [0] (
16:20:59copperbattery seems to be charging
16:21:15copperbut emcore and rockbox really don't like my new "drive"
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16:26:42 Join __jae__ [0] (
16:42:33copperI think the adapter (or something) wants a partition table (instead of the entire device formatted as FAT32)
16:42:55copperthe maker of the adapter says to make a new partition table and create a fat32 partition
16:44:13copperbut if that works, and if later emcore insists on wiping the partition table, I worry I might not be able to install rockbox
16:44:55gevaertsWhy does the adapter care?
16:44:58copperno idea
16:45:09copper"Some of the factory fresh ExFAT formatted SDXC cards cause problems in the iPod, I have not been able to determine the exact cause but I suspect the iTunes restore process does not write a fresh MBR (Master Boot Record) nor does it create a new partition table – just modifies the existing table."
16:45:42copper"Sounds like you have a corrupt MBR on the card, something which only seems to effect Transcend and Kingston cards."
16:45:49*copper is using a Kingston card
16:46:01copper"You need to remove the SD card from the iPod and using a card reader, create a new MBR and an aligned partition."
16:46:33copperI'm gonna do that, but first I'm going to let the battery charge
16:46:39 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
16:47:20coppergevaerts: it's a custom made adapter by some guy
16:47:37 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
16:47:39gevaertsYes, but a block device is a block device
16:47:43coppermaybe the guy assumes that the card must have a partition table
16:48:51 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
16:49:13copperI'll be really bummed if I don't manage to make this work :(
16:50:20 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:bce1:8c20:c4d0:c698:1981:ba5f)
16:51:03coppereverything else seems to be working, it seems like I properly connected the ribbons
16:51:24 Quit the-kyle (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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17:08:03 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
17:18:39copperstill doesn't work :(
17:19:23coppersame ATA panic
17:19:52 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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18:18:48copperATA: Error 80000003 while reading BBT (sector 0, count 1)
18:18:58copperI managed to restore the iPod, the OF works
18:19:08copperafter that, I managed to install emCORE
18:19:26copperbut as soon as I load the Rockbox fallback image, I get that panic error
18:22:33 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
18:26:28copperit's not just rockbox, it's emCORE too I think
18:26:47coppersince it complains that there is no rockbox.ipod file on the card even where it's there
18:31:08copperI sent a mail to the maker of the adpater
18:31:19user890104copper: this error means that emCORE can't read from the hard disk
18:31:33 Join shufflebot [0] (~ec2-user@unaffiliated/shufflebot)
18:31:57 Quit maruk1 (Quit: Leaving.)
18:32:05user890104BBT (bad block table) is the first thing that emCORE attempts to read (sector 0, count 1 = the very first secotr of the HDD), and it seems that it fails
18:32:33user890104this basicly means: "i can't read from this hdd"
18:32:48user890104what are you using for storage?
18:32:55*user890104 starts reading the backlog
18:34:31copperan SD-CF adapter and a 128 GB SDXC card:
18:34:58copperthe guy says the MBR on kingston card is fucked and gives instructions on how to rebuild one and create a FAT32 partition
18:35:13copperI've followed his instructions to the letter:
18:35:18user890104you don't need *any* of that
18:35:52copperuser890104: first I formatted the entire card (no partition) to FAT32 with mkfs.vfat
18:35:54user890104emCORE completely writes everything on the card and makes its own infrastructure (superfloppy-formatting, no MBR/part.table)
18:36:10copperwell, I don't know what's wrong
18:36:22user890104and a single fat32 partition, that takes the whole space
18:36:34user890104it's something on a lower level
18:36:45coppershould we move this conversation to the freemyipod chan?
18:36:55user890104maybe, and ping TheSeven
18:37:26copperTheSeven: ^^
18:38:29TheSevenah, here...
18:38:43 Join Misanthropos [0] (
18:39:04TheSevencopper: can you try the very latest emcore build?
18:39:11copperwhen can I get it?
18:39:28 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:39:48TheSevenI hope that it will give you a more conclusive error message
18:40:14copperuh, what do I get?
18:40:24copper"emcore-installer" reads "FAILED" on the Classic
18:40:32TheSevenhm, let me take a look
18:40:32user890104uhm, that page hasn't been updated in a while...
18:40:41user890104and i'm sorry about that
18:42:02user890104 -> installer-ipodclassic.ubi should be the latest version
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19:08:52saratogapamaury: no just curious
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