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#rockbox log for 2014-05-18

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01:21:20TheSevenif anyone needs some entertainment, go watch my ipod scan its disk :)">
01:21:58TheSeven(that's a live stream from the ipod's LCD)
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01:52:55RiDTheSeven what am i doing with my life
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03:17:13[Saint]Hard resets needed, 468.
03:17:17[Saint]She's dead, Jim.
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06:53:44JdGordoncopper: your wps is 404-ing
06:53:44JdGordonso yeah, i cant debug :(
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07:07:14JdGordoncopper: err, what data aborts? you said the fuze+ but the link you gave me was for your ipod video theme?
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07:49:22[Saint]JdGordon: Its almost a given that the themes are identical in the arts that matter
07:49:52[Saint]copper ports his themes to pretty much every color target imaginable.
07:50:17[Saint]*the parts
07:51:24[Saint]JdGordon: also - the linked theme works fine here
07:51:43[Saint]Where "works fine" == "doesn't 404"
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08:02:25JdGordon[Saint]: i found the which of course works fine in the sim
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08:02:43JdGordondata aborts are not really going to show up n the sim though so have to do more playing tonight
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08:06:14[Saint]It wouldn't surprise me if this is a "people doing weird shit" error.
08:06:35[Saint]But that's understandable since there's no discernable line between valid syntax and weird shit.
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08:08:27us`0gbSo ... "works fine" == 403?
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08:08:52us`0gbSo ... "works fine" == 403?
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09:34:05copperJdGordon: and
09:34:56copperformer is 320x240, latter is 240x320
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09:39:42copperI don't think there's anything weird in my themes that related to the "don't load the same image twice" thing
09:41:16copperI can enter the WPS on the iPod Video and Classic sims, but entering the FMS makes it crash
09:41:27copperand the graphics are all wrong
09:42:19[Saint]In the fms or in general?
09:43:10copperimages don't display right
09:43:21copperthere's a lot of "graphics corruption"
09:45:35copperzoom in
09:45:56[Saint]I made a simple test upon its inception that loaded the same image with different offsets and identifiers and managed to call each identifier successfully from separate viewports or a conditional in a single viewport and all was well.
09:46:08copperthe shadows on the left and right of the album art aren't showing, and the progress bar is all weird
09:46:12[Saint]But I definitely didn't stress it. No sir.
09:47:34[Saint]Wow. That fucked the scrubber didn't it? Weird.
09:48:14copperlook at the mini album art on the bottom left
09:48:28copperand the green progress bar
09:48:34copperneither of them are supposed to be green
09:48:42[Saint]Looks like a game of moon buggy.
09:51:04[Saint]Off topic: do you own more than two albums? ;)
09:52:32[Saint]hmmm. I see what happened there.
09:52:36copperbut I only work on a separate set of files when using the sims, in case they fuck up the files somehow
09:54:24copperwhat does it mean to "no load the same image twice in a theme"?
09:54:31copperI don't think I'm doing that
09:54:42[Saint]I can't immediately think of any way that would/could happen - but better safe than sorry I guess.
09:55:20copperobviously I'm loading the play icons once in the WPS, once in the SBS and once in the FMS
09:55:24[Saint]copper: this change, in theory, has no functional changes whatsoever.
09:55:40[Saint]Its only relevant to what gets buffered.
09:55:47copperbut something's very wrong there
09:56:06[Saint]Its to make the buffer system not try to buffer the same content needlessly.
09:56:31[Saint]Is. The same image loaded with different idents several times.
09:57:15[Saint]Err...that was terrible wording.
09:57:17copperI'm definitely not doing that
09:57:27[Saint]There's definitely functional changes.
09:57:59[Saint]But it should "just work".
09:58:17[Saint]You don't have to do or not do anything, in theory.
10:00:23[Saint]This change would make it possible to load a single bitmap with mini-images in different coordinates and display each with a different identifier and coordinates - without the hit of having to buffer it N times where N is number of idents.
10:01:08[Saint]So an entire theme could consist of one giant bitmap.
10:01:18[Saint]In theory.
10:01:27[Saint]And it works when used simply.
10:01:40[Saint]Or it used to a few weeks back.
10:01:44copperI don't think lebellium's theme is displaying right either
10:03:06copperjust to show that I'm not doing "something weird"
10:03:34[Saint]Well - its very possible he is too ;)
10:03:56[Saint]He's "manage to fuck USB via a theme" guy.
10:04:33[Saint]But I jest.
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10:11:13coppertrying to load "redux" segfaults immediately
10:20:50JdGordoncopper: have you seen any issues with the sim?
10:21:15copperthose are all screenshots from the sims
10:21:33JdGordonno crashes though?
10:22:11copperthey crash when entering the FMS
10:22:28copperand trying to load the "redux" iPod theme makes the sim crash immediately
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10:53:18coppertrying to load Ash also segfault
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11:19:14JdGordoncopper: yeah, segfaults in the sim here so should be able to figure it out
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11:58:34copper[Saint]: what music player do you use on your smartphone?
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12:47:48JdGordoncopper: fixed
12:47:51JdGordonin 3...
12:47:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 62d357b, 253 builds, 30 clients.
12:48:29copperlemme try
12:51:47copperJdGordon: better, but the progress bar in my Basta theme isn't showing in the WPS nor in the SBS
12:51:56copperonly in the FMS
12:53:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 352 seconds.
12:57:42copperand the progress bar in Ash is screwy
12:57:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8fb0bbc, 253 builds, 30 clients.
13:03:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 320 seconds.
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13:04:57copperlooks good!
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13:14:05copperwhat was the problem?
13:14:26JdGordonnot initialising a struct
13:14:38JdGordonskin_parser.c is disgusting
13:33:40copper[Saint]: er, MP3 files can't be streamed over bluetooth without re-encoding if you use any kind of DSP
13:33:47copperEQ, replaygain, etc
13:34:12copperso the best you can hope for is that your devices can use apt-X lossless
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19:02:01copper → Rockbox Themes - Basta-FP Theme | Original URL:
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19:58:53[Saint]copper: curiousity leads me to ask why you use seperate bitmaps for the album art drop shadow instead of a: a single bitmap drawn over the album art (draw order is irrelevant here because the relevant bits are outside the album art), or b: a bitmap strip?
19:59:22[Saint]There's nothing /wrong/ with the method used, it just struck me as odd.
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20:21:19copperI thought I wasn't supposed to layer images
20:22:03copperalso, that would produce a larger image (in dimensions) with a larger bit depth (32 bit ARGB vs 24 bit RGB)
20:22:34copperand then you'll accuse me of doing weird stuff ;)
20:22:37ZincAlloyyou wouldn't need argb for that. simply use pink for the space where the album art goes
20:22:45copperah, right
20:23:18ZincAlloyargb is only useful if you need to have semi transparent areas
20:25:05ZincAlloydoesn't have all that many uses as you can't layer text on top of that :(
20:25:24copper"Viewports cannot be layered transparently over one another. Subsequent viewport definitions will be drawn over any other viewports already drawn onto that area of the screen."
20:26:06ZincAlloythe correct way to do it is to load the cover in the background
20:26:07 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
20:26:25copperI haven't managed to use %VB properly yet
20:26:50ZincAlloywhen I made themes with drop shadow album arts %VB wasn't around yet I believe
20:26:57copperanyway, the way I'm doing it right now is super simple
20:28:56 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:29:23ZincAlloyjudging by the ratings, pink over a cover is probably still working:
20:29:40 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:31:51 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
20:34:52copperI'll try to think of it the next time
20:45:53[Saint]That quote is often misused, and somewhat irrelevant these days.
20:46:01[Saint]It applies to *textual* viewports.
20:46:12[Saint]"Very Bad Things" will happen if you attempt to layer them.
20:46:25[Saint]Go for it - draw order is parsed order.
20:47:19[Saint]Though draw order for this case is irrelevant.
20:47:31[Saint]It doesn't matter where the portion you'll never see is drawn. ;)
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20:48:01 Quit kugel (Changing host)
20:48:01 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
20:50:04*[Saint] quickly corrects himself
20:50:16[Saint]It applies to *dynamic textual* viewports.
20:50:28[Saint]static text - go for it.
20:50:38ZincAlloystatic as in not moving?
20:51:00[Saint]Not moving, won't ever update (ie. not metadata)
20:51:09ZincAlloyI see
20:51:12ZincAlloythat explains
20:51:18[Saint]Or a bettery or volume percentile, etc.
20:52:15[Saint]The text updating brings that section to the "front" when its updated - so you can no longer count on draw order.
20:52:40[Saint]I say front, but really there's no concept of front or back, it just appears this way.
20:54:14ZincAlloyactually in my experience the text disappears quickly
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