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#rockbox log for 2014-05-24

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01:06:35pamauryb0hoon: I have a new driver which works using the dvo and tft blocks, I just haven't committed yet
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12:44:25ulmutulI wonder how to program "audiohw_set_monitor()"
12:44:39ulmutulI have two possibilities here:
12:45:52ulmutul(1) mix the input to the headphone output (after the DAC), (2) loopback: ADC output is routed directly to DAC input, the external DAC signal is interrupted
12:46:29ulmutulAny opinion about that?
13:00:11pamauryulmutul: how is (1) implemented ?
13:01:12ulmutulBoth are possible settings for the audio codec.
13:01:57ulmutulSo just setting one bit or the other :)
13:02:13pamauryTell me if I'm wrong but (1) is analog -> analog, whereas (2) is analog -> digital -> analog ?
13:02:39ulmutulYes, but both entirely done by hardware.
13:02:49pamaurySo I guess (1) could be beter
13:03:17pamauryI mean (2) cannot be better quality-wise than (1) since in (1) the signal is basically not touched
13:03:32pamaury(at least for a reasonable implementation)
13:03:56pamauryAlso, maybe the hardware disable the ADC/DAC so you can save power
13:05:16ulmutulI think monitoring is only used for recording , so disablich the ADC wouldn't be a good idea :)
13:05:34pamauryit is used by the radio too
13:06:19pamauryon most targets, radio goes to line in, you can select between line in and mic, and with monitor you bypass ADC/DAC to go to HP output directly
13:06:23ulmutulHowever I didn't find any place where monitoring is enabled for the device (YH820).
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13:07:17ulmutulYH820 has no radio (although there's one in the schematic, so maybe there are different versions)
13:07:45pamauryah ok, then indeed monitor is probably unused
13:09:36lebelliumthere is FM radio on some YH-820
13:10:10lebelliumI don't remember if I have it on mine
13:10:14lebelliumI should check
13:12:00pamaurybut the yh820 config file doesn't specify any tuner, so is it even supported by rockbox ?
13:12:37ulmutulNo, not supported yet.
13:15:02lebelliumI don't even remember how to boot OF
13:16:31ulmutulpress "MENU" (left)
13:18:18lebelliumah yes thanks
13:18:58lebelliumI have the FM menu with my firmware 3.00 ET but IIRC I have no FM tuner in hardware
13:19:47CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:19:47*ulmutul getting a toothpick for the reset button (stuck at the samsung logo)
13:19:56lebelliumme too
13:19:58lebellium3 times
13:20:10lebelliumIt's really a bad player
13:20:41ulmutulWith rockbox I'm quite happy.
13:21:09lebelliumThe screen is aweful, it's slow, the 3.5 output is crappy
13:22:13ulmutulUse it outside in the sun, then the display really shines :)
13:23:07ulmutulIt's a transflective display, so it's usable outside.
13:23:41lebelliumI should put a fresh build on it to get cabbiev2
13:24:22ulmutulOne of my next tasks will be to make the backlight switchable to save battery power. Display on, backlight off.
13:24:58lebelliumthe most important would be battery monitoring I would say. But our latest attemps all failes
13:25:56ulmutulWorking on that also. The last attemp wasn't bad, just needed a different scale factor to give reasonable output.
13:26:18lebelliumI don't find the IRC logs again
13:26:31lebelliumbut someone here asked me to try some battery patches on my device
13:26:37lebelliumand that didn't work
13:27:12ulmutulThe battery ADC seems to clip at a certain point (let's call it 4.0V for now)
13:27:22ulmutulFor me it works :/
13:28:17lebelliumbut we already talked about that
13:28:21lebelliumI don't even remember
13:29:59ulmutulOh yes! BTW the audio dropouts were caused by the peakmeter.
13:30:40ulmutul(maybe the theme shouldn't be named "failsafe" :D)
13:31:34lebelliumhere's for FM radio:
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13:34:20ulmutulDoes your RTC work? I've two YH820, one works as expected.
13:34:34ulmutulThe other one shows "02:02" at startup.
13:35:24ulmutulIf I set the clock, the device get's unusable slow (but the OF worked normally)
13:35:43ulmutulI had to reset it by taking out the battery.
13:35:46lebelliumwell, mine is set at Feb 14, 2010 but I assume I can change it to 2014 :D
13:37:16lebelliumset at current time and date
13:37:19lebelliumseems to work
13:39:20lebelliumwhat are your versions?
13:39:29lebelliumI have YH-820MC/ELS
13:40:38ulmutulBoth YH-820MC/ELS
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13:41:13ulmutulBut they have different board revisions (just searching my fotos...)
13:41:50lebelliummine was built in 2005/08 but I don't know what is the board revision
13:42:18lebelliumI guess I already disassembled once but I have no pic
13:43:18ulmutulOne says "Ver. 0.17" on the PCB (build 2005/04), the other "Ver. 2.0" (build 2005/10)
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13:43:46ulmutulThe older is the one with the RTC issue
13:43:54lebelliumthat's interesting
13:44:53ulmutulThe boards however are rather similar, no difference at first glance.
13:45:43lebelliumI see some pics here
13:45:49lebelliumbut nothing for YH-820
13:46:27lebellium0.17 is a strange versioning however. Looks like "beta"
13:47:43ulmutulThe old one is currently "working" on my kitchen table. Battery output (with my tweaks) say 3.592V, my multimeter says 3.67V. Not super accurate, but something you can work with.
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14:02:58b0hoonpamaury: cool...i'll see how it works when you will commit it.
14:03:35pamauryb0hoon: at the moment my problem is that I used register headers generated using my tools
14:03:50pamauryI don't really want to use the ones coming from pp502x.h, which are crap
14:04:31b0hooneverything is everywhere
14:05:26pamaurymaybe I'll post it to gerrit so you can see
14:08:05pamauryalso there many hardcoded registers everywhere in the pp source code, that's a huge mess
14:09:07b0hoonulmutul: I didn't met up with the YH-820 that has a radio. Mostly there is a place on the mainboard for it, but it is unoccupied.
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14:12:24ulmutulSo radio support has to done by someone else :P
14:15:51b0hoonThere is currently no radio support for all YHs.
14:16:29b0hoonAnd the battery measure doesn't work at all on YH-820
14:16:52b0hoonit's on constant level
14:17:48ulmutulHm, mine is working. I tweaked a bit around the scale factor, but it works on both of my YH820 :/
14:18:48ulmutulAnd yes, it was set at a constant level because it was reported to not work properly at some time.
14:20:02b0hoonthat's impossible unless you have changed this: f=firmware/target/arm/samsung/yh820/powermgmt-yh820.c">;a=blob;f=firmware/target/arm/samsung/yh820/powermgmt-yh820.c
14:21:58ulmutulYes, I've changed it. I'm doing measurements at the moment. Current readout (with my tweaks) 3.567V. My voltmeter says 3.63V.
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14:30:15kugeli have a yh925. does that have a radio?
14:32:05b0hoonulmutul: OF substracts something from ADC ( i think it was 0x20), depending on PLL_CONTROL, like in case of HDD1630 and HDD6330
14:33:24b0hoonkugel: same case like YH-820, mostly there is an empty place for it on the mainboard
14:35:27ulmutulb0hoon: rockbox even adds something to the ADC (I wondered how it is possible to get values >10 bit) :)
14:35:29ulmutulIt's added at startup if you have a HDD target.
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14:53:52b0hoonulmutul: it's in the adc_scan(), it adds it for every scan, values may be low so it doesn't have to be over 10 bits
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15:14:47b0hoonulmutul: i have the YH-820MC/ELS version too, no radio for sure
15:16:17ulmutulThey broadcast stupid things anyway... ;)
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16:24:20powerage88Hi all, on the wiki it mentions the best way to get a review is to ask on irc. So if anyone has any free time and could review I'd be very grateful.
16:24:28powerage88It's some updates to disktidy.
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20:54:30dir14hello, my clip+ is bricked, so i try used SansaAMSUnbrick. When i connected, my drive have 30MB, so flash is broken? :)
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23:05:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 380 seconds.
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23:34:57theunamedguyDoes anyone know of an atexit() alternative in Rockbox plugins?
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