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#rockbox log for 2014-05-30

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00:33:43[Saint]Does anyone recall the min API version for RaaA off hand?
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00:59:48*[Saint] feels kinda bad for "creates pointless, and massively confusing, tables guy"
01:00:23[Saint]The <Memory cards> vs <Players> thread is a giant clusterfuck.
01:00:46[Saint]As is 'List of prooved Rockbox compatible Android devices'
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01:25:37JdGordon[Saint]: is that corruption recent?
01:25:52JdGordoncan you check if it has anything to do with that commit last week please?
01:27:21[Saint]Oddly, I can't repro after pulling in git head
01:27:24[Saint]I was on eb7e709
01:27:33[Saint]But that makes *absolutely* no sense.
01:27:49[Saint]Its an entirely unrelated commit.
01:28:23[Saint]...and of course, when I revert to eb7e709, I can only repro perhaps 1 of 4 times now...after being able to reliably repro at will last night.
01:28:56[Saint]The %wd %VB bug is still present, and a bit weird, though.
01:29:33[Saint]If %wd (disable status bar) is drawn after the first full screen viewport (in order to make use of %VB), it is drawn overtop.
01:30:01[Saint]My understanding suggests that %wd should *completely* disable the status bar - but this isn't the case.
01:31:17[Saint]If I put %wd after the first fullscreen viewport, I can see it flickering through to the front if I hover the mouse cursor over the screen and jam on the scroll wheel.
01:31:43[Saint]If %wd comes first, before anything else in the theme, it at least appears to work as expected.
01:32:01JdGordonfuck it, we'll just roll back to ~3.0 era skin code
01:32:34[Saint]Eeeeeeeeeek. Don't trash %VB - I so need it.
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01:32:54[Saint]I can counter the weird unobvious effects with viewport trickery.
01:33:49[Saint](for example, to get AA to display when drawn in the backdrop buffer, I need to put a blank viewport overtop of it - and it doesn't display until the first fullscreen refresh is caused when entering a theme)
01:34:27[Saint]Its non-obvious, but it still allows me to do what I wanted to do, after I figured out how to appease it with the right magic and trickery.
01:36:13[Saint]The plus side is that, once I go through and figure out all this craziness, I'll have a theme that documents all the weird nuances and peculiarities.
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01:38:44[Saint]The way we do play state detection makes it very hard to display the right icon for play/pause when scrubbing.
01:39:10[Saint]Since, when scrubbing, you're technically neither playing nor paused.
01:39:27[Saint]This is obvious when one thinks about it, but somewhat annoying.
01:39:50[Saint]I'll need to set a skin var to check what we were doing last before scrubbing, to make sure the right icon is presented.
01:40:15[Saint]Its tiny aesthetic things like this that make a lot of difference, but a user never notices.
01:52:48[Saint]Hmmmm. To do that, I'll need to separate the NEXT/PREV/FFWD/RWD viewports.
01:53:12[Saint]Otherwise I'll trigger on NEXT/PREV as well.
01:53:36[Saint]This theme was supposed to be _simple_, dammit!
01:54:31[Saint]But above all else, it was also supposed to be aesthetically pleasing and modern, so I suppose that trumps.
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02:24:51[Saint]Fuck it.
02:25:11[Saint]I can't get the slider or the backdrop to draw in the bars for some reason.
02:27:40[Saint]Oh - the backdrop is showing.
02:27:46[Saint]But not the slider image. Hmmm.
02:28:00[Saint]Not the end of the world I guess...
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03:14:55[Saint]JdGordon: does the bar tag's backdrop param only work if the skin has a backdrop?
03:15:29[Saint]just a wps with only "%pb(0,0,480,6,480x6px-Scrubber-Bar.bmp,backdrop,480x6px-Scrubber-Bar-Backdrop.bmp)" in it doesn't display the bar's backdrop
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03:18:41JdGordon[Saint]: looks like it should work without a backdrop, why? whats it doing?
03:20:19[Saint]Not displaying the backdrop.
03:20:27[Saint]I can't get it to display the slider either.
03:21:35[Saint]I thought it might be because I'm not using a backdrop.
03:23:15JdGordonbars draw the "backdrop" image, then overwrite it with the real bar
03:23:40[Saint]So I *do* need a backdrop?
03:24:45JdGordonno, you shouldnt need one
03:25:01[Saint]Ah. Then something is borked.
03:25:22[Saint]A simple wps consisting solely of:
03:25:25[Saint]# Scrubber
03:25:35[Saint]fails to show the backdrop.
03:26:22[Saint]There's no error given, it parses, and displays the bar fine. Just not the backdrop, or slider if I include the slider tuple.
03:27:49JdGordoni suggest debugging apps/gui/skin_engine/skin_display.c around line 294
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07:14:45[Saint]are the forums/wiki down for everyone?
07:15:25[Saint]gah - now it magically works.
07:25:05[Saint]All that, just to make sure the right icon is displaying for play/pause when seeking. :)
07:25:20*[Saint] considers himself a dedicated man
07:26:44[Saint]Thankfully people don't necessarily have to be able to understand these parts of the code in order to port it to new resolutions.
07:27:11[Saint]And once I'm done, I'll make a show of commenting it.
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08:32:42plocoHi [Saint], try use image's label(preload by %xl) instead of filename in %pb
08:38:25plocoand if draw this bar in %VB, make it notouch. then place a invisible bar with slider on top of it.
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08:46:04[Saint]ploco: doesn't make a difference
08:46:17[Saint]Anyway, here's another preview of what I'm working on:
08:47:32ploco interesting...I am working on something similar
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08:52:31[Saint]I am going for a much more simplified approach.
08:52:52[Saint]And allowing for Android's immersive mode to provide the status bar.
08:53:32[Saint](I will allow display of the built in status bar optionally for >4.2)
08:54:44[Saint]immersive mode also has the benefit of allowing the notification pane to be used - which is handy.
08:56:50[Saint]I am essentially trying to make a modern, minimalist touchscreen "cabbieV2" with an Android native UI feel.
08:57:36kugeldon't call it cabbiev2 if it looks wildly different
08:57:46[Saint]Oh, I won't, believe me.
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09:10:51coppercall it "Joe Le Taxi"
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09:26:07[Saint]%pb(0,0,480,6,image,SCRUBBER_BAR,backdrop,SCRUBBER_BAR_BACKDROP,notouch) displays the backdrop, but it displays it wrong.
09:26:39[Saint]Its just a regular old bitmap, no alpha channel, nothing fancy. Just a solid 545454 480x6 bitmap.
09:27:07[Saint]but the SDL app displays it all sorts of weird.
09:27:22[Saint]I'm hoping that it Just Works on target.
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13:27:20[Saint]ploco: (logs) that is functionally identical syntax to that which I posted, and produces exactly the same result.
13:27:51[Saint]For example:
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13:28:50[Saint]all functionally identical syntax
13:29:00[Saint](yay, bar tags!)
13:30:46[Saint]I have tried all possible combinations of bar syntax, yet the backdrop is always displayed fucked up in the sdl app.
13:39:42kugelthe bar backdrop or the overall backdrop
13:40:26[Saint]The bar's backdrop.
13:40:32[Saint]There is no overall backdrop.
13:40:39[Saint]One sec, I'll grab a screenshot.
13:44:07[Saint]I attached the bar images used in the album as well.
13:44:37[Saint]The backdrop is a simple 545454 solid bitmap, the bar is a simple ffc000 solid bitmap.
13:44:56[Saint]The bar displays correctly, but the backdrop gets a weird repeatable corruption.
13:46:03 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
13:46:51[Saint]Here is the wps:
13:48:34[Saint]There are three instances where I draw into the backdrop buffer, which I could technically remove but I'm in lazy prototyping mode, but this is not the cause of the issue.
13:49:06[Saint]a simple wps containing only the bar viewport displays the same issue.
13:49:53 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
13:58:52[Saint]kugel: if you have any idea whats going on, I would appreciate the input.
14:00:45*[Saint] needs a ZincAlloy
14:06:58kugel[Saint]: did you check if hte image has alpha channel (by accidant)?
14:07:52[Saint]I did, yes, but even if it did it still shouldn;t look like that.
14:09:12kugelsurely you can craft an alpha channel so that it looks like that
14:09:40[Saint]I could, but I didn't.
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14:10:00[Saint]Its just a plain old RGB 888 bitmap.
14:11:07kugeli didnt say you did, but I want to rule out faulty image editors converted it to png so I'm unable to examine the original image
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14:12:33[Saint]Its generated in exactly the same fasion as the other solid bitmaps displaying perfectly in the same theme.
14:12:56[Saint]all the yellow bits are just a solid RGB bitmap.
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14:20:52ZincAlloywhat is the bar supposed to look like?
14:21:43ZincAlloyit doesn't really look corrupted. dithered maybe..
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14:24:28[Saint]ZincAlloy: its linked in the same album
14:24:43[Saint]its supposed to just be solid 545454
14:26:10ZincAlloyaaaah, I see
14:26:29ZincAlloytry a different shade then
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15:47:41plocoHi again. I also found the simulator sometimes produce buggy result when drawing in %VB. So I test theme on real device most of time.
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17:36:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5237b36, 253 builds, 32 clients.
17:38:58 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:41:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 344 seconds.
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18:11:21JordiGHI woke up paranoid this morning. I want to destroy the OF in my Sansa Clip+. Is this possible?
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18:13:32copperparanoid about what?
18:13:42JordiGHAbout my clicker using non-free software.
18:13:51JordiGHI don't want anything in here whose source I can't trust.
18:14:00copperyour "clicker"?
18:14:05JordiGHSansa Clip+
18:14:08JordiGHIt clicks, so it's a clicker.
18:14:20JordiGHSeeing how Sansa had that "slot radio" nonsense for a while, they're not beyond doing evil.
18:14:38 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
18:14:48copperwhat are you worried it might do?
18:15:16JordiGHDoesn't matter, I want to know if I can get rid of it.
18:15:21copperand what are you doing on the internet
18:15:30ZincAlloyspy on his music and report to china
18:15:39JordiGHIs it possible or not to get rid of the OF?
18:15:48JordiGHLet's set aside my mental sanity for now.
18:16:36ZincAlloywell.. if therapy is no option, you might try a hammer
18:16:55JordiGHSo it's not possible to get rid of the OF?
18:17:03copperit's possible to get rid of the Clip+
18:17:15JordiGHIs it possible to keep the clicker but get rid of its OF?
18:17:19copperthat would work pretty well I think
18:17:22JordiGHIt's still used as a bootloader, aiui?
18:17:58copperZincAlloy: what's the status on the CIA raid on JordiGH's location?
18:18:22JordiGHIs it possible to get rid of the OF but keep the clicker?
18:18:29copperhe wants to remove his tracking device
18:18:43copperwe need to act now or we'll lose him
18:18:45ZincAlloycopper: time for termination
18:18:56JordiGHCan I remove the OF from the Sansa Clip+ and still use Rockbox?
18:19:24copperJordiGH: wake up, Rockbox is partially funded by the NSA
18:19:30coppereveryone knows that
18:19:42JordiGHIs it possible to use Rockbox without the Sansa Clip+'s OF?
18:20:13ZincAlloyno, but you could use the OF without rockbox...
18:20:32 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:21:20the-kyleYou can remove all the unnecessary files the OF puts on your device, but the OF is still there. I don't think there's a way to get rid of it completely, since Rockbox needs to patch the OF in order to run.
18:21:40copperthe-kyle: well see, that's super suspicious
18:22:01JordiGHthe-kyle: So rockbox uses the OF as a bootloader, right?
18:22:18the-kyleIt patches it to dual-boot.
18:25:28the-kyleMakes a good recovery option just in case I do something stupid that breaks things, although I haven't done that yet.
18:26:24the-kyleWell, I lied, I have broken something, but not badly enough to need to boot the OF.
18:26:43copperso that's how the NSA got in there
18:27:03copperwell that explains it
18:27:32the-kyleWell, I am a rather unusual case anyway, since I really can't use the OF effectively, as I need it to talk, and only Rockbox does that.
18:27:34 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
18:27:42JordiGHthe-kyle: You're blind?
18:28:09JordiGHI don't really care about recovery... the clicker is so cheap, that in case there really is bricking, I can just buy a new one.
18:28:40the-kyleThat's exactly what I like about it. These things are the least expensive devices available that I can use blind.
18:29:24the-kyleMy phone does play music, but I haven't found a *good* music player yet that has all the features of Rockbox.
18:31:25the-kyleI'm also unusual in the fact that I like to use a separate device to listen to music so that I can conserve battery power on my phone for making phone calls and sending text messages and such.
18:31:34JordiGHThe clip zip also does Rockbox, right?
18:31:42the-kyleYes. That's what I have.
18:31:53JordiGHThose are a bit less cheap than the clip+
18:32:06the-kyleThey're close actually.
18:46:55JordiGHMaybe I can patch Rockbox to destroy the OF.
18:49:57copperjust don't get a Clip Sport
18:50:14ZincAlloyyeah, that one has no tracking device :D
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21:17:53*JordiGH wants 2048 on his clicker.
21:24:37bertrikhm, yeah would be a nice game plugin
21:25:18bertrikshould not too be hard to code
21:25:40JordiGHI'm looking at the jewels code for inspiration.
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