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#rockbox log for 2014-06-01

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09:20:08copperhmmm, I don't understand how a headphone amplifier can fix a bass roll-off from an unloaded source
09:21:59copperhere they're both loaded with UE TF10s, but the source obviously has a very low output impedance to begin with, so the first graph shouldn't be too different from that of the unloaded source
09:22:38copperand I know from other measurements with the TF10s that they don't cause the bass roll-off:
09:24:12copperthe headphone amp (RSA Hornet) seems to improve the source (Colorfly CK4) in every way, except for slightly higher noise level
09:24:37copperincluding lower distortion levels
09:24:41copperhow is that possible?
09:25:31[Saint]There's only one possible explanation here.
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09:25:43[Saint]The distilled the essence of Neil Young.
09:26:00copperthat is not an acceptable response!
09:26:57[Saint]The amp must have been too close to Neil Young for too long and picked up his magical properties.
09:27:10[Saint]Its a valid explanation, I assure you.
09:27:23copperI'm afraid I'm going to require evidence of this
09:27:31[Saint]Now you don't need to go out and buy that Pono.
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09:30:17copperwait a minute
09:30:25copper[Saint]: you have an iPod Video, right?
09:30:39copperit has a bass roll-off, IIRC
09:30:55coppermaybe you could RMAA the output of your headphone amp connected to the iPod Video
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09:32:20copperI no longer have a headphone amp to test
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09:37:23copperthe CK4 has a line out
09:37:49copperthe guy who measured it with the headphone amp proably used the headphone out in the first test, and the lineout in the second test
09:41:32copper[Saint]: you have failed me
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10:30:02michaelawhat high capacity media player do you recommend works with rockbox
10:30:38copperiPod Classic
10:30:59copperor a Fuze+ with a 128 GB microsdxc card
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10:32:55michaelawhere can i get a 128 GB microsdxc card
10:33:56michaelais there any larger ones
10:34:23michaelacool thanks
10:34:39michaelai appreciate it
10:42:18michaelaok im a noob is it hard to install rock box on a ipod classic 6gen 160gb from a linux machine
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10:46:27copperno, it's actually a lot easier to install emCORE on Linux than Windows
10:46:53copper/join #freemyipod-support for help
10:47:14copperyou need emCORE in order to be able to run Rockbox on the iPod Classic
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10:48:15copperonce emCORE is installed, you can use the Rockbox utility to update it, install themes, etc
10:49:01michaelayou are so awesome thanks
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16:45:08cmhobbsrockbox will play ogg, right?
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19:49:49MarcAndersenHey, which key do I press to go into the quick screen and switch between normal and time stretch change on the zen x-fi?
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20:07:16shdwrHey guys. I've got a question about Rockboy. I have an iRiver H320 and today I've dug it up to dust it off and just play around a bit. It had an installed Rockbox from, I believe, October 2006 and I hadn't updated it ever since. Today, though, among the other things I decided to have a look at what Rockbox has become over the years, so I downloaded and installed (=unpacked) the latest release on the jukebox – did as the manual says. And after that
20:07:16shdwrupgrade, Gameboy ROMs don't play anymore - on ROM open, the screen just blackens and the jukebox becomes irresponsive, only hard reset helps. I tried to remove the old folder with game saves (just in case), but it didn't help. Could anyone please tell me what could be the source of the problem? Thank you very much.
20:10:16shdwr(sorry about my imperfect English)
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21:25:17shdwrOK, I can confirm that Rockboy doesn't work on iRiver H300 with Rockbox versions 3.8.0 and higher.
21:25:41copperdoesn't boot? crashes?
21:26:36shdwrI have described the problem above. Rockboy doesn't play Gameboy ROMs - the screen just gets black and the jukebox gets irresponsive. Only hard reset helps.
21:27:19copperthat's not "rockbox not working"
21:27:53shdwrI'm not saying anything about Rockbox working or not. Please re-read.
21:28:38shdwrI said Rockboy (Gameboy viewer for Rockbox) does not work on iRiver H300 when Rockbox bundle version is 3.8.0 or higher.
21:28:46copperI didn't read your previous messages, which your isolated statement needed for context
21:29:08copperindeed I misread Rockboy as Rockbox
21:29:27copperI'll go hide some place dark now.
21:29:42shdwr:) it's OK, never mind.
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21:33:01shdwrI guess I better go file some bug report, right?
21:33:36copperbetter than nothing
21:33:50copperat least you get to complain about it if you can link to a proper bug report
21:34:50shdwrI'll try to have a look at the commits which occured within the timeframe between 3.7.1 and 3.8.0 releases - it's some 5 months
21:35:53shdwrit's working in 3.7.1
21:35:56gevaertsWell yes
21:36:03gevaertsBut 3.7.1 isn't an ancestor of 3.8.0
21:38:02shdwrare you saying that 3.8.0 isn't based on 3.7.1? In other words, 3.7.1 is a "dead end" version?
21:38:13gevaertsAll bugfix stable releases are
21:38:43shdwrbut bugfixes have to make their way to newer versions
21:38:51shdwrotherwise there'd be no sense in them
21:38:59gevaertsOf course, but usually they move the other way
21:39:23gevaertsAs in, they're fixed in the development branch, and if the fix makes sense for the stable release, they're backported to the release branch
21:40:52gevaertsTo be entirely accurate, you should start at revision f1fd602
21:40:56shdwrOK, it's still 4 months
21:41:02gevaertsThat's when the 3.7 branch split off
21:41:10shdwrend of oct 2010 - 1st of march 2011
21:42:21gevaertsthe 3.8 release is a1d157b
21:43:04gevaerts966 commits :)
21:43:26gevaertsIf you have a build environment set up, that means you should need about ten tries to find the culprit
21:44:58shdwrno, I don't have an environment set up. You deduced 10 tries as the worst case of binary search? :D
21:46:45gevaertsA binary search doesn't really have a worst case :)
21:46:46gevaertsBut yes
21:49:16shdwrsorry about off-topic, but I may be lucky and stumble upon the problem commit at the first try, and I may have a misfortune and look deeper and deeper. The first case is better than the second, therefore we can define the case with the most attempts as "the worst", can't we?
21:50:02gevaertsHow do you know it's the problem commit? I mean, sure, if you're lucky, it will say "Break rockboy", but what are the chances of that happening?
21:50:24gevaertsUsually you need to isolate a consecutive pair of working and non-working
21:50:43gevaertsAnd that needs a full search, unless you have better information
21:50:52shdwrI was just asking about "the worst case of binary search" in abstract sense, that's all :)
21:52:00shdwrand commits have been used just to illustrate the situation - probably not entirely correctly, sorry if that is so.
21:54:29gevaertsI was going to guess that nothing happened to rockboy in that timeframe, but there were some commits
21:55:22gevaertsI don't see anything immediately suspicious though
21:55:26shdwrby saying "to rockboy" do you mean its very directory?
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23:25:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 53efa59, 253 builds, 31 clients.
23:29:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 285 seconds.
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