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#rockbox log for 2014-06-02

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05:00:00[Saint]In lack of a native UI - is it wise to persue a "native look", or, should I be going for a more distinc and personal feel?
05:02:14[Saint]I think I'll try and drum up submissions for naming on the forum, I don't think "touch_theme-r127" is particulatly catchy. ;)
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05:23:04JdGordon[Saint]: how about cabbie-touch? :p
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08:17:08ploco[Saint]: I've pust the Android autofit patch to gerrit.
08:18:37plocomay help you to test 480 800 theme on any Android device in full screen
08:19:32[Saint]testing on device - no thanks. :-/
08:19:50[Saint]I can easily create a SDL app of any arbitrary dimension.
08:21:15plocowell, present to you as an alternative to simulator. with real touch feeling XD
08:22:13[Saint]the SDL app/simulator simulate touch in every way I need them to.
08:22:34[Saint]And even with wireless adb/adb push, it just takes far too long to test on device.
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08:22:53[Saint]I'm sure this will have some other practical implementation, but for me at least, on device testing isn't it.
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08:25:35plocoplug the usb cable in, copy files over, test the theme. only three step but require a long time?
08:26:29[Saint]commit code to local repo (handled automatically); start executable; done.
08:26:32[Saint]So, yes. :)
08:26:54[Saint]Considering the above takes a few seconds, its pretty hard to compete.
08:31:28[Saint]Don't be discouraged, its good work. I was simply stating that for testing purposes it is entirely uninteresting to me and would actually lengthen the process.
08:32:56JdGordonploco: how good/bad is the scaling?
08:33:06ploconono, i am just thinking, what make the output of SDL and Android different when using %VB
08:33:44JdGordonand what lcd width/height do you use in the config?
08:34:47[Saint]It seems to me that it would almost certainly provide an unpredictable output when compared to custom crafted, per-resolution, themes, no? Greatly limiting the appeal?
08:34:52plocoit's using hardware scaling, a 480x800 build looks pretty ok on 1080x1920 device
08:36:39[Saint]The one thing I really want from the theme engine, and would find genuinely useful, right now, is getting rid of album art scaling rules being skin specific.
08:36:51[Saint]I would *love* %Cl to be viewport specific.
08:37:25[Saint]Nothing crazy, I don't need infinite amounts of possible AA sizes, even 2 would be great.
08:37:39JdGordonoh right, bug me tonight about that
08:37:45JdGordonhopefully I'll be able to sit down
08:37:50JdGordonthat sounds like a fun task :p
08:38:20JdGordonploco: I want to add native lists to android but I'm pretty much stuck/cbf doing the java side... any chance we can colaborate?
08:40:59plocoJdGordon: I'm C programmer and not good in Android/Java as well. pick it up because no others in team want to touch it.(sad but true)
08:41:15JdGordonah nuts! :p
08:41:38*[Saint] keeps getting lost in
08:41:52[Saint]And Google Translate hates the shit out of the forums.
08:42:01[Saint](and provides hilarious results)
08:42:19[Saint]"The horse uses its master to Rockbox fourteen days"
08:42:31[Saint]Ooooooohhhhhhhh, right. Thanks Google.
08:42:42JdGordonthat should be obvious!
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09:49:12wodzwe should do the release before devcon IMO
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10:22:24pamaurywodz: do you think so ? won't it be a bit short ?
10:23:34wodzshort of what? We advice to use current build anyway. Stable is over a year old
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10:31:39pamaurywodz: short in time for testing
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10:32:00pamaurybut anyway you're right there weren't many commits recently anyway so we wouldn't heard about breakage
10:32:07pamaury*would have
10:33:25wodzwell, the only place where testing has some chance to happen is DevCon BUT this will take precious time for hacking new stuff
10:35:00JdGordonwodz: if you do a release, probably best to revert 01cbb79 in the rel branch - I'm not sure what the status of skins is atm
10:35:11JdGordonthere was complaints but not sure if they are still valid
10:35:53copperJdGordon: other complaints than mine?
10:36:07coppercomplaints other than mine*
10:37:05JdGordonI'm not sure.. you
10:37:13JdGordon'res are all fixed yeah?
10:37:42copperas far as I can tell
10:38:16copperI didn't follow up on the two skins from other authors that broke
10:40:26copperI can test a few skins later today
10:40:36copperonly on my Classic though, I've sold my Fuze+
10:42:38JdGordon[Saint]: just looking now.. I don't think multiple AA will be too difficult. the real problem is (again) that images are drawn at the end of viewports instead of when the tag is displayed which could cause wierdness
10:43:19[Saint]So, it woul dneed idents, and cause a breaking issue, one assumes?
10:43:38[Saint]*need idents
10:45:11copperthere's still the bug where AA doesn't load right after switching to a different theme, requiring a reboot
10:45:39[Saint]I tried following that, but I have NFI how it happens.
10:45:52[Saint]The fullscreen redraw should assure it "Just Works".
10:45:56JdGordon[Saint]: na, should be fine... I'll do it like images so it shold work
10:45:59JdGordonbut annoying
10:46:29[Saint]Its also interesting to note that it only happens with *some* themes.
10:46:36[Saint]Its not a given.
10:46:45copperwhat does?
10:46:58[Saint]The AA failure described ~60s ago
10:50:20copperand changing certain themes to certain other themes makes the sim crash
10:50:45copperlike switching from "redux" to "Ash" in the iPod Video sim
10:51:06JdGordongdb it
10:51:32[Saint]I haven't been able to catch that, but, yeah, step it through a debugger if you can.
10:51:47copperactully, switching from redux to anything (cabbiev2 or failsafe)
10:55:29JdGordoninstall gdb, then just run "$ gdb ./rockboxui" and wait for it to crash
10:55:43JdGordonthen "bt" and tell us what that dumps
10:56:10copperI need to type "run" or something
10:56:19wodzyeah run
10:56:36copper"Program received signal SIGUSR1, User defined signal 1."
10:56:42copperand it stays on the bootup screen
10:57:34 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
10:58:21copperI'm sure I need to type some additional command, but I don't know what
10:58:27copperin the gdb console
10:59:02wodzthere is some magic involved. You either need simulator with sdl-threads build or there is a way to tell gdb to ignore this signal (but I never can't remember what it was)
11:00:00copper"continue" seems to work
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11:00:27copper"bt" "no stack"
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11:02:46[Saint]Ohhhh, geee, there's a word I wasn't expecting to see. bufflib. ;)
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11:04:28coppertrying to "reset settings" segfaults too
11:05:05copperincidentally, the redux theme displays the same images multiple times for his VU meter hack
11:06:30[Saint]"vu meter"
11:09:13[Saint]Its likely bets that commit gets reverted, it shouldn;t be problematic at all, but if it is, fuck it.
11:09:48copperthe AA thing is older than that, though
11:09:52[Saint]The targets that would make the best use of it (lowmem) likely aren't using complicated themes anyway.
11:10:07[Saint]And, yes. I don't believe the two to be related at all.
11:11:05coppereh, doesn't crash with a build prior to 01cbb79
11:12:44[Saint]I can't immediately see why what the autthor is doing should cause an issue.
11:13:15copperloading the same images
11:13:21coppermultiple times
11:13:25copperthat's the one thing that sticks out
11:13:56copperer, maybe "loading" isn't the best term
11:14:13[Saint]That shouldn't be problamtic, neither before, nor after, this change.
11:14:26copper"shouldn't" ;)
11:14:36[Saint]The only thing that changes is that now it shouldn;t needlessly reallocate buffer for repeated image preload calls.
11:14:42copper"Your bug report is invalid. There shouldn't be any problem." ;)
11:16:48copperthe AA thing is bugging me though
11:16:55copperI could swear that kugel fixed it a while ago
11:22:35copperit's difficult to trigger reliably, too
11:26:52*[Saint] is remined of his recent "Look, look, repeatable corruption!"; .... ; *cricket chirping intensifies*; " did it those other 5 times, I swear"
11:27:36copperI'm gonna try something
11:32:39copper[Saint]: I can't display a "no art" image below the actual album art viewport
11:33:04copperthe artwork shows for a split second and then the no art shows, permanently
11:38:15[Saint]errr, please.
11:39:38copperI fixed it I think
11:39:52copperin that order
11:40:06copperbefore, I had: %?C<%Vd(art)|%Vd(artheadphones)>
11:40:16copperand I tried:
11:43:09[Saint]"%?C<%Vd(art)|%Vd(artheadphones)>" is absolutely the way it should be done.
11:43:26copperhold on
11:44:58copperok, I know what I did wrong
11:45:17copperit's on order of appearance thing
11:45:54copperthat works when later in the code, %Vl(art) comes before %Vl(artheadphones)
11:46:03copperthat's why album art was always showing in the SBS
11:46:11copperbecause that's how I had set it up in the SBS
11:46:22copperin the WPS, %Vl(artheadphones) would come before %Vl(art)
11:46:44[Saint]the order of when viewports are %vl'd shouldn't matter in the least
11:47:39[Saint]but its good practive to do: image preloads, viewport condition calls; static viewports, viewport preloads
11:48:08copperwell, it seems to fix it
11:48:17copperI'm going to commit the changes and try it on my Classic
11:50:52[Saint]In my code I often gleefully call viewports in conditions before the preload - and it has no effect whatsoever.
11:51:15[Saint]The practise of arranging themes this way is largely historical
11:51:37[Saint]Mostly for human benefit I believe, if not solely.
11:53:37[Saint]Just for my own sanity, I just tried jiggling around some calls and viewport preloads, to make sure I was calling "out of order" - nada.
11:57:15JdGordon[Saint]: copper: so that commit is still causing issues?
11:57:45[Saint]I can't really see how though.
11:58:00copperJdGordon: with the redux theme I linked to
12:01:18JdGordonI'm about to head out, but what do I need to do to crash it?
12:03:10JdGordoncopper: also, can you try something? put "memset(retval, 0, size);" in lib/skin_parser/skin_buffer.c before the return line at line 92? that might hopefully make it more likely to crash
12:04:37[Saint]we need help with that? ;)
12:05:53copperhold on
12:06:05JdGordonif that changes anything (either making it better or worse) we know there is more bugs
12:06:26JdGordonI suspect there is a bunch of struct members not being cleared/init/set correctly
12:08:38JdGordonhang on.. is 0 a valid buflib handle?
12:08:39coppermy AA fix on the Classic doesn't work
12:09:18JdGordonseems not.. ok, back in a while
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12:16:41[Saint]copper: I didn't expect it would.
12:17:06[Saint]I had to go ahead and debunk it myself to make sure I wasn't crazy.
12:18:50copperI'm out of ideas
12:19:07[Saint]Oh - I discovered at least one valid case for skin variables in non-touchscreen
12:19:14[Saint]Its really quite neat.
12:20:21[Saint](forgive the long line, the idents make it quite ungainly):
12:20:59[Saint]Its a cute way of making sure you always get the right media icon showing.
12:21:13copperJdGordon: no change with memset(retval, 0, size);
12:21:24[Saint]Currently, that's the only valid use I can think of for skin vars in non-touch.
12:21:35[Saint]But I'm sure there are others I'm yet to dig up.
12:23:15[Saint]the quick rundown is the seek play state is checking first to see what the last play state (of play/pause) was before deciding which state icon to show.
12:24:00[Saint]It only took me...hmmm, about a year, to figure that little annoyance out.
12:24:17copperhaha, I had that problem
12:24:27 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
12:24:33copperwhen I seek while paused, the pause icon switches to the play icon
12:25:05[Saint]its either that, or nothing, really.
12:25:12[Saint]and 'nothing' looks odd.
12:25:34 Join Misanthropos [0] (
12:25:48[Saint]I "fixed" it in the past by showing a seek animation where play/pause would have been. :)
12:26:29copperdamn it
12:26:37copperthe AA fix does work in the video sim
12:26:42copperjust not on my classic
12:26:47copperI'm going to try the classic sim
12:27:16[Saint]if the two differ in any way shape or form, something is seriously ballsed.
12:27:39[Saint]sim not behaving exactly like target is expected in some ways.
12:28:23[Saint]but the video and classic sim should be identical, save for the few conditions the classic can't satisfy that the video can.
12:28:43[Saint]*identical in this regard
12:28:47copperah ha, doesn't work in the classic sim
12:29:02[Saint]The fuck?
12:29:38[Saint]I can't think of a way that makes sense.
12:30:45copperI can reproduce it reliably now
12:31:08copperload Basta, shutdown, start again, play a file, stop playing, switch to Ash, start playing: no art
12:31:19copperload Ash, shutdown, start again, play a file, stop playing, switch to Basta, start playing: no art
12:31:32copper(in the classic sim)
12:31:37[Saint]can you please pastebin, in a single paste, the simplest possible "working vs. fail" example?
12:31:44copperalways works with my fix in the video sim
12:33:29copperdoesn't work :
12:33:49copperit's just the two %Vl() inverted
12:34:43[Saint]Yeah - that makes no sense whatsoever.
12:35:09copperdoesn't work in the classic sim either
12:35:25copper(doesn't solve the missing AA problem when switching themes)
12:35:48[Saint]I'm not immediately sure it should.
12:36:06[Saint]There's no trigger there to say "hey, redraw this" for the AA case.
12:36:12coppergotta do an errand, bbiab
12:36:20[Saint]you're drawing overtop of it and expecting it to still be there when you return.
12:39:04 Quit kugel_ (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
12:40:10[Saint]copper: you're re-using an ident.
12:40:32[Saint]at least, not across viewports and images.
12:40:46kugel[Saint]: how do you expect to test android-specific code in the SDL app?
12:40:55[Saint]How did I not catch that before - I need coffee, jesus.
12:41:31[Saint]kugel: all I care about personally in this regard is a target that emulates a touchscreen
12:41:53[Saint]From a theme perspective, that's all that matter to me.
12:56:14[Saint]I'm not really in a position to confirm it right now, but I'm pretty sure the theme engine is taking objection to the 'artheadphones' ident not being unique
12:57:00[Saint]viewports can share group idents, but I seem to recall image idents need to be unique - both amongst themslves, and viewports.
13:06:32kugelthat sounds correct
13:09:45copper10:40:11 UTC <[Saint]> copper: you're re-using an ident.
13:10:34JdGordoncopper: ok, cool
13:10:51copper[Saint]: also, you're the one who said it was alright to layer images
13:11:02copperunless I misunderstood (or misunderstand)
13:11:24JdGordonlayering images probably ownt work veyr well
13:11:30JdGordonthe way images are drawn is broken
13:11:34JdGordonand cant be fixed :'(
13:12:20copperalso I'm not drawing on top of anything, since there's the %?C conditional
13:13:07copperI changed the viewport name, doesn't fix anything
13:14:40[Saint]I said its ok to layer images, but I never said they'd still be there if you removed a layer.
13:15:24 Quit ygrek_ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
13:15:51[Saint]if you draw overtop, and then remove that layer, anything underneat it is kaput.
13:16:03copperwhat do you mean "remove"
13:16:29copperI have no idea what you're talking about
13:16:41copperwhat's wrong with this:
13:17:29 Nick KotH is now known as lunch (
13:17:39 Nick lunch is now known as KotH (
13:18:04[Saint]apart from questionable ident reuse.
13:18:14copperthen what are you on about?
13:19:07copperthis is what I have now:
13:21:25[Saint]fuck - sorry, I've been misreading the paste and seeing what I wanted to see instead of what was actually there.
13:21:58[Saint]I'm really sorry, that was terrible.
13:22:22copperhow does one even "remove" a layer
13:22:52[Saint]I swore there was an image being drawn unconditionally.
13:23:24[Saint]And I thought you were drawing overtop of that conditionally, and then expecting it to still be there when the condition was removed.
13:24:27[Saint]But I got lost in a jumble of alternate pastebuffers with similar contents.
13:24:58[Saint]That last paste is fine, but AFAIK it shouldn't matter in what order the viewports are preloaded.
13:25:08copperactually I still have the problem in the video sim when putting cabbiev2 in the theme rotation
13:26:00copperok, I have no clue
13:26:20[Saint]I usually do preload my albumart viewport very early, but only for purely cosmetic reasons.
13:27:06[Saint]largely governed by the style that existed before viewports were even a thing and placement was done with newlines and spaces
13:27:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e417036, 253 builds, 30 clients.
13:27:25JdGordoncopper: ^ fixes your crash
13:29:50copperlemme try
13:31:17 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
13:31:17JdGordonnow, any other easy crashes to look into before i go onto multi-aa?
13:32:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 292 seconds.
13:32:50[Saint]Nothing that I'm aware of, but honestly, I don't believe I'm doing much that's really being considered as "out there" in the way of crazy theme stuff.
13:34:43copperJdGordon: confirmed
13:45:05 Nick teythoon_ is now known as teytoon (
13:53:05copperkugel: do you remember ever fixing the missing art after switching themes bug?
13:53:23copperdidn't I file a bug report about that, and didn't you close it?
13:54:52copperah, no
13:55:03copperyou fixed the backdrop not loading and the FMS art not showing
13:55:27kugeli can't remember that no
13:55:42copperFS #12892
13:55:44fs-bluebot backdrop doesn't load when selecting a new theme that was just copied via USB (bugs, closed)
13:55:51copperFS #12932
13:55:52fs-bluebot FMS artwork fails to load upon entering the FMS (bugs, closed)
13:56:28coppercould it be a similar problem (similar to the FMS art bug)?
13:56:28kugelJdGordon: what the heck. look at the indentation
13:56:34kugelin your last commit
13:58:15JdGordonerr, wtf?
13:59:35*gevaerts exchanges JdGordon's tabs for spaces, at a rate of 0.23 spaces per tab
13:59:52kugelJdGordon: a bit more care please
13:59:59coppergevaerts: you're clearly scamming him!
14:00:09gevaertscopper: what? I need my commission!
14:02:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6e701d3, 253 builds, 30 clients.
14:07:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 260 seconds.
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14:18:08JdGordon[Saint]: ok, how would you want to do multi-aa? the current tags don't exactly make sense
14:18:29copperwhat's "multi-aa"?
14:18:40JdGordon%C is fine, perhaps extendable to checking for different filenames, but Cd and Clnope
14:18:52JdGordoncopper: be able to draw more than 1 aa image on the skin
14:19:07JdGordonright now only different sized, but potentially different filenames
14:25:10 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
14:41:05 Join amayer [0] (
14:42:03JdGordonI'm thinking just %Cx with the same params as %Cl... no real need to split it into two tags
14:42:27JdGordonthe new tag is because the way it is drawn is going to need to be changed so %Cd/l will be the old style and %Cx is the new style
15:00:12 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
15:03:08JdGordonkugel: is there a notification for when the albumart handle is fully loaded?
15:04:08 Quit Geoff_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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15:25:21JdGordon[Saint]: copper: g#839
15:25:24fs-bluebotGerrit review #839 at : Allow multiple AA images in skins - proof of concept only by Jonathan Gordon
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15:47:52pixelmaIt would be even better if the the scaler could handle different display specs (for being able to display AA on the Iaudio remote as well if you use it on their main display already in your theme)... :\
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15:56:13kugelJdGordon: tbh, I would prefer to stabilize the skin engine and not add more stuff to it until after the release
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