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#rockbox log for 2014-06-03

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05:40:19sudomani have a 32 gb microsd manufactured in 2014/3 which isn't recognized by my sansa clip+.
05:40:34JdGordonis it formatted exfat?
05:41:03sudomanit shows up in the debug section
05:41:17sudomanusing mkfs.vfat -n sansa-sd /dev/sdb1
05:41:45sudomansomething like that worked for the internal sd card
05:43:01sudomanoh, it also shows up when i plug into usb
05:43:22sudomanoh, maybe because the fs is empty?...
05:43:45JdGordondo you get a <microsd0> folder at all?
05:43:54sudomanno i don't
05:44:06JdGordonthen it sounds like it has t do with the formatting
05:46:26sudomanshould i format /dev/sdc or /dev/sdc1 ?
05:46:52sudomani.e. partition table or not?
05:48:51sudomanit seems to work without a partition table. :-)
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05:52:08sudomani tried again with a partition table, and it works now too
05:53:52sudomanit might be because of the crappy radioshack sd card reader i used the first time. i'll test it again.
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06:05:12sudomanhm, formatting using the card reader and over usb worked. however, .txt files weren't working. music files are. but then there was massive fs corruption. trying again.
06:05:57sudoman(.txt files showed up on my laptop, over usb, but not in rockbox, even with "show files" set to "all".)
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06:13:01sudomanfiles copied from my laptop don't show up in rockbox and vise versa. i'll look up more about formatting.
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06:51:47sudomanok, so it seems that rockbox on the clip+ didn't read the sd card's partition table. it works if i don't use partitions and just format the root device.
06:53:23sudomanthe problem with fs corruption was apparently that rb was reading the older fs in the first 8M before the first partition. it "worked" even though there was a partition table in the first 512 bytes or so.
06:54:20sudomanso there were two fs'es pointing to the same areas of memory, thus the corruption.
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07:46:48sudomancreated a bug:
07:46:58sudomanthanks JdGordon : )
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11:54:28copperI can't hear a difference when setting Stereo Width to 200% or 0%
11:56:42pixelma"channel" set to "custom" as the manual tells you?
12:00:58copperoh great
12:01:17copperI can hear I/O noise from my SD card :(
12:01:22copperquite loud
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12:03:07copperonly with my IEMs, that's weird
12:03:23coppercan't hear it with my headphones even with the volume turned way up
12:06:38copperthat's so weird
12:06:53copperI'm talking about my iPod Classic with the SD card mod
12:07:11copperI can make my headphones go very loud and not hear the I/O noise
12:07:29copperbut with my IEMs at moderate volume, it's very obvious
12:07:41copperwhat sort of sorcery is this?
12:09:29copperthe IEMs are balanced armature
12:10:03copperwhich makes them quite sensitive, but if I compensate with the volume setting, why is the I/O noise so loud with the IEMs and not with my headphones?
12:10:42copperI need to raise the volume on the ipod for my headphones, compared to my IEMs, so the I/O noise should not only be as present, but even louder
12:12:05gevaertsIf I understand what you're saying properly, that seems logical
12:12:59gevaertsYou're using a lower volume setting with the IEMs?
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12:15:09gevaertsSo the noise is louder relative to that
12:15:30copperbecause the noise doesn't get louder with a higher volume setting?
12:15:40gevaertsThe noise probably comes in after the amp
12:19:13coppersounds like a great excuse to buy an audiophile headphone amplifier ;)
12:20:49copperI plugged my IEMs directly into the LOD
12:21:03coppersurprisingly I get a decent volume despite the high output impedance
12:21:10copperand I also can't hear the I/O noise, at all
12:22:18copperI also connected the iPod headphone out to the line-in of my USB DAC/amp, plugged my IEMs into the amp's headphone out: no I/O noise either
12:23:58copperno biggie, since I'm going to use the IEMs with my bluetooth receiver and my Bose headphones (which are amplified) with the Classic
12:24:58copperbut it's kind disappointing that my iPod is now so unappropriate for my IEMs
12:27:32copperI'm starting to think that balanced armature IEMs really need external amps
12:27:55copperas much as it pains me to admit
12:28:10copperthey're just too damn picky
14:04:40MarcAndersenHow do I access the quick screen and switch to time stretch mode on the zen x-fi? I have tried all buttons but can't seam to find it
14:06:29pamauryMarcAndersen: looking at the keymap, it seems there is no key to go do quick screen
14:07:40MarcAndersenCan you implement it? There are all the cornor keys and the 2 other big keys that does nothing right now.
14:09:44pamaurysure, I don't have the device with me right now I think but tonight or tomorrow I'll add it
14:10:13MarcAndersenCool! I enjoy the x-fi!
14:10:20copperA rockbox user died today :(
14:11:38MarcAndersenWhat? that is very sad.
14:11:49copperlong time ABI and head-fi regular, on the saner side of audio
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14:48:55MarcAndersenpamaury: I also got another idea, what about making the left cornor buttons as home and end, and the right ones as page up and page down, like in the of? I think it would be handy to have.
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15:15:15pamauryMarcAndersen: yeah indeed, we have this on the fuze+ (kind of) and it works
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15:55:57ZincAlloythey released a firmware update for the clip sport: is it possible to find out more about the hardware from this?
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16:01:58ZagorZincAlloy: in theory, but it's a lot more work than buying one and pulling it apart
16:04:05gevaertsDon't you ideally use both?
16:07:58Zagoryes, but hardware tends to be an easier starting point
16:08:15Zagorunless you already know a lot about it
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17:12:15wodzclip sport upgrade.hex can be decrypted with atjboottool BUT resulting file is of unknown format
17:12:49eahmwhy don't they make them rockbox friendly?
17:13:01eahmthey didn't get they sell more?
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17:39:55pamaurywodz: the current atjboottool doesn't support all the formats we've seen
17:40:12pamaurysome tool I reverse engineered supported more formats
17:40:33coppereahm: 1) costs? and 2) they don't care
17:40:54ZincAlloyor their target demographic doesn't care
17:41:10copperyeah, their Rockbox user base is probably a small percentage
17:42:00ZincAlloyand this player is marketed to be an affordable player to be used in the gym or while running
17:44:05wodzpamaury: sure, I just saw 3DFU at the beginning of upgrade.hex so tried atjboottool
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17:52:39pamaurywodz: did you check if the resulted descrambled file is valid code ?
17:53:59pamauryhum just tried and indeed the resulting file doesn't look like a known format, maybe it's just code or a custom format
17:54:33wodzit is not valid code
17:55:04wodzyou can exercise mipsel-elf-objdump -D -b binary -mmips:isa32r2 upgrade.decrypt
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17:55:55pamauryI see, atjboottool seems happy about the hex file itself so it seems unlikely that the descrambled file is invalid
17:56:45pamauryhowever I see that that the tool ignores the last 512 bytes
17:59:01wodzpamaury: btw. forcing with -f any format of decrypted file segfaults
17:59:35wodzpamaury: not speaking about awkward options switches (but thats minor thing)
17:59:43pamaurywodz: not suprising, forcing is a dangerous operation
17:59:54pamauryit means "ignore all sanity checks which fail"
18:00:14pamauryin principle the tool guess the format so you shouldn't use any option at all
18:01:14pamaurymy mistake, the tool ignores the last 2048 bytes
18:01:44pamauryhum no, 512, I'm confusing myself
18:02:05wodzit still should not segfault
18:03:47pamaurymaybe I should just remove this option really ^^
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20:27:52wodzfor curios people
20:28:22 Join amayer [0] (
20:29:28wodzaudio registers definition is striking - it seems audio processing is done in hardware for mp3, wma, wav, flac, ape
20:30:24wodzthis doesn't quite fit what clip sport can decode
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20:39:17MarcAndersenThis might be a stupid question, but can there never be a port for the clip sport because of it's hardware, or is it possible?
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21:00:58wodzMarcAndersen: the honest answer is that currently we don't know
21:06:20MarcAndersenIf there will be an unusable or unstable port at some time I would be happy to test, if someone can guide me through the bootloader installation like pamaury did with the zen x-fi.
21:09:24wodzMarcAndersen: We know very little about clip sport SoC.
21:09:47MarcAndersenWhat is SoC?
21:11:04ZincAlloySystem on a chip
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21:21:55RockBoxNewB_Hi everyone! I know it's not very probable... but is any of the creators of the THEMES for iPod Classic around?
21:24:09amayerRockBoxNewB_: there are a bunch of creators for the themes
21:24:16amayerwhat is your question
21:25:41RockBoxNewB_I was basically looking for ANYONE who has created a theme for the iPod Classic (sorry for asking so generally). The thing is: I got myself an iPod Classic (6G, 160GB), an installed Rockbox using the EMCore bootloader. But I've got a lot of trouble finding ANY theme that does not cause an error on my iPod. I was hoping someone could tell me which themes work on the latest builds!
21:26:26amayerRockBoxNewB_: where did you get the "latest version" of rockbox?
21:27:24amayerthe themes you should use are iPod Video themes. But depending on what version you are actually using you may need to upgrade
21:27:47RockBoxNewB_It is probably not the latest version anymore... I installed the one RB Utility offered at that point. That was about 2 weeks ago... and ever since, the only theme I got working is "XPLoRR", but it is not working properly.
21:28:19TheSevenRockBoxNewB_: might also help if you define how exactly the other ones fail
21:28:26TheSevenIIRC they caused data aborts?
21:28:46amayerthe rockbox util doesnt work for ipod classic afaik
21:29:36RockBoxNewBI think the error were either "data aborts" or "prefetch aborts", and they required the Rockbox config to be cleared entirely for the iPod to work again.
21:30:06RockBoxNewBAnd RB Utility worked pretty fine for the installation, but one has to install the EMCore bootloader first.
21:30:20 Quit RockBoxNewB_ (Quit: Page closed)
21:30:29amayerRockBoxNewB: interesting... i didnt know you could use it. I just do it by hand
21:30:31gevaertsIf it's a few weeks old, update first
21:30:49RockBoxNewBSo you mean update to the current developer's build of Rockbox?
21:31:11amayercan you go to Menu -> system -> rockbox info and tell me the version number?
21:31:49amayerRockBoxNewB: yes
21:32:19RockBoxNewBOne second, I will check the version number right away
21:33:05RockBoxNewBNext to "version", it says 4b181b4-140521
21:34:29amayerI would try updating to the newest version and then try a theme
21:35:00RockBoxNewBThis might sound like a complete noob question, but: Will I lose all my settings when I update?
21:35:19amayerunless you delete the .rockbox folder your settings should remain intact
21:35:39amayerof course if you delete the .rockbox folder you have bigger problems then your settings
21:37:17RockBoxNewBThat's good to know...because it took me quite a while to configure it the way it is now. What do I have to select in RB utility to update the build?
21:38:37TheSevenRockBoxNewB: I'd suggest to make a backup of the config file in the .rockbox folder anyway, just in case
21:38:42TheSevenyou never know when you'll need it
21:39:57RockBoxNewBAlright, will do! Is there anyone around who owns an iPod Classic? It would be a huge help to know what themes usually work...because it's a huge amount of work getting the iPod back to where it was when the errors come up again...
21:42:16amayerRockBoxNewB: I run an iPod Classic daily
21:42:54RockBoxNewBWhat themes are working on your machine? Do you know which one you use right now?
21:43:26amayerRight now I am running coppers "Basta"
21:44:30RockBoxNewBDo you remember having trouble with other themes like I do?
21:44:53amayerNope. I never had a theme crash my iPod (besides when I was creating them)
21:45:09amayerRockBoxNewB: which theme are you trying that is breaking?
21:46:45copperRockBoxNewB: use the Rockbox utility to update your build
21:47:23copperI'm the author of Basta, Ash, PodOne and PodTwo, they all work with the latest build
21:47:39copperalso, there's a dedicated theme section for the iPod Classic
21:47:59copperso far it's probably listing the same themes as the iPod Video though
21:48:06amayercopper: where is that?
21:48:32copperit's listed on the theme page
21:48:44copper"iPod Classic"
21:49:05copperthat's relatively recent
21:49:14copperI think gevaerts did it?
21:49:16amayeri didnt know about that. but since themes are based on resolution it is showing all the same as ipod video
21:49:21RockBoxNewBYep, that's the page I've been on. The CNI themes (which I would love to use) all cause my iPod to crash... I will try your themes then
21:49:44coppereh, there was a report about those themes recently
21:49:48amayerRockBoxNewB: those themes are really old
21:50:20RockBoxNewBSorry for the general question: I will now update my iPod to the latest build. In RB utility, do I have tick the boxes next to "Rockbox", "Themes", "Fonts" or do I have to un-tick them?
21:51:13copperCNI worked when I checked it
21:51:15 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:51:16copperin the sim anyway
21:52:15 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
21:52:32coppercni_peaches works in the classic sim with HEAD
21:53:14RockBoxNewBThe problem with the themes being "old" is the reason why I tried to find their developers...maybe they knew where the issues come from
21:53:24copper4b181b4-140521 doesn't have JdGordon's latest fixes though
21:53:53copperRockBoxNewB: look in the .cfg or .wps files, they often put their email address in there
21:57:32RockBoxNewBcopper, you're my hero! Seriously. I updated to the latest build, tried CNI_peaches...and it WORKED! I finally have the theme I was waiting for all along. Without your help, I wouldn't have tried to do that!
21:58:42copperthe Rockbox guys are the heros
21:59:31coppergiving a damn, for free, when corporations don't
22:00:40RockBoxNewBI'm also telling them all the time...what they do without earning anything, is simply incredible
22:01:15RockBoxNewBHowever, people like you are as important as them...without your knowledge, noobs like me wouldn't know how to USE what the RB guys create
22:03:06RockBoxNewBWOW, I cannot tell how awesome this is. The CNI theme is just what I needed. The only problem is: the "scrolling values" set in the RB settings do not seem to have any effect on the scrolls very slowly only
22:04:19copperyou need to change the scrolling step size too
22:04:50 Quit y4n (Quit: MOTHER EUROPA CALLING ME!)
22:05:31copperboth parameters combined let you set not just how fast, but also how smooth, stuff will scroll
22:05:57coppera high speed with a small step size produces somewhat slow, but very smooth, scrolling
22:06:17RockBoxNewBRight, I see that it changed... but the quicker scrolling only happens every few scrolls slowly, then it suddenly jumps ahead, and then it's slow again...although I set "Scroll delay" to 0
22:06:23coppersmall speed with a high step size produced the same overall speed, but a lot less smooth
22:10:07RockBoxNewBFor some reason RB doesn't seem to be able to decide how quick it shall scroll... it's still slow, but sometimes it speeds up
22:11:15copperI'm beat, I'm going to bed
22:11:18coppergood lukc!
22:11:40RockBoxNewBAlright, doesn't matter. Thanks for your HUGE help, copper! Have a good night!
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23:57:43xza23Hey guys
23:58:09xza23I saw that i can edit tags on my sansa clip zip
23:58:23xza23So my question is how to do it

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