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#rockbox log for 2014-06-12

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00:21:02saratogaTortelloni: (for the logs) no there is no setting, and I think adding it would be pointless, there is no harm in charging the battery if its low
00:32:47*[Saint] wonders where the idea that batteries still need to be treated like delicate blossom petals is coming from in this day and age
00:33:05[Saint]That hasn't been a thing for a long, long time.
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01:14:24[Saint]The forum just decided it wants to be *reaaaaaaaaaaalllly* slow.
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01:46:57[Saint]JdGordon: (logs),48324.msg228624.html#msg228624
01:47:11[Saint]My views on preferred syntax for multi-AA.
01:47:32[Saint](and some other ranting about consistency)
01:58:54JdGordonyeah yeah :)
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03:06:00[Saint]JdGordon: I've been getting the feeling more and more lately that it would be beneficial to try a branch where we tear down the parser and re-add tags one by one, carving out the legacy shit and the duplicates, both for the sake of documentation and syntax.
03:06:58JdGordonThat will be *alot* of work and I'm not sure what the point is
03:07:12JdGordoni mean, how active is it here still?
03:07:36JdGordonand if we did that, I'd want to completly chage the syntax!
03:07:52[Saint]Well...we could.
03:08:19[Saint]But you're kinda right about the activity.
03:09:08JdGordonI mean, I'm not against the idea, could be quite fun and beneficial
03:09:18JdGordonbut it would need quite a bit of planning
03:09:37[Saint]We would break a shit tonne of themes, though. I don;t like the idea, but if they're not being actively maintained anyway...
03:09:53[Saint]I think /most/ of what we have it fine, personally.
03:09:59JdGordonwe should be able to convert pretty easily
03:10:05JdGordonthe current lang is regexable
03:10:34[Saint]I would just like to clean up the duplicate tags, the old bar stuff, etc. the various duplicate methods.
03:11:34[Saint]I don't mind the syntax for most of the modern stuff, and the older "just works" stuff, like the metadata display stuff and conditionals.
03:11:38JdGordon183 tags...
03:12:18[Saint]I don't personally think the syntax needs to be reworked dramatically, just a few tiny things for the sake of consistency.
03:12:31[Saint]Like the couple of points I mentioned in the forum.
03:12:50[Saint]%cl instead of %Cl, %cd instead of %Cd, etc.
03:13:17JdGordonwe could move away from 2 char tags
03:13:24[Saint]using a capital letter for the "next" case, ala metadata tags.
03:13:44[Saint]%ia %iA, etc.
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03:14:10JdGordon%i(artist) instead of %ia
03:14:48[Saint]that looks to me too similar to an ident.
03:15:01JdGordonwhich is exactly what it is :)
03:15:13[Saint]Well...I guess, yeah.
03:15:47[Saint]I'm not a fan of the singular character %i for some reason.
03:16:26JdGordon%image[ident](options) ?
03:16:31JdGordonis that getting too scary?
03:16:48JdGordonI think pulling the ident out of the params might be a useful generic thing
03:18:00[Saint]I dunno. I think the tags we have now work. Its just weird and hard to support when there's so many different ways to do various things.
03:18:28JdGordonyeah, no, all this is on the assumption we throw them all out
03:18:52[Saint]It would be great to be able to say "this is the way <foo> is done" instead of "you can do foo this way, and this other way, and also another way but we'd prefer you didn't because weird things might happen..."
03:19:33JdGordonkilling creativity right there maaan!
03:20:32JdGordonI also want to rejig how viewports are specified
03:20:42[Saint]How so?
03:20:54JdGordonposition, colours, lineheight
03:21:52[Saint]aha - fuck yeah - line height that will just take the font height if unspecified.
03:22:05[Saint]yes. so very yes.
03:22:48JdGordonthings like I want to be able to resize viewports based on <anything>.. vp's should be able to have children which can be aligned/sized
03:23:00JdGordoni.e everything needed to make skins mostly screen agnostic
03:23:59[Saint]the parser is great, and very robust. the syntax is just a bit weird in a few places.
03:24:19JdGordonwe should fix copper's off-by-one issue too :)
03:24:32[Saint]I've grown accustomed to it, but it certainly could improve.
03:24:39JdGordonwrite something up on a gdoc?
03:25:49JdGordonand maybe even fix the usb issue! :p
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03:33:01WakiMikohello, is there a way to disable dual boot with ipods?
03:33:18[Saint]which ipod?
03:33:19WakiMikothat is, disable booting into the original firmware when the hold switch is turned on while booting
03:33:25WakiMiko5.5th gen
03:33:33[Saint]you can remove it entirely, if you want.
03:33:45WakiMikohow would i go about that
03:34:43[Saint]specifically, 4) OSOS contains only Rockbox
03:36:43[Saint]as a side effect, boot time will be rather dramatically improved.
03:37:15WakiMikothank you
03:46:09WakiMikothis is amazing, boot is ultra fast now
03:46:29WakiMikoi just wanted to get rid of accidentally booting into apples OS and got this as a bonus :D
03:47:13[Saint]Most people who use Rockbox find the OF to be irrelevant in my experience.
03:47:25[Saint]On an iPod, that is.
03:47:58[Saint]Only serving to occasionally annoy you if you have hold on and plug USB.
03:48:17WakiMikoyeah, that or turn it on, enable hold and put it into pocket
03:48:23WakiMikothen wait for it to resume
03:48:28WakiMikothen wonder why nothing is happening
03:49:01[Saint]Anyhoo - glad to be of assistance.
03:54:48WakiMikoso i assume i can get rid of the ipod_control directory?
03:55:23[Saint]You can.
03:55:47WakiMikothanks a lot for all your help!
03:56:08[Saint]It's why I'm here. No problem at all. :)
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06:56:50JdGordonAny objections to g#838 ?
06:56:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #838 at : RaaA: Android auto fit to any screen resolusion by Chiwen Chang
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07:49:57JdGordon[Saint]: have you got your cabbie version for touchscreens anywhere? (any screen size)
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11:52:04wodzkugel: ping
11:52:36kugelwodz: pong
11:52:50wodzkugel: when do you arrive to Warsaw?
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11:53:28kugelfriday 19:08
11:53:52wodzby train I suppose?
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13:38:19[Saint]ParkerR: Settings - General Settings - Automatic Resume
13:38:48ParkerROk neat Ill try it here and pass it along
13:39:01ParkerRDoes it still need runtime statistics?
13:39:06[Saint]gather runtime statistics must be enabled too, iirc.
13:40:07[Saint]for audiobooks, though, the guy really should be using bookmarks.
13:40:26[Saint]and making use of the autobookarking feature when bookarks are manually created at first.
13:41:17[Saint]I mean, one could switch back and forth between autoresume for audio and audiobooks, but, I would just use bookmarks for the audiobooks and leave autoresume alone.
13:41:29ParkerROh neat
13:41:37ParkerRAll I had to do was enable automatic resume
13:42:13[Saint]If the Database is enabled, Gather runtime data is on by default, I think? Maybe.
13:43:01[Saint]but, yeah, this would work - but I really recommend bookmarks for the audiobooks.
13:43:17[Saint](and reading our fine manual on bookmarking, and auto-bookmarking)
13:59:29copper"Rockbox doesn't seem to even have a concept of audiobook mode vs music mode, even though that's the most basic thing any player should have."
13:59:32copperso american
14:00:30soapis /u/E_lucas in here?
14:00:50Neilol "the most basic thing"
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14:17:26[Saint]"I'm a bit of a dick, and I can't be fucked reading the manual"
14:17:43copper"I can't read"
14:17:57copperhence the audiobooks
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14:21:24wodzwe should get manual in form of audiobook then
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16:58:19TheSevenhm, having a weird situation here
16:58:41TheSevenI can see HID interrupt packets arriving in wireshark, yet there's nothing coming in on /dev/input/eventXY
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19:20:17edhelasI've just bought the adapter and it doesn't seem to work
19:25:43 Quit model|afk (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:26:14TheSevenwhich one? tarkan's?
19:26:18TheSevenhow exactly does it behave?
19:26:21TheSevenwhich card are you using?
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19:27:42edhelasI use exactly this adaptater
19:28:32edhelasLinux gave me errors too
19:28:43 Join lebellium [0] (
19:28:53edhelasif I try to plug the iPod Mini with this card
19:29:42TheSevenand which microSD card model/brand are you using with it?
19:29:48TheSevendoes it work in a CF card reader=
19:30:02edhelasI don't have a CF card reader
19:30:15edhelasand I've tried with Samsung and Kingston microSD cards
19:30:33TheSevenis the reported capacity of about 8GB correct?
19:32:56edhelas for a more complete dmesg
19:34:03-->"last hhvm-dev " received from mwilliams (
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19:40:35edhelasTheSeven, any idea ?
19:41:15TheSevenwell, try with something else that can read CF cards, or let someone have a look who knows the internals of the portalplayer ata driver well
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20:46:03*funman is the happy owner of a Clip Sport
20:47:08 Quit preglow (*.net *.split)
20:48:02pamaury_funman: so what do you think about it ?
20:48:06 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:51:43funmanpamaury: it certainly looks like a clip zip
20:51:53funmanthey removed the power button though (it's long center press)
20:52:56funmanthe 'sports' enhancements is a sport menu with incredible features, a timer and a stopwatch
20:53:39pamauryoh absolutely terrific
20:53:49*copper smells sarcasm
20:54:24pamaurycopper: not really, I mean, your watch and smartphone obviously can't do that, what's best than a mp3 player for this
20:55:37funmanand it has RDS
20:55:56funmannice 128x128 screen (bigger than zip) but no video menu
20:56:00funmanI run firmware 1.09
20:56:21copperactually my watch isn't a chronograph
20:56:28copperbut I do have my smartphone for that
20:56:57copperwhich I need anyway to write down my performance
20:57:16copperand to list all the exercises and weights and positions, etc
20:57:30funmandid anyone crack open a sport already?
20:57:50copperlook for the Clip Sport thread on ABI
20:57:55 Join preglow [0] (~thomj@2001:840:4243:3::100)
20:58:00funmanoh and this a SanDisk player, not a Sansa
20:58:03copperone of the threads (there's like 2 or 3)
20:58:35 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:59:53funmancopper: one with many posts? (and many pages to browse)
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21:04:57 Join Elfish [0] (amba@
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21:05:24 Join ender| [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
21:16:25 Join _wodz_ [0] (594b9570@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:17:10_wodz_funman: If you are brave enough you can open the player and short nand data lines to force it into adfu mode.
21:17:45funman_wodz_: why not go for the tested firmware file patching?
21:18:20_wodz_go ahead please if you are able to decrypt/unpack properly the firmware :-)
21:19:11funmanah i take it you looked already
21:19:42funmanbastards :(
21:19:58_wodz_atjboottool can decrypt upgrade.hex BUT the resulting file does not resameble anything familiar
21:20:56_wodz_since strings does not return anything usefull (well I was bored after a few screens of garbage) I guess this is some other crypted container
21:20:58funmanatjboottool −−fw ?
21:21:17_wodz_-o file.out should do
21:22:04_wodz_pamaury: says there is slight bug in the tool which results in ignoring last 512b of content or something
21:22:34_wodz_I am pretty sure there is adfu mode in rom
21:23:07_wodz_and there are jtag pins on the board
21:24:00_wodz_openocd has driver for mips 4k core ejtag tap
21:24:45_wodz_so there are some possible attack vectors but thats not easy task
21:26:42pamaury_wodz_: I'm not sure it's a bug, it *might* be that the upgrade.hex file has an extra 512 bytes at the end for some further scrambling ?
21:27:24_wodz_yeah, we don't realy know
21:28:52pamauryI noticed that those extra bytes containg interesting signatures, I would need to have a look at it again
21:29:13funmanoh I see ATJ on the pic, so good bye AMS ;/
21:44:26TheSevenhm... now this new USB driver seems to mostly work on linux (although HID messages seem to be ignored for some reason), but on windows it still locks up :/
21:44:35TheSeventhat doesn't make debugging any easier
21:46:21TheSevenhow should HID usually behave on linux?
21:47:03edhelasTheSeven, is there differences between CF-I and CF-II except for the form factor ?
21:48:36TheSevenaccording to wikipedia the only difference is the height of the slot, to fit microdrives
21:49:10_wodz_TheSeven: post the code
21:49:28edhelasok that's what I thought
21:59:18 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:00:01 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:02:33TheSeven(still some unrelated changes in there, and it doesn't work on nano2g at all yet)
22:04:05_wodz_what is missing for n2g?
22:04:12TheSevenprobably something trivial
22:04:16TheSevenI just didn't look into it yet
22:04:26TheSevenI guess I just copy&pasted from the classic a bit too much
22:10:24TheSevena bunch of wrong clock gate and IRQ numbers, and some DMA problem apparently
22:10:30TheSevennow it mounts, but only in PIO mode
22:11:00TheSevenoh, and LCD sleep is broken on the nano, it wakes up with a white screen
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22:57:13edhelasTheSeven, it finally worked with an another compactflash card after making an update from 1.3 to 1.4.1 in iTunes
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