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#rockbox log for 2014-06-16

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06:04:48JdGordon1[Saint]: others: would it actually be useful to be able to try loading more than a single AA image for a track?
06:05:12JdGordon1do people actually have the back image or cd image in a standard filename?
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07:04:28JdGordon1[Saint]: any idas for a better syntax for conditionals?
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12:27:52user890104can someone try playing an ogg/vorbis track on an ipod classic running the latest dev build? i get a constant noise instead of the song...
12:29:49[Saint]I found that the extreme ape stuff is just garbled screeching bullshit noise on the Classic, once upon a time, a few moons ago.
12:30:00[Saint]You just reminded me of it then.
12:30:23[Saint]I'll re-download the test_files directory and check, one sec.
12:38:24[Saint]Hmmmm. "one sec" is not likely to be the case, the server only wants to give me about ~100KB/s down.
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13:27:48JdGordonwho knows how playback handles albumart?
13:36:09wodzangels only :P
13:52:16*JdGordon has next track AA working
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13:59:46[Saint]I accidentally downloaded the entirety of
14:00:50JdGordon[Saint]: AA images are loaded based on the image dimensions, so how do you want this to work? we can have a tag to load a size with an id and then have a new tag in %i/I to actually display it with the id? i.e %Cx(tag, x, y, w, h, vcentre, wcentre) and then %ix and %Ix, it would also need a tag to check it is loaded so %ip perhaps?
14:02:09[Saint]If we wanted to go for consistency, we'd have %cl and %cd/%cD
14:02:22JdGordonthey are not all avialable
14:02:26[Saint]possible %cl and %cL
14:02:29JdGordon%c s for the clock
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14:02:40JdGordon%i ties into the metadata better
14:03:04JdGordondoes that sound like a good system though?
14:05:03[Saint]I guess.
14:05:13[Saint]WHy does it need a tag to check that next art is loaded?
14:06:09JdGordonso you can choose to display it or not
14:06:14JdGordonexactly like %?C
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14:08:58JdGordonnext aa wont be there reliably (especially if you have flacs going)
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14:18:18JdGordonwe could use %fl, %fd, %fp (load, display, preloaded).. but I'd like to somehow not have to do this and next versinos of the load
14:19:18JdGordonah fp is taken :(
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15:08:11copperHow come rechargeable AA or AAA batteries can't do 1.5V (only 1.2V)?
15:09:04copperAnd, would those make audio gear quieter because of the voltage difference?
15:15:51wodzcopper: that is quite simple and is called chemistry :-)
15:16:44wodzcopper: and for well designed gear no. You should always have DC-DC converter after batteries to produce desired voltage
15:18:18copperI was wondering, for my AAA powered Bose headphones
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15:19:12copperif I'm not mistaken, 1.2V (non-adjusted) would be just 2 dB quieter than 1.5V, but I doubt I could tell, reliably
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16:12:18oiermannhi, i fixed all the plugins for sony-nwz-e370/e380 port and created a patch with git diff > xxxx.patch. i signed in to gerrit with my google account, but what to do now to upload my patch?
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18:57:20TheSeven cmp r1, #0x38000000
18:57:20TheSeven biccs r1, r1, #0xc
18:57:20TheSevenhow can I possibly have a value of 0x38000c1e after that line?
18:57:20DBUGEnqueued KICK TheSeven
18:57:20TheSevenIIUC that should calculate 0x38000c1e - 0x38000000 = 0xc1e => C=1 Z=0 => CS true => BIC 0xc => r1=0x38000c12
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20:49:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:49:41*TheSeven now has an OF debugging tool :)
20:54:46TheSevenhm, disk mode (which uses the same kernel as the OF, but is much smaller, so I'm debugging it first) spins forever waiting for 0x3C600010 to become zero
20:54:52TheSevenwhich is some undocumented I2C register
20:55:29TheSevenit's typically checked before any other register accesses, kind of a busy flag
20:55:40TheSeven=> this might be a clock gate problem. looking into it.
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20:56:20TheSeveni2c bus 0 is gate 36
20:56:52TheSevenyep, that's closed.
21:05:22TheSevenok, enabling that before booting the OF makes it go past that point
21:06:40TheSevenhm, I think I've found some bootchart-like profiling code in the OF ;)
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21:57:21TheSevenforcing polling mode for i2c seems to get it through that stage, but something highlevel fails later
21:57:30TheSeventhis looks like there's a general problems with IRQs somewhere
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22:08:07*TheSeven wonders if the whole point of a vectored interrupt controller *really* is to store integers into the vectors, and when an IRQ comes in, use the irq vector "address" as an index into a table of function pointers...
22:08:11TheSevenseriously, apple...
22:11:23TheSevento make this even more absurd, the interrupt controller also provides the IRQ number in another register
22:11:45TheSevenbut no, they write subsequent integers into the vectors and then use the vector address register to read from their internal vector table
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