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#rockbox log for 2014-06-21

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00:29:10kugelneed more build clients :(
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08:04:32[Saint]saint-desktop added, saint-raspberrypi and saint-snowball are building toolchains, and I'm setting up saint-desktop1~3 presently.
08:06:31[Saint]saint-server is out for the count at the present until I get the radiator fitted again.
08:07:41copperwill you be running daemons on those saints?
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11:54:46*TheSeven doubts that this raspberry pi would actually do any builds
11:55:41TheSevenI could offer to install a build client on my seedbox (some old P4 thing)
11:55:53TheSevennot sure if that would be worth it though
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12:25:39JdGordonpamaury: that crash isnt with the patch i put up is it?
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12:52:52pamauryJdGordon: no
12:53:10pamauryby the way, I was not able to reproduce the bug yet on my device (even without the patch)
12:53:22JdGordonok, cool
12:53:50pamaurybut I will send a test build with the patch to the guy so he can test
12:53:59pamaurydid you see my crash report yesterday btw ?
13:10:41JdGordonpamaury: only the one you pinged me about in here
13:12:06JdGordonsetup a folder which has track names which will make the info scroll then try his repro, if I'm right it shld make it crash
13:12:42pamauryok let me try
13:12:55pamauryI just need a very long name right ?
13:14:31pamauryshould the long name be on the track I leave or on the track I reach ?
13:14:41JdGordonI have no idea how often (if ever) the skin buffer handle will move though
13:14:56JdGordonnot sure, the next one possibly
13:18:32pamauryhum, I just have had another crash on USB plug, same as yesterday, crash in audio_codec_update_elapsed called from buflib_shrink()
13:22:03pamauryactually the crash is easily reproducable with this theme, crashes each time, now I will try with your patch
13:29:35pamauryhum, I cannot trigger the bug described by the guy but the crash on usb plug is definitely there
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13:41:58pamauryapparently HEAD fixes the usb crash so it was related to JhMikes bugfix, sti
13:42:12pamaurystll doesn't help for the theme bug which I cannot reproduce
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16:27:56soapif hwcodec is no longer supported (did that happen?) why is the plugin buffer still so tiny?
16:30:36JdGordonbecause noone has actually pulled the plug yet
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16:39:39dongswhats hwcodec
16:42:01coppera special kind of dong
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23:40:41[Saint]The release that's happening, but isn't, was supposed to be the "last hoorah" for hwcodec.
23:41:05[Saint]TheSeven: it wouldn't be the first time a raspberrypi contributed
23:41:28[Saint](but, regardless, I fell asleep before I finished setting it up)
23:48:55TheSevenwell these things are utterly slow
23:49:11TheSevenI think my exynos board might be able to complete a few builds in time, but a raspberry... nah
23:51:15[Saint]Once again, completely ignoring the fact that it has happened in the past. Nice. ;)
23:51:44[Saint]The speed of the box isn't quite as important if it has a very fat pipe in order to get what it built to the recipient.
23:52:30the-kyleI'm almost certain it could do manuals at the very least. Probably wouldn't hurt to overclock.
23:52:44[Saint]It runs at 1.1GHz.
23:53:28[Saint]Which, for a raspberrypi, counts as a rather considerable OC.
23:54:13gevaertsThe raspberry pi is *fast*!
23:54:24*gevaerts needs to see why speedy isn't online :)
23:54:28TheSevenit's a damn weird GPU with a little ARM coprocessor :P
23:54:50TheSevenand its lack of RAM doesn't make that any better
23:54:56the-kyleI had a little trouble with the test script when I set mine to 1.1GHz. My sdram_freq and core_freq were set at 500. Could I get better stability? I could actually contribute mine at that speed.
23:55:00TheSevenwith just 192MB for the ARM in the usual setup...
23:55:20*TheSeven only has one of these because someone donated it
23:55:47[Saint]TheSeven: ARM and GPU can steal off each other freely, if allowed.
23:55:57the-kyleIt's the CMA thing.
23:56:04[Saint]It is indeed.
23:56:28TheSevenwell that didn't exist back when I last played with the pi, however I always shrunk GPU memory to the minimum anyway
23:56:39the-kyleI have one for the same reason, and although it's slower than my big AMD FX 8-core, it's faster than I thought it would be.
23:56:40TheSevenbut even 224MB isn't *that* much
23:56:53TheSevencompared to a quadcore exynos at 1.7GHz with 2GB RAM at least ;)
23:57:07TheSevenand fast eMMC storage vs. crappy SD cards
23:57:26the-kyleI do want one of those boards, but I gotta save for one.
23:57:43the-kyleThat would definitely be a board to run a build client.
23:57:50[Saint]the-kyle: I have core_freq 500, sdram_freq 600, over_voltage 8
23:58:09[Saint](the latter, or lack thereof, may well be the reason for your instability)
23:58:21the-kyleDid you set the current_override?
23:58:23TheSeveninterestingly the memory bus of the exynos seems to be a bottleneck
23:58:41[Saint]the-kyle: yep, otherwise its irrelevant - should've mentioned, sorry.
23:58:41TheSevena single core can sometimes saturate it
23:58:57the-kyleYeah, I do believe that was my problem.

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