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#rockbox log for 2014-06-22

00:00:50TheSevenit's much better than when I originally got the pi (back then a little bit of network traffic was sufficient to make it ignore what's typed on the USB keyboard, and it locked up several times a day), but it still is far from stable
00:01:25TheSevenI must admit that it needed to do a job that involved massive amounts of polling USB devices though (bitbanging JTAG on an FTDI)
00:01:52[Saint]TheSeven: coming in fairly early, being used to micro-ARM boards before, and trying to do something more complicated than spinning a couple of arbitrary shapes in a GPU overlay, having had a technical background, you were bound to be disappointed.
00:01:53TheSevenit also corrupted the SD card fairly often
00:01:58the-kyleI don't use a USB keyboard on mine, yet. I'm working on making it talk. Screenless computing FTW!
00:02:04[Saint]ALso largely fixed.
00:02:21[Saint]TL:dr: got it too early, tainted your world view.
00:02:30TheSevenI had a pandaboard before, and the Pi was badly disappointing compared to that
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00:02:45*[Saint] just wrote a alrge sentence to that effect
00:02:53TheSeventhe panda had issues with SD card performance as well, but you could just use USB. on the pi that just didn't work reliably.
00:02:58*gevaerts thinks this isn *far* off-topic now
00:03:14TheSeven"isn" 't?
00:03:21TheSevenbut yeah, we should move that
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00:19:05saratoga_i noticed my manual changes aren't live yet
00:19:12saratoga_i thought the manuals were built daily?
00:22:01saratoga_oh its just the HTML manuals that aren't updating
00:22:12saratoga_the current one is from June 14, 2014
00:22:26gevaertsIsn't that when the server was down?
00:22:51saratoga_Bagder, Zagor: can one of you check if the HTML manual builds aren't updating since last week (June 14)?
00:23:09pamauryare we in need of build clients ?
00:23:36saratoga_ (section 6.9) if anyone wants to comment on the revised EQ section
00:23:39saratoga_probably still needs work
00:26:59[Saint]Wasn't the server down only a few days ago?
00:27:11[Saint]14th seems a bit far back to me.
00:27:22[Saint](but, my passage of time is...well, yeah)
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08:41:00dongsfucking ballz
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12:03:42bertrikWhat's the status on a rockbox release?
12:04:01bertrikPerhaps we should give out some kind of announcement, so people can send in the final language patches, etc.
12:09:34JdGordIt's easier to talk about it than do it?
12:10:36bertrikI'm willing to help, but I can't do much if there is no plan
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13:28:01TheSevencopper: your adapter finally arrived (in yesterday's mail)
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14:10:28copperTheSeven: jesus
14:10:43copperany sign of customs opening the thing?
14:11:18copperwell, at least it reached its destination
14:11:25TheSevennot at all
14:11:43TheSevencustoms typically ignores stuff that comes from inside the EU
14:11:59copperso, either the post office lady bullshat me, or there was some other random problem along the way
14:12:01TheSevenI haven't even seen them open the stuff that comes from china
14:12:32TheSevenor rather if they think it's suspicious (based on contents or value declaration) they order me to come to the customs office and open it in front of them
14:12:37coppernothing takes two weeks to go from France to Germany
14:13:07TheSevencould well be that it's been stuck in some customs queue
14:13:15 Join Rower [0] (
14:13:42TheSevenchina stuff typically just sits there for a week before they release it without even looking at it
14:13:49ZincAlloymaybe they just lost it for a while
14:14:16copperyeah, they lost my card too, this week
14:14:30copperuntil Amazon asked them to "investigate"
14:14:43copperonly then did they find it: it was next town
14:15:00copperit had been sitting there, maybe 10 km away, for days
14:17:01TheSevencopper: I'll probably get back my classic 1g on monday... but let me do some quick tests with a CF reader
14:17:11TheSevenwhich brands did you say caused trouble?
14:17:56copperall of them
14:18:11copperSanDisk and Kingston didn't work at all with emCORE
14:18:32copperLexar worked but got only 6 hours of battery life
14:23:17TheSevenok, so my card reader eats 93.5mA while no card is plugged
14:23:44TheSevenup to 335mA with a spinning microdrive
14:23:55TheSeven109.5mA idle with a microdrive
14:24:42TheSeven130mA during accesses with an old 256MB CF card, 96.2mA while idle
14:25:42TheSeven135mA idle with tarkan adapter without a card (could be that the OS is trying to access it though)
14:26:54TheSeven135mA with an old 256MB SD card plugged directly into the card reader, 99.2mA idle, so the card consumes at most ~5mA while idle and ~40mA during accesses
14:27:20TheSeventarkan adapter with that card: 175mA access, 128.2mA idle
14:27:37TheSevenso it actually consumes less idle power if it has a card
14:28:11TheSevenbut still wasting about 32mA somewhere, of which at least 27mA must be in the adapter
14:28:32TheSeventhat alone wouldn't get an ipod down to 6h though
14:28:51TheSevenespecially given that power to the adapter is shut off while it isn't being accessed
14:29:17TheSeven=> something must be keeping it awake for long periods of time, and the card probably also had a fairly high idle current
14:29:42TheSevennow let's do some compatibility test
14:30:18TheSevenI have a weird miniSD card + adapter that works in all card readers that I've tried, but not on any ARM boards (raspberry pi, cubieboard, pandaboard, odroid x2, olinuxino a20, ...)
14:30:28TheSevenlet's see whether the CF adapter can access that one
14:31:21 Quit bcobco (Remote host closed the connection)
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14:34:26TheSevengah, this experiment froze some kernel thread, even lsusb hangs without the adapter plugged
14:34:30TheSevenguess I have to reboot
14:36:35pamaurydamn, I don't think I'll ever be able to run rockbox on the ZEN MX, 2MB of memory is just too small
14:36:56Marexpamaury: just solder additional chips in :b
14:37:14bertrikor has rockbox become too large... ?
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14:39:52TheSevenok, this SD card definitely fails in the adapter as well
14:40:14pamauryhum, and now for strange reason recovery mode doesn't want to work :( I don't know, the fact that it has a 24-bit 240x320 lcd doesn't help for a start
14:41:48pamaurycurrently it boots but crashes with undefined instruction, I think somehow an allocation must fail or some memory is corrupted
14:41:49bertrikpamaury: it may still have an lcd controller that accepts an rgb565 framebuffer and outputs "24-bit" to the lcd
14:46:26TheSevenso it has a framebuffer LCD controller?
14:46:51TheSevenotherwise you could typically upscale while writing to hte LCD
14:47:34TheSevenlike I'm downscaling (with dithering) rgb888 to rgb565 in emcore on the fly
14:47:35pamauryit uses dotclk mode, so I must use the DMA
14:48:16TheSevenon nano4g the dithering code is actually faster than the LCD can accept data :P
14:48:28TheSeven(and it's doing some 120 fps or so)
14:50:02pamauryyeah but with this lcd you cannot not send data to it, otherwise it will not display anything
14:50:48pamauryand I'm not very confident you can use PIO mode to sen data to it
14:51:01pamaurynor I'm confident I can synchronise this correctly with the frame start
14:51:18pamauryit's already a huge pain with the dma ^^
14:52:20pamauryso what I'm doing now is to dma from rockbox framebuffer
14:52:38pamaurywhich is 24-bit/pix
14:53:23pamauryhaha, success \o/ I have the main menu
14:53:56pamauryhowever something is not right, it seems that any bus activity causes the lcd to flicker
14:55:00pamauryI guess the fact that is it a 64MHz SDRAM doesn't help much
14:55:27TheSeventhis is hilarious...
14:55:28TheSeven32GB sandisk extreme card through tarkan adapter: sequential read 1GB: 2.9MB/s (6:15.81) 148.4mA, idle: 128.5mA, ejected: 96.2mA
14:55:28TheSeven32GB sandisk extreme card via native MMC: sequential read 1GB: 21.7MB/s (0:49.43), no current measurements
14:55:41TheSevencopper: I think that's what you've been observing ^
14:55:50pamaurybut thinking about it now, it has 256KB of IRAM, a full framebuffer would fit in it
14:56:06copperTheSeven: ?
14:56:21TheSevenit's utterly slow and eats a lot of power
14:56:53TheSevencopper: what was the usual average data rate of the music that you were playing?
14:57:00copper440 kbps
14:57:00 Join ygrek [0] (~user@
14:57:41TheSevenhm, in that case it shouldn't have been online more than about 3% of the time
14:57:47TheSeveneven at those slow speeds
15:00:02pamaurynoooo, the iram is short of 220 bytes to get framebuffer + everything else
15:04:33TheSeven256MB noname SD card through tarkan adapter: sequential read 64MB: 2.8MB/s (0:23.61) 168.0mA, idle: 128.5mA, ejected: 96.1mA
15:04:33TheSeven256MB noname SD card directly in card reader: sequential read 64MB: 4.3MB/s (0:15.63) 132.2mA, idle: 99.3mA, ejected: 99.2mA
15:04:33TheSeven256MB noname SD card via native MMC: sequential read 64MB: 8.5MB/s (0:07.91), no current measurements
15:04:55TheSevenso even that old slow SD card gets slowed down even further by that adapter
15:06:57pamauryif only I could find how to set the lcd to 16-bit mode..
15:13:47coppernote to self: don't be cheap
15:14:11copperwhat's "native MMC"?
15:14:28TheSevenSD card slot of my laptop
15:14:52TheSevenhm, I might be drawing wrong conclusions here though
15:15:06TheSevencould be that the CF interface of the card reader is actually what causes the slowness
15:22:04TheSevenhm yeah, getting 2.7-2.8MB/s with all cards that I tried (one of the cards is specified for 12MB/s)
15:22:19*TheSeven grabs another card reader
15:22:38TheSevenok, that one has 80.1mA idle current with no card plugged
15:23:07copperyou need to set up a webcam so I can watch ;)
15:24:38TheSevengetting the exact same speeds with another card reader
15:25:05copperIs there any advantage to formatting a microsdxc card to FAT32 on Android, as opposed to exFAT, minding that both are supported?
15:25:06TheSevenguess I'll wait for my ipod to come back :)
15:25:31TheSevenadvantage: compatibility with other devices, disadvantage: no files >4GB supported
15:25:36copperI thought that Poweramp took a lot longer than usual to scan my exfat card with flacs
15:25:56coppervs. my FAT32 card with Ogg Vorbis files
15:26:10TheSeventhings like that could be possible, but I don't know enough about exfat to judge on that
15:26:15copperwhich I find surprising, given how fast it is to parse FLAC headers
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17:26:07*TheSeven just fixed I2C in the classic OF (seems like we need to set some undocumented reg bits)
17:26:14TheSevenit still doesn't fully boot up though
17:26:32copperworking on dual boot on the classic?
17:28:45copperhow can you work on it without the device?
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18:59:55bertrikTheSeven: I remember that the s5l8700 had some weird quirks in i2c, does this solve those too?
19:00:14TheSevennot sure what you're talking about
19:00:40TheSevenwe once had I2C-related mysterious crashes, but that turned out to be a mutex being locked from a tick task
19:01:13TheSevenI don't remember why we dropped interrupt driven I2C on the nano at some point though
19:01:21bertrikI wrote some i2c functions for the meizus which seemed to work fine, but IIRC you had to modify them with a timer (or something) to make them work on ipods
19:01:45TheSevenhm, way too long ago
19:03:11bertrik31464f7930cd8857ef8d00ed75534087057058e2 I think
19:10:16TheSeventhat's just adding timeouts in case the transfer is mysteriously failing
19:10:23TheSevennot quite sure why we needed that
19:10:37TheSevenIRQ driven I2C had already been removed at that point
19:12:21TheSeven6be1d8b8a8d966d3c4669ce6ba0b535a9b3e6a1c removed that
19:12:58TheSevenwould be an interesting quesion if these timeouts ever fail with todays's code
19:13:15TheSevenI guess that might have been an attempt to catch what then turned out to be that mutex problem
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19:59:10ildarionhi !
19:59:29ildarionSomeone here use rockbox on a sansa clip zip ?
20:00:06bertrikildarion: yes I am
20:01:13ildarionAre the device enough powerfull for play with 40 or more GO of music ?
20:02:57bertrikCPU-powerful? battery powerful?
20:03:09bertrikit plays most audio formats with ease
20:03:28bertriknot sure if opus is real-time enough yet for all bitrates
20:03:48ildarioncan it work for example with a SD card of 60g ?
20:03:55copperas FAT32
20:03:59bertrikand it's probably not powerful enough for the highest levels of the .ape codec
20:04:00 Join sulky [0] (~sulky@gateway/shell/
20:05:01copperildarion: gigaoctets (GO) in english is gigabytes (GB)
20:05:59ildarionyes :)
20:08:42ildarionOk, i guess i will buy a sansa clip zip. The clip sport seem to be cool but with only the OF is shit....
20:08:55 Quit sulky (Remote host closed the connection)
20:09:07bertrikthe clip sport will likely never be supported by rockbox
20:10:30 Join sulky [0] (~sulky@gateway/shell/
20:11:56funmanbertrik: why not? hard to break firmware encryption or the HW is not powerful enough?
20:13:02 Quit sulky (Remote host closed the connection)
20:13:14bertrikI can't quite remember, but I think it was small RAM
20:14:04ildarionAre they recent devices supported by RB ?
20:22:47 Quit ildarion (Quit: Page closed)
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20:50:25 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:51:13saratogai saw the newer Android version have a heavily assemblerized open source mp3 decoder
20:51:23saratogamight be worth playing with that
20:51:47copperis that used by Google Play Music only, or usable by any app?
20:53:12 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:54:14saratogaits one of the core system libraries, so i assume everything uses it, at least on some devices
20:54:41saratogaprobably some use DSP cores for that kind of thing though
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22:48:43TheSevenbtGrInitialize: display info invalidbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not
22:48:44TheSevenallocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture:
22:48:44TheSevengUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds boundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocatedbtGrDrawHorizontalLine: row exceeds
22:48:44DBUGEnqueued KICK TheSeven
22:48:44TheSevenboundsbtGrDrawPicture: gUpdateBufferPtr not allocated
22:48:59TheSevenseriously, apple... you're not ending printf statements with a \n!?
22:52:47TheSevenanyway, looks like the OF has some trouble with invalid display info...
22:57:55TheSeventhis display just isn't supported by the code
22:58:18TheSevenseems like I used a dump from a different classic for testing :/
22:58:34TheSevenbut that further confirms that not all display types were present in the first generation
23:00:20 Quit dfkt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:00:34 Join dfkt [0] (OxO29A@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:02:53TheSevenit actually connects via USB, just doesn't show anything on the display
23:08:34 Quit ender` (Quit: If Java had true garbage collection, most programs would delete themselves upon execution. -- Robert Sewell)
23:17:47 Join sobukus [0] (~thomas@sourcemage/mage/sobukus)
23:18:14sobukusHi ... does someone have a hint for me how to enable an added plugin in the build system?
23:18:30 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:19:59gevaertssobukus: add it to apps/plugins/SOURCES
23:21:07sobukusgevaerts: I figure that's for single-file plugins ... I made a sub-directory to keep order with some added headers, added it to SUBDIRS
23:21:11sobukusShould that work?
23:21:28sobukusHm, bummer that it doesn't:-/
23:21:30gevaertsI think
23:21:41sobukusI looked at text_viewer as example
23:22:38CtcpIgnored 5 channel CTCP requests in 17 minutes and 35 seconds at the last flood
23:22:38*gevaerts isn't near a source tree right now
23:24:21sobukusHm, copied the source file from the subdir and added it to SOURCES and that works
23:25:07sobukusPerhaps that's enough for me. But I'd like to understand the build system.
23:25:29gevaertsYou probably need a makefile fragment for SUBDIRS
23:26:43sobukuslike text_viewer/text_viewer.make? I copied and edited that one, too.
23:26:56sobukusBut the announcement in SUBDIRS doesn't have an effect.
23:27:02TheSevenyay, disk mode works! :)
23:27:26*TheSeven is confident that he will get the OF fully running tonight
23:27:37TheSeven(dualboot on ipod classic through emcore or RB bootloader)
23:36:28 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)

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